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Mike grew up in the Laurel Highlands region of Pennsylvania. After graduating high school, he studied Horticulture at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, Pennsylvania where he received an associate's degree in 2006. While in college, Mike took courses in Arboriculture as electives and completed a summer internship with Bartlett Tree Experts. Upon earning his degree, he was hired by Bartlett Tree Experts and quickly moved up to a tree climber, then Plant Health Care Specialist and now Arborist/Representative.

Mike is an ISA Certified Arborist and Maryland Licensed Tree Expert.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Michael Leibfreid

The crew members are always courteous and responsive. They always come to the door to let me know when they have come and tell me what they will be doing during that visit.
Carole, Columbia, MD

Michael Liebfreid is exceptional, he has come out for tree work before. Each time he has been knowledgeable, professional, and honest about the requested work and necessary work. He is responsive and quickly schedules appointments. In each job we had contracted through Bartlett the completed job was excellent and on time. Additionally, the crew thoroughly cleaned up any debris, and the surrounding lawn was not damaged nor disturbed. The knowledge about the trees and the care for the surrounding area is a reason why we use Bartlett. There are other bargain tree companies but we have seen the damage and debris they have left behind in other yards.
Leilani A., Fulton, MD

The Bartlett Arborist, Mike Leibfreid is second to none. Definitely. Our Cherry tree looks so much better than in past years.
Margaret R., Laurel, MD

Michael Leibfreid is always quick to respond to any questions and is a pleasure to deal with.
Carol D., Rockville, MD

: Our Arborist Mike Leibfried has done an outstanding job for us over the past years. We are grateful for his knowledge and guidance.
William R., Derwood, MD

Mike has always been very helpful and knowledgable in responding to our tree matters. The team that trimmed our trees were prompt and very efficient.
Debra B., Laurel, MD

Our Arborist Mike Leibfried, has been a consummate professional for several years. We have been extremely pleased with his advice and the results of the work of his team. That has included the treatment and pruning of several trees and large flowering shrubs. Keep up the great work.
William R., Derwood, MD

Great service, very satisfied. Mike is very quick to respond.
Angela H., Laurel, MD

All were prompt and professional. Our 110 foot dead Oak tree was efficiently and expertly removed by Bartlett.
Sharon T., Silver Spring, MD

Mike Leibfreid is very knowledgeable and customer friendly. Highly recommend him.
Lynne G., Rockville, MD

It was a good experience. The arborist has provided me feedback that makes sense. Others seemed to not really understand what was happening with the issue at hand. I appreciate having a knowledgeable, trustworthy individual to consult with.
Rick W., Olney, MD

Crew members always check in first to let us know what service is being provided. Michael Leibfreid, our arborist representative, responds to all our inquiries and requests immediately. He is professional, courteous, highly qualified, and always a pleasure to work with.
Jeff C., Columbia, MD

Great job.
Rod S., Olney, MD

I appreciate the knowledge, expertise, and diligence of my arborist, and technician.
Connie B., Silver Spring, MD

Mike has consistently been quick to respond. We have appreciated his guidance and recommendations over the last several years. With the recent storm damage in our area caused by 90 mph winds. Our family truly feels that our trees survived due to your recommendations and implementation from the crew. Trees all around the neighborhood were damaged or fell and caused damaged while ours did no. I have recommended Mike and Bartlett Tree Service to several people in the past few weeks because our trees are evidence of the benefits. The cost has always been reasonable.
Zandra B., Greenbelt, MD

Mike, arborist representative, and Ashley, crew foreman, are fantastic. Both are professional, skilled, thorough, and courteous. Frankly, they are why we keep coming back to Bartlett for our tree servicing needs.
David C., Fulton, MD

Very professional and responsive.
Lawrence E., Olney, MD

Mike is always professional, responsive, and super knowledgeable. He is thoughtful and treats our yard respectfully. The crew is also professional and skilled, always explaining what they will do each visit and working hard to keep our trees healthy and beautiful.
Tom G., Laurel, MD

