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Jacob West

Local Manager & Board Certified Master Arborist

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Jacob West, Local Manager & Board Certified Master Arborist at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our San Antonio, TX office.

More about Jacob West

Jacob has been involved in tree care for more than 25 years. He began climbing and pruning trees in East Texas for a small tree care company while attending Arthur Temple School of Forestry at Stephen F. Austin State University. After he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry with an Urban Forestry emphasis, Jacob joined Bartlett Tree Experts in 2006.

An ISA Certified Arborist, Jacob is also Oak Wilt Qualified, a Texas Department of Agriculture Certified Applicator, a Bartlett Local Office Manager, and an active member of the San Antonio Arborists Association. Utilizing Bartlett’s scientific approach to keeping trees healthy and safe, Jacob helps customers take the best care of their landscapes.

Jacob is a volunteer instructor at local arboricultural education workshops and training events. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family kayaking, bicycling, and listening to live music. His favorite Texas native tree is the post oak, and his favorite trees in the world are redwoods—which he’s climbed!

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Jacob West

Outstanding team that worked with great focus, organized, and coordinated with one another. I was really impressed with their team focus and customer friendly approach. I strongly recommend the Bartlett tree team for their home improvement and maintenance.
Nathan N., San Antonio, TX

I appreciate your professional staff. I do not have to worry about the quality of the work or the attention to detail.
Steve H., San Antonio, TX

Everyone I have dealt with at Bartlett Tree Experts has been friendly, professional, and customer focused. Every question I asked was answered promptly and I have no complaints at all.
Randy W., San Antonio, TX

We can maintain our yard and trees at a certain level of care, but we rely on Bartlett for important work in maintenance, restoration, and health. Our arborist, Jacob West, is a great help. Our "warrior" crew of Chris and Richard are our favorites. They are professional and creative in tree shaping and salvation. We have years of drought, ice storms, and no real soil. Our Texas yard needs Bartlett Tree Experts annually.
Julie W., Spring Branch, TX

I found the crew attentive, professional, and seemed genuinely happy to be doing their job well.
Jo Anne S., San Antonio, TX

I am trusting Bartlett Tree Services with the care and feeding of the tremendous, large, old Oak trees on our property. The trees are in good hands. Thank you.
Dale A., San Antonio, TX

Everyone we dealt with was fabulous. The crew here were efficient and very friendly. They left the yard clean and as if they were never here. The trees that were pruned look wonderful.
Suzanne H., Castle Hills, TX

Both crew and arborist are very well informed and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Maria P., San Antonio, TX

Courteous arborist and crew. Timely take down of a damaged tree.
Susan T., San Antonio, TX

Bartlett has the most professional and knowledgeable team, always polite and personable. They always respond to our questions and asks. We have been using them for several years now and they have helped beautify our property. Highly recommend them for all your needs.
Kris B., Spring Branch, TX

Everyone was wonderful. Could not ask for more. The crew was terrific. Very pleased with everything. Thank you all so very much. I truly appreciate all the hard work.
Denise W., San Antonio, TX

Nineteen years ago I bought some amazing trees and my houses came with them. For that entire time Bartlett, Jacob West, and the San Antonio crew have done amazing work caring for them for me. I cannot imagine that there is anyone better when it comes to caring for my trees.
Terry M., San Antonio, TX

Chris and his crew of two men arrived, well equipped for the work of removing our very sad Loquat tree, deteriorating in the front yard. They were courteous and worked quickly, finishing the job in just an hour. They carried off the remains off the tree and swept up afterward. The stump of the tree was left as I wanted it, low to the ground. Speaking with Chris for a few moments afterward, I was happy to learn that he had been with the company for ten years and that the employees were treated well, which is also reflected in the quality of the work. I would be happy to recommend the company to friends and neighbors.
Rona A., San Antonio, TX

Jacob is the best person to work with. He understands our needs and offers multiple suggestions on the best care of our trees. We have gotten to know him over the years and respect his thoughtful approach to our tree care.
Matthew T., San Antonio, TX

