Madolyn Henderson, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Hilton Head, SC office.

More about Madolyn Henderson

One thing is for sure, Madolyn Henderson has a passion for all things green! Madolyn grew up in Arkansas, helping her family on their tomato farm and designing floral arrangements for local farmers’ markets. She even created the floral arrangements for her own wedding. Madolyn has worked with plants most of her life and knew her passion needed to intertwine with her career goals.
Madolyn attended The University of Arkansas and graduated with a B.S. degree in Horticulture. After, Madolyn was hired by Bartlett Tree Experts as a Plant Health Care Specialist, providing her with both field experience and the opportunity to increase her knowledge of the Low Country’s landscapes. Now, as an Arborist Representative, she is excited to use her knowledge and passion to provide clients with solutions to keep their trees and plants healthy and thriving.
In her down time, you might see Madolyn running and biking on the local greenways, picking up cool plants at a local nursery and hanging out with her dog, Gypsy.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Madolyn Henderson

Madolyn is always very responsive.
Robert D., Bluffton, SC

Always a delight to deal with Madolyn, who is helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient.
Ken Y., Bluffton, SC

We are new customers and so our first visit was with Madelyn, she is professional and personable with great listening skills and transparency. Her deep expertise and common sense approach and clear guidance were all greatly appreciated. The follow up was swift and exactly what we required. Most importantly, she has laid out a plan and will be bringing things to our attention that need care. We are looking forward to working with her.
Alice W., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn, my arborist is excellent and I really enjoyed meeting with her and gaining a better understanding of the trees and plants in my yard. I know I am in good hands with Bartlett. Thank you.
Nancy, Hilton Head Island, SC

Madolyn Henderson does an excellent job of communicating as well as staying on top of problems before they become issues.
Jim, Bluffton, SC

Madelyn Henderson and her crew was so helpful and professional.
Janelle, Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is always responsive to my needs and questions. She knows her subject. I am very happy with her advice and direction.
Richard D., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is fantastic.
Robert , Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is an excellent communicator and representative. She is always prepared to help answer any questions that arise.
Mary, Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson has been prompt and considerate in working with me this year. Her expertise is appreciated.
Carol R., Bluffton, SC

I really enjoyed talking to Madolyn about the needs of my trees. Very helpful.
Meredith H., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn and the entire Bartlett crew are exceptional.
Jim, Bluffton, SC

In today's business world, customer service is absolutely gone, not so in this case. Madolyn was great and the crews as well. Thank you.
Jack P., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson was a joy to work with knowledgeable and so well organized. The two people who did our actual tree service were excellent. We will use you again.
Diane A., Bluffton, SC

Very professional and respectful.
Jim, Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is so knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. It is truly a pleasure working with her. Just said to my husband how great it is to work with Bartlett Tree. Professional experts.
Alex J., Bluffton, SC

Madeleine, Sam, and team really know what they are doing to preserve our trees!
Drew A., Hilton Head, SC

Our Bartlett experience was excellent. Madolyn Henderson always responded promptly, and with complete knowledge of our needs. Frank and Mike worked as a good team. Knowing what needed to be done with each cut.
Sally C., Bluffton, SC

Outstanding service. Madolyn, the arborist, was exceptional to work with, and so were the men that did the tree trimming and removal. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of this crew and the quality work they did.
Susan N., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is a professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field. I trust her advice and am glad she is here to look after my property.
Joan F., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is very knowledgeable about trees, and went out of her way explaining some of the things that should be done to the tree to enhance its life, and growth. The tree crew was great, explaining everything to me before doing whatever had to be done.
Ron F., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is a pleasure to work with.
David H., Ridgeland, SC

We have been dealing with Madelyn, our Arborist Rep. and Sam, the Field person that actually trims our tree, for years and are exceedingly pleased with both their professionalism and the special care they give to our trees.
Gerald B., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is a keeper. She is a rep deserving of praise. She got right back to me and came right over to Sun City in Bluffton. I can not say enough about her.
Mikey C., Bluffton, SC

Very happy with work and workers. Madolyn Henderson is top notch. Very professional and communication with customers is excellent.
Carrie S., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn and Kathy were professional and helpful in answering any questions regarding the work we needed to be done. They both worked with us when we had to delay and reschedule our appointment due to family illnesses. Both have followed up with us to see if everything was done to our satisfaction. It was. The crew arrived on time and were very professional. They asked if we approved of the job. Before leaving they cleaned up all debris. The trees look great.
Louise A., Bluffton, SC

The reps I have met have all been professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and interested in our concerns. Very pleasant to deal with.
John B., Bluffton, SC

The two men crew were so informative and pointed out what they would be pruning before they cut. Madolyn is a great asset for Bartlett.
Kathy P., Bluffton, SC

