Matthew Rodda

Matthew Rodda

Arborist Representative

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Matthew Rodda, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Maplewood, NJ office.

More about Matthew Rodda

Matt Rodda has been in the Green Industry since 1985. He ran his own landscaping company for four years and in 1989 he worked for a local tree care company as a climber where he learned the basics of Arboriculture. Always intrigued by the science of tree preservation, he took an opportunity with the Bartlett Tree Expert Company in 1992 to pursue his passion. After four years in the field he became an Arborist Representative and shortly thereafter was promoted to Office Manager where he continues to service and consult with his clients of Union County. He is a Nationally Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Expert, Certified Tree Care Safety Professional and a Certified Pesticide Applicator in New York and New Jersey. He has been involved in the care of the World Trade Center Memorial Trees in Millstone, NJ prior to their plantings at the World Trade Center Memorial site. Matt also sits on the Shade Tree Board of his hometown of Bridgewater.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Matthew Rodda

Friendly, professional, and timely.
Bob H., Summit, NJ

Matt and the crew are always first-rate.
John P., Summit, NJ

The crew that came out to trim our trees were extremely careful while they were working on branches that were overhanging the house next door. They very carefully piled all of the trimmed branches prior to running them through the chipper and they thoroughly cleaned up the debris in the yard. Additionally, they took the time and care to clean off the next door roof after they completed trimming, the neighbor has never been cooperative regarding allowing a rig to come in his driveway to trim our tree over his house, which would be at our expense, so we had to rely on the professionalism of your tree climbing crew to trim our tree. They did a great job. Matt Rodda was very helpful in organizing all of these special requirements to our satisfaction. We would definitely recommend Bartlett to our family and friends.
Marylin Z., Summit, NJ

Matt stopped by and was quick to respond. He has many, many years of experience in this business and knows the town, and the trees, very well.
Diane L., Summit, NJ

Matt Rhoda is wonderful.
Lynn O., New Providence, NJ

Matt Rodda is a responsive, personable, and knowledgeable arborist.
Michael G., Summit, NJ

Matt is first class. Could not ask for a more knowledgeable and friendlier representative. The workers always do an outstanding job.
John P., Summit, NJ

Love Bartlett Trees.
William A., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The techs that do the regular service are great. When we have needed tree work in the past, those crews were great as well.
Joe B., Berkeley Heights, NJ

All of the staff was super helpful and very friendly. Matt was extremely knowledgeable and helped me decide on what to do at this time. I have already referred Bartlett to my neighbors and also to my family member down in South Jersey. Definitely would use Bartlett in the future.
Rachel R., Fanwood, NJ

Matt Rodda is a total pro. I can not imagine a more knowledgeable and friendly manager. He is always helpful and manages to find a solution to any problem.
John P., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda was very helpful in getting this scheduled quickly. Zach who provided the service is always very considerate of our needs and knows the property well. Colleen is always there when I have questions and is very helpful as well. Thanks to all.
Joe B., Berkeley Heights, NJ

Matthew Rodda is first rate in terms of knowledge and being helpful.
Don A., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda is always helpful answering questions and giving advice. He is a great representative of your company in Summit.
Carolyn L., Summit, NJ

Always courteous and expertly helpful.
Joe R., Summit, NJ

Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Thank you.
Lynn O., New Providence, NJ

We could not manage without Matt Rodda and his crew. We maintain a friendly correspondence via text, email, and office staff, such as Wendy. Bartlett is worth the money. It is a big chunk of our budget, but children, if we had them, would be too. We prefer animals and plants and tend to our property and the garden we have developed with parental intensity. The health of the entire ecosystem of our small, but fertile plot, is founded upon the maintenance we receive from the Bartlett staff. And much appreciated is the time Matt Rodda spends with us during a site visit. His knowledge and genuine interest in horticulture is a pleasure to experience and learn from. Old trees are alive and well because of his attention. Plant diseases, when found, are dispatched asap. So, what more to be said or asked for?
William A., Springfield, NJ