Jacob and the tech are always a pleasure to work with.
Richard O., Bulverde, TX

As always, great service, and customer courtesy.
Gloria L., Bulverde, TX

The crew is very friendly and professional. I appreciate the care they take with my trees and all my plants, both potted and in ground. Bartlett is very responsive, problem solving, focused, and friendly.
Patricia R., San Antonio, TX

Jacob West is the best and always so helpful. Everyone else is always so courteous.
Janice R., San Antonio, TX

My arborist went above and beyond. He explained what he was doing and how long it would take. You can tell that he cares about trees and he likes his job.
Wendell C., San Antonio, TX

Everything was great, from the ladies that answer the phone, schedule the work, to the crew that came out and did the work, very, very pleased. The crew, Chris, Luke, and Richard had done work for me in the past, they are the best. I only wish that all the organizations that I have to deal with were as efficient and professional as your folks.
Tom H., Castle Hills, TX

Very knowledgeable, someone who I can trust. I have been a long time customer and recommend them highly.
Peggy J., San Antonio, TX

Our contacts with your team are always positive, pleasant, and productive. Many thanks for providing such caring, informative services.
Marybeth P., San Antonio, TX

All are very professional, courteous, and willing to accommodate.
Ralph Y., San Antonio, TX

We continue to rely upon the recommendations from the arborist about the health and care of our old Oak trees. We rely on your expertise.
Kathleen N., San Antonio, TX

Jacob West has always provided the best maintenance program for all our trees. The representative who does the on site work is very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Thank you for the overall excellent service, I will never use any other arborists.
Cappy B., San Antonio, TX

Jacob West has always done an outstanding job taking care of my trees. Chris, Richard, and Luke did an excellent job pruning my trees after the ice storm. The other crew members who fertilize and spray the trees annually are always professional and do a great job. Bartlett Tree Experts is second to none for complete tree care.
Adam W., Spring Branch, TX

The representative and crew members were lovely. Warm hearted, courteous, people with a nice sense of humor and professionalism. They were all very knowledgeable and even took the time to teach me how to care for my various trees and shrubs. I would strongly recommend this team.
Stacy J., San Antonio, TX

The office staff and Jacob were excellent as always. I was really impressed with Chris, the crew chief, Richard, and Luke. They were extremely courteous, worked quickly and efficiently, and the finished product was exceptional. Chris and his crew are an asset for Bartlett and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Take good care of them, they are taking good care of Bartlett.
Richard O., Bulverde, TX

Everyone was professional and courteous. They responded promptly to our needs. Great job all the way around.
George M., San Antonio, TX

Even a disastrous ice storm could not hinder your service and expert care. Thank you. After clearing debris, your crews and arborists reshaped crippled trees so they would have a chance to thrive.
Julie W., Spring Branch, TX

Jacob and the crew of Chris and Jack were very pleasant in working to complete the job. Just keep up the great work.
John N., Spring Branch, TX

The crew and arborist, Jacob West, as always, had my ice downed tree limbs removed faster than what I thought was possible. I could not have asked for any better or faster service. My front lawn looked so good after tree limb removable that my neighbors felt jealous and told me my front lawn was perfect. Hats off to the crew.
Bob F., San Antonio, TX

Jacob has been great to work with over the years. Always great service.
Jeff S., San Antonio, TX

Professional, courteous, always notified us when here and when finished. Great team, great company.
Kris B., Spring Branch, TX

We have used Bartlett Tree Experts for years and years and they have always done great work for us. We highly recommend them.
Jeff B., San Antonio, TX

Both the staff and the crew were very pleasant and helpful.
James B., San Antonio, TX

Quick response to questions. Very professional customer service.
Eileen J., San Antonio, TX

Jacob West is a great Arborist, more importantly he shares his knowledge and helped us understand the process.
Thomas I., San Antonio, TX

