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Jared Kibbe

Arborist Representative

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Jared Kibbe, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Raleigh, NC office.

More about Jared Kibbe

Jared Kibbe has spent most of his life in North Carolina and has always enjoyed the outdoors. He was actively involved in his community through the Boy Scouts of America and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He has many great memories of spending time in the outdoors, camping, and dutch-oven cooking with his dad.

Jared has a background in small scale agriculture and animal husbandry and is also a member of the Wake County Beekeeper's Association. He is an ISA Certified Arborist and is also Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. He has served with Bartlett since 2012 all throughout the Triangle area.

During his time at Bartlett, Jared has excelled in his leadership role and continues to learn and grow with the top tree care company in Raleigh. He has a passion for arboriculture and an eye for detail oriented pruning.

Jared is looking forward to meeting you and helping you take care of your landscape!

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Jared Kibbe

Jared is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgeable about local foliage, and also understood we were on a budget, so he took the time to break down the tasks by price, so we could select which services were most important to us.
Chris B., Raleigh, NC

Professional, courteous, and easy to work with. Will definitely use in the future and would recommend.
Camille P., Raleigh, NC

They were wonderful and efficient Jared is terrific and helpful.
Alene M., Raleigh, NC

Greatly appreciate the knowledgeable care that Jared affords our beautiful Sycamore tree and the rest of our garden.
Chris C., Raleigh, NC

Bartlett Tree Experts are the go -to for tree issues. Whether it is clearing tree branches or advice for trying to save a tree, they are the company we call. That and the fact that they will actually call you back is helpful too. So many so called great tree companies but no one wants to take the time out to actually provide customer service like Bartlett.
Tu T., Raleigh, NC

Jared has always been helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable in helping us care for our big Maple and some other trees. We can always rely on his advice.
Johnny T., Raleigh, NC

Jared and the Bartlett staff was a pleasure to work with. Jared made sure everything was taken care of and did not view the job complete until we were satisfied. Bartlett Tree Experts are the go-to for tree issues. Whether it is clearing tree branches or advice for trying to save a tree, they are the company we call. That and the fact that they will actually call you back is helpful too. So many so called great tree companies but no one wants to take the time out to actually provide customer service like Bartlett.
Tu T., Raleigh, NC

A company that actually cares for their customers and the trees. Great customer service too. Will make sure they get the job right before moving on and just billing you.
Tu T., Raleigh, NC

Response to my request was prompt and treatments were done as scheduled.
John O., Raleigh, NC

Excellent service. Super professional staff.
Lee L., Raleigh, NC

They are excellent.
Kathi C., Raleigh, NC

Jared and his team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish.
Barry D., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe is the best. All of my dealings with him have been a real pleasure. He knows what he is talking about, always has good advice, and always follows up on everything we discuss. He provides excellent staff to do the jobs we settle on, all of whom are equally friendly, professional, and skilled at what they do. I love working with Bartlett Tree Experts.
Kay R., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe does a first rate job for us. We trust him and depend upon him for his advice.
Fred K, Raleigh, NC

All were great.
Ann B., Raleigh, NC

Great crew, very professional.
Scott H., Raleigh, NC

He was available to answer questions when they arise and very happy with service.
Frank W., Raleigh, NC

Enjoy working with Jared.
Joy H., Raleigh, NC

Jared was punctual, informative, and responsive. Would love to work with him again if the opportunity arises.
Joan W., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe is a great Arborist representative. He is knowledgeable, kind, and considerate, he always responds to my questions and emails promptly. He takes the time to answer any questions and address any concerns that I have. The technicians arrive as scheduled and are careful not to step on the bushes or plants surrounding the tree that is being treated. When I have been available to meet with the technicians they have always been considerate and helpful in telling me what treatment they will be administering on that particular day. I am very pleased with the service that I am receiving and recommend them to others.
Shelley G., Raleigh, NC

Jared was great. He answered all our questions and was tuned in to our needs. He did not try to overwhelm us with lots of services but concentrated on our goals.
Joy S., Raleigh, NC

Everything was just fine, and I have no complaints. I look forward to working wit you and your crew in the future.
Sue K., Raleigh, NC

The crew was very efficient and polite. Very nice young men.
Pat S., Raleigh, NC

Thorough assessment prior to the service. Provided knowledgeable advice. The crew on day of service was extremely good and walked me through the service done at end of the job.
Lou D., Raleigh, NC

We appreciate all that Jared does for us in maintaining our large Oaks. He is exceptional.
Gaines W., Raleigh, NC

Jared was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The office staff was friendly and responsive. Thank you for removing the large trees on the property that was past maturity. Jared and the crew were professional and efficient, and we have more peace of mind now with the approaching hurricane season.
Jeanne H., Raleigh, NC

