Jeff Kish, Local Manager at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Raleigh, NC office.

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Jeffrey Kish has been an area resident and Bartlett employee since 1998. As the Raleigh local manager, board certified master arborist and Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, he assists clients in the greater Raleigh area care for their trees and shrubs. Jeff received his Bachelors of Science in Forestry from Virginia Tech. He is a past board member of Trees Across Raleigh, is involved with North Carolina Urban Forest council and has served on committees with BOMA. Jeff is passionate about all types of gardening and spends most of his spare time in his own garden with his family. He is married with 3 children and enjoys spreading the good word about the benefits of trees.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Jeff Kish

Jeff and all his crewmembers are always very helpful, polite, and knowledgeable.
Kay M., Raleigh, NC

Matt, Brandon, and Arthur were so nice, and a delight to work with. Matt was very good at giving his input on any questions we had. It is great that Jeff comes out first. Ann, in the office, is always friendly and helpful with getting in touch with Jeff for any questions we may have. We look forward to keeping this arrangement going.
Carolyn P., Raleigh, NC

Bartlett Tree Experts did a tree and shrub trimming project for me that was absolutely amazing! The men that did the work were accommodating and were in tune with what I wanted for the outcome. Thank you to Bartlett Tree Experts for their Excellence.
Janice P., Raleigh, NC

We have had Bartlett to our home several times over 12 years for tree removal and pruning, and have spent thousands of dollars on these projects. We have always appreciated the professional and courteous service provided by Jeff Kish and the crews that have been on-site to carry out the work. Bartlett has been an outstanding partner in all of our projects.
Steve K., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is outstanding, always providing expert advice and excellent service. Jason Loflin, who works in the office, always gives excellent, friendly, and dependable service. Andrew Erdman does really good work on the property. He communicates well and gives regular updates.
Doug S., Raleigh, NC

Jeff and the crew that performed the work were stellar. The crew was very professional, friendly, left everything very tidy, and did a great job all through the yard.
Martin S., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is great, he is always very helpful with making suggestions about our trees. The crew was wonderful, they did great work.
Virginia P., Raleigh, NC

Thank you very much for such a fast response after the recent storm. Ann and I are very grateful to you, Everett, and the crew who responded quickly and did a thorough job of clearing our yard and the neighborhood. I received several emails and texts from neighbors impressed with how quickly they saw Bartlett trucks clearing the street after the storm and how there were no signs of the storm debris after they were finished.
Joe D., Raleigh, NC

I always appreciate Jeff Kish's evaluations and suggestions. His support staff are really good.
Jack B., Raleigh, NC

The crew did an excellent job - the best crew we ever had! They took special care of the plants that we were concerned might be damaged. The crape myrtle they trimmed looks great! As requested, the wood chips were left in our driveway, which we spread out this weekend in the wooded area and that looks great also. Thanks for your help with the project, and please pass our thanks along to your crew as well.
Clark M., Raleigh, NC

Jeff is wonderful! Completely trust his knowledge and recommendations. I have let our property management and HOA board know that I have used Bartlett and highly recommend their services. Hopefully, they will be chosen to work with our community.
Elizabeth H., Raleigh, NC

Enjoy working with Jeff Kish and his crew, all excellent!
Amy M., Raleigh, NC

Excellent crew, very helpful, enjoyed being educated about our trees. Very willing to show customer proper way to prune trees. Overall this crew was awesome. Jeff leads an excellent group and is extremely helpful. We would not recommend anyone but him.
Lynn R., Raleigh, NC

Just a great experience all the way through. Jeff was excellent when he came by to hear what we wanted, and the crew was awesome and did great work. Very, very happy with the whole experience.
Kate B., Raleigh, NC

We have worked with Jeff Kish for several years and have found his advice to be solid and his customer service excellent. The crews who have done the work that Jeff recommended have always been friendly and respectful as well as doing expert work.
Nancy W., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is a great friend of trees and humans. We really appreciate his advice and the work done to his specifications. Every member of the cutting and cleaning crew was careful and considerate and very pleasant. We enjoyed having them here. Our trees look great. Most importantly, we had the huge silver maple in front of our house trimmed on September 21st. The winds and the rain only brought down a few very small limbs and leaves. We and our neighbors were very impressed.
Rosa K., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is your best asset. The entire crew that trimmed our trees was top notch. Keep them too.
Muriel H., Raleigh, NC

The bottom line is that Bartlett Tree Experts Company is how companies should be. Everyone I encounter from the office staff to arborists to sales reps and spray personnel are knowledgeable and courteous. Quality, safety, detailed attention to jobs, properly trained personnel, friendly, customer oriented, efficient, knowledgeable, neatly dressed, dependable. I have enjoyed working with the company since they bought out Jordan Tree Company and look forward to working with everyone for many years to come.
Deborah H., Raleigh, NC

Thank you to the professionals who helped prune trees and overgrown large bushes in our yard. I was very pleased with the work and appreciate the high standards of Bartlett Tree. Thank you.
Barbara O., Raleigh, NC