Thank you, Jacob, and associates. All went well with the fertilization this year. We will continue to rely upon Bartlett to save our trees and landscape.
Julie W., Spring Branch, TX

Appreciate Jacob's knowledge and insight especially the Crape Myrtle bark scale. Excellent communication with job foreman Chris during pruning job leading to enhanced outcome. Crew Richard and Luke did a great job pruning a tall tree with branches over my house approaching a chimney. Very efficient, professional, and courteous staff at every level.
Ralph T., San Antonio, TX

Our arborist, Jacob is great, knowledgeable, professional, and I always trust his judgment on the care of my trees. The crew was courteous, skilled, efficient, and respectful of me and my property, as always.
James K., San Antonio, TX

Professional, polite team from start to finish. Very happy with the work.
Pam K., Castle Hills, TX

Chris and his crew did a brilliant job sculpting my Oak tree into something that now looks like a healthy, thriving Oak tree.
David S., San Antonio, TX

Delighted to commend Jacob and all the staff of the San Antonio office for outstanding service.
Gloria L., Bulverde, TX

We are very pleased with the services we received. All Bartlett personnel were helpful and responsive to our requests.
Eileen J., San Antonio, TX

Everyone was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Highly recommend their service to anyone looking to preserve and maximize tree health.
Valorie B., San Antonio, TX

Friendly and very professional.
Randy W., San Antonio, TX

Jacob West is always a pleasure to work with, he is knowledgeable and listens well to my requests. I use Bartlett regularly and have been happy with the work.
John D., San Antonio, TX

We can not thank you all enough. You all identified the issues and then took such good care of our tress. We have used Bartlett Trees for over twenty years and we are so happy. Thank you.
Jeff B., San Antonio, TX

Everyone we dealt with was courteous, professional, and very pleasant. We would not hesitate to recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Michelle W., Bulverde, TX

I continue to use Bartlett because of staff, like Jacob West. The crews are respectful and I can not imagine anything they could do better. Jacob is excellent. He is knowledgeable and courteous. I respect the way he does business.
Charlie M., San Antonio, TX

Jacob has always been very helpful to us with advice, suggestions, and information of care for shrubs and trees in our problematic yard. Always on time for appointments and sending proposals.
Marilyn K., San Antonio, TX

Jacob, Jack, and the others were helpful explaining things and answering questions that I had. I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts for your needs.
Roberta W., Bulverde, TX

Excellent experience with the crew that came to my house. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy shown. Bartlett has a customer for life.
Brynn K., San Antonio, TX

All was done professionally. Jacob is very helpful, accurate on quotes, and very customer oriented. The three man team that did the work was superb.
David S., Shavano Park, TX

Jacob was very professional and quickly provided a proposal. Jack, the Technician, was very polite and knowledgable in providing your services.
Patricia K., San Antonio, TX

Your crew is the best. Jacob is the best arborist in the country. He has helped maintain my yard for many years. I believe I have been a customer for 18 years. Never had any bad experience with Bartlett Trees. My service on my yard is fantastic. From the initial meeting at the door, from Jake until the end of the service where I get an update on my plants, trees, and shrubs, HE is fantastic. He cares about my yards needs, and explains to me in detail the service that was done. Ten stars to all.
Ray K., San Antonio, TX

Everyone has been informative, helpful, and professional. Really appreciated Jacob brining a consultant by to look at an Oak with bacteria and for all his help with scheduling at a very busy time for you all. Every service person on site was informative and did their job with attention and care. I appreciated the communication at the door when I was available. Loved the expertise of our Palm tree clean up crew.
Pamela L., Castle Hills, TX

Courteous, and knowledgeable. Crew was very careful on property. Met all expectations.
James K., San Antonio, TX

Jacob called to check with me during the time the crew was working, to check on how I felt about the work. The crew, Chris, Luke, and Richard were a pleasure, taking time to answer my questions.
Susan T., San Antonio, TX

