Keith Hogan

Keith Hogan

Local Manager & Arborist Representative

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Keith Hogan, Local Manager & Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

More about Keith Hogan

  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist # MI-4198A
  • MI State Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator
  • Eight years pruning and removal experience in West Michigan
  • Four years experience as a Plant Healthcare Specialist in West Michigan

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Keith Hogan

The crew we had was the best and did the work great. We have had nothing but good experiences with Bartlett so far.
David T., West Olive, MI

The most professional, knowledgeable, and experienced tree experts and crew I had the pleasure of working with.
Tom H., West Olive, MI

Very easy to work with did everything we discussed. Excellent service.
Richard V., Grand Haven, MI

Very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous.
Joanne S., Spring Lake, MI

Tremendous experience, zero complaints. Very friendly and professional. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Chris M., Grand Haven, MI

All was done very professionally, very knowledgeable, and very efficient.
Dave, Muskegon, MI

Always courteous, Experts. Never disappointed in work performed, have been able to do complicated work.
Mark, Norton Shores, MI

The team at Bartlett Tree Experts were excellent. From the first phone call, to the site visits, and expert advice and care we received, this is an A+ company all the way. Our tree trimming looks beautiful, with our yard left clean and debris free. We appreciate the sound advice and care they provided to our Redbud Tree, which had been failing over the past two years. Each staff person was top notch, knowledgeable, super helpful and really pleasant to work with. Great company. Great staff.
Camille, Whitehall, MI

Very conscientious.
Lynn, Spring Lake, MI

All good.
Scott and Tia, West Olive, MI

Crew was very efficient and thoughtful in their removal process. Arborist Representative is always superb in analyzing what needs to be done and the sequence.
Greg Y., Spring Lake, MI

Keith Hogan is terrific.
Alan W., Grand Haven, MI

Very professional. Very knowledgeable.
Dave B., Muskegon, MI

Always professional and friendly.
Pam K., Spring Lake, MI

The services provided were as per our contract. The technicians were courteous and answered all of our questions. Our plants look improved after several years of applications. Keith Hogan is always available when you need him. He takes all the time necessary to examine and explain our issues. We cannot ask for a better rep. Very pleased. Your services and reps are assets to your company.
Mike and Patti, Muskegon, MI

We had a great experience. We really appreciate the care and attention to detail. The crew members were so kind to the kids in our neighborhood, it really made their day.
Mary, Nunica, MI

Everything was done well and in a timely manner. The office staff responded quickly and scheduled the visit from the arborist. The arborist was very helpful. Talked us through other tree issues we had as well as the Hemlock issue that we were concerned about. The tech came and did his job. The arborist came out to check on things at one point. Nothing but positive things to say.
Jerry T., West Olive, MI

Keith's concern for us and our trees as we sort of grieved through the process of losing a number of our Oaks has been obvious and appreciated. This has been a hard experience, but Keith and Dominick have done what they could for our remaining tress, and we are grateful.
Eric, West Olive, MI

First rate, thank you. Thanks for your service it could not have better.
S. Holmes, West Olive, MI

The service is almost always a 10 of 10. Amazing staff. Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful, and fast. Just the other day. I had a question for Dominic on-site. He said he would tell Keith and he took my leaf samples. Keith responded in a few days with a well researched email response and a phone call to explain. How great is that? It is really great and normal for Keith and staff. Very happy.
George and Rose, Spring Lake, MI

Keith is full of helpful information. He is so enthused about trees.
S. J., Grand Haven, MI

First Keith was great at meeting with me and explaining what the plan would be to cut back trees that needed serious attention. Keith is great, thank you. Next the crew, all three could not have been more cordial if they tried. Great job.
Steve and Susan, West Olive, MI

Our arborist, Keith, was very caring and knowledgeable with the disease our trees had caught and methods to try to protect the Oaks that had not been affected yet. We were very pleased to have someone in the area that knew so well what he was talking about.
Eric M., West Olive, MI

