Michael DeSanto

Michael DeSanto

Local Manager & Arborist Representative

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Michael DeSanto, Local Manager & Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Simsbury, CT office.

More about Michael DeSanto

Originally from rural PA, Mike grew up climbing trees and collecting insects. He remained true to his interests by attending The Penn State University and earning a B.A. in Landscape Contracting. Staying connected to trees, Mike was employed as a Teacher's Assistant to teach tree taxonomy. Mike's greatest enjoyment is the process by which he can both learn and teach others, especially his clients, through the transfer of knowledge.

After graduating from Penn State, Mike worked for Bartlett where he was able to apply his education as an Integrated Pest Management technician. Mike's passion for insects and trees led him to the University of Rhode Island where he obtained his Masters Degree in Entomology. His research focused on biological controls of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, a common pest in New England. While earning his Masters, he worked for the University of Rhode Island's insect quarantine laboratory, giving him further appreciation for the scientific discipline of arboriculture. Never forgetting Bartlett's progressive, research-based approach to tree care, Mike re-joined the Bartlett team in 2001. He is an Arborist Representative for Bartlett and a Certified Master Arborist with the ISA.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Michael DeSanto

I missed the associate fertilizing the Cherry trees, but was able to catch up with Mike DeSanto who was having a tree consultation with my next door neighbor. Mike is a pleasure to talk to and do business with. Thanks, Mike, for your good advice as always.
Ken P., West Hartford, CT

High marks to both Mike and Callum. They have both been on this account for some time and we are truly thankful for consistent, knowledgeable, and dependable customer service.
Birch Hill Farm, Richmond, MA

It is such a relief to have Mike DeSanto consult with us. We feel we can count on him to share his extensive knowledge with us when we have questions about trees and plantings. He puts forward solutions as options, and does not pressure us to make a decision. He responds quickly when we call, yet he is worth waiting for. All the services that we have received from Bartlett have been done quickly, correctly, and with absolutely no bother on our part. Sometimes we do not even know when they have been here.
Emily E., Hartford, CT

Michael was friendly, knowledgeable, and a good listener, but most important of all was not pushy or aggressive. The crew members were polite and made sure we knew and agreed as to what was being done. They were very safe and efficient and were in and out within a couple of hours. It was a very pleasant experience, and we will definitely call on them again should the need arise.
Lenita C., Avon, CT

Very impressed with the courtesy displayed by your crew. They were very helpful in dealing with a problematic neighbor. Mike came back to the house to help diffuse the neighbor’s concern.
Donna N., Canton, CT

I have much praise for Bartlett’s staff and my arborist representative, Mike DeSanto. Mike has been a reliable source of information and support over the years and it is always a pleasure to consult with him about the needs of our trees and shrubs.
Anthony C., Hartford, CT

I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Service. Very satisfied with the services we received. Mike is outstanding and a great representative for the company. Always positive, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Will E., Richmond, MA

Mike DeSanto is always exceptionally patient, understanding, and accommodating. He is also willing to interact with my landscaper who are not always easy to work with. When asked to revise a contract with regard to a cost-breakdown so that I was able to make a decision about which parts of my property to include in the most recent job Mike was happy to do so. We did have some delays in communication over the summer, but things actually worked out better in the end, allowing the tree service and landscaping to happen during the same week. Josh did exceptional work on my River Birch tree and asked for my input at one point, it quickly became clear to me that I should trust his vision. I am extremely happy both with how my tree looks now and with how much value I obtained because he was able to remove more than usual. I was very happy with his crew's work on the Rhododendrons as well, and when asked to use a blower to clear my back deck of Birch droppings, he was happy to oblige even though he had already packed the truck. I would be happy to have him work on my property again.
Lynn G., West Hartford, CT

Mike DeSanto has been very helpful in dealing with scale on some of our Rhododendrons.
Brian C., West Hartford, CT

Both Mike and Isabelle were very professional, prompt, and friendly. I trust their assessment of the situation, they were both very knowledgeable.
Chris W., Suffield, CT

Very friendly service and they return calls quickly. Mike Desanto is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the condition and symptoms that my Blue Spruce trees have and answered all questions that I had. I felt that he was being very honest and after a few treatments my trees seems to be responding well.
Tony C., West Hartford, CT

Mike DeSanto has always been outstanding to work with. He takes time to explain things to me in a thoughtful and thorough manner. He is very knowledgeable and when he does not know something will take the time to research the issue. He is a great asset to the firm. Isabella, the tech that was here is very friendly, passionate about the plants which is great and clearly cares about doing a great job.
William D., Suffield, CT

We like Mike DeSanto.
Brian C., West Hartford, CT

The Bartlett crew did a great job pruning our three Crabapple trees. They look so much better and I am sure they will blossom out more in the spring. We are very happy with Bartlett and all the work they did for us in the last two years.
Holly B., West Suffield, CT

Mike Desanto and Allen are the best. Excellent customer service and they take the time to truly diagnose and fix every problem. We are more then happy with Bartlett.
Steve P., Avon, CT

Very knowledgeable and professional.
Kerry D., West Hartford, CT

Always willing to respond to questions, and modify job requirements as the situation dictates.
Sarah S., Avon, CT

Mike DeSanto is very helpful and pleasant, the crews that he sends over are always great!
Meredith K., East Granby, CT

Mike DeSanto is great. He puts up with some of my crazy concerns and he's very responsive. The crews that come to work are always friendly and totally professional.
Meredith K., East Granby, CT

