Kenneth MacPhee

Kenneth MacPhee

Arborist Representative

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Kenneth MacPhee, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Orleans, MA office.

More about Kenneth MacPhee

Ken developed a love of the outdoors while growing up in Barnstable, MA. He began his career in the green industry with Seabury Farms where he grew native plants and carried out beach erosion projects to preserve Cape Cod's natural seascapes. He worked his way up to manager before accepting a position as Landscape Manager with Bayberry Gardens. Ken stayed with Bayberry for fourteen years before joining Bartlett Tree Experts in 2012. In addition to his twenty-five years of experience, Ken is a Certified Horticulturist through Cape Cod Community College's Horticulture Program. His extensive training at the F.A. Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory has given Ken detailed knowledge of the diagnostics and treatments necessary for comprehensive plant healthcare. His favorite landscapes are the rolling bearberry and pine forests of the lower Cape. Ken currently lives on the Cape with his wonderful wife and daughter.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Kenneth MacPhee

Ken is great. He is full of experience and regional knowledge. I feel super comfortable with his expertise and guidance.
Joseph G., North Truro, MA

Ken MacPhee is terrific. Responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Jon F., Truro, MA

We are happy with all aspects, especially that we get a call back the same day which is rare these days. We love Ken. He could not be nicer and more attentive.
Sally B., Wellfleet, MA

Ken is fantastic, very knowledgeable and informative.
Jim C., Eastham, MA

I trust Ken implicitly to oversee our property.
Sarah P., Wellfleet, MA

Ken was incredibly helpful at a time where the recent storm must have stretched resources to the limit. He and the crew accommodated the demands on the site and left the property in fantastic condition. Everything about the experience was a positive. Real professionals.
Arthur M., Provincetown, MA

We have enjoyed our relationship with Ken for many years now, and we trust his guidance and knowledge very much. Thanks for years of great service.
Thom E., Provincetown, MA

Thanks very much for a job well done. Ken MacPhee was very attentive to detail. He helped to communicate with neighbors to get permission to do vista pruning on their property that affected our view.
Jill G., Wellfleet, MA

Ken has been great to work with and the whole staff was very professional.
Mark B., Provincetown, MA

Ken was very good to work with and I am quite sure that his knowledge helped expedite the process of gaining regulatory approvals. Thank you.
Bill M., Wellfleet, MA

Ken MacPhee is absolutely terrific. Thoughtful, professional, and knows a ton about trees.
Jane M., Wellfleet, MA

It is always a pleasure to work with Ken and crew. There are never surprises during the work, or after they leave. Thank you.
Deb P., North Truro, MA

Ken is great. The guys are terrific and did their job well.
Mariellen S., Provincetown, MA

Ken MacPhee has been excellent over the years. He consults with us to help ensure our trees and shrubs are healthy, while also helping us determine what services are most important. The crew members that service our property are always professional and friendly. I usually go outside to ask them what service they are doing and asking them what they are seeing. They are helpful and pleasant. Thanks to all.
Rick M., Provincetown, MA

Bartlett has maintained our property for over sixteen years. Under Ken’s leadership we expect and receive excellent communication and attention. He walks every project, provides guidance, and never ever suggests work that is not necessary. Ken supervises a professional team of employees, where everyone shares the same mission and work ethic.
Judith P., South Wellfleet, MA

Ken's staff is always friendly, courteous, and accommodating. They are a pleasure to work with.
Ann B., Truro, MA

Ken MacPhee is very replies promptly with recommendations and is willing to work with me to adjust services to meet my specific needs.
Tod C., Eastham, MA

I deal with Ken MacPhee and it is a pleasure. Always professional and excellent! I would not use any other tree company-- Bartlett is the best.
Stephen B., Eastham, MA

Never a complaint when dealing with any Bartlett people. Ken has been a great contact person.
Jay C., Wellfleet, MA

Your company is very fortunate to employ Mr. MacPhee. He is courteous and professional. He is also very knowledgeable as I did not know the name of the tree he removed from my property. Furthermore, he was very kind to my rescue dog. I have already recommended Mr. MacPhee to a dear friend.
Lisa M., Provincetown, MA

