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Johnny Freeman

Arborist Representative

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Johnny Freeman, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

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Johnny is a Georgia native and resides in the Savannah area. He has always had a passion for arboriculture and is a third generation arborist. He has been involved in the tree care industry, from production to management, for the past 20 years. In addition to being an ISA Certified Arborist, he also holds a certification in Tree Risk Assessment. He enjoys being involved with his community and sharing his knowledge and experience with his clients, co-workers, and friends. Johnny values taking care of landscapes and enjoys being outdoors. He is an active member of the Coastal Bryan Tree Foundation and is involved with the Savannah Tree Foundation. In his free time, Johnny likes exploring the coastal waters in the low country with his wife, two young children, and their Blue Heeler, Knox. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Johnny Freeman

I recently purchased a home in Savannah, GA with a giant, overgrown Sycamore tree, plus some other trees that were encroaching on the house. Johnny Freeman was prompt, courteous, and extremely detail oriented when reviewing my property for the work that needed to be done. When I arrived back at the house after being away, the Sycamore was trimmed to perfection, however a few other trees were missed. I called the company and Johnny came over and inspected. Indeed, some trees were missed. He apologized and sent a crew later that day. They worked efficiently and trimmed the trees. Additionally, they cleaned up all the debris from the trimming and some extra debris that had accumulated. I was very happy with the service, despite the error, which was taken care of in a prompt fashion.
Hilary B., Savannah, GA

Johnny did a great job with estimating and executing the job. Tonya was also very nice and was timely with phone calls and instructions.
Steve R., Savannah, GA

I was just mentioning to a neighbor last night that I have total peace of mind knowing that you are caring for my trees and shrubs. So glad that we chose to partner with Johnny and the Bartlett Tree Experts.
William C., Savannah, GA

The crew arrived on time. They checked everything over with me before beginning and helped me make the final decision on one tree. I was pleasantly surprised to come home and find that all debris had been cleaned up and removed. This has not happened with other companies. Thanks for the great service.
Nicolas S., Saint Simons Island, GA

Johnny and his crew did a great job in discussing, planning, and executing the job. They were timely even when the weather did not cooperate. The job was completed as soon as the weather would allow.
Helen B., Saint Simons Island, GA

Johnny Freeman and his crew are prompt, polite, and professional. They do an exceptional job in the clean up process. I have recommended them to friends and neighbors.
Gary T., Saint Simons Island, GA

Your guys did a great job. It was amazing watching them work, they really knew what they were doing. I have already told some friends about your work. We will definitely use Bartlett again if the need arises.
John W., St. Simons Island, GA

Everything looks great.
Amber H., Saint Simons Island, GA

The young men were very professional and efficient. The clean up of debris in the yard and street was excellent.
June P., St. Simons Island, GA

Thank you for your prompt service and great communication.
Lisa O., Savannah, GA

Thanks for the follow up phone call and info. You did a great job!
Jake D., Savannah, GA

Our trees look amazing. Thank you for your great work.
Mary W., Savannah, GA

Always quick to be in touch and to answer any and all my questions.
Greg D., St. Simons Island, GA

Thanks for doing such a nice job and cleaning up so well.
Bruce R., Savannah, GA

The guys did an excellent job. I am very pleased with everything they did.
David M., Pooler, GA

We are delighted with the work Bartlett Tree Experts has done on our property. We have had the pleasure of using their services multiple times and the staff is always top-notch, courteous, and professional. We know that when Bartlett is on our property, the work will be done with great care and the results will be beautiful.
Sharon W., Savannah, GA

The crew showed up on time and exceeded our expectations with the timeliness and clean up.
Bruce L., Savannah, GA

Your crew was very professional and made every effort to protect our landscape. The promptness was a nice touch. We have had a very pleasant experience.
Jen R., Saint Simons Island, GA

They were on time, fast, neat, and polite. I will definitely use your services again.
Mary B., Savannah, GA

Wonderful hardworking men who know what they are doing, personable office staff and crew.
Mina T., Pooler, GA