Chris Stanton is amazing at his work. He is extremely knowledgable and takes the time to educate me on our trees and shrubs. He cares deeply about his job and always makes sure it is done right and it shows in the end product. Mike DeSanto is also excellent at his job. He is exceptional in his understanding of trees and their environments. Mike is very responsive to any inquiries that I may have and it is clear he has given the question a great deal of thought and always has a very good answer. He also takes the time to explain it me which is greatly appreciated. Both Mike and Chris are great assets to Bartlett and help to separate the firm from its competitors.
William D., Suffield, CT

Always professional, responsive, and courteous service by Mike DeSanto for many years!
Robert G., Simsbury, CT

I apologize for the delay in sending this message to you. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent pruning job that was done at my West Hartford home in January. The pruning looks very natural and appropriate for each plant and tree. As I looked over the yard, the clean-up was so well done that it appeared as though no one had been there. I'm very grateful that you discovered the dead oak branch and recommended its removal. With the recent heavy snows, I could have had serious garage roof damage. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to the entire crew.
Linda H., West Hartford, CT

Mike DeSanto is very responsive and a pleasure to deal with, as are all members of the Bartlett team.
Paul B., Granby, CT

Thank you so much for saving my Norwegian Maple! I am thrilled that you were able to prune and cable the tree. I am very grateful that you were able to schedule us so quickly, too.
Daria C., West Hartford, CT

Mike Desanto has always been exceptionally responsive to any questions I might have. He has called me on weekends to help with issues and is always willing to do whatever it takes to be sure the job is done right. His professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond what is expected helps to separate Bartlett from it competitors. Chris Stanton does an on-site inspection of all of our trees multiple times per year. Chris takes time to be sure I understand what needs to be done to ensure healthy plants. He is exceptionally patient with my many questions and is always willing to provide his insight and expertise gained through many years in the industry. It is clear that he is passionate about his work which gives us great confidence that everything is being done to provide for the health of our plants.
William D., Suffield, CT

Mike, our arborist, was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Crew good as well.
Helen H., Avon, CT

Good people, good job, worth the money!
Garrett S., Avon, CT

Mike Desantos is an important asset to your company. He is knowledgeable, concerned about me and my property, and also a professional. I never felt he was pushing the dollar. I told him of my poor experiences with other companies in Stockbridge and that I wanted to establish a long-term relationship based on trust and reliability. Again, you have an excellent representative of your company.
Steve G., Stockbridge, MA

I wish to inform you that the two gentlemen you sent here to work on my trees and bushes were truly experts in operating large equipment in a small area. I never believed that someone could climb so high and manage to trim upper branches without so much as a slip. The safety precautions they took and the care for property that they maintained were excellent on all accounts. When they left, the sky looked brighter. It never felt so I could to look up and not see broken branches everywhere. The bushes they took out of my front of the fence came out quickly so that I could begin reworking the yard the following day. My hat goes off to your crew. They picked up all the branches. Raked the lawn. Even though we couldn't move my husband's car, there was absolutely no property damage anywhere. My husband came home and looked out the window and said "Why does it seem so much brighter?" and then he noticed that the broken limb wasn't there. I finally confessed and said that I hired you. He felt that I did such a fantastic job when I hired you that he asked me to research a "roofer" for our shed.
Cindy S., Agawam, MA

My arborist has been an excellent representative of Bartlett. He is professional, very well-informed, and takes my specific wishes into full consideration. The crews that have worked on my property are also excellent.
Richard F., West Hartford, CT

Mike is great. He explains things in an easy to understand way. The crew that came out were very nice and courteous. I really enjoyed dealing with them.
Meredith K., East Granby, CT

Mike DeSanto is a great credit to Bartlett. He is conscientious, knowledgeable, and always courteous.
Bill E., Hartford, CT

Mike is always extremely responsive and patient with all my questions. There have been situations where he has responded to my e-mails with a phone call on a weekend. This personalized service truly separates Bartlett from the competition. He is willing to take the time to explain his thoughts in a very thorough manner. When Chris makes his visits to the property to inspect our trees, he is also willing to take time to explain what he is seeing and how we can improve our plants. It is clear that he is extremely knowledgeable and takes pride in his job. He cares very much about the the health of our trees which is important to us and gives us great comfort that he is doing a wonderful job. Both Mike and Chris are great assets to the firm and valuable representatives.
William D., Suffield, CT

Mike Desanto always is responsive, and provides prompt, courteous service with appropriate on-site supervision to ensure correctness and effectiveness of work.
Robert G., West Hartford, CT

Everyone was very professional and courteous. The young men who did the tree work were amazing; they picked up (and put back!) items that were in their way. Clean up was wonderful. We never sought other estimates once we spoke with Mike DeSanto. He obviously knew his trees and what we had to do.
Lenore S., Avon, CT

Everyone I interacted with was lovely&from Wendy on the telephone to the young man who rang the doorbell to tell me they'd arrived. Mike DeSanto was a real joy to work with. I couldn't have been more pleased.
Ruth S., Avon, CT

Mike DeSanto is always very responsive and helpful. We have been customers for quite a few years now and very much appreciate his attention. The crew which provided the most recent services were wonderful.
Susan K., West Hartford, CT

I was very impressed with Bartlett from start to finish. Mike DeSanto is incredibly knowledgeable and offered great suggestions. He is very courteous and helped us work within a budget, figuring out what work should be done now, and what could be saved for the spring. He provided us with all the information needed to make choices and did not pressure us at all to do more than we wanted at this time. We will definitely be calling again to complete more work in the spring.
Audrey W., West Hartford, CT

Mike DeSanto is extremely professional, responsive, and courteous. His crew did an excellent job. We were delighted with the work that was done for us in every respect.
Susan C., West Hartford, CT

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