Jonathan Cowherd

Jonathan Cowherd

Arborist Representative

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Jonathan Cowherd, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Annapolis, MD office.

More about Jonathan Cowherd

Jonathan Cowherd has been passionate about trees and the outdoors from a very young age. He grew up as a Boy Scout, worked on many projects with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and learned about trees and the environment from his father, who works for the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Jonathan quickly realized his calling and decided to attend Virginia Tech, where he received a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources Conservation, with minors in Forestry and Business. After graduating in 2010, he started working at Bartlett Tree Experts, where he has enjoyed and excelled at both insect and disease management and climbing; so much so that he finished as a top 10 competitor at the 2012 ITCC Mid-Atlantic tree climbing competition. He is a Maryland Licensed Tree Expert and an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist. Jonathan, his wife Kristine and his daughter Caroline love to travel, hike, and go to Orioles games. He also enjoys taking ski trips, golf, and playing one of the six musical instruments he owns.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Jonathan Cowherd

Our scheduled appointments were on time and the work was done quickly and efficiently. I believe that the team really cares about the tree and keeping it healthy. I just hope that the feeding helps the tree in the spring with nicer looking foliage.
Steve Z., Annapolis, MD

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? I am totally satisfied so cannot make a recommendation. Jonathan Cowherd is the best. He is always quick to respond and his efforts have helped me get my tree and several plants in good health. The crew members are polite, and very efficient. They go the extra mile in tree care and I am very grateful that they take pride in their jobs.
Ann D., Arnold, MD

Our Arborist Representative, Jonathan Cowherd, is awesome. Very knowledgeable and patient answering all of my questions. I can trust Bartlett to do an excellent job. The teams are always professional and efficient.
Launa H., Millersville, MD

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? I am always impressed with the knowledge, courtesy, and competence of all the Bartlett staff I work with through a national company, my experience is one of dealing with a local, capable crew. Jonathan Cowherd is always so friendly and helpful as an arborist, he knows his trees, he identified a couple of baby Elms that will need to go. He understands the lifecycles of trees and offers expert advice. This visit was for an estimate for upcoming winter work. It is always a pleasure meeting with him. I totally rely on Bartlett and feel comfortable knowing they are trained arborists, not folks who just hack away at trees and bushes with no thought to the consequences.
Nancy R., Severna Park, MD

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing that I can think of. Bartlett's crew members, from arborist Jonathan Cowherd to each of the Bartlett team involved in treating our shrubs and trees or removing them when it is time are terrific. They are on time, do what is asked, are knowledgeable, and leave our property better than they found it. We have faith in Bartlett and highly recommend their services.
Robin N., Arnold, MD

I had a great experience with Bartlett and can not think of anything to change or improve. From start to finish everyone on the Bartlett staff was courteous and responsive. Jon Cowherd, arborist, was outstanding. He was professional, knowledgeable, and submitted a well thought out plan of action. He is an asset to your company. Bartlett’s reputation for excellence was reinforced by my experience. I am a master gardener so I know a little about gardening and plant care. I appreciated Bartlett’s philosophy of maintaining the health of trees and plants and doing it in an environmentally safe way. I will be a returning customer.
Ellie M., Annapolis, MD

No improvements I can imagine. Always experience considerate, careful, highly capable staff. Good communicators, ready to offer information clearly enjoy the work, love the trees, positive about the company. I greatly appreciate seeing women and diverse staff thriving at Bartlett. Recent crew member fertilizing our trees volunteered that they looked in good condition. His spontaneous, positive comment was uplifting, and encouraging in contrast to the the negativity so frequently on display in today’s world. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air and for helping my trees be breaths of fresh air for our planet. Learned of Bartlett through a friend with very high standards for tree care and I routinely recommend to family members and neighbors who, in turn, appreciate your expertise. It is costly to care for our trees. I am grateful we can do this. I appreciate that our arborist representative has understood it can be a financial stretch. In the past in a constructive, respectful, supportive way, figured out which recommendations were most important and which could be postponed. Occasional interactions with administrative staff have always been helpful and positive.
Mike and Jean C., Pasadena, MD

