Mark S. Tabibian

Mark S. Tabibian

Arborist Representative

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Mark Tabibian started with Bartlett Tree Experts in 1988 as an Integrated Pest Management Technician, managing clients plant health care programs. Within two years, he became an Arborist Representative and has serviced the same area for the last 29 years. Mark has been an I.S.A. Certified Arborist for 29 years and after adding on territory in Maryland, he received his Maryland Tree Expert License. Mark also has experience in the Greenhouse business, as a landscaper, working at a large nursery and in the lawn care business. The most enjoyable part of his work day is spending time with his clients and sharing their passion for the trees and shrubs that grace their landscape. Mark has been a certified storm chaser for the National Weather Service for 20 years and also enjoys spending time with his two daughters, photography, and bird watching.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Mark S. Tabibian

Thank you to Jennifer in the office, and to Mark Tabibian. I appreciate the continued help from Bartlett Tree. The company is well run and focused on customer service. I thought Bartlett Tree was a small and local company. As a compliment, you are a large company run like a caring family business. I had no idea the organization was so large, 33 states. We moved to Delaware in June and we needed some trees removed at our home. I had no idea the expertise your arborists have. We will continue to be a loyal customer.
Cathy W., Wilmington, DE

Mark was courteous and willing to work with me during a busy time when a storm brought down large tree limbs on a Pin Oak. The crew was very professional and worked much quicker than anticipated. Mark even adjusted the bill down from his original estimate as a result. They left me a neatly stacked pile of firewood as requested.
Margaret C., Wilmington, DE

I appreciate the fact that Mark Tabibian is always very prompt to respond to my communication. He is also very knowledgeable about diseases and that has been helpful.
Betsy C., Wilmington, DE

Mark Tabibian is the best. He is a large part of why I have stayed a Bartlett customer for decades.
Lynn M., Wilmington, DE

Mark Tabbian came quickly and diagnosed our problem and the tech came to treat the trees in just a few days.
Sue S., Kennett Square, PA

Very professional.
Edward W., Wilmington, DE

Mark has always been very responsive and answers my questions and concerns quickly. The treatment to my trees has saved them when others in our area have died from infestations.
Betsy C., Wilmington, DE

Provided careful work protecting my nearby landscape.
William H., Kennett Square, PA

I am very satisfied with the job done. The crew treated me courteously. My experience with the Administrative Staff was friendly and helpful.
James C., Chadds Ford, PA

I am happy with the work. Mark came out when he said he would. The crew did a good job. Everything I said was true you guys are good and thorough.
John R., Toughkenamon, PA

The job was done to my satisfaction and was left neat and clean. I would recommend Bartlett to my friends, relatives, and colleagues.
David W., Kennett Square, PA

The job site was left neat and clean by the crew. I would recommend Bartlett to my friends, relatives, and colleagues.
Jeanne K., Chadds Ford, PA

Mark was great.
Mary Catherine M., Wilmington, DE

Worked with Mark Tabibian and was very pleased with his suggestions for the work I wanted to get done. Also, I had gotten a quote from another company for the same work and Bartlett gave me a much better price. Even before I had the work done, I had recommended your company to my friend in Avondale and she has already contracted your company to do some significant tree work.
Barbara F., Kennett Square, PA

Mark does a great job. His expertise and professionalism is appreciated. I am not related but thanks for making the Bartlett name a symbol of quality.
Patricia B., Wilmington, DE

The job site was left neat and clean. The job was done to my satisfaction. My experience with the administrative staff was very helpful. I would recommend Bartlett to my family and friends.
Scott I. , Kennett Square, PA

Have always been happy with Bartlett's services.
Frank B., Wilmington DE

Mark is the best. He is responsive and knowledgeable.
Sally C., Wilmington DE

The job was done to my satisfaction and was neat and clean. The staff and crew was very friendly. I would recommend Bartlett to my friends.
Nancy B., Centerville, DE

The job was done to my satisfaction. The site was left neat and clean. The Administrative Staff was friendly, efficient, and helpful. I was treated courteously by your crew. I would recommend Bartlett to my friends and relatives.
Nancy B., Centerville, DE