The crew was amazing.
Wilhelmina I., Silver Spring, MD

Michael Leibfreid was most responsive. The tree crew missed a root that should have been removed. I reported this to Mr. Leibfreid and the root was removed. I would not hesitate to use Bartlett in the future. I am completely satisfied with the job. Thank all.
Dolores F., Brookeville, MD

Your arborist, Mike Leibfreid, is the best. In an effort to save a big old Sugar Maple, I chose Bartlett because of Mike’s expertise. Fingers crossed the tree will be around for a few more years.
Sarah S., Rockville, MD

Could not ask for a better representative than Mike Leibfried. Very knowledgeable, patient with our questions, and low pressure. His crew, as well, has impressed us on every visit. All top notch. This was our first time contracting with an arborist. Very pleased with our interactions and service.
George and Nancy D., Highland, MD

The person who came to treat our Crepe Myrtles was fantastic. He was courteous and took the time to explain what he was doing and gave good recommendations for our tree care. i hope he will be the individual that returns for future appointments.
Tom G., Olney, MD

Michael is always responsive and helpful with his deep knowledge of what is best for our property's landscape. All staff working on our property have been courteous and pleasant to engage with. This is a great team and we have been pleased with results.
Stefanie G., Rockville, MD

Mike was very responsive and helpful in diagnosing my problem and having someone come and apply treatment. Waiting for his analysis of Maple tree in my backyard. The gentleman who treated my bushes was to take pictures to send to Mike to determine if I had a serious problem.
Nancy N., Brookeville, MD

Good experience from the beginning to end.
Joan V., Laurel, MD

All were very polite and well versed in their work. Overall, I am very satisfied with their expert work.
Helene B., Silver Spring, MD

All did a fine job.
Richard K., Highland, MD

Ashley and his crew were terrific. They were punctual and courteous, and most of all, they are pros. I am very pleased with the job that they did, and particularly want to thank Ashley for taking the time to answer my various questions about tree care. I greatly appreciate his expertise and professionalism. Bartlett will be my go to company from now on. You inspire confidence and meet expectations.
Cheryl W., Rockville, MD

I have been a Bartlett customer for a number of years now, and your people are top notch. Not only do they do excellent work, but they are considerate, helpful, and very pleasant. I have a lot of trees, and I am very grateful to have such good people taking care of them.
Marae P., Olney, MD

Always a pleasure working with you.
Dennis K., Silver Spring, MD

Respect and courtesy...two aspects of most modern businesses that are missing in their dealings with customers. However, Bartlett's staff and Mike Leibfreid, Bartlett's representative, were the epitome of both of these aspects. It was a pleasure meeting and working with such a fine staff. I will certainly be using their services again when the need arises. Thank you for all you did. Bartlett Tree Experts was recommended to me by another of their customers. The service, quality of work, and pricing were excellent. For me, it is always a sad time when a tree has to be removed and my feelings were treated with respect. I am grateful to everyone at Bartlett Tree Experts.
Julia O., Laurel, MD

Better than expected results, will keep in mind for future services. Thanks to all, staff, workers, and the arborists, Michael Leibfreid and Riley Smith.
Christine C., Olney, MD

I had a recent concern about a problem with one of our trees. I sent a photo to our Arborist Michael Liebfried. He got back to me quickly with a good read on the problem. He has always been very helpful.
Bob R., Laurel, MD

The crew who came out to do the work were exceptional. They went above and beyond to clear everything including roots from some bushes and small trees out of the area, and left everything neat and clean. I was so impressed with their work, especially since I had asked to have a few additional tasks added a couple of days before they arrived. They took care of it all, and left the areas where things were removed ready for planting. I could not ask for better.
Gail R., Greenbelt, MD

This was our second experience with Bartlett and it was outstanding. Everyone we encountered was professional, polite, and made sure no extraneous damage happened. Michael Leibfred was wonderful, he assessed the job and provided us with a fast, detailed estimate. The crew was awesome, no cars were damaged, and the debris was cleaned up. We had two large trees taken down and left it immaculate. We will use Bartlett for any further tree maintenance, and continually recommend them to others.
Leilani A., Fulton, MD