Wonderful job, great staff and crew.
Matthew P., St. Simons Island, GA

Thank you for your great work. Compliments to the crew. It is so nice to work with a business I know I can count on and trust to consistently do an excellent job.
Theodore W., St. Simons Island, GA

The young men that trimmed our trees did an excellent job. They worked very hard and we are pleased with the job.
Adelle R., Savannah, GA

The crew was very nice, polite, and efficient.
Deb C., Savannah, GA

They were so nice, polite, and very efficient.
Deborah C., Savannah, GA

Everyone I met was courteous and quick in completing the work.
Jim A., Savannah, GA

The guys were very knowledgeable and courteous.
Brooke W., Savannah, GA

They were wonderful. I have had other tree companies come and they are so annoying. They yell and holler back and forth at each other the entire time. I did not hear a peep from your crew. They were so polite and just sweethearts. I am very pleased. Everything looks beautiful.
Linda T., Savannah, GA

Very knowledgeable and great service with affordable pricing.
Robert M., Savannah, GA

I want to thank you for sending me such an outstanding gentleman (Johnny Freeman) to talk to me about my Oak tree. He taught me a lot I did not know about the tree and was very informed on what needed to be done. The two young men were very polite and moved about the job in a very professional manner.
Linda T., Savannah, GA

I could not be happier or say enough good things about Bartlett Tree Experts. Johnny Freeman took time to go over his recommendations, pointed out why he was making the recommendations, and showed me what they were going to do. He was also keenly aware that clients want value for their dollars. I have been using them since 2009. The crew that came were top notch. Alex was passionate on the structural shape of my Oak trees. He took his time pruning and walking around the tree, deciding which limbs he should remove, and which should stay. Dalen assisted on the ground and Nicolas was in the top of the tree removing the stumps that remained in the large Oak.
Michael B., Savannah, GA

Thanks so very much, everything is perfect.
Roger M., Savannah, GA

Thank you so much, You all did a wonderful job.
Gail F., Saint Simons Island, GA

Thank you to all involved in pruning our huge Live Oak tree. Well done.
Robert J., Saint Simons Island, GA

Alex did a great job, very knowledgeable.
Beverly O., Savannah, GA

Thanks for the excellent work.
Butch W., Saint Simons Island, GA

Thank you so much. Pleasure doing business with you.
Nancy S., Brunswick, GA

Everything looks beautiful. They did quite a bit of work and everything looks great. With the hurricanes these past few years, we are so happy to have the limbs away from our roofline.
Marsha W., Savannah, GA

I wish I had not taken so long to call Bartlett. Johnny Freeman was great to work, so was John who came to spray, and the men who were pruning were pleasant.
Jamee B., Savannah, GA

They have just been absolutely great to work with. They did a good job yesterday. I was really tickled.
Bobby H., Savannah, GA

I was beyond satisfied with everyone from our arborist to the crew. Everyone was professional, friendly, and fun to have around.
Kimberly W., Savannah, GA

The guys were awesome. The trees look great.
Logan P., Savannah, GA

The work was excellent. I am so pleased.
Kirby G., Savannah, GA

Love them all. Professional, knowledgeable, and sensitive to the homeowner. Me, who boo-hooed over the take down of a beloved Oak. Which absolutely needed to happen, but surprisingly emotional for me. Johnny was superb. Wonderful, wonderful experience. I tell everybody that can tolerate my long raves about Bartlett Tree Experts. I thank you.
Becky P., Savannah, GA

Alex and his partner did a wonderful job. They were nice and quick too. Alex also made great suggestions as to what we should do with problem areas.
Katharine A., Savannah, GA

The guys were awesome. The trees look great.
Logan P., Savannah, GA

Good job.
Bobby H., Savannah, GA

Excellent work.
Kirby G., Savannah, GA

Very professional and awesome crew who did a great job. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Trey H., Savannah, GA

We are very happy with the quality of the work that we received.
Jasper V., Savannah, GA

Johnny did a great job in evaluating my current needs, as well as future needs, in the pruning and fertilizing of my trees and shrubs. His crew was amazing and very efficient in execution and cleanup.
Barbara D., Pooler, GA