Jon Cowherd proved his exceptional skill when he recognized and diagnosed the issues with our trees after we had a house fire. If Jon had not gone above and beyond like he did, the dead trees would have fallen causing us to suffer more loss. We are extremely appreciative of Jon’s efforts, professionalism, and the skills of his crews. The team did a fantastic job planning and executing in a neat organized manner to work efficiently as well as minimize impact to adjacent areas and structures.
Garrett W., Millersville, MD

My experiences with Bartlett have been excellent over the years. The tree care crew accomplished the objectives of pest control and healthy trees. I am looking forward to meeting with Jonathan on a future date. I am very pleased with Bartlett.
Dennis C., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan's attitude on the walk around was great. We learned a lot and appreciated his patience with our questions. We respected his knowledge and suggestions. Technician came out for the first treatment in a couple of days and was as good to work with as Jonathan. Excellent arborist and crew.
John N., Arnold, MD

We continue to be very happy with the quality and professionalism of all the Bartlett staff, and our trees are definitely happier for it too.
Douglas L., Pasadena, MD

Jonathan was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and spent a lot of time explaining things and answering all our questions. The tree crew was also very friendly, courteous of our neighbors, talked to them before entering their yard, and made us feel good about the decision to trim the tree rather than cut it down.
Tom W., Severna Park, MD

Jonathon Coward is always responsive and reliable to address issues. I recommended Bartlett to our community HOA for the care of our trees and they have been very happy.
Judy D., Arnold, MD

Jonathan Cowherd is prompt to reply to communication, generous with his time, thorough, and knowledgeable in his answers.
Betsy B., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan Cowherd is my representative and he is world class. So very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and considerate. He is a true asset to your firm and more importantly to the customer.
David O., Severna Park, MD

We use Bartlett on a repeat basis and are very pleased with their work and their attention to safety. Our primary point of contact is Jonathan Cowherd who is very thorough in his estimate preparation. For our most recent project, Juan was the crew leader and he and his team did a wonderful job, carefully removing a sixty-year-old Oak tree which was adjacent to our house. Juan and his team were very respectful of our property and were pleasant to work with.
Willis H., Severna Park, MD

The service has always been great. We work with Jonathan Cowherd. Jonathan is always quick to respond and we feel like he is really working with us to accomplish the best work for our yard. His crew, not certain of their individual names, are always polite and efficient.
Kim T., Annapolis, MD

The service was great. I really cannot think of anything that would have made it better. The initial visit by arborist was really educational for me. I appreciated the time he spent explaining why the pruning would be beneficial and how doing the pruning a certain way would benefit the health of the tree. Both visits were very professional.
Timothy B., Severna Park, MD

I was completely satisfied with the service provided. The crew was courteous, efficient, and professional. I was completely satisfied with their work.
Dick M., Millersville, MD

Bartletts is the best around. I know Jonathan is knowledgeable and I trust him with my valuable trees.
Kurt J., Annapolis, MD

Project was clearly communicated to me by Jon. Crew was professional and efficient in their work.
Richard J., Arnold, MD

I am thrilled to have Bartlett keeping my trees and shrubs healthy. Really enjoy my conversations with Jonathan as we walk the yard, but how can he remember everything without taking notes? I am jealous. Jonathan said that Brad was a master at things like thinning out my Osthmanthus, and he certainly was. Brad also spent time with me before starting work, to ensure that we had the same concept of how much trimming would be done. Really appreciate that. And everyone got the word about not messing with the driftwood my mom put in the yard, which has great sentimental value, I recommend Bartlett constantly.
Lynda W., Severna Park, MD

The crew members were so helpful and knowledgeable. They made sure they knew our expectations before beginning work. Everything looks amazing.
David R., Arnold, MD

Jonathan was by far the most knowledgeable arborist that I spoke to who is not working for a University. I interviewed five tree expert companies and met with two professors to discuss my Black Oak. Jonathan was the most knowledgeable and he cared.
Ben L., Arnold, MD

Billy was extremely helpful when the crew was at our house last week. I had a few questions, and his knowledge and respect for trees was clearly evident. It’s just wonderful to see people enjoy what they do well.
Nini G., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan has always gone above and beyond to help us with our needs. Professional, prompt, and friendly. Thank you.
Laura C., Millersville, MD

