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James Walker

Arborist Representative

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James Walker, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Charlottesville, VA office.

More about James Walker

James was born and raised on his grandparent's farm in Albemarle County. He developed a strong relationship with nature while learning about trees from his grandfather and father.
James went on to graduate from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in forestry.
His career in the tree care industry began when he joined Bartlett Tree Experts in 2006. He was initially attracted to Bartlett's scientific and holistic approach to tree care.
He is a Board Certified Master Arborist and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. He is recognized by our company as a Bartlett champion for his leadership ability within the office.
Over the years, James has gained valuable personal experience in all aspects of tree care from pruning to soil care to insect and disease management that he applies when he visits clients’ properties. He takes great pride in offering unique solutions to enhance and care for their trees and landscapes.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About James Walker

We have interacted with James for the last six years and could not be happier with his expertise, professionalism, and demeanor. Additionally, we are very pleased with the work Alex has done to fertilize the old growth trees in our back garden. He always makes the added effort to protect the many other plants, shrubs, and growths in our garden while he works. In fact, just last week he visited our home to inject the fall fertilization for our trees because he knew the ground would be soft enough for him to press the injector deep enough into the soil. Great outfit and recommend you to all of our neighbors.
Jenny P., Charlottesville, VA

I was struck by James's, your Arborist's, passion for his work and it played a big part in our decision to go with Bartlett. He responded to follow-up queries within a day and took the time to talk to my neighbor about her concerns regarding the planned work. Tristan and other members of the crew talked to us to gauge our opinion several times during the course of the job and they left a spotless yard and driveway at the end of the day. I know nothing about trees and time will judge your work and tell us if our effort to save the Leyland Cypresses was worth the considerable investment. However, we were very pleased with the professionalism of your arborist, crew, and staff and with our overall experience with Bartlett.
Pradeep P., Charlottesville, VA

It was perfect. Everyone was cheerful, did their work efficiently, had a good plan, and left it all clean. James Walker was especially helpful to us with his experience and skills.
Ryland S., Charlottesville, VA

James and crew were polite, efficient, and expert at the job. Thank you very much.
Sandra D., North Garden, VA

James Walker is our initial contact person. He is prompt when scheduling a mutually agreeable site visit. His knowledge regarding tree concerns is extensive. His goal is always to save a tree if possible. We respect his recommendations. It is always a pleasure to have a Bartlett crew on our property. The men are conscientious, polite, and efficient. They are sensitive to the areas that surround their “ target project” while monitoring their own safety. Questions are answered politely and prior to beginning the job at hand. We are proud to be customers of the Bartlett “tree teams” and are grateful they are available in our area.
Susan H., Charlottesville, VA

Very proud of our relationship and the professional response and service we have received. Our Arborist and the responding staff were very cooperative, courteous, and professional. Thanks for what you do.
Robert B., New Canton, VA

I would like to give a shout out to Alex, who visits my property to treat and maintain my trees and bushes. Alex is very kind, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about plants, diseases, and pruning suggestions. He is an excellent communicator and always calls a few days before his visit to schedule a time to come by to treat my yard. After Alex treats my yard, we walk my property and he discusses areas that may need attention in the future. Alex is Top Notch.
Amy S., Ruckersville, VA

I would like to give a shout out to Alex, who visits my property to treat and maintain my trees and bushes. Alex is very kind, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about plants, diseases, pruning, and suggestions. He is an excellent communicator and always calls a few days before his visit to schedule a time to come by to treat my yard. After Alex treats my yard, we walk my property and he discusses areas that may need attention in the future. Alex is Top Notch.
Amy S., Ruckersville, VA

I have worked with James a couple times and he has always given good advice and done good work.
Christopher F., Esmont, VA

Top notch people. I trust Bartlett.
John R., Charlottesville, VA

James and the technicians who represent Bartlett are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Our trees and shrubs are in good hands.
Joanne M., Charlottesville, VA

So knowledgeable.
Jon G., Esmont, VA

Professional and pleasant fellas. I am very impressed with the Bartlett crew and would be happy to have them do more work here.
John R., Charlottesville, VA

As always, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. They take time to answer questions and make suggestions regarding additional work we might consider to ensure the health of shrubs and trees.
Joanne M., Charlottesville, VA

Always professional. And we really like James Walker. He is a pleasure to work with.
Burton W., Stanardsville, VA

All of the Bartlett crews have been fantastic to work with. They are polite, conscientious, and clean up afterwards. I am amazed at their ability to take a large tree and sculpt it into something that is shaped evenly on all sides and beautiful. They are tree artists.
Shannon W., Charlottesville, VA