Dylan was very friendly and efficient.
Vivienne Patton, Silver Spring, MD

Dillon was great. He answered my questions and explained what he was applying to the tree and roots. He was very accommodating of my curiosity during our tree's first treatment.
Pamela C., Columbia, MD

Michael Leibfried represented Bartlett wonderfully. He demonstrated expertise in answering my questions and making recommendations. Additionally, when I needed his crew to return months later due to my own extenuating circumstances to make an adjustment to the original work, he was completely accommodating, in the true spirit of customer service. I would grade Michael, the crew, and Bartlett an A+ on all counts, and would not hesitate to refer others.
Kip J., Silver Spring, MD

Mike is always professional, readily available, and knowledgeable. He has guided us every step of the way these past few years and we are grateful for his attention and time to our property.
Tom and Angie G., Laurel, MD

All my contacts with Bartlett personnel have been favorable. Michael Leibfried seems very knowledgeable and the folks who drop by to apply products always let us know they have arrived. Our trees and other plantings are healthier under their care.
Bob R., Laurel, MD

My neighbor across the street has been singing your praises for years. She also noticed my Oak out front was in trouble and I am so glad she recommended you to me. I thought for sure I was facing the sad decision of having them removed and can't thank you enough for saving my three huge old Arborvitae - their "hair cut" was perfect - even with all the ice this year not a single branch dropped.
Vicki B., Seabrook, MD

Mike, Ashley, Dylan, and the crew were all professional and courteous. Look forward to working with them in the future.
Mike D., Olney, MD

Nice people, easy to work with and great service.
Mory J., Rockville, MD

Michael is always helpful with his recommendations. Dylan does an excellent job in his interaction with me and my observations in his application of chemicals will help my shrubs and trees.
Sandy B., Laurel, MD

Crews that do the work are always professional, neat, and courteous. Explain everything and clean up. Never had an issue. Mike is always helpful, explaining everything that needs to be done and the reason for it. Takes great care of my property.
Chrysa T., Rockville, MD

Mike has been a member of my garden advisory group. He has recommended to me a group that has successfully taken on our lawn care. He also recommended to me a landscape gardener who could help with plants and with planting. He has also recommended to me which trees and shrubs would be appropriate for my garden. I have very much appreciated his advice for my whole garden.
James P., Rockville, MD

Great service. Professional, courteous, and very quick. Did a great job.
Sheila S., Greenbelt, MD

Everyone I interacted with was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. Communication was all very prompt. Excellent service all around. Thank you.
Debbie M., Columbia, MD

Michael and his staff take wonderful care of you and your property.
Roger R., Olney, MD

Michael Leibfreid is a knowledgeable and effective contact for keeping the trees and shrubbery on the property healthy and safe. I appreciate his, and his crew's concern about doing the job well. The clean up after the job has always been outstanding.
Carol D., Rockville, MD

Wish we would have found you earlier. Would have saved us a lot of pain and suffering.
Jeff K., Glen Dale, MD

Everything was done beautifully and very professionally. We are very happy with the results. Very positive interactions with Michael Leibfreid,, Ashley, and the entire crew. All very professional and friendly. Ashley and colleagues were very understanding when I asked them to hold off on chipping for a while, because my son was doing a phone interview for a possible job. That was very helpful. We would definitely recommend your team to our neighbors.
Stephen M., Rockville, MD

Mike, Ashley, and the team were all professional, capable, and pleasant to work with. The onsite team worked like a well-oiled machine, everyone knew his job and they adjusted their efforts as needed to support each other.
Kathy C., Olney, MD

Excellent service. Reliable, courteous, and complete. I was recommended to Bartlett by a friend, and I would recommend them to anyone who asked.
Claudia R., Silver Spring, MD