Casey is thorough, conscientious, researches all my questions and concerns, calls in advance, and easily accessible by cell. She is enthusiastic about her job of caring for the environment. Just as important I feel as though she is proactive with her treatments in preventing disease and damage in advance. An added plus, Casey is a joy.
Sims H., Gibson Island, MD

The crew member went above and beyond for our treatment. Everyone has been fantastic to work with. I would recommend to anyone in the area who needs any tree services.
Mike T., Severna Park, MD

I had a sense that my Weeping Pine and remaining Holly could have been pruned back more, especially the dead branches on the Holly, but the tech is always thorough, and Jonathan explained to me some issues with the Weeping Pine. Very knowledgeable, reliable, customer friendly, thank you. I have been relying on Bartlett for some years now and have found them to be knowledgeable, reliable, good communicators, and courteous. I appreciate that they are actually arborists, no just tree people.
Nancy R., Severna Park, MD

Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The Bartlett team are valued partners in our role as temporary stewards of the land, keeping it healthy and attractive and making it better where we can. Thanks.
Alan and Patty J., Pasadena, MD

Everyone was extremely friendly, communicative, and thorough in their work.
Ryan O., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan Cowherd has been excellent with us. Brad was the arborist on scene who trimmed dead branches from our ornamental trees and repaired an Arbor Vitae, one of whose trunks had been deflected by snow. He did a great job and responded to several questions. Late last fall, Bartlett came out to feed one of our Oaks, which had been struck by lightening. He was very kind, answering some questions, explained what he was doing, and did a careful and thorough job. We appreciate you guys very much.
Fred S., Millersville, MD

I was pleased with the full experience, which was my first. My neighbor made the recommendation, so I knew it was solid. Jonathan Cowherd was great, knowledgeable, intuitive, and the staff who conducted the work were enthusiastic and methodical. Thanks.
Ed D., Severna Park, MD

The gentleman that showed up was very professional, courteous, and friendly. He explained everything to me.
Jeff H., Annapolis, MD

We have confidence in Jonathan's judgment. The crew member who usually treats our trees is cheerful, careful, and efficient.
Douglas N., Annapolis, MD

Jonathan and Casey are great. Very satisfied with Bartlett service.
Marsha W., Severna Park, MD

Everyone I worked with, Jonathan, the admin staff, and the crews were exceptional. Bartlett came highly recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed. I would definitely hire them again.
Susan S., Annapolis, MD

From the person who came out to discuss our issues to the crew who completed the job, all were courteous and professional. They did an amazing job in addition to making sure the property was safely cordoned off. It was fascinating to watch them work as a team.
Nanci B., Severna Park, MD

Everyone was great to work with.
Jerry P.., Annapolis, MD

Everyone was great to work with.
Jerry P., Annapolis, MD

The crew did a fabulous job. Very efficient and did a marvelous job cleaning out our tree line.
Kathy M., Millersville, MD

Great service, obvious knowledge of and care for the health of our trees. Can definitely trust them to do the best job and the right things for the trees.
Douglas L., Pasadena, MD

I particularly commend Jonathan Cowherd for his patient explanation of the tree and shrub problems, followed by advice on applications beneficial to them. I am now observing the good results of the treatments. I appreciate the communications of this company regarding services provided.
Ann D., Arnold, MD

Jon was very helpful in assessing the conditions of the trees on our property.
Ray W., Severna Park, MD

I feel very comfortable with Jonathan’s evaluation of the property. He and all crew members are both polite and professional.
MaryAnn Y., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan Coward is very professional and conscientious about his work and does a great job on our property. Good service.
Katie E., Annapolis, MD

The gal that came to do the service this time had some challenges. I had a siding crew of seven guys with a dumpster, several trucks, cutting work station, and ladders everywhere. She was very professional and worked around them. Her truck has a long hose to do the root treatment. She needed to move the truck into a second location to get several trees on a steep hill. All taken care of nicely. Thanks. I would recognize Bartlett tree experts.
Sue S., Annapolis, MD