James Walker has been great, very knowledgeable, and responsive to my needs.
Leslie Q., Charlottesville, VA

James was wonderfully helpful, as always. The crew led by Luis Fisher was courteous and efficient.
Diane L., Charlottesville, VA

Consistently professional and courteous. Well informed on best steps for ensuring health of trees. Also, attentive to concerns and responsive to questions. We are loyal customers.
Joanne M., Charlottesville, VA

Louis was an excellent leader and excellent communicator.
Adam S., Charlottesville, VA

Everyone is always very friendly when they arrive and do their jobs very professionally. I am always impressed with the speed and quality of the work they do.
Raman P., Charlottesville, VA

James has been exceptional. He formalized a path ahead for the care of our trees and has overseen the execution of each phase. Very pleased with the service we have been shown.
Tamara B., Scottsville, VA

We moved into an old house, and James and the Bartlett crew are doing a wonderful job at bringing our trees back to health and beauty. We are very grateful.
Maggie U., Scottsville, VA

I love James Walker. What a knowledgeable arborist. He communicates his thoughts so clearly.
John G., Esmont, VA

Amazing Service, pleasant staff. Working with Bartlett has been wonderful all round from the time of first call.
Catherine M., Keene, VA

Keep up the good work.
Bruce C., Charlottesville, VA

James is a great arborist and I have enjoyed working with him through the years. He has helped me enact and, most importantly, keep to a scheduled care plan for my property. Work is scheduled for the entire year and I do not need to constantly follow up to make sure Bartlett delivers. Without James' direction and Bartlett's care, my mature trees and shrubs would be in a sorry shape.
Neil P., Charlottesville, VA

Bartlett’s staff is highly knowledgeable, professional, friendly, easy to work with, and looked out for my best interest. I would recommend them to anyone who needs tree care services.
Stephen H., Ruckersville, VA

James was knowledgeable, personable, and communicated well. Very pleased, did not meet the crew on workday, but they left the property clean and tidy. Thanks.
Lauren O., Charlottesville, VA

Extremely satisfied with Bartlett and probably will be calling them in for any work in the future.
Pamela K., Keene, VA

The guys in the field were great. James was very helpful and knows his job very well. Really appreciate him talking all phases of treatment with me.
Paul N., North Garden, VA

I just love the communication and the professional way they do business. It is hard to find a business which still believe in these two things.
Theresa H., Charlottesville, VA

Always very happy with the service and advice I get from James Walker. I feel that I can trust what he recommends as being what my trees need, rather than just trying to sell me something.
Elizabeth M., Charlottesville, VA

James is always professional and very knowledgeable. We really value his service to our property. Wayne is also very professional in application process. We highly recommend Bartlett to friends and family.
Lenora T., Charlottesville, VA

James is always professional and very knowledgeable. We really value his service to our property. Wayne is also very professional in application process. We highly recommend Bartlett to friends and family.
Lenora T., Charlottesville, VA

James is always very responsive and talking with him is enjoyable and educational.
Michele B., Charlottesville, VA

Mr. Walker stays in touch. He diagnosed the problem with our tree immediately, arranged for treatment, and the whole experience was seamless.
Jon G., Esmont, VA

James Walker is the best. He is very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with us.
Deborah J., Charlottesville, VA

The staff is extremely courteous and responsive. James is very friendly, offers sound advice, very responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Mohammed S., Charlottesville, VA

I always look forward to working with James Walker. His experience and problem-solving abilities are second to none. This is the second project that James has supervised for me at my Saint George Avenue rental and the quality of the work by his team has exceeded my expectations each time. I also have Bartlett Tree Service manage my home in Charlottesville as well, and the quality and efficient work performed has been outstanding.
Mark C., Charlottesville, VA

I truly appreciated James Walker's advice on how best to care for and treat my Ash trees. He did not try to upsell me on services. His advice was geared toward developing a multi-year relationship with Bartlett to monitor and protect the trees from Emerald Ash Borer beetle infestation.
Jennifer F., Charlottesville, VA

Mr. Walker is absolutely top drawer and really knows what he Is doing. Excellent in all regards.
William E., Charlottesville, VA

Very knowledgeable and professional.
Joan B., Ruckersville, VA

James and team are always helpful, professional, and go above and beyond to make sure our grounds are in good shape.
Neil P., Charlottesville, VA

I appreciate being called that a staff member plans to come do the treatment and that a leaflet is left on the door indicating the treatment was done. I appreciate James Walkers, knowledge of my trees and soil.
Sandra J., Charlottesville, VA