After meeting and interviewing three other tree companies, I chose Johnny with Bartlett Tree Experts. I am very happy I did. Johnny was professional from the time we met for the quote through the end of the job. He and his crew did an excellent job. They arrived on time and worked very efficiently. The guys were all polite and very hard working. Their clean up was very good and I will definitely recommend them to all my friends.
Calvin W., Savannah, GA

The day of the job, the crew was right on time. They were very professional and worked very quickly to get the job done. I could not be more happy with Johnny and his crew. I have already recommended them to two of my friends.
Gregory S., Savannah, GA

On a scale of one to ten, I would give them an eleven.
Sean F., Savannah, GA

The men were very professional, worked fast, and did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves. I will use Bartlett again.
Mark S., Savannah, GA

Johnny and his team did a great job trimming a Live Oak tree. They took extra care in making sure nothing was harmed during the job. They were very efficient in the clean up. I will use them again for future tree trimming.
David F., Sea Island, GA

The guys were very professional and cleaned up everything. I am very impressed with Bartlett Tree Experts.
Herb V., Saint Simons Island, GA

Johnny and his team exceeded all expectations. They are professional and very competent at what they do. They removed a tree that was very close to the house and did it with minimal interruption/impact to the surroundings. They are conscientious of the home site and left the job very neat. It's evident they care about what they do.
Andy P., Saint Simons Island, GA

The crew was right on time. They went right to work chipping the branches and moved big logs for splitting. When they were finished, they cleaned the area making it look like the mess was never there. The men were well equipped and wasted no time. Each was skilled at his job and they were a smooth operating team. Each worker was anxious to do his job right with a great attitude.
Bud J., Saint Simons Island, GA

We highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts. Very professional company that we would use again for any tree related work at our house. We cannot stress enough how impressed we were with the service provided by Johnny and his crew.
John B., Saint Simons Island, GA

This is a wonderful tree service. They worked on a very large Live Oak with many dead limbs that is located in an area with many other trees. They were able to prune and remove all the debris without harming any of the ornamental landscaping. Meticulous attention to detail, very courteous, and highly recommended.
Nicholas W., Pooler, GA

They did such a good job. Everything looks so beautiful.
Barbara H., Savannah, GA

Johnny Freeman was an absolute pleasure to work with. When he first arrived, he quickly and honestly assessed what needed to be done, and he provided a proposal in a timely manner. When I followed up on some details on the quote, we decided to remove one of the items, he promptly rewrote the proposal and got it back to me ASAP. Johnny is a real asset to your company. Seth Jackson, and Anthony Caracci were fantastic. Really hard workers, friendly, and conscientious, they would not leave until the job was done perfectly. I honestly could not recommend the two man crew more highly. They are an absolute testament to the quality of your company.
Christpher G., Savannah, GA

Johnny and his crew did a fantastic job. Very professional and wonderful to deal with. All work was done beyond my expectations. By the time they were done, my yard did not even look like they had been there. Would highly recommend them. Looking forward to using then again in the future.
Carl F., Savannah, GA

We could not be more pleased with how quick Johnny got to us, and how great the finished work was. Bartlett Tree Experts is excellent.
Charles M., Saint Simons, GA

Men arrived on time, did the work, and cleaned up nicely. All communication was handled seamlessly. I will definitely use your company again.
Jeff S., Saint Simons Island, GA

Bartlett is up front, honest, friendly, and informative. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. My trees look better, the yard will now get some sun and I have gotten many compliments on the job from my neighbors. I will be recommending Bartlett to anybody that needs tree work done.
James J., Savannah, GA

My wife and I had an awesome experience working with Seth and his team. Seth is a skilled professional and really delivered a phenomenal customer experience.
Jeff B., Savannah, GA

Bartlett Tree Experts is a professional top notch company to deal with.
John D., Sea Island, GA

The crew arrived early and were extremely quick to get to work. Jake Summers was excellent. He responded to my requests and was a pleasure to speak with. Really glad to have this crew.
Christopher G., Savannah, GA

As a homeowner it is great to hire a company that comes and does their job and does it well with minimum muss or fuss. I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Don P., Savannah, GA