Matt keeps our trees trimmed and healthy.
Kenneth E., New Providence, NJ

We have multiple Oak Trees on our property, with two trees with major branches overhanging the roof of our house. One of the trees, a Twin Oak has one-half of the tree precariously leaning towards the house. As a measure against possible wind damage to the house, we wanted these trees pruned to eliminate the overhanging branches and address the leaning twin oak tree. Contacting Bartlett Tree Experts resulted in a meeting at our property with their local Arborist. I was impressed with his in-depth general knowledge of trees and the reasoning behind how to properly approach the surgical branch pruning that would not adversely affect the continued growth and life of the trees. While I had a preconception of the tree work that I wanted performed, from listening and considering his recommendations based on his education and experience, we were able to agree on what the most appropriate extent of pruning to be to provide us with peace of mind, while maintaining tree health. Within one week they prepared and sent me their cost quote to perform this work which was fair and reasonable. I did find that I had to repeatedly contact them to schedule a day that I would be home to observe the work, which was done within a two-week period from the original meeting. Under Matt's supervision, the two workers, using a cherry-picker bucket truck parked in our driveway, were able to perform most of the trimming and pruning work. For limbs out of its reach one worker expertly climbed up into the upper canopy of the Black Oak Tree to surgically remove the remaining branches. Throughout this process, they took great care to lower the large cut branches to the ground avoiding any contact with our cedar shingle roof. They ground mulched and carted away all of the cut branches and used power blowers, to clean up all of the remaining debris from the terrace, walkways, and driveway. As agreed, they also installed a new stainless-steel bolt & cable connection linking the two Twin Oak trees together, thus providing additional reinforcing strength against wind driven, tree swaying, and bending. Ultimately, I believe that Bartlett Tree Experts did an excellent tree pruning job for fair price and with my persistent follow-up calls, on a calendar schedule that met my desired time frame. Therefore, I can highly recommend them for this type of work.
Alexander B., Berkeley Heights, NJ

Matt your team is wonderful.
Lynn O., New Providence, NJ

Matt Rodda is the best.
Sarah M., Summit, NJ

Matt responds quickly to any queries we have.
Connie F., Summit, NJ

Matthew Rodda is always quick to respond, helpful, and attuned to our needs.
Don A., Summit, NJ

Matt is the best.
Sarah M., Summit, NJ

Matt was the key, although Bartlett’s pricing was higher overall, his tenacity and professional approach along with his knowledge and summarizations gave Bartlett the edge going forward. I have many trees that require maintenance from time to time. We are all pleased so far.
Dave S., Mountainside, NJ

Bartlett has been coming to our house for decades. We have great respect for Matt Rodda's knowledge, professionalism, and confidence. By now he is very familiar with our property, and we appreciate his suggestions. He is always prompt, reliable, and courteous. Likewise his impressive crew are always pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend Bartlett to anyone who is looking for a company to take care of their property. Whenever Bartlett works at our house we know the job will be done carefully, knowledgeably, and thoroughly. It says a lot about Bartlett as a employer that so many people remain with them for a long time. We could not be more satisfied with their work.
Lucy M., Summit, NJ

I am super pleased with the expertise of your crew, they are efficient, polite, and very well trained . I am happy to have you do our tree work.
Barbara O., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda is amazing and everything you could ask for, knowledgable, friendly, reliable, and has a great can-do attitude. Other tree care consultants we met were daunted by our job. Matt is the best and I look forward to working again with him in the future.
John T., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda has been our representative for many years. He and the other crew members have been attentive, thorough, courteous, knowledgeable, and prompt. We appreciate their services greatly.
Lucy M., Summit, NJ

My Boxwoods are extremely healthy as a result of the treatments.
Diane N., Westfield, NJ

Matt Rodda and his crew is very helpful and professional.
Susan C., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda has been our Bartlett Representative for many years. He has always been very prompt in answering questions, coming to our property, helpful in giving advice, and arranging for work to be done. In addition he is very pleasant, courteous, and efficient, as are the workers and the staff we have dealt with on the phone. We could not be more satisfied with Bartlett.
Anonymous Summit Resident, Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda is wonderful, honest, reliable, knowledgeable, and clearly loves what he is doing. He is a gem.
Lynn S., New Providence, NJ

