Kyle Ewing

Kyle Ewing

Local Manager & Arborist Representative

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Kyle Ewing, Local Manager & Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Easton, MD office.

More about Kyle Ewing

A native of Easton, Kyle spent 10 years with Bartlett Tree in the Roanoke, VA and Richmond, VA offices before returning home to the Eastern Shore in 2011.

Kyle graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors degree in Forestry in 2000.

He is the only local Arborist to that has all of the following credentials: ASCA Consulting Arborist Academy graduate, TCIA Certified Tree Safety Professional, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor, and Maryland Licensed Tree Expert.

Kyle resides in Easton with his wife Sarah and two children, Aaron and Caroline. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, watching his kids play sports, hiking, and hunting.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Kyle Ewing

Eddie and the other fellows were great.
Bill S., St. Michaels, MD

Good people. Good work.
Bernie G., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle has been very patient with us over the years.
Linda H., Sherwood, MD

Brian, Holly, and Steve were great. Friendly, hard working, and efficient.
Charles S., Neavitt, MD

Kyle does a great job. Eddie is a very capable foreman and could probably move into a higher position with seven years as an employee.
Michael R., Tilghman, MD

They have it down to a science, perfect mix of professionalism, talent, and courtesy. They are fantastic. Kyle and everyone I have had the pleasure to deal with give me peace of mind.
Eugene S., St. Michaels, MD

Crew members have been pleasant, polite, and are knowledgable.
Linda H., Sherwood, MD

It was a good experience. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I watched them cutting the branches and tree. It was so interesting. They got the job done much faster than I expected. All worked together so well. Very professional.
Alvin R., Bozman, MD

Technician was very professional, understanding, and polite.
Mike M., St. Michaels, MD

Efficient and quality work.
David V., Neavitt, MD

Kind, very competent, and professional.
Ray M., St. Michaels, MD

Very friendly.
Karen B., Tilghman, MD

Kyle is excellent.
Michelle O., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle Ewing is always available to come out to our home and look at any issues we have. He is very responsive, proactive, and knowledgeable.
Elizabeth B., Royal Oak, MD

All good. Kyle is always quick to come when needed and always keeps me in the loop.
Robert H., St. Michaels, MD

Always an excellent experience with Kyle and his crew.
Braden L., Easton, MD

Your entire crew is great.
Chris C., St. Michaels, MD

The staff and crew were awesome. Thank you.
Rene S., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle was very helpful in assessing our needs and making recommendations. The woman who did the treatment did a very throrough job. Thank you!
Wink C., Nevitt, MD

Always polite and knowledgeable. Bartlett has successfully kept a waterside tree that was hit by lightning healthy, also a large shade tree that gets a lot of windy brackish water. Very pleased with Bartlett's treatments.
Sharon F., Tilghman, MD

The overall customer service with Bartlett is exceptional. Kyle is a very good advisor who is proactive with his recommendations about maintaining the health and vitality of our property, responsive to our needs, and attentive. My interactions with the office have been courteous and fully competent.
Jeff O., St. Michaels, MD

Nothing. Crew was on time, friendly and did a great job. Kyle is professional, responsive, and his experience is extensive. Thank you.
Trish S., Neavitt, MD

Kyle is welcoming and professional and I enjoy working with him.
Donna C., St. Michaels, MD

Top notch professionals that provide good advice, show up on time, and are excellent customer service representatives.
Mark G., St. Michaels, MD

Everyone was very professional. Great job. Many thanks.
Karen B., Tilghman, MD

Everything was perfect. Everyone always does a great job. Thank you.
Liz O., St. Michaels, MD

The crew is always polite. Kyle is the best. He always responds in a quick manner.
Susan L., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle and his crew were professional, timely, and used safety precautions both for themselves and to protect my property. I would recommend them to anyone.
Meredith O., Easton, MD

Kyle Ewing and the entire crew have always been courteous, professional, and great at what they do. Which is why I have continued to use Barrett’s services for over ten years now.
Eric M., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle Ewing is a true professional. Thoughtful, kind, considerate, and highly knowledgeable on all things related to our plantings and mature trees. I would, without hesitation, recommend Kyle to all inquiries, friends, family, and neighbors. He is the best. We trust him completely.
Rebecca D., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle and all the crew members are great.
Chip H., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle does an excellent job at taking care of the trees at Neavitt, as does the rest of the crew.
Ted A., Neavitt, MD