We had a Mulberry Tree growing in our small downtown courtyard and its roots were pushing up our bricks and threatening our air conditioning unit. From the original phone call to the office staff, to Mr. Johnny, and crew taking down the tree, Bartlett was professional, prompt, and courteous. Their price was fair and they left the courtyard neat and clean. I really cannot say enough good things about this company.
Mark K., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased. Everything looks great. They did such a nice job. We will have more work for you in the Fall.
Audrey A., Savannah, GA

The crew was on time, extremely efficient, and knowledgeable.
Billy O., Savannah, GA

The crew did a great job.
Lynne W., Savannah, GA

They did such a great job.
Lynn W., Savannah, GA

They were on time and did a great job.
Nancy C., Savannah, GA

Seth, Liam, and Juan worked on our trees today and did a wonderful job in making them look great after trimming. We will definitely call Bartlett for our tree needs.
Jackie S., Savannah, GA

They did a very good job. We will definitely use Bartlett again.
James F., Savannah, GA

They were on time and did a great job.
Nancy C., Savannah, GA

Thank you for a great experience. We appreciate your informative explanations and care of our trees and shrubs.
Julia H., Savannah, GA

Great work. Very knowledgeable.
Martha M., Pooler, GA

The guys worked so hard. I am very pleased.
Charlie J., Savannah, GA

Great guys, great job.
Robin H., Savannah, GA

Great work.
Dan L., Savannah, GA

Very professional, kind and attentive. Everything looks great.
Lois G., Savannah, GA

Honest, hardworking, and kind people. We will never go anywhere else for our tree needs. The trees look amazing.
Trae G., Savannah, GA

Staff was professional, efficient, and very courteous.
Mrs. P., Savannah, GA

Johnny Freeman is very responsive and courteous.
David S., Savannah, GA

Thank you so much. Our trees look lovely.
Carolyn R., Savannah, GA

Thank you so much. Our trees look lovely.
Carolyn R., Savannah, GA

The gentlemen were helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. Our Live Oak tree looks fantastic.
Pat D., Savannah, GA

I am pleased to tell you that the crew was so sweet, efficient, and cleaned up very nicely.
Mike P., Savannah, GA

Very professional. The job was very well done.
David M., Savannah, GA

Your crew did an excellent job. My trees look perfect. I have already recommended your services to two people.
Lisa T., Savannah, GA

Trees look wonderful. Thanks for doing an excellent clean up.
Howard B., Savannah, GA

Thanks for getting this done so fast. Everything looks great. I plan on being a repeat customer and will definitely recommend you to everyone.
Julie S., Savannah, GA

Thank you for the very professional way you handled my tree project, you and your team did a great job. Believe me, I will let people know about you.
George C., Savannah, GA

Thank you for the prompt and efficient removal of our Pecan tree. We appreciate your attention to leaving our yard so clean.
Jerry K., Savannah, GA

Thank you for an exceptional experience. We appreciate you and your crew's courteous manner and professional standards. We are happy to recommend Bartlett to anyone looking for tree service.
Jonathan D., Savannah, GA

I am thrilled. The guys were so hard working. They were all so sweet and the foreman was wonderful.
Barb H., Savannah, GA

Everything looks great. They did an awesome job and cleaned up very well.
Andrew F., Savannah, GA

Everything looks great.
Kristen G., Savannah, GA

I am very pleased. Everything looks wonderful.
Winifred M., Savannah, GA

They did a fine job. Thank you for getting out here so quickly.
Teresa G., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased.
Barbara R., Savannah, GA

They did a beautiful job.
Jamee B., Savannah, GA

I am very pleased. The trees look beautiful.
Tom H., Savannah, GA

The work that was done was just lovely and the boys were just as sweet as could be. When we were doing the walk thru we noticed a little nest with eggs in it. It was the sweetest thing.
Anita K., Savannah, GA

The crew was not just intelligent, they were sweet as well. He got one long limb and the limb was flying through the air and he knew exactly what he was doing. I was quite impressed.
Jerry D., Savannah, GA

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