Always prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous.
Judy D., Arnold, MD

Jonathan is always very helpful and courteous and quick to respond to my inquiries. Casey is always friendly and does a great job.
Marsha W., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan was a true professional. He was on time, friendly, and clearly a knowledgeable tree expert. He answered all my questions and provided suggestions to save some trees and maintain other trees on our property. His goal was tree health and being environmentally responsible. We are happy to be working with Jonathan and Bartlett to care for our trees.
Sabrina P., Arnold, MD

So grateful to have Bartlett taking care of the overall health of my trees and shrubs so I do not have to worry about them.
Lynda W., Severna Park, MD

Great job. Tress and shrubs were brought back from the brink. Appreciate all the work you did to save my landscaping.
Alex S., Severna Park, MD

Casey is courteous, knowledgeable, and a good listener. She has helped our trees and shrubs improve to healthier condition. So happy she services our home.
Nancy M., Millersville, MD

Everyone I deal with at Bartlett is courteous, friendly,and professional.
Marsha W., Severna Park, MD

I have been very happy with Bartlett over the years. They have been coming to our property to keep our trees healthy and strong. I have never had any problems and would recommend.
Rob B., Arnold, MD

Jon Cowherd is always responsive and patiently answers questions. The pruning crew cut up the debris and as requested, left it to be used in my fire pit. Thank you.
Bob S., Annapolis, MD

I really enjoy working with Jonathan. I trust his advice about our trees and appreciate that he responds quickly. The crew that did this job, removing large dead limbs from a tall Maple, was pleasant, efficient, and neat. They did the work quickly and thoroughly.
Douglas N., Annapolis, MD

Excellent Service. Staff spent time applying fertilizer but also examining health of the yard and trees. Great attention to detail. Appreciated Jonathan Cowherd visiting and walking the property before the service was assigned. Cares about the quality of service.
Curtis P., Annapolis, MD

Jonathan’s customer service was as good as it gets. Extremely responsive to emails.
Ken S., Arnold, MD

Your crew has always done an outstanding job. Their attention to detail is amazing, and they leave the area spotless. It is almost hard to tell that they were on site. Jonathan Cowherd is terrific to work with. His recommendations are spot on, and he has never recommended a service that was not necessary or tried to over sell a service. Generally, I am not a fan of large, national chain companies. However, Bartlett is the exception for me. My first experience with Bartlett was in my neighborhood as they took care of the HOA trees. I noticed they always did great work and their crewmen seemed to really take their time on each tree and not simply hack away at it. I have watched the crew men literally look at branches for several minutes before deciding which ones to cut or not to cut. They are precise and take pride in their work. I have had Bartlett trim several of my Crape Myrtles and could not be happier with their work. They also always do a super job of cleaning up. I have had the pleasure of working with two of their arborists and could not be more impressed, as neither one tried to up-sale me on a service or unnecessary work. Is Bartlett a little more expensive than some other tree companies? Maybe. Is Bartlett worth the extra cost? Most definitely, especially if you want the job done correctly and by a professional crew.
Scott S., Arnold, MD

Jonathan is knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Crew left virtually no trace that they were here.
John K., Arnold, MD

Bartlett's staff is five-star. From the arborist representative to each of the crew members who worked on our property. They are on time, thorough, knowledgeable, and do an awesome job. I have nothing but praise for Bartlett. The crew who was here to prune our Elm, Maple, and Willow Oak went above and beyond when they were here not only doing a wonderful job on these trees, but also agreeing to take away some vines of our neighbor. That said, the crew was much more professional than I would have been.
Robin N., Arnold, MD

Very happy with Jonathan and the crew that came to my home to perform the work on my tree. All were very knowledgeable, personable, honest, and hardworking.
Mary N., Severna Park, MD

Great job, very thorough.
Leigh T., Arnold, MD

All staff and crew, were professional.
Chris A., Millersville, MD

Great, experienced, courteous staff.
James M., Annapolis, MD

A great experience.
Jeanne O., Annapolis, MD

Jon and the young lady who did the treatment of our Chestnut Oaks -- were most professional. Each was most knowledgeable and helpful with suggestions for treatment of our trees.
Ray W., Severna Park, MD