We own a small city lot with a few huge, old trees, one of which was struck by lightning years ago. It was Bartlett Tree with Jeff Kish who saved it. I enjoy having a long-term relationship with a company. Jeff has been here the entire time, and I look to him to keep our trees healthy.
Judy M., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is a great Arborist and over our years using Bartlett's services, Jeff has come to know our property and needs very well. We are very satisfied with the service. Eileen S., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is a delight to work with. Your crews who execute the plans he has made for me are unfailingly friendly and courteous. Nancy W., Raleigh, NC

All involved in the work at our home are well trained and took great care to provide the quality of tree care we have come to expect from Bartlett. The work was timely and the site very clean at the completion of work. We are always quick to recommend Bartlett to others and we never hesitate to recommend Bartlett. Susan L., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish was knowledgeable and helpful with both the specific issues I called Bartlett about and other questions that I had about plants in the yard. Joe D., Raleigh, NC

Always friendly. Takes the time to explain what they are doing. Always very professional. They are OUR tree service. No one else comes close. Belinda H., Raleigh, NC

Exceptionally good people to work with. Jeff Kish cares about his work and his customers and the crews care about their work too. We have been Bartlett customers through three separate projects and they are the best we have experienced in our 29 years at the same house (through many storms and tree needs). Ellen B., Raleigh, NC

I am thoroughly amazed at Bartlett's terrific service and cleanup. Not a limb left behind. Please thank the crew for doing an outstanding job. Eileen G., Raleigh, NC

Over the years, we have found the Bartlett team to be responsive, effective, and easy to work with. Our yard and its trees and shrubs do present some non-trivial challenges, but the Bartlett team has been able to deal with them successfully. Hayne P., Raleigh, NC

Very pleased with everyone we dealt with. Would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. very courteous and friendly and willing to listen to concerns. Planning to get them to take care of tree and shrub problems on a regular basis. Pepper B., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional. Thank you! Laura Z., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is a gem to work with. He is very knowledgeable, practical, and has innovative ideas. We have especially appreciated his being the person we work with year after year! Mary C., Raleigh, NC

Jeffery Kish was very knowledgeable and professional and quickly followed up with any questions I had before the job was scheduled. Carl Davis (stump grinding) also did great work. He was very courteous and made sure all work areas were clean. All crew members were very nice, professional, and cleaned up after the job was done! Most reliable tree service in Raleigh. Emili B., Raleigh, NC

Great service by fine people. We count on Jeff for all of our tree needs and regularly refer Bartlett to friends and family. We have referred Jeff's services three times in the past month alone; at least two have engaged Bartlett for work. Elaine M., Raleigh, NC

I am delighted with the professionalism and quality of service Bartlett provides. I will use Bartlett again in the future for my tree needs. Kyle S., Raleigh, NC

I had the most wonderful experience with Bartlett Tree services. My husband and I recently moved into the house and got a letter from Bartlett. At that time, we were not needing any tree services but I kept the card for future reference. The time came and I did need tree services and I called Bartlett after reading the customer reviews on the website.

Jeff Kish was the arborist who came to my house to provide an estimate on the tree services. He was very knowledgeable and provided many options for the tree pruning. He also provided insight on why my newly painted deck of now has tree sap on it and causing it to look like it needs another coat after only six months. I was delighted to hear that he had a simple and inexpensive solution to remedy the problem and my deck will look glorious again!

It was a very easy decision to choose Bartlett Tree Experts after the estimate. The three arborists who came to perform the work were very professional and provided many solutions to where and how to prune the trees. Jeff Kish also stopped by to oversee the work and to ensure the job was executed flawlessly. They were very fast, curious, and asked my opinion when cutting branches we were undecided about from the initial plan. They were very cautious and considerate of when large branches were cut down to ensure they did not damage the below brick patio or wall. After completion of the tree pruning, they took away the debris, cleaned the area, and put back patio furniture. My husband and I were very happy with the results. The yard lighting looks magnificent. I would highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to anyone seeking tree services. Kyle S., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. He readily provides great practical advice. All of the Bartlett crews I've interacted with have been very courteous and careful. Nancy W., Raleigh, NC

Jeff and his crew did a great job, very professional, and friendly. They did a fabulous job cleaning up, couldn't even tell they had been there. Will definitely use them again! Paula P., Raleigh, NC

Great work! We really appreciate Jeff Kish's understanding of our needs and the professional work of his staff. Gregory W., Raleigh, NC

Jeff has always been great to work with, I have and do recommend Bartlett. Frances W., Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kish is excellent to work with as is the staff that takes care of my garden. They clearly care about the trees and plants and how they are maintained. Diane I., Raleigh, NC

Jeff was awesome, very friendly, and knows his business. I enjoyed getting to know him. He is an ambassador for Bartlett and reflects positively on your business. The company demonstrates an interest in customer satisfaction, and you have mine. Bill G., Raleigh, NC

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