Always a positive experience when dealing with our Representative. Mike is very responsive, answers all questions and concerns, and very flexible for scheduling work and on site walks of the property. Always happy to have Bartlett work on our property. Safety is one of my biggest concerns with tree work, being in the industry myself helps appreciate the quality of the work and standards that Bartlett holds.
Angela H., Laurel, MD

I was very pleased with the crew who answered my questions and were cheerful and helpful.
John S., Silver Spring, MD

The Bartlett staff is always extremely pleasant, courteous, and accommodating. Our Representative came out immediately to give us a consultation and estimate on the work we wanted done. The crew came out less than a week later to perform the work. They were very helpful, kept us informed during the process, and made suggestions for the future care of our trees. We have an inordinate amount of trees in our yard, and over the past two years, this is the second time that we have used Bartlett for major pruning, thinning, and dead-tree removal projects. They have always provided excellent service, and we will continue to use Bartlett in the future.
Rhonda H., Glen Dale, MD

Boss, office staff, guys on the job, all were competent, courteous, and professional.
John D., Silver Spring, MD

Everyone at Bartlett is extremely helpful and professional. Michael Leibfreid gives me confidence about the health of my trees and I rely on his expertise. The office staff is always pleasant in scheduling the work. The work crew arrived on time and completed the work quickly but safely. The crew leader was observant about wearing a face covering and maintaining a safe distance when he came to speak to me after they were done. I look forward to using the services of Bartlett in the future.
Amy B., Laurel, MD

Everything about working with Bartlett was really wonderful. They were quick to come out and give an estimate on the work, the work was scheduled quickly after approval and the crew were fantastic. The crew showed up first thing in the morning, were very efficient, and respectful of the property. The crew took down an extremely large dead Oak tree and by the end of the job you would never have known it was there. Clean up was amazing.
Natasha C., Silver Spring, MD

All of the people that we dealt with were beyond excellent. the arborist and the crew members were wonderful. I could not have asked for any better service. The care taken and especially the clean up were way beyond expectations.
Susan W., Laurel, MD

Everyone is prompt, polite, and professional in dealing with customers. Job sites are left neat and tidy. A pleasure to do business with Bartlett.
Janet W., College Park, MD

I was glad Mike looked at my whole yard to see if I needed anything else done and was able to assure me that the tree with the huge root was a healthy one. Great job. Your crew removed a large root that was cracking the concrete patio. They made it disappear as if it had never been there.
Shirley C., Silver Spring, MD

I have worked with Michael Leibfreid for several years. He has always been very responsive to my requests and provided great service.
Ron K., Silver Spring, MD

Many thanks to Mr. Leibfreid and to Ashley and his crew, who were very helpful, considered my neighbors' situation in doing their work, and provided an excellent outcome.
David T., Rockville, MD

Great customer service. Excellent work performed on tree trimming, shaping, and stump removal.
Debra B., Laurel, MD

Michael Leibfreid is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, he communicates his knowledge well. The office staff and crew members I have interacted with have been friendly and professional as well. I am very glad to have found Bartlett. While there are many other knowledgeable arborists in the area, most only perform pruning and removal services and do not offer the wide range of health related treatments that Bartlett does.
Jennifer C., Silver Spring, MD

Expert work, thoughtful workers.
Mary Lou W., Greenbelt, MD

He was knowledgeable, honest, and caring.
Laverne S., Spencerville, MD

Nice job by crew member Dillon on both root rot application and feeding of two other trees.
Robert Barry, Olney, MD

They were extremely knowledgeable and kind. I have enjoyed the professionalism and expertise of the company. I wish you offered military discount to help offset the cost during this COVID time.
Lawan H., Silver Spring, MD

They all seem to have expert knowledge and are very courteous.
Pamela S., Olney, MD

All Bartlett personnel I have dealt with lately seem knowledgeable and well qualified, much more than was the case a few years ago when I dealt with Bartlett then.
Robert B., Olney, MD

We have the highest regard for all the staff especially Michael Leibfried, our main arborist who is always so helpful and knowledgeable. He answers all of our questions thoughtfully and treats our yard as if it were his own.
Tom G, Laurel, MD