Kyle has always given me prompt service and great advice on our tree management. The crew never stopped moving. They were polite and discussed with me what the plan was before they took the trees down. They cleaned up and when they left, the site was cleaner than it was when they started. They truly exceeded all my expectations. Bartlett has provided service on several projects in the past and I expect to use them on all our tree projects in the future.
Dave S., Tilghman, MD

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your crew and the work they did recently. I wanted to let you know directly that I am very happy with the winter pruning and cabling work.
Anne S. , Royal Oak, MD

I could not have asked for more. I felt very confident in the abilities of all of the staff I interacted with. Professional but friendly is a combination I value and Bartlett delivered in all aspects of the job. I appreciated the walk around with the crew leader after the work was done.
Anne S., Royal Oak, MD

These folks have worked for our family on multiple properties for fifty years. They use common sense rather than just a clock or dollar amount when planning work. Yes, even the well being of the tree is given a strong voice in the scope of work. All players seem to be on the same page. You will not be disappointed.
Steve S., St. Michaels, MD

We have full confidence in Kyle’s expertise which guided us in making an informed decision about the tree work that was done to make us feel safe in our new home. The work was done when scheduled and done without damage to our new sod. We appreciate the care and attention to the overall job. If neighbors ever ask us about tree work we will definitely recommend Bartlett Tree Service.
Karen P., Tilghman, MD

Kyle is pleasant, professional, and effective. We are very impressed with the end product. We will continue to use your services as we transition to full time Talbot country residents. Communication, billing, and scheduling is easy, nice work.
John G., St. Michaels, MD

Always polite, courteous, and professional.
Tom N., Wittman, MD

I am a Landscape Architect and expect the very best from your folks. Kyle and Bartlett have always met these expectations. On time, within budget, and always with a smile.
Michael R., Tilghman, MD

Good people. Good work.
Bernie G., St. Michaels, MD

As always, Kyle Ewing estimated and scheduled our project. As scheduled, crew members completed the project in good order. Thank you.
Liz O., St. Michaels, MD

We thought the Bartlett Team did a great job. Everything they promised or committed to, they delivered on. Very professional, the Team worked efficiently and left the area pretty clean. I was also impressed with how quickly the Team came back and did a second round of stump grinding, to finish the project. We are very satisfied.
Tim G., St. Michaels, MD

Everyone at Bartlett is outstanding. Thank you.
Bill S., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle is the best. And the team he sent to do the job were expert, courteous, and respectful of our home. Could not be happier. Thank you.
James K., St. Michaels, MD

The two guys who did the Arborvitae's and the Hollis were both very courteous, friendly, and helpful answering my questions. Great service.
Ronne T., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle Ewing is doing a fantastic job for us on a new piece of land. His interaction with the county and addressing the areas that will impact us the most are being addressed in a timely fashion. We could not be happier with the progress he is making.
John and Tina G., St. Michaels, MD

The staff were very friendly and efficient. The work done for me was exactly as I wished it to be. Well done.
Marilyn N., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle was professional, very knowledgeable, and helpful. His advice and suggestions were very educational. Would refer anyone to him for advice and for services.
David J., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle Ewing is prompt, courteous, knowledgeable. Recent;y he provided extra treatment on our Hawthron trees at no charge when the trees did not seem to respond to the original treatments. We are very appreciative.
Jim B., McDaniel, MD

Kyle and Jared are knowledgeable and a joy to work with.
Laurie P., St. Michaels, MD

Spectacular help during Isaia.
Anne K., Sherwood, MD

Kyle is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. His knowledge is very helpful. He manages his team effectively. We are pleased with the team response. The level of professionalism is wonderful.
Ken and Beth A., Royal Oak, MD

Bartlett called ahead of time as I requested. They were extremely diligent in making sure my property was thoroughly treated with the tick spray.
Ned M., Bozman, MD