Jon and crew were the best. Have already recommended Bartlett to my son and others.
Jenni L., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan is an excellent representative of Bartlett. Pleasant,Informative, and patient in his dealings with me. I, unfortunately, know very little about the outside. Plan for a Spring consultation.
MaryAnn Y., Severna Park, MD

Excellent customer service by everyone. Highly recommend.
Laura C., Millersville, MD

Casey is incredibly diligent, knowledgeable, thorough, conscientious, enthusiastic, efficient, and obviously cares about the environment and our plants. Not always easy to balance protecting the plants and the critters. She is the best. even let me know when we had a potentially dangerous downed wire. She works hard and fast. Never cares about the heat, just the health of our plants. I trust her.
Sims H., Gibson Island, MD

We are fortunate that Jonathan Cowherd is our arborist as he is very professional and knowledgeable. We are very pleased with the service we receive from Bartlett.
Diane E., Pasadena, MD

Jonathan and the crew members were all terrific. They could appreciate that I wanted the mulberry tree limb that was on our roof removed asap and completely and did a light trim of the nearby trees, as I had asked. We look forward to seeing Bartlett when the trees are dormant for more work. Thank you.
Robin N., Arnold, MD

Johnathan Cowherd is very knowledgeable and has good insight, not to mention he is a nice guy. He carefully explains the actions recommended and accurately writes up job order.
Karl N., Severna Park, MD

All staff were very pleasant, very informed, and ensured all of our questions were answered.
Emerson D., Arnold, MD

Jonathan was professional, prompt, and very easy to work with. He made the experience very smooth. I would definitely use Bartlett Tree Experts again.
Kathy O., Arnold, MD

The Bartlett crew member who treated my trees was very nice, efficient ,and helpful.
Reese S., Pasadena, MD

I am impressed with the intelligence and conscientiousness of Bartlett employees.
Alan H., Arnold, MD

The crew member who did spraying the trees appeared to be a great job. I will use your services in the future.
John A., Arnold, MD

All contact with Bartlett personnel is professional and courteous.
Marsha W., Severna Park, MD

Clearly a group of dedicated stewards of our lands and trees. I learned something every time I talked to one of them. On the first day they were here they cleaned up the large front lawn well, but piled much debris at the edge of a small forested area further away. When I saw that, I asked them to take the visible debris and cut some of the lumber in that area so I could move it later. They did.
Richard C., Pasadena, MD

Jonathan was very professional and pleasant.
Kathy H., Annapolis, MD

Bartlett’s staff have been very knowledgeable, able and helpful.
Donna O., Millersville, MD

Excellent knowledge and customer service, everyone is super.
Beth B., Millersville, MD

As always, courteous, thorough, and very professional!
Carolyn M., Annapolis, MD

Very professional, straightforward, and helpful.
Charles S., Pasadena, MD

Jonathan and the Bartlett team are valued partners in our stewardship of Nature’s beauty. Every interaction has been a very positive customer experience.
Alan and Patty J., Pasadena, MD

Both Jonathan and the woman who came to remediate the soil were articulate, respectful, professional, and very knowledgeable. It was easy to see they both liked and believed in taking care of the environment.
Nancy B., Severna Park, MD

Appreciate the foundation of knowledge and experience.
Scott H., Severna Park, MD

All staff were super knowledgeable and were able to answer all of my questions.
Maryann L., Millersville, MD

The crew was very courteous and professional. They did a great job. They moved bird feeders, pots, and grill out of the way so they would not get damaged. Jonathan was very knowledgeable and very helpful in answering our questions. I have always had a good experience with Bartlett.
Paula Z., Severna Park, MD

Jon Cowherd seemed very knowledgeable and was very personable. He listened.
Bob S., Annapolis, MD

I appreciate the attentiveness to my trees and the knowledge, not only from your arborist but also your technicians. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Scott S., Arnold, MD

Very satisfied. Will definitely recommend when opportunities happen.
Michael K., Severna Park, MD