The arborists were great, friendly, and seemed excited to do the work.They did a great job on our trees and left the space tidy. Jared has been so helpful and quick with his communication.
Sarah L., Raleigh, NC

Jared is the best.
Kim S., Raleigh, NC

Great staff experience.
Bill G., Raleigh, NC

I have used Bartlett in the past and they again provided excellent service.
Verleen, Raleigh, NC

Everyone cared about my property. They were very careful and conscientious.
Rick J., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe, my Arborist Representative, is fabulous. He is knowledgeable, he listens to what I am thinking, he answers my questions in away I can understand, he is friendly, and courteous. I could not ask for a better person to deal with. The crews that he has sent to do work at my house have been an equal pleasure to do business with. They are also friendly, courteous, professional, and good at what they do, just like Jared. I feel lucky to have been led to Bartlett Tree Experts for my tree work.
Kay R., Raleigh, NC

Jared was most informative through our tree removal process. Our requests and concerns were always addressed in a timely manner by Jared. The crew was friendly, proficient, and most professional.
Sheilah N., Raleigh, NC

Jared is very attentive to my trees and shrubs. He is reliable and always on time.
Elizabeth P., Raleigh, NC

Jared and the crew were great to work with and I appreciate their knowledge and professionalism during the process. I am really pleased with the work they did and how much cleaner it looks behind my home.
Aleia B., Raleigh, NC

Everyone was friendly and professional and they did an excellent job. We gave your name and information to a relative who may be needing your services.
Elaine C., Raleigh, NC

Great experience, everyone was great. I will recommend you. I knew any other company would just guess and tree would be cut down and that was not what was needed or wanted. Thank you.
Kathleen S., Raleigh, NC

The entire Bartlett operation was very professional and courteous. Jared was terrific with a prompt appointment and review of the property needs. We appreciated the balanced approach to the tree work and the excellent manner in which it was performed. The crew represented Bartlett in a superb way and made it clear that our satisfaction was his priority. Looking forward to working with Bartlett in the year ahead.
Chuck M., Raleigh, NC

I am glad Jared Kibbe is my account rep. I know he will insure the job is done well. Thanks Jared.
Joy H., Raleigh, NC

Fantastic seamless support by Jared and crew.
John K., Raleigh, NC

Great experience, will always use Bartlett. There is a difference in the quality of the work. Everyone was professional.
Illyse L., Raleigh, NC

Thank you for the helpful information.
Mindy S., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe was the arborist who met with me and listened to my concerns as he surveyed my lot. Jared was punctual, courteous, and explained how his crew would perform the work. He emailed a detailed estimate for the work, Bartlett's Terms and Conditions, along with a copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance. Jared came with his crew the day the work was scheduled. He went over the work order with them making sure they did not have questions or concerns. The men went right to work and I was so pleased with the care they took and the cleanup. I would recommend Bartlett's staff to friends and neighbors. They did an exceptional job. I also spoke with the office staff and they were professional and very helpful. I will certainly call Bartlett Tree Experts when i need their professional advice and service.
Catherine S, Raleigh, NC

Jared and his crew did a phenomenal job. I had multiple neighbors comment on how professional they were. The guys were extremely friendly, thorough, and tidy. We look forward to using your service again in the future.
David T., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe is well loved in our neighborhood. We trust his decisions and value his judgement with our big Oak trees. He is also just a nice, friendly guy and makes things easy for us. The Bartlett crews are always professional, efficient, and safe while on our property. Thanks to all.
Gaines W., Raleigh, NC

Everyone has been professional and helpful. We look forward to having additional work completed. The experience has been great so far and there is a lot of work to do.
Rich J., Raleigh, NC

Jared was very helpful and professional. He helped me understand my tree service needs and guided me to an appropriate treatment plan.
Beverly B., Raleigh, NC

Jared was great as my contact. The workers came as scheduled and worked in the rain. The workers were careful to not damage my house as they took down trees on two sides. They cleaned up all the debris.
Paula B., Raleigh, NC

I am well pleased with the work they did for us. Thorough, on time, professional service, and they cleaned up well after the work was done.
David B., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe was knowledgeable, helpful, and always responsive during the process. The men who did the job were friendly and thorough. I was very satisfied with the results.
David B., Raleigh, NC

Bartlett safely took down a very difficult tree. A very large tree had fallen and hung up in another tree in a gully behind our yard, but threatened our property when it fell. The area was not accessible by equipment, so the work was all done with ropes. It was amazing to watch the climber work off ropes belayed between two trees. He was like a dancer with a chain saw. I would recommend Jared and the Bartlett tree team without hesitation.
Rob M., Raleigh, NC

Everyone was top notch. Was amazing to watch the tree climbing and rope work needed to take down a difficult tree. Glad all went safely.
Rob M., Raleigh, NC