Kyle was very knowledgeable and helpful. Corey was very expert and professional.
Donna K., Royal Oak, MD

Kyle and his team were professional, courteous, friendly, and do great work.
Joni D., St. Michaels, MD

Job was completed efficiently and well.
David V., Neavitt, MD

From the moment I contacted Bartlett Tree Experts they were courteous and professional. They performed the work expeditiously and expertly. Do not call anyone else for your tree service and the price was very reasonable.
Angela P., Tilghman, MD

Always great service, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.
Chip H., St. Michaels, MD

Everything was done very professionally, from the initial estimate to the actual work. Thank you for a job well done.
Carol A., St. Michaels, MD

I would not use anyone else.
Bernie G., St. Michaels, MD

Everyone I encounter from Barlett makes me happy to have been a customer for years.
Guy E., St. Michaels, MD

Excellent Service and results. Very professional. I have already recommended them to one neighbor. Thank you Kyle and Bartlett.
Bill S., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle is extremely good at what he does. He has helped me many times with his knowledge. He is an excellent representative of your firm. I really appreciate all he does.
Lillian W., Royal Oak, MD

We were sorry to lose the tree, but it had no chance of recovery and we appreciate your timely, professional service.
Rober and Carol B., Sherwood, MD

Kyle is always a pleasure to do business with. The crew doing the job were amazing. The tree removed was enormous and they made it look easy. I know I made the right move to have Bartlett do the job. The man who worked the claw to pick up the huge logs did a great job.
Molly M., Bozman, MD

Kyle Ewing was extremely professional. He responded to all of our questions and concerns immediately and had his crew out very quickly to take care of the problem. Will definitely be calling Bartlett again.
Elizabeth B., Royal Oak, MD

Very courteous, prompt, and professional. We will definitely use your service in the future.
Dan G., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle Ewing has conducted himself in a professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly manner. He provided us with the results we needed to make proper decisions. You are fortunate to have him.
Harvey S., Bozman, MD

Not only is Kyle Ewing extremely knowledgeable, he provides prompt, friendly, and outstanding service. Everyone I know in the area uses Bartlett because of Kyle.
Karen M., St. Michaels, MD

We have always been very happy with Kyle and the team at Bartlett.
Steve B., Royal Oak, MD

Every step in the process was painless and professional. Kyle did the scope and bid quickly and accurately. Cody and Zach were very effective and completed the job well.
Frank G., St. Michaels, MD

The guys who trimmed our apple tree out at Wades Point did a gorgeous job. The tree looks beautiful, with a lovely balance. I know you told them what you wanted them to do to give me that look, and it is great.
Susan S., McDaniel, MD

Friendly, polite, effective.
Connie L., St. Michaels, MD

Outstanding workmanship, and first class crew. Kyle has been a delight to work with. Very responsive and knowledgeable.
Edward K., Royal Oak, MD

We were quite pleased with the work done and with the staff. The team leader was particularly helpful as he and I walked through the snow to examine a number of shrubs that had to be seriously pruned.
Edmund P., St. Michaels, MD

I always enjoy working with Kyle Ewing. He is always on time for appointments, is courteous, friendly, and takes the time to walk the property and discuss my concerns regarding tree care. I am sure many times I keep him too long with all my questions, but he is always patient and I appreciate that.
Nancy B., Royal Oak, MD

I had a few questions for Kyle concerning the condition of trees adjacent to a tree infested with pine beetles in an effort to save those adjacent trees. Kyle was very responsive, took down the infested tree as required, and treated the nearby trees to inhibit the infestation spread. He was prompt and responsive to my questions. The job was done well and in a timely manner. I appreciate the service.
Len W., Royal Oak, MD

The staff is always friendly and helpful. They always get the job done quickly and with little mess. They are always friendly and do a great job. Thank you Kyle and Bartlett for keeping my trees in such good shape.
Virginia H., St. Michaels, MD

Attention to details counts with trees. Kyle Ewing and the team paid close attention, were quick, and neat.
Dennis P., Bozman, MD