They are friendly, knowledgeable, and great to work with.
Al, Grand Haven, MI

Very pleasant and helpful. Excellent service.
R. Dean, Grand Haven, MI

Keith Hogan was so friendly and knowledgeable, and fully supported our desire to maintain canopy as important wildlife habitat while protecting our new roof and house. We very much enjoyed dealing with him. The crew that attended for the contracted work were friendly and worked hard under bitterly cold conditions to get the work completed. Would not hesitate to use Keith and Bartlett again for our woodland's future needs. Thank you.
Karin, West Olive, MI

Very professional and knowledgeable.
Mike, Muskegon, MI

I am pleased with Bartlett's services. Good communication is so important. Thank you.
Shirley D., Coopersville, MI

Keith was very nice and helpful.
Joe E., Allendale, MI

Keith is always very professional, helpful, articulate, and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He always exceeds our expectations.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Grand Haven, MI

Keith was outstanding in every aspect. A great representative of your company.
Bryant D., Grandville, MI

Very timely.
Dennis Morse, Jenison, MI

Bartlett staff with whom I have interacted have been nothing but top knotch professional. Always timely and courteous and I have a lot of confidence in knowledge base of workers.
Nicole L., Hudsonville, MI

Keith does a great job explaining what is needed and why.
Jon B., Jenison, MI

Both Keith Hogan and Dominic are great. They are very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. I enjoy working with them and they are happy to answer any questions I have regarding our trees in a prompt manner. Great job.
Joan B., Grand Haven, MI

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Trees look great, will continue to use your services.
Susan S., Grandville, MI

We are so impressed by your visit to our house yesterday to look over our property and make suggestions and offer insights. We have never had such thorough and helpful advice about the trees and bushes before. Very grateful and look forward to having your continued help. Thank you.
Sue S., Grand Haven, MI

The crew did a fabulous job last year trimming up the trees on our property. They communicated well, listened ,and executed our wishes and cleaned up nicely after they were finished. The gentleman who came out last fall and this spring to spray our ornamentals was a true professional also. Keith has been a pleasure to work with. Professional, responsive, attentive to our needs, and very informative. Thanks to all. In the past we had companies big and small that just cut down trees. We saw some issues and we needed someone who could solve those issues and answer some other questions. Keith Hogan and the Bartlett team provided that service.
Mike B., Grand Haven, MI

We appreciated how kind and courteous the guys were that came here. They took the time to answer any questions we had and were nice to work with. Thanks.
Mike B., Hudsonville, MI

Our arborist was very knowledgeable and friendly. The crew members were efficient and courteous. I appreciate the accurate records that you keep on planned applications, along with the communication .
Susan S., Grandville, MI

The guys that came out did a great job keeping me up to speed with the process and safety was their top priority. I was impressed with how conscientious,.friendly, and courteous the team leader was. I will definitely call Bartlett again for tree service.
Julie Z., Grand Haven, MI

Every member of the different Bartlett Teams that worked on my project provided tremendous focus, effort, and execution on their specific tasks. Lead Arborist, Keith Hogan, was a pleasure to work with. Keith was friendly, very thorough, and on point, throughout the entire project. Thanks great job Bartlett.
Rick S., Muskegon, MI

Keith was very easy to work with. I appreciated the card on my door explaining that the trees had been treated because otherwise I would not have known that this application was done.
Maryanne W., Spring Lake, MI

I have been with Bartlett for three years and have had great service, knowledgeable recommendations, and tree removal has been completed with great expertise. Keith Hogan has been kind and consistently helpful.
Janice S., Norton Shores, MI

Our arborist Kevin was very articulate, we understood exactly what he did regarding the root collar surgery on our Norway Maple. Keith Hogan also explained conditions when pruning should take place. We are very happy with these services and best of all, our tree looks great.
Joe and Kris C., Spring Lake, MI

All staff including office were very considerate and helpful. I would in the future if I was asked about tree service I would certainly refer them to your company.
Kathy R., Grandville, MI

Keith did a great job walking through our projects and answering all of our questions. Getting quote the same day was great. The work was clean and efficient. Thanks.
Scott W., Hudsonville, MI

The staff and crew have always been kind and willing to listens to any questions that you have.
Joanne S., Spring Lake, MI