Communication is always timely and work done when and promised.
Maggie S., Charlottesville, VA

Bartlett has been taking care of the old Oaks on my property for many years. I have always found them to be knowledgable, professional, informative, and friendly.
Dana S., Madison, VA

The staff is efficient, courteous, and responsive. The guys who came to cut a broken branch were very efficient, did the work to my satisfaction and left the place clean after cutting the branch. I still have work to be done in December orJanuary and cannot comment on that job. Wayne who sprays the Boxwood in my garden is most efficient, most cooperative, and courteous. I urge you to keep him.
M. Sawaie, Charlottesville, VA

We love James Walker professional, knowledgeable, and explains and teaches us about our property.
Lenora T, Charlottesville, VA

James is the best. He is professional and friendly. His knowledge of plants and trees is a joy to experience.
Bobie B., Stanardsville, VA

Always checking on me and making sure I am kept appraised of work that needs to be done on my property. I really appreciate it.
Scott B., Charlottesville, VA

James is knowledgeable and competent. I trust his recommendations.
Jonathan H., Charlottesville, VA

James Walker is a pleasure to work with, he is knowledgable, courteous, and I appreciate that he does not push work or treatments that are not needed for the care of my two Dogwood trees. I feel that I can trust the information he provides, and he is happy to explain anything that I may not understand. I do not have as much contact with your office staff, but whenever I have had to call, they have always been very courteous, friendly, and helpful.
Elizabeth M., Charlottesville, VA

Our fruit trees an all our other trees were pruned perfectly. We are thrilled with Bartlett's attention to detail.
Nick D., Charlottesville, VA

The members of The Madison Garden Club owe a great debt of gratitude to you for the very fine Tree Pruning Demonstration and morning of work donated to us. It was a very hot Wednesday, and we were not sure how it would go due to the heat. But, at the end of the morning, all of us felt that we had indeed experienced a high-level tree pruning class, where we learned by watching and helping to make decisions about growth of branches that would be removed from the Flowering Crabapple Tree in the garden at Madison County High School. I have checked the tree this week, and it seems quite happy with reduced size. At the end of the day, one of our members said, “I thought I knew something about pruning, and what I learned was that most of what I thought I knew was wrong." Another member who has worked in the tree and plant business for many years, stated that she could not believe that you would be so generous with your time and skills that will benefit us so much. We have never had the level of educational experience that Mr. Walker provided and at no cost to us. To have the grinding of the large quantity of branches and their removal from the school grounds so promptly was an extra special benefit to us. As President of the Madison Garden Club, I am personally grateful to you for the very professional introduction of yourself, explaining the way that you came to be in the business of caring for trees, and the well-illustrated equipment along with explanation of why and when each is used was most beneficial. The safety rules and explanation of importance of always having safety the number one priority when doing this kind of work should never be omitted from such a demonstration. I am also personally pleased to have been able to introduce you to some of our garden club members, as you have been our go to person for tree care on our home property for several years. It is my hope that some Madison Garden Club members will contact you whenever they have a need of expert tree care.
M. G. C., Madison, VA

James Walker was knowledgeable, courteous, and answered all my questions. He has even been available to answer subsequent questions via email. He is an excellent arborist.
Willa P., Charlottesville, VA

James is always friendly and professional. He is quick to answer emails and manages to make a stressful situation not seem so bad. Very impressed how his crew worked through the rain.
B. N., Charlottesville, VA

James was very helpful and took plenty of time to decide with us what should be done. The crew was courteous, knowledgeable, and left the site very clean.
Ginny Z., Charlottesville, VA

We had a huge Dawn Redwood that we loved but the roots were destroying our yard and starting to buckle our sidewalk. We contacted several companies regarding removal of the tree and grounding out the stump. Bartlett responded quickly and had the best price. They showed up on the date and time that they were supposed to and did a fabulous job. The young men that ground out the surface roots went beyond what we had expected. They were courteous and did an awesome job. We definitely recommend Bartlett and should the need arise will most assuredly use their services.
Anne G., Charlottesville, VA

Trees look fabulous. The crew did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves.
Michelle H., Ruckersville, VA

Cannot recommend Bartlett enough. They always do stellar work and so friendly. Guy just came back out to cut up the tree they felled and offered to give us free firewood off his truck.
Jenee L., Ruckersville, VA

The analysis, the work done, your crew, and the follow-up has been very satisfactory. Thanks for the good job.
Marilynne E., Stanardsville, VA

James Walker is a delight to work with. Always responsive, thoughtful about his recommendations, and respectful of my budget.
Robert A., Charlottesville, VA

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