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Laura Schumm

Arborist Representative

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Laura was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia. She has a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University and an AAS in Horticulture from J Sargent Reynolds Community College. Laura combined her love of plants and art working in public garden horticulture. After interning at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and Longwood Gardens, she accepted a Horticulturist position at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in 2014. After Laura attended a Bartlett Tree Experts Client Seminar in 2016, she recognized that Bartlett’s holistic and scientific approach to tree and shrub care sets them apart from the rest and in 2019 she joined the Bartlett team as an Administrative Assistant where she learned the ins and outs of office operations. She enjoyed the new challenge but missed face to face connections with others out in the landscape and in 2022 transferred to tree work.

An ISA Certified Arborist, and a licensed Commercial Applicator in Virginia, Laura is dedicated to helping clients maintain the health and beauty of their trees and shrubs.

In her free time, Laura enjoys camping, hiking, cooking and woodworking projects. She lives in the Northern Neck with her dog, Ranger, and cat, Lois.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Laura Schumm

I am 83 years old. My wife, 88. A post WWII veteran. There was a Post WWII period when Americans were at their best. Truly caring about their fellowman. Your entire company has managed to capture those wonderful WWII and Post WWII years. I have searched my mind, trying to think of a single other company that seems to truly care about their clients. Watching all those young smiling faces, often laughing as they worked. Once watching one of your team, seemingly standing with nothing to do, Only to observe him pound into action, running to help another team member just about to stand in Harm's Way. If you are looking to make things better, right now, do not change a thing. Right now, your work philosophy has achieved what our politicians have not been able to achieve. Daily, You Make America Great Again and while doing so, Beautiful Again. We just had 5 days of 21degree, gusting, rain and a little snow. I could not find one single limb on the ground. I must say, I truly got my monies worth. Be safe. Sincerely.
Jim R., Reedville, VA  View all testimonials for Reedville, VA

They have done their best in every way. They really care. They are bringing in a specialist to see if our lovely old Boxwoods can be saved after years of alternating blasting heat and drought and root-rotting rain. We love them.
Lynn N., Kinsale, VA  View all testimonials for Kinsale, VA

Laura was a model professional, knowledgeable, patient, and communicative.
Roger W. , Callao, VA  View all testimonials for Callao, VA

Arborist was friendly, knowledgeable, and great in explaining our tree issues, and how to help solve our tree disease. Could not ask for better service.
John M., Heathsville, VA  View all testimonials for Heathsville, VA

It is so nice to talk to someone who really knows how to care for trees rather than just pretending that they know wants wrong and want to cut them down. I really appreciate you guys. I am sure I will continue to use you.
Robin H. , Colonial Beach, VA  View all testimonials for Colonial Beach, VA

Everyone I have interacted with on Bartlett's staff have been courteous, helpful, and friendly.
Liz R., Tappahannock, VA  View all testimonials for Tappahannock, VA

Rep was extremely courteous, professional and congenial.
Harriet V., Montross, VA  View all testimonials for Montross, VA

Brandon and Laura are always a pleasure to work with.
Jim D., White Stone, VA  View all testimonials for White Stone, VA

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