I was quite impressed with Keith Hogan during the quote and the entire crew who did the work. I tend to ask plenty of questions but everyone was patient and answered all questions clearly.
Scott G., Jenison, MI

Very friendly, and takes the time to explain what the issues are that are affecting you trees. Also they explain how they will resolve the problem. Very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. This is the company I will continue to use in the future any time I have issues with my trees.
Susan S., Grandville, MI

Keith, is highly recommended. For our HOA Bid/Proposal, Keith impressed us with his timeliness and detailed bid. We appreciate his proactiveness to mark the trees, so that we are all in agreement during the walk through. He seemed cognizant of how to effectivel communicate the locations of the dead trees to his workers. He noticed hazardous trees near our neighbor’s play area, which we did not notice initially. He advocated for a specific tree in Phase I that we thought was questionable. He identifed Poison Oak and flagged it as hazardous for his workers and informed us about it. He educated us on why the Blue Spruce tree at the entrance and in the neighborhood are not doing well in Michigan. Lastly, he recommended to postpone the pruning until the Winter, in order to prevent the fungus that causes the Wilting Oak Disease, which is difficult to treat and contain. Plus, he made recommendations of water loving trees for the pedestrian path, such as Bald Cyprus and Tupelo Trees.
Adriana M., Spring Lake, MI

All crew members and Keith were extremely safe, on time, very professional and did a phenomenal job. Thank you.
Jeff H., Muskegon, MI

Keith Hogan and his crew have always been helpful, polite, informative, and pleasant to work with.
Thomas S., Hudsonville, MI

Kieth was great. Very kind and knowledgeable.
Steve B., Grand Haven, MI

Was very happy with the crew.
James R., Grandville, MI

All the staff we had contact with were very professional and knowledgeable. It was a very positive experience and we learned a lot about our trees and the issues we were dealing with. Will use this service in the future.
Susan S., Grandville, MI

The staff was extremely friendly and very professional. They did an outstanding job. I will certainly call them again to care for my trees.
Sue H., Spring Lake, MI

Great job. I appreciate the service.
Justin K., Jenison, MI

Keith Hogan has been wonderful and the crew was professional. Love working with them.
Karen P., Grand Haven, MI

Keith and the entire crew were very pleasant to work with. They discussed options regarding how to protect several plants and bushes. They transplanted bushes that I wanted to protect to avoid damage from dropping limbs. They were patient and pleasant to my ninety-five year old father who very much wanted to be in the yard watching and needed a few reminders to stay at a safe distance. Clean up was amazing. We have had other tree removal companies in past that did not do near as much clean up.
Darcy D., Grand Haven, MI

Whenever we communicated with the staff they took the time to answer any of our questions. Thank you.
Mike B., Muskegon, MI

Keith Hogan is very professional, knowledgeable, attentive, and a very nice person. We enjoyed the education we received on all the plants and trees in our landscaping. The man responsible for stump grinding was careful and precise in doing his job.
Bruce H., Spring Lake, MI

The crew was very courteous and did a very good job.
Ruth F., Muskegon, MI

The arborist was very helpful in advising how to deal with the fifty year old tree that was being root girdled and eventually caused the destruction of the tree. We agreed that it was time to take the tree down before the situation became eventually dangerous. He gave advice on a replacement and planting. I was very happy to see the crew working with utmost safety practices. They took the tree down in a way to avoid damage to the house and property. The crew of two men were on time and took their time to do the job efficiently and safely. They were in the process of picking up the smaller twigs but I told them that repairs caused by the falling tree parts and the remaining small twigs would be taken care of in the spring by me when the lawn is restored after the stump was removed. I appreciated the attempt to clean up as much as possible and let me do sweat equity part that I enjoy doing.
Karen M., Jenison, MI

Everyone we interacted with was professional and friendly. I was impressed with the knowledge of the crew members and the arborist. I have recommended Bartlett to a friend and I came to Bartlett on the recommendation of my parents.
Bob S., Spring Lake, MI

Keith provided a very thorough and extremely informative experience regarding the trees in question. I was very impressed with his knowledge and willingness to explain to me what my issues are in great detail. He is a great representative of your company. I look forward to doing business with Bartlett in the future. As a former business owner, most posts are complaints. It is nice to pass on some good news.
John Y., Wyoming, MI