Matt Rodda is the best. Every other technician and crew member I have dealt with has been friendly and professional.
Vic. B., New Providence, NJ

Matt Rodda was friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, and gave excellent service.
Rex D., Summit, NJ

We appreciate Matt's help with all our tree service needs. We also use Bartlett for our house in Manchester Center.
Ann B., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda is the absolute best.
Sarah M., Summit, NJ

Matt is very responsive and very helpful.
JoAnne B., Summit, NJ

For 22 years I have valued and admired Matt’s management of the health of our trees. He has shown a highly professional perception of early signs of disease and deterioration and has recommended prompt treatment and preventive measures. The crews are invariably polite and respectful of the property. I particularly appreciate that Bartlett adheres to all measures of worker safety during their procedures. I heartily recommend Matt and his fellow workers.
Jean K., Scotch Plains, NJ

Matt Rodda is the absolute best.
Sarah M., Summit, NJ

I was very pleased. Very professional and capable.
Barbara O., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda has always been very responsive and has demonstrated a deep knowledge of trees and their issues. Always enjoy interacting with him, very personable.
Ed M., Summit, NJ

Bartlett crew was courteous and knowledgeable. Matt Rodda was practical in his recommendations.
Joe B., Berkeley Heights, NJ

Matt Rodda is the best! He is always quick to return calls and is very knowledgeable.
Robert L., Berkeley Heights, NJ

It is always a pleasure to have Matt and his crews work on my property!
Andrea L., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda is fantastic! He always makes time for me and is super honest and helpful. I am happy to have him as my representative!
Carolyn C., Summit, NJ

Bartlett personnel were polite, efficient, and careful on the job. Matt was very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend him and Bartlett.
Jim G, Summit, NJ

The Matthew Rodda is knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough. The various crew members who have come have been great as well.
Joe B., Berkeley Heights, NJ

Everyone was super friendly and knowledgeable, the crew even cut a "cookie" for me to keep to make a table of the tree they took down.
Mary F., Westfield, NJ

Matt Rodda is always knowledgeable and helpful and is a pleasure to work with. His crews are good too.
Carolyn L., Summit, NJ

We've always received expert and courteous advice from Matt Rodda and look forward to continuing to work with him.
Nora R., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda and each of the gentlemen who have come out to fertilize, spray, and trim the trees/large bushes have been knowledgeable, very courteous, and wanted to please me, the customer. Very impressed with our first experience and now know why they came so highly recommended from the neighbors.
Susan O., Summit, NJ

Have been with Bartlett for quite awhile. At one point many years ago, I tried two other companies that folks had recommended. Awful! Bartlett might be a touch pricier, but not really when one factors in quality of work and rep's service. Amazing how un-knowledgable some of these other companies are. They're dangerous!
Ursala S., Summit, NJ

Matt's a consummate professional on whom we rely for straightforward advice. His crews are excellent and always professional and friendly. We're very pleased with Bartlett.
Rick K., Summit, NJ

Matt is not only my arborist, but also a friend that I have come to know through his exceptional people skills. Bartlett has always been there when I needed them, including the early Sunday morning when a 100' white pine fell on my house. The recent job was a big one, too. These guys not only covered my pool to keep wood chips out, but they skimmed the pool before they left! That's more than my own kids do! Superior service and attention to detail! Matt is the best!
Rex D., Summit, NJ

Matt Rodda knows my little piece of Summit, NJ and he knows his customer. Whenever I have called, he knows exactly which tree/shrub I'm discussing. He is superb at his job and highly respected in the city. Bartlett chose well. The Bartlett "public face" is professional, neat, clean, crisp, organized, and smart (just watch those men on the ropes in the trees). I'm a happy customer.
Joanne M., Summit, NJ

During the years we have known Matthew Rodda, he has been unfailingly helpful, trustworthy, prompt, and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend him and the other crew members.
Lucy M., Summit, NJ

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