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Mark Shaw

Arborist Representative

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Mark Shaw, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Millsboro, DE office.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Mark Shaw

I appreciate Mark's willingness to meet me at my home to review the condition of the trees and shrubs in my yard. We have seen a major improvement in the English Boxwoods. I am pleased that Mark is willing to introduce beneficial insects into the treatment of scale on the Euonymus shrubs. His honesty about the condition of the Norway Maple and its life span is helpful. I am pleased that we hired Bartlett Tree Experts.
Marylinda M., Lewes, DE

We had an emergency situation. We called Mark and he was here to do the estimate within the hour. He gave me a fair price. The crew came promptly at eight. The job was finished so good that you could not even tell they were here. I would recommend them to anyone needing tree work.
Troy V., Lewes, DE

Both the staff and Arborist were very helpful in helping us make the right choices regarding our trees and shrubs. Mark Shaw was extremely knowledgeable and helped us with selecting the right direction. Crew was knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, hard working, and quick to complete the work in a safe and quality matter.
Robert L., Lewes, DE

Arborist a joy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. Crew handled everything well.
Carolyn J., Lewes, DE

I especially appreciated the crew's willingness to explain what they were doing both before and after the work was completed.
Joe P., Lewes, DE

Mark Shaw was excellent. He clearly explained his recommendations and taught me some important fundamentals. He even went beyond by giving me some recommendations not related to the specific project we were discussing.
John S., Rehoboth Beach, DE

Mark was great to work with.
Randy G., Rehoboth Beach, DE

The staff were very professional and helpful from the person who took the appointment through the guys who did the pruning. We had one branch they missed. We called and they were very courteous and quick to respond.
Jackie H., Millsboro, DE

Mark Shaw provided me with all the answers to my questions up front, and was extremely knowledgeable about my Bradford Pear tree. I was very impressed by his crew the morning of the pruning, everyone arrived on time, each man was friendly, and explained what they would be doing. I have notified the Town Arborist and City Manager about the wonderful service and professional job from Mark and the Bartlett crew.
Wayne K., Millsboro, DE

Mark Shaw is extremely knowledgeable, very courteous, and friendly.
Gerry T., Millsboro, DE

Mark, Matthew, and assistant laborer, were all excellent. I am satisfied and will recommend you in the future. Thank you.
Nick P., Rehoboth Beach, DE

The crew was amazing.
Harley H., Lewes, DE

Great people, job completed on time, friendly, and proficient. I will recommend for sure.
Bob F., Millsboro, DE

Compassionate, thorough, sense of humor, and professional.
Nick P., Rehoboth Beach, DE

Mark Shaw has amazing knowledge and enjoys sharing it. He is always willing to take time to answer questions.
Michael S., Dagsboro, DE

Mark was friendly, efficient ,very knowledgeable about the trees, and showed his strong interest in protecting the environment. We are very pleased to have the dead wood removed from are sunroom view. My husband was here when the crew arrived. He said they completed their work efficiently and were finished in no time. We would definitely recommend your company.
Babrara B., Lewes, DE

Everyone was excellent.
Shirley B., Milton, DE

Many thanks to Mark for his A+ customer service and in-depth knowledge. Mark has been spot-on in troubleshooting our issues and his recommendations have proved successful in restoring the health of our trees & shrubs.
Fred K. , Lewes, DE

Mark Shaw is a treasure. His knowledge is encyclopedic and his advice is always extremely helpful and appreciated.
Amos S., Merion Station, PA

We could not have been more pleased with the entire crew and the efforts they made to make the take down of this massive maple go smoothly. Mark's team is the best!
Kathy B., Gladwyne, PA

Thanks for the good work. It is reassuring to have work done by skilled professionals.
Kate B., Wynnewood, PA