I have confidence in Jonathan and his recommendations.
Patick P., Arnold, MD

Jonathan is very knowledgeable and professional. I have already recommended Bartlett to neighbors.
Theresa P., Arnold, MD

Jon Cowherd is always easy to reach with questions and concerns and always responds in a timely manner. Casey was the latest technician to stop by. She did an outstanding job. Very thorough and treated my property as if it were her own.
Jeff E., Arnold, MD

Jonathan is an excellent ambassador for Bartlett and we have full confidence in his work. The service crews are very personable and professional, especially Casey, who sprays our property. Discussions with Bartlett personnel are always clear and comprehensive allowing us to make well informed decisions. Thanks for consistently providing a high quality service.
Alan and Patty J., Pasadena, MD

Very Please with your professional service as my Pachysandra is thriving and looks great.
Kenneth H., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan Cowherd and Casey are absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable, courteous, thoughtful, and always willing to answer questions. They understand the business and come with proactive solutions to address our concerns. Highly recommend Bartlett for anyone looking for a highly knowledgeable arborist and professional tree care services.
Christian D., Pasadena, MD

Jonathan provided exceptional customer service and his expert advice about all tree and shrub issues on our property was much appreciated. Being a scientist myself, it was amazing to learn about his forestry background. Bartlett truly invests in hiring the right people. Casey was a very hard worker and thorough in her treatments. Thanks for such a positive experience.
Carolyn M., Annapolis, MD

Jonathan is very knowledgeable and prompt to respond to requests. I appreciate Casey's dedication to her job and her communication when she is coming to do the treatments.
Janet B., Pasadena, MD

Knowledgeable, responsive, and professional is the reason why I will continue with Bartlett.
Christine W., Arnold, MD

My experience with Bartlett and representatives is always professional, friendly, and enjoyable.
Marsha W., Severna Park, MD

Our first experience with Bartlett about a year ago was excellent and that prompted us to call you for this second tree issue. We did not bother to price compare with any other providers and will continue to call on you in the future should we have other tree issues. Thank you very much.
Christiane C., Annapolis, MD

Jonathan Cowherd came out to my house and provided recommendations for several trees. He also came out once last year to look at an issue I was having with beetles in a tree. Neither time did I feel he was trying to pressure me into a service. He identified the issues and told me what Bartlett could do. The technicians were prompt and always notified me when they had completed their work. Bartlett also maintains the trees in my neighborhood HOA. I have been impressed over these past several years noticing their work and seeing the results.
Scott S., Arnold, MD

Jonathan, Brad, and Casey have been very helpful, courteous, and professional. This is my second year working with them. Jonathan always responds quickly and never tires of my questions. I will continue to work with this crew in the future. My trees are noticeably improved, including an ailing Red Oak.
Alice F., Annapolis, MD

Jonathan is always so helpful. His recommendations are excellent and he is very responsive to our questions and comments. The crew who worked on our property was amazing. They were very careful in the very dangerous work as they trimmed our tall trees. They paid attention to detail resulting in an excellent job. We are excited to see how our view has improved from their pruning. The Japanese Maples look significantly better, having been hand trimmed. We are so pleased.
Pam P., Arnold, MD

Bartlett is extremely professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Tony D., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan was exceptional, helpful, and knowledgeable he went out of his way to prioritize our tree emergency. I appreciated being able to choose between several options of work. We will be continuing using your services.
Nina G., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan was great to work with. He was friendly, professional, efficient, and responsive. The crew leader was also a pleasure to deal with. Mario was very polite, knowledgeable, professional, and I very much enjoyed talking to him while he was here.
John M., Arnold, MD

We are looking forward to continued discussions on a tree you found might need additional work. Great job with all of your representatives. We have had several tree companies in the past and you by far are our number one tree service. Never once were we worried that our house, car, or neighbors property were in danger.
Andrew M., Pasadena, MD

Best experience with tree care I have ever had. They did exactly what we agreed on and left the yard spotless.
Susan N., Severna Park, MD