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Your arborist rocks.
Bill G., Raleigh, NC

I appreciated the professionalism of everyone I interacted with. I also appreciated the daily tidying upsrather than leaving a mess until the job was complete. I have already recommended your service to several neighbors.
Ross D., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe could not be any nicer, friendlier, more efficient, and more knowledgeable. He is a pleasure to do business with, and all crew members who have been here to do the work have been equally wonderful. I am very glad to be a Bartlett customer.
Kay R., Raleigh, NC

Jared does a great job. The crew was extremely nice and I was very pleased with their work.
Gayle M., Raleigh, NC

Jared was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was responsive when we had follow up questions.
Zed K., Raleigh, NC

Jared has been managing my landscaping efforts since the original install, almost three years now. His business and industry knowledge is exemplary and he certainly stands out against his peers. Bartlett is not the low cost leader buy any degree, but in this case, when you spend multiple thousands of dollars on high quality landscaping, why would I not have the best service maintenance crew on the job to protect my investment.Keep up the great work. I am a believer in scientific soil turf management.
John K., Raleigh, NC

The crew that services my property, to include Jarred, has always been professional and courtesy. I am a firm supporter of your services and true customer journey towards success.
John K., Raleigh, NC

We planted a number of new trees in March and noticed at the end of June one tree was not doing well with leaves turning yellow and falling off. Called the Bartlett's office the next morning and spoke with Meredith who was very kind and understood my urgency as we were concerned that it was a fungus or another disease that could effect the other trees. Meredith reached out to the arborist for our area, Jared, who squeezed us in the next day. Impressive!! Jared's expertise was immediately apparent and he found the problem immediately and showed me the issue. Jared designed a custom plan to take care of both the new & old trees in our yard, and his team was out within a few days preforming needed treatments and bug prevention. Just a few days ago, we noticed two old trees with yellowing leaves, and while it has been a very hot summer, thought it best to consult with our arborist Jared. Sent him an email this morning, asking if he could swing by when he has time and take a look and for recommendations. Jared ran by at lunch time and said everything was fine and we did not need to do anything! Impressive integrity and honesty!! We have full confidence that we are doing all possible for our trees with the honest advice & incredible service from Bartlett Tree Experts.
Mary P., Raleigh, NC

We trust Bartlett Tree Experts with our tree healthcare and highly recommend them. We rely on their expertise (mainly Jared Kibbe - ISA Certified Arborist) to guide and regular maintenance of trees and shrubs as well as advice on future planting efforts. The Bartlett team is very communicative, prompt and their services are well-priced. Thank you to Jared and the whole Bartlett team for keeping our green space healthy and looking beautiful!
Mark, Raleigh,NC

As always, Jared and his team continue to provide us excellent advice and service.
Carolyn V., Raleigh, NC

Great crew with great service. The first visit for the estimate was also very pleasant. Thank you, I will call you again as needed.
Deloria K., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe is my Bartlett Arborist Representative, and he is great to work with. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. The four man crew which came out to my house on did a great job. Jared Kibbe was here to introduce me to the crew and to review the work which needed to be done in the front yard and backyard. The crew completed the work and cleaned up the property before leaving.
Mary S., Raleigh, NC

Thanks for your professional service.
Lisa B., Raleigh, NC

We planted trees in March, and they were doing well until I noticed one Redbud's leaves were yellow and the leaves were fine four hours earlier. I called Bartlett and spoke to Meredith who was very kind and understood my concerns and urgency as I did not want this to happen to the other trees we had just planted. She checked with the arborist for our zip code, Jared Kibbe, who squeezed us in the next day. I could not be more impressed and thankful. Jared's expertise and his knowledge was evident. He quickly assessed our Redbud had beetles that had bored holes and killed the tree. He outlined a plan to protect the other trees from beetles. Quarterly maintenance was scheduled. We look forward to working with Jared and Bartlett for years to come.
Mary P., Raleigh, NC

The service Bartlett provides is exceptional, without a doubt. I am sure I am a bit on the neurotic side when it comes to the shrubs and trees in our yard. I send Jared emails whenever I notice any change with our trees or shrubs. Jared's response is always immediate, and he is always respectful, taking the time to answer my questions and address my concerns. Jared is the best.
Beth S., Raleigh, NC

Everyone is approachable, professional, and friendly. Keep up the great work.
Bijal S., Raleigh, NC

Always a pleasure. Thank you.
Robin G., Raleigh, NC

Always a pleasure. Thank you.
Robin G., Raleigh, NC

Jared is so awesome and always provides us excellent guidance and service. Our Dogwoods that were recently pruned are already growing new leaves on branches that were bare and our large Oak is looking so healthy without the weight of choking vines. We're excited for our next tree check-up.
Carolyn V., Raleigh, NC