Always great recommendations for my property. Literally saved my trees after the hurricanes. Thank you.
Nancy O., Bluffton, SC

Always courteous and helpful. Answers my questions.
Sandra M., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson is extremely professional and a definite credit to your organization.
Lou A., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson is very friendly, helpful, and professional. The entire team at Bartlett does a great job.
Jim M., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn was so knowledgeable and patient as we decided what to do with our trees.
Kathy P., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is great. She certainly knows her trees.
Nancy M., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn was great. Professional, knowledgeable, and very personable. Major kudos to the crew.They did a fantastic job. I could tell how happy our Live Oak was after they left. Excellent job. Scheduling and pricing were right on as well.
Gary S., Bluffton, SC

Madelyn is Great.
Richard M., Bluffton, SC

Arborist was knowledgeable, informative, and established a reasonable plan for addressing our issues.
Cynthia D., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is our contact and is responsive to all of our questions . Madolyn does a great Job and the Staff and crew that actually service our property are polite and knowledgeable. Great Team. Our property is looking much better since we have contracted Bartlett.
John S., Bluffton, SC

Love Madolyn Henderson, very knowledgeable and personable. Since starting treatment on my Southern Magnolia, the tree looks healthier in general and I have flowers that bloom through the summer. The crew also did a nice job trimming a Crape Myrtle next to the screened porch.
Susan M., Bluffton, SC

Arborist was spot on with diagnosis. The crew did a great job.
Bill T., Bluffton, SC

Timely response to problem much appreciated. Routine tree and shrub care always very satisfactory.
Frank R., Bluffton, SC

Very good company to work with. Great job.
Marc N., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what needed to be done to the trees.
Renee H., Bluffton, SC

Madelyn is great and answers all of our questions and points outs different things we can do to help improve and maintain our property's health.
John S., Bluffton, SC

Well done in all respects from original placement of order to completion of the job. Your team is very professional, pleasant, and well informed, thank you and sign us up for next year.
Jon D., Bluffton, SC

The Bartlett staff is very knowledgeable and did a masterful job in nursing our tree's gnarled roots back to health. The thinning out of the tree's branches was also done in an aesthetically pleasing way. We were very pleased with the service and Madolyn (representative for Bartlett) provided very fair prices for the work done and also gave us several options for treating the tree.
Mary M., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn was full of helpful knowledge re my trees and the crew who did the work, worked efficiently and left the site neat and clean.
Patricia A., Bluffton, SC

All good.
Stuart G., Bluffton, SC

Very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.
David R., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn, your expertise and willingness to accommodate our needs in trimming our tree was well appreciated. You went above and beyond to ensure our needs were meet. The crew of Matt and Greg were personable, professional, and clean. They as well as you exceeded our expectations.The three of you are certainly an asset to the Bartlett organization.I would not hesitate to recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Dot B., Bluffton, SC

Seems knowledgeable and is always courteous. Trees and shrubs seem to be flourishing with treatments.
Diane M., Bluffton, SC

We were especially pleased to work with Madolyn. Very professional and knowledgeable.
Richard S., Bluffton, SC

The employees who have been here to do work at our house have done excellent work. We are so pleased with the tree trimming, removal of the mistletoe, great job. Had our tree fertilized and sprayed, work done promptly. All the employees were very friendly, knew what they were doing, excellent work. This is the first time we have used Bartlett and we are very satisfied.
Keith C., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson and the crew members servicing the property are always polite, professional, and take the time to answer questions presented regarding any issues or treatment, as well as guidance on when pets can be out after applications. The health and beauty of the property has improved greatly in the year since they began service. We look forward to our continued service. Thank you.
Blanche K., Bluffton, SC

Each person we met on this job was on time, delightful, and efficient in their respective duties to assure our satisfaction with our requested trimming project. While our job was not extensive, the crew approached their duties with diligence and professionalism, thus we would recommend them to others.
Charles E., Bluffton, SC

I appreciate your knowledgeable treatments. Especially since we are by water, your application method is important. Thank you for keeping it safe. Also appreciated your checking the other Magnolia and scheduling a Scale Treatment for that one, also.
Jim B., Okatie, SC

The Arborist was knowledgeable, pleasant, and prompt. She followed up as planned to arrange a schedule for the work to be done. The work crew arrived on time, communicated well, and worked efficiently. All are a credit to Bartlett Tree Experts.
Patricia V., Bluffton, SC

My experience with Bartlett has been outstanding. Madolyn is professional , knowledgeable, and a delight to deal with. I found the young men who do the trimming to be the same. This is my second time using Bartlett and I did recommend them to a neighbor who used your services.
Carol J., Bluffton, SC