Very knowledgeable. Polite to my nosy neighbor and did a great job.
Daryl D., Laurel, MD

Everyone on the team is polite and professional. The foreman of the crew who did last week's trimming was personable. Truly a pleasure to have such good service.
Janet W., College Park, MD

All Bartlett personnel I have dealt with lately seem knowledgeable and well qualified, much more than was the case a few years ago when I dealt with Bartlett then.
Robert B., Olney, MD

Mike was fantastic. Came up with an ongoing plan for our trees. Very knowledgeable.
Bruce A., Beltsville, MD

Michael and Dylan are true professionals. We are very grateful for their assistance. We have no worries when they provide the services we require.
David R., Ashton, MD

Everyone that I have contacted was very courtesy and helpful. Great company.
Doan D., Silver Spring, MD

From the initial walkthrough to job completion, Bartlett staff were on-time, professional, and courteous. This is the second time we used Bartlett at our facility and we will certainly use them again.
Preston W., Rockville, MD

Mr. Leibfreid has always been helpful and responsive. He listened to my needs and made a plan to meet them. I only saw the crewmembers when they knocked on the door to announce their arrival. They did the work beautifully, cleaned the area, and left when they were finished. Could not ask for more.
Carol D., Rockville, MD

They were on time and professional.
Syed H., Laurel, MD

Michael Leibfreid has a nice personality and gave me helpful information. It is obvious that he is well educated in this field. I met and watched a crew member treat two trees. He is also a nice and professional guy who did a thorough job. When appropriate, I will not hesitate to refer Michael and your company.
John G, Jessup, MD

I was extremely pleased with the Representative and the crewmembers. The crewmembers went above and beyond. Their work was outstanding. My neighbors on both sides of my townhome were also impressed and I provided Bartlett Tree Experts information to them. Thank you for a job well done.
Teri K., Laurel ,MD

It was very positive experience from all prospective.
Grigori R., Silver Spring, MD

Staff was very helpful in arranging an appointment. The representative was very professional and came out to give an estimate for the work after another appointment finished earlier. I was pleased with the service that Bartlett provided.
Joy M., Lanham, MD

Thank you. We were highly impressed by the crew. They worked non-stop and left our property clean.
Kelly Q., Olney, MD

Michael is and outstanding representative for your company, great communication skills, and customer service. The coordination with the front office was excellent. Totally satisfied.
Craig W., Silver Spring, MD

Our trees look much better with care from Bartlett. Thank you.
Peter R., Silver Spring, MD

Excellent in advice, recommendations, and the quality of tree removal.
Mary Lou W., Greenbelt, MD

All staff members from the first phone call to the final job were very professional and friendly.
Kat W., Laurel, MD

Thee crew worked with almost surgical precision on a poorly positioned tree. Truly remarkable.
Patricia B., Rockville, MD

I have received good service from start to finish. We are grateful to Michael, workers, and Bartlett for saving the beautiful Red Maple in front of our house and the care of our other trees.
Anne D., Rockville, MD

Mike has always been very helpful with carrying out what I want to do with our yard. He makes excellent suggestions about our tree needs. He is also very responsive when I email him about something. He has been with us for some time now and both my husband and I like him very much and are happy to have him as our tree man.
James P., Rockville, MD

Thank you for the emergency response to my call last Monday when a huge tree branch had fallen on my garage. Everything was handled quickly. Your staff and crew were very efficient and fast.
Wilhelmina I., Silver Spring, MD

Michael is prompt with his service and always highly professional. The technicians are also polite and professional.
Janet W., College Park, MD

The staff and crew were very courteous and professional. They made sure that all my concerns were addressed. I am pleased with the tree care and how the trees were artfully trimmed to also respect the birds and critters that reside in the neighborhood.
Sandy E., Lanham, MD

Michael Leibfried is always responsive and attentive to my requests and questions. His accessibility makes communication very easy. Bartlett provides consistent quality service.
Margie R., Laurel, MD