I am very happy with the service and staff. Keith Hogan does a great job in explaining the work necessary and answering our questions. Tyler and his assistance who trimed our tree did an excellent job.
David D., Hudsonville, MI

We really enjoyed talking with Keith about our trees. He patiently shared much needed information with us. We felt quite comfortable with his knowledge and his plan for our trees. Looking forward to reading the book referral “The Hidden Life of Trees”. The technician who did the root collar procedure was also courteous and informative. We learned a great deal from both men.
Cindie F., West Olive, MI

Safe and professional field crew.
Don E., Spring Lake, MI

Keith is knowledgeable and courteous, the reason we are repeat customers.
Don E., Spring Lake, MI

Staff is always polite and helpful. My last contact with a Bartlett employee was a few weeks ago when the tree at my Mother's home was treated. I was on the property, doing end-of-the-season yard work. The Bartlett rep was not local as she had been called into MIchigan to help out during the Fall while other Bartlett employees were dispatched to hurricane hit areas. She was as helpful and pleasant as our usual rep. We are very happy with Bartlett, in general, and with Keith Hogan, in particular. Service is always timely and advise extremely helpful. We do not feel like we are being pushed into a service that is not truly needed.
Thomas S., Hudsonville, MI

Both gentlemen were courteous and respectful. They explained each action they would be doing and why. Great experience overall.
Julie S., Spring Lake, MI

Really appreciate the quick response and great customer service.
Margaret L, Grand Haven, MI

Our experience has been very good. Keith came in and surveyed the tree, told us it could be saved and what could be done and gave us the estimate. We scheduled to have the work done and Tyler and Ian came in and also did their job professionally and efficiently.
Fred and Terry B., Sparta, MI

Really appreciate the quick response and great customer service.
Margaret L., Grand Haven, MI

The crew was very professional, also made an effort to establish a good relationship and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to do the work.
Jim S., West Olive, MI

The technicians were very helpful in explaining the condition of my Pine Tree and how to treat it. I am hopeful that my tree will recover as discussed and already see the evidence of stopping the fungus deterioration since the treatment.
Emiliano I., Grand Rapids, MI

Our experience with Keith and his Bartlett team was exceptional. They all were courteous, professional, and compassionate. In fact they went out of their way to accommodate us in every way possible. We cannot say enough and are so grateful for the lake shore Bartlett crew.
Mary Anne H., Grand Haven, MI

Keith Hogan was outstanding, his explanation was very clear and direct, and even with a late add on the job was excellent. The administrative staff was highly courteous and helpful in contacting me regarding scheduling. The crew who worked with my spouse while I was at work were simply outstanding. They were extremely thorough and the work area was cleared out excellently. I am very pleased with my selection of Bartlett. Their work fully met my expectations and I will most certainly continue working with them in the future.
Matthew E., Jenison, MI

Keith and his crew are the best. Very knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly. I have been a customer for years and as long as I have trees you guys are my tree team.
Hope L., Jenison, MI

Keith Hogan, Joe, David, and Tyler are the best. Bartlett not only has taken care of the maintenance and health of my trees over the years but they help me with their professionalism and knowledge in giving me confidence to take the right steps.
Hope L., Jenison, MI

Keith Hogan is always friendly, helpful, and informative. He always takes the time to explain, advise, and answer questions. The crew has provided good service. We have recommended Bartlett to friends.
Thomas S., Hudsonville, MI

I love working with Keith Hogan. He is professional, polite, and has a friendly personality. I trust his knowledge and expertise.
Lindy, Grand Rapids, MI

Keith Hogan is a pleasure to deal with. He and the crews can always be counted on to show up when they are scheduled to work. We own three properties that are all "in the woods." We are not strangers to having to have tree service companies come to help when storms have hit. We just became aware of Bartlett this past year and are very impressed with Keith's knowledge and the safety taken by the crews.
Kim, Muskegon, MI

If I hadn't come home just as the person was leaving, I would have never known they were here other than the slip hanging on the door. Very professional workmanship.
Marilyn, Allendale, MI

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