Showed up and provide the service as recommended. Available and willing to answer questions.
Madeline D., Bluffton, SC

Excellent crew service for a tree trimming. Fast, neat, helpful, and efficient. Madolyn is a top professional.
George K., Bluffton, SC

Thorough, knowledgeable, and courteous. Have had Bartlett before and would call again.
John O., Bluffton, SC

Your team leader was very pleasant and showed the work his team had done. It was very good work, I was very pleased. We disussed another problem area for which I will contact Bartlett in the summer or late spring. He suggested an alternative approach that I thought was much better than the initial plan. Madolyn Henderson is an excellent company representative. She walked the property with me, made suggestions, and promptly sent me a contract. She was efficient in modifying our contract because of a decision I made about how many trees would be removed. It was great working with her. Great job, you will be back.
Pete D., Bluffton, SC

Everyone was great to work with.
John S., Bluffton, SC

Knowledgable, friendly, coutreous, and answered any of my questions with full explanantion and options where appropriate.
Gennaro T., Bluffton, SC

I appreciate your professionalism. You called to make an appointment to discuss the job, You call to tell me when the job would be performed and you arrived right on time. I have not had such service in years. Thank you, you have restored my faith in the way people conduct business. The young people who did the job are a credit to your company.
Gerry M., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson and the staff of young men who came to trim my trees were all top notch. They were polite, efficient, responded appropriately and knowledgeably to my questions. They did an excellent job of trimming my trees and while they trimmed the trees properly, I did have them come back, because I wanted more space between the tree branches and my rooftop. They explained why they trimmed it the way they did, but did not argue when I insisted that I needed the branch cut back. I have recommended Bartlett to my neighbors and a few of my friends who were seeking an arborist. I hope they contact the company. I know they will be satisfied with your service.
Charlotte G., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson is delightful. Very knowledgeable, extremely friendly and a joy to work with. Better hold onto her if you can.
John S., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is fantastic, professional, attentive, helpful, accommodating, informative, empathetic, and an excellent problem solver. She understands my concerns and addresses the issues with helpful suggestions. For example, she typically calls in the morning prior to coming to our home, however, I am usually gone then and can not talk about any concerns I have. She agreed to let me know the day before her arrival so that I can list any questions I have. Problem solved. On another occasion, she took time to meet at the house to discuss options for providing more complete coverage for all our landscape. She offered suggestions for plantings and mulch placement. She is a true professional and an excellent employee. An asset to any organization.
Pegi L., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson is courteous and always answers questions with follow-ups if needed.
Doreen P., Bluffton, SC

Amazing staff, excellent service from the quote to the completion of the work order. We will definitely use their service again and will recommend them to my neighbors.
Keith P., Bluffton, SC

Work was quickly scheduled and completed. I rely on Bartlett to properly trim bushes and trees rather than have landscapers hack away.
John H., Bluffton, SC

Bartlett was professional and courteous. did a great job second time using your company.
David B., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn was very helpful, answering all my questions. The crew asked for my input before work began and then asked for my approval before they left. They were fast and efficient and left the area free of all debris. I would not entrust my tree trimming to anyone except Bartlett.
Debra W., Bluffton, SC

Excellent work, very helpful advice. Would definitely recommend your company.
Glenn M., Bluffton, SC

Our Arborist, Madolyn, is very knowledgdable, personable, and professional. The crew did an awesome job pruning our trees. Thank you. We are very pleased by the work done by Bartlett.
Jane B., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn was very knowledgeable, friendly, and sweet. I was doubtful about this treatment but it worked wonders. Thank you for all of your help.
Nancy N., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn did an excellent job in making sure the job was done correctly.
Rick M., Bluffton, SC

My estimate and the work done on my property was done in a very timely manner. I appreciate that, and respect the company following up.
Joann M., Bluffton, SC

Bartlett is always mentioned as the best tree company among all of our friends. Thank you for your prompt and excellent service.
Hal H., Bluffton, SC

I am so happy I saw your car on Hampton Circle when I was driving through the neighborhood. I have recommended Bartlett to a few people in my neighborhood and found that several people have used your company. The neighbors who used Bartlett were, like me, pleased with the staff and service provided by Bartlett. The staff was courteous, professional, prompt and efficient. The young man who came to the door to let me know they were here to trim the tree, explained what was going to happen, as well as, let me know when they were done. He was friendly and courteous. They did leave the area clean. I look forward to Bartlett returning in the fall to trim my Bottle Brush tree in the back of the house.
Charlotte G., Bluffton, SC

looking forward to working with Madolyn . crew members very nice and did a good job.
Marlene M., Bluffton, SC

All staff involved in servicing my property were very personable and extremely efficient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Patricia D., Bluffton, SC