Mr Leibfreid is a true professional. I appreciate the time he takes to explain things to me and he responds to all of my questions. The crew that recently came to cut two of my trees were the same individuals from a previous cutting. They too were professional, it was clear they knew what they were doing. They cleaned up all the branches and other debris, they were courteous and did their jobs well, and they worked well as a team. I am most pleased to recommend Bartlett to my neighbors. Thank you for your great service and care.
Helen G., Olney, MD

I would rate all staff members as excellent. If needed I would use Bartlett again. I watched your crew work on my neighbor's house and this is what moved me to give you a call.
John D., Silver Spring,MD

Mike was articulate, efficient, prompt, and provided outstanding professional service. The team did their fob effectively. I recommend your company to others.
Sandy R., Olney, MD

We were impressed with Michael's expertise and helpfulness in providing advice about a range of issues. We had one tree removed due to potential instability. The crew was great especially in their respect and concern for the overall environment and animals that might be affected.
Eric W., Olney, MD

Working with Bartlett was a pleasure. Mike was very knowledgeable and explained what needed to be done. He was very responsive when I had follow-up questions. The crew arrived on time and worked diligently all day. They were friendly and urged me to let them know if I needed to get out of my driveway. They cleaned up everything and left the yard looking neat. I would recommend them.
Cecelia C., Jessup, MD

Michael came to look at our problem tree this morning. I asked him to talk about basically all of our trees and share his thoughts on them. He gave me all kinds of information and suggestions. He represented your company well and impressed me with his obviously thorough knowledge of trees and tree problems. Thank you for sending him.
Rachel A., Columbia, MD

Michael Leibfreid knew exactly what we needed when we explained we were concerned about safety issues and he identified three trees that would benefit from deadwood trimming and cutting away from our, and a neighbor's, house. The team that came out kept us apprised of what they were doing and left the property neat and tidy after performing their work. Over all, a positive experience. We will be calling again in a year to have the cabling that was installed on our Hemlock checked.
Carol D., Rockville, MD

The crew was awesome. They did a great job, answered all our questions, and were so interesting to watch as they took down the trees.
Amy R., Silver Spring, MD

Michael is always extremely accommodating and helpful.
Katee D., Silver Spring, MD

Felt very confident that Michael identified the source of our problem and that his recommendations will save our trees. The crew came early and completed the job before we realized they had been and gone so, no interaction with them. We will definitely recommend Bartlett if any friends are in need of a tree service. Bartlett was recommended to us by our landscaper so the word is out there that Bartlett is the expert to consult when these types of problems arise.
Patricia H., Silver Spring, MD

Totally professional, courteous, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Crew did a fantastic job and were able to accommodate two extra trees that needed to be removed with schedule work.
Sarah B., Silver Spring, MD

Michael was wonderful. The crew came and Michael came by when we pointed out that the right side was not quite right. The crew returned and fixed it. Ashley is a great team leader and the entire crew was friendly and professional.
Carol W., Silver Spring, MD

Everyone involved in the service was professional in all respects.
Bobby H., Silver Spring, MD

Michael Leibfreid was professional and knowledgeable about the work I should have done to the trees in my yard. He was on time for our appointment. He returned an estimate to me the next day. An adjustment I requested be made to the quote was returned within 24 hours. The crew members were extremely professional and did a great job. They arrived as expected, completed all the work well, and cleaned all debris up thoroughly. This was the first time I used Bartlett. I was a Wood Acres customer prior to this and the entire experience was excellent.
Terrie O., Silver Spring, MD

Michael Leibfreid,has been professional, responsive, and honest with his advice. We appreciate his service.
Duangmuang C., Rockville, MD

I have been working with Mike Leibfreid for a number of years now and I really appreciate his work and that of his crew. They are always courteous and helpful.
Marae P., Burtonsville, MD

I am very satisfied with M. Leibfreid and Bartlett.
Richard H., Silver Spring, MD