Outstanding customer service by Jonathan Cowherd. He leveraged his expertise and knowledge on a regular basis to answer an abundance of questions to include proposed solutions. Always went the extra mile in ensuring I had the information I needed to make an informed decision to include providing me with various options for services, which I really appreciated. Very professional, yet personable in his communications. He made it extremely easy for me to get anything I needed taken care of. I would highly recommend him to friends and family needing Bartlett's services. The website is fantastic, user friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and look up customer history, and see the status of any pending work or outstanding invoices. This is a huge plus for people who prefer to do business online.
Carol B., Hanover, MD

Jonathan, our arborist, is extremely knowledgeable and qualified. We were very impressed.
Leonard A., Severna Park, MD

Bartlet seemed very knowledgeable about their work. I feel I can trust their recommendations with confidence.
Joanne M., Severna Park, MD

Very professional and courteous.
George B., Arnold, MD

You did what you said you would do, on time and professionally.
Albert S., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan Cowherd is excellent.
Lisa M., Millersville, MD

Jonathan Cowherd has been prompt, courteous, and professional. He is an important asset to your company. Your crew are also held in high regard.
Dennis M., Pasadena, MD

I have been happy with the service being provided by Bartlett's staff. I especially appreciate the quick response from Mr. Cowherd when I have questions.
Howard B., Severna Park, MD

All were neat, clean, efficient, very professional, and conscience of the environment.
Dorothy W., Severna Park, MD

Brad Seay does a very careful and thoughtful job.
Renee B., Severn, MD

Jonathan helped me make the hard choice to remove a large Maple tree I have loved for almost fifty years while letting us keep another Maple and two Spruce I was worried about. He advised us to feed them. He was really kind as he knew how upset I was about that tree.
Carol K., Linthicum, MD

Your new crew member did a great job. This was the second job at this property and she will be welcome to do any future projects.
Michael A., Severn, MD

Jonathan was knowledgeable and provided great service. I appreciate his communication and willingness to make sure the job was done right.
Matthew P., Hanover, MD

Jonathan was very friendly and courteous.
Ray S., Severn, MD

Jonathan Cowherd was very responsive and communicated very clearly. The staff on site were also very helpful and were kind enough to dump some of the wood chips at our playground.
Diane W., Severna Park, MD

Jonathan was very knowledgeable and made sure that the job was done to our satisfaction.
Heidi P., Severna Park, MD

I really appreciate Jonathan Cowherd's attention to detail, timely response to questions, and ability to help solve difficult problems.
Stonecrest, HOA, Arnold, MD

Jonathan always answered my calls. The day the work was done I could not be there and every thing that was done was perfect. I could not be happier with the work even the sticks that are my three Lilac bushes because I know that the experts were on the job.
Linda S., Severn, MD

Jonathan is very knowledgeable and has provided a sensible care plan.
Dr. Janet B., Pasadena, MD

All were wonderful to work with, taking care to answer all questions in good detail, making me feel confident in my choice of Bartlett Tree Experts. They solved problems and answered questions that others only guessed.
Charles S., Severna Park, MD

I am pleased with the courtesy and professional manner with which Jonathan and the technician handled my request.
Dennis M., Pasadena, MD

Jonathan Cowherd and his crew have earned my complete trust and confidence with the highest level of care, professionalism, and expertise. I had left Bartlett for a few years after a trusted representative had retired and I was unimpressed by the new one. However since Jonathan took over I have been consistently impressed with his incredible ability to understand the scope of each project as well as plan ahead for new ones. As the owner and manager of a large property with many specimen trees, Jonathan and I have worked closely to secure the future of many trees with a carefully considered inventory. His crew was incredibly knowledgeable and very efficient as well as tremendously skilled at pruning which is something I am extremely picky about. Some are also very talented woodworkers in their own right and have a very bright future. They always leave my property in better shape then when they found it and I could not be happier with the work that has been done. I hope Bartlett is aware of the particular excellence of this branch, I have worked with others, and will reward them appropriately.
Genevieve C., Centreville, MD

I count on Mr. Cowherd's advice. Crew did a good job and left area clean.
Carville L., Denton, MD

Jonathan Cowherd is great to work with and always follows up quickly.
Letha H., Worton, MD

Jonathan Cowherd is excellent and we appreciate his prompt responsiveness.
Lynn B., Chestertown, MD

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