Jared was helpful, knowledgeable, and punctual. He surveyed the rest of the yard and told me which trees to watch. He even noticed a dead tree in danger of falling in my neighbor’s yard.
Iva A., Raleigh, NC

Thank you, thank you.
Rebecca W., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe is always friendly and professional when he is looking at our trees.
Betty C., Raleigh, NC

Bartlett has always been very responsive to the questions I have had about my landscape over the years.
Betty L., Raleigh, NC

The arborist was very knowledgeable and professional. The crew members did a great job and they did an excellent job cleaning up. Will continue to use Bartlett in the future.
Jeff T., Raleigh, NC

Always exceptional people and excellent work. Thank you, Jared Kibbe.
Chris C., Raleigh, NC

Always exceptional service. Bartlett is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, prompt, and so very accommodating and friendly. Thank you.
Robin G., Raleigh, NC

I cannot say enough about how positive my two experiences with Bartlett have been. Jared is responsive, professional, and personable, helpful and trustworthy. I truly appreciate the great customer service and ease of working with Bartlett. When I got home from work last week and saw the pruning work that had been done, I literally said wow. It looked so much better. The crew also did a thorough job of clearing out everything that was cut. I think they must have even used a leaf blower on the patio. I was very impressed and look forward to scheduling the second half of the project.
Melissa M., Raleigh, NC

All Around excellent.
Valerie S., Raleigh, NC

Jared's expertise and the work crew's follow through were great.
Penny S., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe is very professional.
Lynn F., Raleigh, NC

I always had good experiences dealing with everyone at Bartlett. I appreciate the frequent updates by email and the good tips. I am glad to have the peace of mind of knowing that my trees are being looked after and kept healthy. I plan to keep working with Bartlett for a long time.
Paul G., Raleigh, NC

We appreciated the useful information we were given.
Fred T., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe was very helpful and is very knowledgable. He is an asset to your team.
Tom G., Raleigh, NC

I am always impressed with the politeness and professionalism of all the Bartlett staff. They have done good work for us as promised and on time. I always feel my confidence renewed when I have these interactions.
Denise C., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe has been a great contact and was able to take soil samples to prepare our property for the next steps.
Felicia G., Raleigh, NC

Jared has been very helpful. I have been very pleased with all of our interactions. I appreciate Jared working with me on my needs related to timing and budget. Everything is always cleared and clean when the crew leaves.
Katelyn A., Raleigh, NC

Excellent people to work with.
Ellen S., Raleigh, NC

Our Arborist and crew members were all very helpful, friendly, and professional. Jared Kibbe, had been out to our property, given us an estimate, and let us know that our power line would have to be dropped before the limbs could be trimmed. Mr. Kibbe also told me that the customer has to contact the power company, request that the line be dropped and schedule a date and time for this project. On the date of the limb trimming project, the power company rep arrived and, dropped the power line. Then the crew began trimming the overhanging limbs. Soon afterwards our front yard was cleaned up, and the crew called the power company to return to our house and put the line back up. Everything was coordinated well with the power company and our power was restored. Someone called from the office staff to make sure that everything had been done to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Bartlett and will be calling on Mr. Kibbe again to schedule additional work on our property.
Mary S., Raleigh, NC

I could not be more satisfied with all aspects of the service we received during Bartlett's recent visit to prune some of our trees. Mr. Kibbe and another staff person was really helpful in analyzing a Dogwood tree in the back yard and advising me how to deal with it to try to keep it for at least one more season. The other staff person also spent time with my wife and me demonstrating proper pruning techniques for some of our varieties of shrubs. All four of the staff members on the job were friendly and very professional.
Durward G., Raleigh, NC

Everyone was wonderful. I was delighted by the reliability, efficiency, and reasonable price of Bartlett’s service. This includes everyone, from Jared Kibbe who made my estimate and advised me on what needed to be done, to the crew who worked professionally, efficiently, and who left my property in clean condition when they had completed their work. This is the best tree service I have ever dealt with. I recommend Bartlett highly.
Bert S., Raleigh, NC

The guys did an excellent job today. Very meticulous and thorough. I had to laugh at myself for hiring a different tree service five years ago. That company would have been in and out in about the same amount of time that it took your guys to do one tree. Proves there is a huge difference between cutting limbs and pruning a tree properly. Although the bottom line amount was less for the other company, Bartlett would have been and was today a better value overall. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
Todd B., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe and other staff were all great. I was extremely impressed by everyone I met at Bartlett and will recommend them to neighbors.
Janis N., Raleigh, NC

Jared Kibbe has been very attentive to my communications and concerns about certain plants in our yard. I could not be happier with his quick responses and attention.
Ann R., Raleigh, NC

Bravo, thanks for going above and beyond.
Lisa B., Raleigh, NC

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