Great to work with on all levels.
Merrill W., Columbia, MD

Michael Leibfreid has been our representative, helping us for several years now with our many trees and shrubs. He and his crews have done a great job maintaining, removing, and treating trees and shrubs for us. Their crews have been friendly, knowledgeable, and very careful. They did an amazing job getting our huge Crepe Myrtles under control without drastically cutting them down. Highly skilled and fearless.
Carol S., Silver Spring, MD

A big thank you to Michael, Ashley, and the entire Bartlett crew who made our backyard beautiful again. After listening to our concerns as well as inspecting the trees on our property, Michael provided knowledgeable expert advice and recommendations in a friendly, helpful manner. Ashley and his crew were also very professional and worked so hard in trimming and removal of all the debris. We were very pleased with the work provided by everyone. First time using Bartlett Tree Experts, they will definitely be our first choice for any additional tree work done on our property.
Diane C., Brookeville, MD

Michael Leibfreid has impressed us with his knowledge and friendly demeanor. He clearly cares very much about our trees and has offered excellent suggestions on their maintenance.
Sharon O., Rockville, MD

Mike Leibfreid is an excellent arborist and provides superior customer service. Patrick also does a great job treating our property.
Jennifer E., Rockville, MD

Very professional and knowledgeable. We feel the work done is making a big difference, and we like the fact that Mike goes out of his way to refrain from recommending unnecessary work.
Phil C., Brookeville, MD

I am very pleased with Michael Leibfreid. He is professional and courteous.
Robert K., Olney, MD

I found Mr. Leibfreid and the administrative staff to be responsive and knowledgeable. Miguel and the crew members worked quickly, but with due care, and left the site in a neat and tidy condition. Overall, the Bartlett service was first class. I have quite a few mature trees, and I will be calling again in the future. I will also recommend Bartlett to friends and neighbors.
Callum M., Silver Spring, MD

Michael Leibfreid is great to work with, he always takes the time to check on our trees and communicate when it is time to treat them. Whenever I have a question, he responds quickly. He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He follows up to ensure that work has been completed to our satisfaction. The crew members are courteous and thorough in their work.
Margie R., Laurel, MD

Very happy with Mike Leibfreid and his staff members Patrick and Luis.
Jack K., Highland, MD

Michael Leibfreid is wonderful, he is careful, polite, professional, and inspires trust in your company.
Frederica B., Laurel, MD

Michael Leibfreid is always a pleasure to talk to, he is very knowledgeable. The gentleman that comes to my house always checks in and makes sure I know what he is going to do.
Terry S., Laurel, MD

Thank you to Mr. Leibfreid for prompt, accurate, and courteous service, and to their crew for their work. I continue to rely on them for keeping my trees healthy and in bounds.
Dave T., Rockville, MD

Michael Leibfreid and crew member Patrick were always courteous and responsive to our concerns and questions. We enjoyed working with them very much.
Peggy S., Brookeville, MD

Mike Leibfreid is a very conscientious and pleasant person whom I believe goes above and beyond his duties as an Arborist Representative. We appreciate working with him. We have been pleased with the punctual services provided: tree repair, tick, and fertilizing of large trees in our yard.
Betty H., Upper Marlboro, MD

Michael Leibfreid has been great to work with. He was patient with us and came to our home more than once to help us figure out the best plan of action for removing the tree. He was able to answer all of our questions.
Kevin B., Oxon Hill, MD

I appreciate how easy it is to communicate with our arborist rep, Mike L. He is easy to contact, quick to respond to my questions and needs, and follows up to make sure the work is done to our satisfaction. Mike provides great customer service! Thank you.
Margie R., Laurel, MD

Our consultant was knowledgeable and helpful in guiding us through what was necessary, elective, and could be postponed to work with our budget.
Karyn S., Columbia, MD

Mike and his crew did an excellent job! I am very pleased and recommended Bartlett to my neighbor whom I believe has contracted to have work done on his property. Thanks again for a wonderful job.
Bill R., Olney, MD

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