Bartlett did an absolutely beautiful job, it was amazing and I sincerely thank you. Joe, you have the patience of a saint, between all the kids, the parking, and the hard to reach areas you just went on doing your thing with a smile all the time. You are really a great person and extremely conscientious. Joe McGowan and Mark Shaw are the best advertisement for Bartlett, you are both so very wonderful and go out of your way for your customers. It is very much appreciated.
Sybil S., Merion Station, PA

I could not be more pleased with Bartlett. Mark was out the same day I called; his crew was out the next day for the work. The men that came out were friendly, professional, and quick.
Vicky W., Merion Station, PA

What a great guy! Mark is knowledgeable and not afraid to ask for "more expert" opinions when he feels it necessary; I find this trait to be a rare one in so-called "consultants", which, in fact, they are supposed to be. The implication is that the result is more important than the credit; a rare virtue.
Walter H., Merion, PA

My arborist has my complete confidence in caring for our trees and respecting customers he serves.
Rose D., Ardmore, PA

Thanks so much for your knowledge, care, and concern for our trees!
Janet M., Wynnewood, PA

Mark Shaw continues to do an excellent and thorough job for us. He is a "hands-on" specialist with a very involved connection to his staff. I would happily recommend Bartlett to any of our friends.
Kathy B., Gladwyne, PA

Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous: that is how I would describe the Bartlett Arborist, Mark, and also his team.
Sonja C., Wynnewood, PA

Done well. Done safely. Thank you! Marcia J., Merion, PA

Great job - organized, well coordinated, worked well with outside party (PECO) regarding neighbor's electric. No hiccups. Perfect. Ron G., Ardmore, PA

Mark, and others, went above and beyond last winter when large branches fell across our driveway blocking access. Many other customers had problems too, but Mark solved ours right away because we needed to get a sick cat to our vet. That's service! Phil O., Narberth, PA

Could not have been more pleased with all aspects of the work and the people. You understood my needs perfectly and delivered in a timely and effective manner. The workers were very professional&effective and efficient. Have already recommended you to all my neighbors and friends and will continue to do so! John N., Penn Valley, PA

Thank you and keep up the good work, Mark! Duncan C., Narberth, PA

Mark Shaw is excellent. I have probably switched to Bartlett solely because of him. Shelly P., Merion Station, PA

I have been meaning to e-mail you to tell you that we now have more evidence of what a wonderful job you and your crew did trimming our trees last season. When our neighbors recently hauled out all the branches that had been downed in their yards by the winter storms and put them curbside for collection, we were astounded at the size of the piles and the size of the limbs involved. They were huge and there were an incredible number of them. We had no branches at all that were larger than 3/4 of an inch in diameter, and had only about a half dozen of those. We snapped them up into smaller pieces, put them in our pile of kindling wood for our fireplaces, and that was that. We're very grateful to you for saving us a lot of hard labor and for saving our trees from damage. Janet S., Merion, PA

Mark Shaw got everything done in a timely fashion. Your workers were excellent. I was excited just watching them work, and am very pleased with the job. You have earned my loyal business. Thank you! Joel S., Merion Station, PA

We have always been happy with all the Bartlett people we have dealt with over the years. Thank you! Ellen B., Lower Merion, PA

The job was done to my satisfaction and was left clean. I was treated courteously by the crew and I would recommend Bartlett to friends. B., Merion, PA

Mark Shaw has always been most helpful and thoughtful in his recommendations. He pays attention to the ideas and wishes of his customers when counseling about tree and shrub care. It's a pleasure working with him. Nina M., Wynnewood, PA

I was very impressed with Mark Shaw's knowledge and obvious love for horticulture, and with the excellent job done by the work crew. They even cleaned up the twigs and branches that had fallen in the backyard earlier in the winter. I learned a lot from talking with Mark, and appreciated his insight. We expect to deal with him regularly in the future, and would welcome any suggestions from him for work that he might recommend. Amos S., Merion Station, PA

Mark Shaw was both knowledgeable and helpful, as well as prompt, courteous, and reliable. I very much appreciated working with him. Thank you. Abby L., Ardmore, PA

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