You have good people all around.
Guy E., St. Michaels, MD

Bartlett's staff was very knowledgeable and courteous. I was pleased with the service and felt the pricing was fair.
Jeanne B., Royal Oak, MD

Bartlett ws very helpful. The move of the office and staff to ground level access was a real plus.
Michael K., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle is very knowledgeable and practical. He gives good advice and provides timely service.
Connie S., St. Michaels, MD

Everyone at Bartlett has been very good at their jobs. The crew was very pleasant, courteous, and always ready to tell me exactly what they were doing. I thank Kyle, the crew, and the staff for taking care of my trees so well.
Virginia H., St. Michaels, MD

Reasonable cost, timely performance, and professional job.
David R., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle Ewing has been terrific. Great advisor for four years.
Richard D., St. Michaels, MD

Very pleased with the pruning they completed, very nice crew, they did a great job.
Jerry F., Tilghman, MD

All the staff I worked with were pleasant and knowledgeable. We have had Bartlett do tree work for us in the past and will contract with them again in the future.
Mark W., Neavitt, MD

Delightful and knowledgeable, we have used Brady Tree Service and then Bartlett Tree Experts for thirty years.
Walter H., St. Michaels, MD

A Bartlett crew that was working at my neighbors property, set up in my driveway. They did an excellent job. They were very informative and cleaned up very well. They even cleaned up the leaves in my driveway.
Dave C., St. Michaels, MD

Thank you for all of your observations and suggestions!
Dagmar G., St. Michaels, MD

Crew did a wonderful job. Kyle and the crew were very professional.
Fred M., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle Ewing is awesome! His friendliness, knowledge of the situation, and professionalism, are exemplary.
Janet O., St. Michaels, MD

Starting from the initial phone call the staff was exceptional. Kyle went above and beyond dealing not only with the tree but securing the inside areas affected, basically calming my panic. Cory is terrific at explaining what the crew was doing during tree removal. He helped with my insurance claim by taking aerial photographs from the bucket truck.
Joan F. S., St. Michaels, MD

We appreciate Kyle Ewing knowledge as an Arborist. He is courteous and has been very helpful. Your crew leader was also very courteous and understood what needed to be done. Great bunch of guys.
Harvey S., Bozman, MD

Kyle and anyone that has represented Bartlett has been great. Kyle comes by when I need to ask about plans for new or old trees, always giving his professional opinion. It has been a pleasure.
Steve B., Royal Oak, MD

Very mannerly and informed.
John S., St. Michaels, MD

You guys are great. Kyle gives superb service.
Bill B., St. Michaels, MD

The crew was very professional, no nonsense workers, and did a great job. I have always had good results with Bartlett.
Marjorie F., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle Ewing is a terrific person and an excellent representative of Bartlett, he is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and committed to customer service. I like him as a person in addition to knowing that he has the best interest of my trees. The crew was also excellent, friendly, professional, and hard working.
Phil C., Royal Oak, MD

The St Michaels team is most response, including making an effort of a rapid response if one has an immediate concern. Very important to us on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.
Bob E., Tilghman, MD

Our contact with your staff has always been pleasant and have resulted in a very good job. Kyle is very good in his field and is very patient. The crew has always been courteous.
Stewart H., Bozman, MD

Very positive first meeting with Kyle, he took the time to explain in detail all needed maintenance as we walked the property.
Leigh P., St. Michaels, MD

We think Doug and Hank, our usual crew, are terrific. Also, Kyle is very responsive to our needs and takes the time to educate us regarding tree care as necessary. Our property benefits from their collective knowledge and professionalism.
Paul H., St. Michaels, MD

Excellent presentation, excellent work in the field, and good communication.
John M., St. Michaels, MD

Mr. Ewing always responds quickly to our requests for help with our property. He is knowledgeable and courteous and his recommendations are spot on.
Kirk K., St. Michaels, MD

Kyle and the Bartlett crew have been very responsive and great to work with. Thanks for your service!
Liz B., St. Michaels, MD

You all do a great job and Kyle is extremely responsive!
Tom B., Bozman, MD

To say they are fantastic is not enough. They are there when you need them, they have answers to all our questions, and they are the best.
Ralph C., St. Michaels, MD

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