Arborist is excellent, very knowledgeable, and great customer service. The crew was very efficient, start to finish and customer friendly.
Doug K., Bluffton, SC

We have had Bartlett service our trees for several years now. All staff have been very professional and knowledgeable. More importantly, they have shown a personal interest in our trees and property. Madolyn Henderson has been especially kind and has taken time to listen and understand our love of gardening and has helped with diagnosis and treatment of the landscape we so enjoy in our retirement. Also, most recently, we have had Sam prune our Eagleston Holly tree the last two years and has done a beautiful job.
Gerald K., Bluffton, SC

All employees were pleasant and very helpful regarding the trimming of our palm tree. Thanks also to Madolyn
Lynn S., Bluffton, SC

Pleasant and got the job done. cleaned up very well, I was surprised for sure.
Sandra T., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is excellent. She is very knowledgeable and shared her knowledge with us. The crew is also very knowledgeable and their work amazing. The crew arrived on time and set right to work. They were very careful of the rest of the landscaping and prevented the other plantings from being destroyed. The yard was left impeccable when they were through.
James H., Bluffton, SC

Very good explanation of the work to be done, by both the Representative and the crew.
Thomas T., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn was very nice.
Melissa W., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn was the main person we dealt with and she was efficient, very courteous, and a great representative for your company. Everyone did an outstanding job.
Robert G., Bluffton, SC

Bartlett's staff has been the most efficient and courteous I’ve had the pleasure to deal with. From Madolyn to the work crew I only have complimentary words. If the need ever arises they will be my only choice.
Brenda R., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson is professional, knowledgeable and has excellent customer service skills. I appreciated her quick response to my questions.
Nancy G., Bluffton, SC

Bartlett’s staff has been the most efficient and courteous I have had the pleasure to deal with. From Madolyn, to the work crew, I only have complimentary words. If the need ever arises they will be my only choice.
Brenda R., Bluffton, SC

Jeremiah and his assistant did an excellent job.
Hank B., Hilton Head, SC

Everything went well. Good job. Thank you Madolyn and crew.
Ron G., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is very pleasant and responsive to my questions.
Allan S., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson is very kind. Your staff and workers are professional and polite. Thank you.
Connie D., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn Henderson is very kind. Your staff and workers are professional and polite. Thank you.
Connie D., Bluffton, SC

It was truly a pleasure working with Madolyn to set up an appointment to have our tree trimmed. I find it unusual these days to come across someone who combines a good personality with knowledge, courtesy, and professionalism. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
Al L., Bluffton, SC

I found M. Henderson very knowledgeable. She spotted some issues right away. I liked the all female team that came to treat my property this week. I am a certified master gardener. Using the strategy of integrated pest management is very important to the health of plants, butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and birds. That is the reason we initially chose Bartlett. We trust their staff to find our problems.
Beverly M., Bluffton, SC

Bobby and Madelyn were very helpful. Thanks for a job well done.
Nancy N., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn is a gem. She was very patient and listened to all my concerns and questions. All were answered and everything explained fully. When the crewmembers were here, they did their jobs like true professionals. Before they started, they asked about what I wanted done. After they finished, they checked to be sure I was happy before they left. Fantastic workmanship.
Doreen P., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn was great, answered all of my many questions and was very knowledgeable. The two gentlemen that trimmed and shaped our trees were the best. They knew their stuff. The trees look great and when they left our property and all limbs were picked up. Thank you.
Sandee W., Bluffton, SC

This is third time we have used Bartlett in the past three years. This crew did a great job, although they used a different technique from our prior experiences. I was concerned at first but all ended up just fine. They arrived a few minutes early, were very polite, and cleaned up very nicely. We are completely satisfied and we will use Bartlett on our next job when that time arrives in a couple of years. I also have to say that Madolyn Henderson did an excellent job. She was very pleasant and I received the proposal the same day. It was scheduled within a week.
George C., Bluffton, SC

There was complete coordination between the crew and Madolyn. Bartlett has always done what we wanted and suggested other opportunities since we began using them.
Don B., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. She took the time to stop by during the tree removal to review the work requirements with your crew. I would also like to recognize the professionalism and expertise of Sam with the removal and trimming. In addition, the young man working with Sam was very courteous as well. I have used Bartlett in the past and will continue to use your services as the need arises. I have recommended your company to two of my neighbors, both of which used your services over last two years.
Tom W., Bluffton, SC

We were pleased with the Arborist and crew involved with the work requested on our property. Thank you all for a job well done.
Dan V., Bluffton, SC

Madolyn who performed major surgery on several of our trees was a delight. Very friendly and informative while wasting no time.
Bob S., Bluffton, SC

Professional, knowledgeable, and are concerned with customer concerns.
Madelyn C., Bluffton, SC

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