Was your experience with our Administrative Staff friendly, efficient, and helpful? Yes Were you treated courteously by our crew? Yes Would you recommend Bartlett to your friends, relatives, and colleagues? Yes
Linda S., W

We were treated courteously by the crew. We would recommend Bartlett to our friends, relatives, and colleagues.
Joseph C., Wilmington DE

Mark Tabibian is the best and I know my trees are important to him.
Linda W., Wilmington, DE

Mark Tabibian is so enthusiastic about his job. He goes the extra mile to be sure the job is done as I want it to be completed. His crews are always smiling and congenial. Obviously safety is very important to their job. They always leave the work site better than they found it. As a twenty year customer I recommend Bartletts highly.
D.C., Wilmington, DE

I always appreciate Mark's advice. The crew did a great job cleaning up, I can't wait to see the results of the pruning in the spring.
Jennifer L., Wilmington, Delaware

This is a first class operation! I am more than happy with the excellent professional, polite service I have been receiving&and my trees like it, too!
Susan S., Wilmington, DE

Mark always responds promptly to our questions with expertise and good advice. The work is always excellent, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs tree work.
Brett L., Wilmington, DE

Mark Tabibian and the crew who came to our house could not have been more helpful and their proactive approach is reassuring. Although it has little to do with their effectiveness or skill, the crew most recently as well as those who have come in the past seem remarkably cheerful and happy to be doing their jobs. Unusual today.
Andrew E., Wilmington, DE

These people are highly professional! They do an excellent job and they do it in a way that distinguishes them from any other service I have used. They are kind, cheerful, and responsive!
Susan S., Wilmington, DE

Mark is very knowledgeable and always responds promptly whenever we have a tree problem. The crew who did tree work for us were very efficient and considerate. They tried to minimize the damage to our yard while taking down a huge tree. We have worked with Mark and his crew for many years and have always been pleased with their work.
Shirley F., Wilmington, DE

Mark is the best! I've been a very satisfied customer for over 20 years. He always answers even my stupidest questions with patience and humor. Lynn M., Wilmington, DE

Job was cutting down two large tree with limp overhanging the roof. The crew did a careful job and protected my house and the septic system next to the trees. Second time I've used Bartlett for a difficult job and will use again. Mark Tabibian ensured the right crew was surveyed and the right crew and equipment picked for the job. Lewis W., Wilmington, DE

My Bartlett Rep. Mark Tibbian is great! He returns calls promptly, comes out to the property to discuss work to be done, and is very knowledgeable about the trees and shrubs in our area. Makes good suggestions, but does not "over reach" in what needs to be done. Crews are good and follow through with work to be done. Mary L., Wilmington, DE

Mark Tabibian is the best. He is the #1 arborist in Delaware. Christoper L., Wilmington, DE

Mark has always made complete estimates, including time and cost, and "always" met his commitments. Whenever we've made appointments for consultation he has always arrived right on time. We highly value his knowledge and judgement and he's always willing to share it. We are completely happy and satisfied with the performance of Mark and his crew. John O., Landenberg, PA

I received outstanding service from Mark, Gary, Matt, Mike, and Andrew. Mark followed up on our year-earlier discussion at just the right time. He impressed me as very knowledgeable and honest, thus making me feel comfortable in moving ahead with extensive tree removal work without taking time to get other quotes. He worked closely with the other crew members. I was particularly impressed with the safety check he went through with the crew before work started, and how seriously the crew took this. Gary's skill, strength, and agility were amazing to me. He took down a hemlock and two cedars - all 60+ years old, very large, planted within inches of my house, and with branches overhanging the house - without once touching the house. He took down a huge gum tree - base diameter 3+ feet - growing between and over power lines, hollies, and a prized Japanese maple, without damaging any of them. He worked very quickly and efficiently, thus allowing Mark to reduce the charges from previously-quoted prices in some instances. Matt seemed to be always in the right place at the right time with the right equipment to assist Gary. Andrew and Mike were skillful in operating the Bobcat. All three worked hard, steadily, and fast. All the crew members were courteous and friendly. It was a pleasure to deal with them. Don K., Wilmington, DE

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