Bartlett Arborist Representative Kenneth MacPhee was great. Very knowledgeable about trees and made good recommendations. I was not at home when the crew came, but they did exactly what we wanted and cleaned up everything very well. All in all, a very good experience and should the occasion arise, I will definitely recommend Bartlett to friends and neighbors.
Laura F., Wellfleet, MA

We have had very good experiences with Bartlett. Ken MacPhee, our account representative, is very responsive and works with us to determine the right services for us with consideration to our budget.
Rick M., Provincetown, MA

We found every aspect of your service to be professional. Ken and the crew were terrific. Will definitely recommend your company at any and every opportunity. Thank you again for a fine job. See you in the Spring.
Marian P., Provincetown, MA

Kenny is terrific to work with. Very professional.
Ann D., Truro, MA

Ken was great, Informative, and prompt with estimate.
Kevin N., Provincetown, MA

Ken is great, helpful, and knowledgeable.
Gregory C., Truro, MA

Ken MacPhee is very knowledgeable and always answers my calls promptly. He deserves praise from those to whom he reports. To me Ken MacPhee is Bartlett.
Paul K., Truro, MA

Ken MacPhee is always extremely helpful.
Amy H., North Truro, MA

Kenny is terrific to work with. He is knowledgeable and efficient. A great combination.
Ann D., Truro, MA

Ken MacPhee is great. We have no complaints at all. Nice people and always a great job. Thank you.
Rick M., Provincetown, MA

Ken MacPhee is always a pleasure to work with. We appreciate that he is available to oversee his crew during the day of their tree work. We really appreciated the team that came to our properties this year and would love it if they can return again same time, next year. Thanks for providing us great service for the last ten years.
Joseph R., Truro, MA

Ken MacPhee is an outstanding representative for your company and a true expert.
Raymond M., Truro, MA

Ken MacPhee is an outstanding representative for your company and a true expert.
Raymond M., Truro, MA

Ken MacPhee responded quickly to my request for service. As a landscape contractor, several of my clients also requested spraying for gypsy moths and Ken was able to quickly get them on the schedule when other companies were overwhelmed.
Trudy V., Wellfleet, MA

Ken was great. Very satisfied with our interaction and also the service provided.
Katie B., Truro, MA

Ken could not have been more pleasant to deal with. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone in need. After a devastating 2016 gypsy moth defoliation, our trees are thriving once again after treatments.
Andy L., Wellfleet, MA

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Ken. He let us know when he was coming and explained his service in a thorough and knowledgeable way. Thanks to Bartlett our trees are lush and healthy this year, we were unaffected by the gypsy moth caterpillars that did so much damage to our yard last summer. Our trees are thriving this year.
Brenda C., Eastham, MA

Everyone from Bartlett has been delightful, thoughtful, and genuinely caring about my landscape. Ken is still working on a mysterious die back of half a tree on my property. I feel confident he will solve it. Thank you for your service.
Cheryl B., Truro, MA

Ken McPhee provided extremely thorough and expert spraying service for the gypsy moth infestation. We highly recommend him as a knowledgeable arborist.
Sarah S., Wellfleet, MA

Ken McPhee is a pleasure to work with. His professional integrity is refreshing. I will be referring more clients in the future.
Trudy V., Wellfleet, MA

Professional, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.
James L., Eastham, MA

Ken MacPhee was professional, knowledgeable, and reassuring. I am grateful for his help.
Pat R., Wellfleet, MA

Very professional, would recommend them to anyone. The crew was informative about what they were doing. They said they would be back in June for the second spraying, but first call to let us know when so we could make sure all the car windows are closed and the dog is in the house. Good job.
Thomas D., Eastham, MA

Ken MacPhee is always responsive, knows a lot about Cape Cod vegetation, and has good judgement. We enjoy working with him.
Lizabeth C., Truro, MA

Ken MacPhee was terrific. His first visit was excellent and he advised us on our options. The visit to work on our tree was also excellent. He brought his team and they were great. We appreciate the professional skills and knowledge.
Dan S., Eastham, MA

Ken MacPhee is very knowledgeable and courteous.
Robert V., Provincetown, MA

Everyone we dealt with was great! We will use Bartlett again in the future.
Kerry L., North Truro, MA

I think your service is exceptional, as is your business attitude.
Berta W., Truro, MA

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