Jacob was knowledgeable about trees and explained what I needed to do to help save a Red Oak. He also had some other suggestions to help other trees. The crew that arrived to do the pruning were all very friendly and courteous. I will recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to anyone in need of professional tree service. I will use them again in the future.
Charles D., San Antonio, TX

Everyone is always professional and kind. I feel comfortable having them at my home whether I am here or not. Thank you to Jacob West and his crew for helping us to keep our trees looking good .
Matthew G., Hollywood Park, TX

I have had three Bartlett treatment visits to date, The crews have always been courteous.
Michaell H., San Antonio, TX

Dealt directly with Jacob, Chris, and Jack. All were very courteous, professional, and listened to our needs and concerns. They offered top notch recommendations and explained in detail to our satisfaction. Professional customer service offered at all levels of contact with Bartlett from administrative staff to workers. Outstanding company to do business with.
Ralph Y., San Antonio, TX

We have used Bartlett now for ten years or more. They have done the trimming but more important we are on an annual program for pest control on the yes and fertilizing. Our yes are extremely healthy. Excellent team. Highly recommend.
Kris B., Spring Branch, TX

Absolutely wonderful from beginning to end. Jacob was so knowledgeable and understanding, and the crew worked quickly and with great attention to detail. We were so impressed with how well they took care of our trees, and with how neat they left the job site. Our backyard has never looked better. Will absolutely recommend to everyone.
Derek Z., San Antonio, TX

Jason examined my Red Oak trees which were damaged by a severe freeze. His expertise was obvious, and I felt confident in his recommendations. Thankfully, he was not too pushy. Just very professional. Luke treated for borers and fertilized. He was very courteous and answered all my questions with professional patience.
Sharon W., San Antonio, TX

Because I bought my tree and the house came with it seventeen years ago. Bartlett Tree Experts and Jacob have been the only business and person I have trusted with it. Jacob has always taken the time to look at everything in my yard and answer every question I have. This latest trimming was the best yet and it was a pleasure watching the crew go over every branch. Amazing.
Terry M., San Antonio, TX

The work that we had done was perfect. Excellent and courteous crew. No evidence that anyone had worked on this site, all branches and leaves removed at the end of the job. We could not be happier. At last, we had people who knew what they were doing.
John and Ann W., San Antonio, TX

Whole crew and staff were outstanding.
Janice R., San Antonio, TX

I have used Bartlett off and on through the years. Very knowledgeable. Excellent job.
Monica G., San Antonio, TX

Thanks and praise for Jacob West, and crew, Chris, Richard, and their associate, whose name I failed to ask. All are just the best at their knowledge and customer service. Hard work gave us a terrific job. Appreciate Bartlett billing through email notice and account website. Making appointments and notifications of crew arrival is well done.
Julie W., Spring Branch, TX

All of the staff is attentive and quick to respond. Jacob gives personal attention and genuinely cares about the trees.
Don E., San Antonio, TX

Our arborist representative, Jacob West, was extremely professional, trustworthy, attentive, and able to answer any question we had. The job was done timely and done right. Javier and Jack Z.. as well as Rodolfo, were an efficient and hard working crew. The place was left spotless. Thanks Bartlett. I will definitely be using your services again in the future.
Blake Z., San Antonio, TX

The crew, with Chris as a leader, was spectacular. They were professional, courteous, and helped educate us. My husband also enjoyed being out with them.
Kris B., Spring Branch, TX

I sincerely appreciate Jacob and Bartlett for their expeditious handling of the storm damaged tree in my backyard. I am truly amazed at how efficiently Jacob was able to handle this situation, especially since there are more storms threatening our area which would have no doubt damaged this tree further. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone or any business in the area who is in need of tree repair service, particularly if damaged trees are in need of attention.
Charles H., Shavano Park, TX

From start to finish the Bartlett team was extremely professional, punctual, and thorough. Jacob West explained everything completely and answered all questions and concerns. The pruning crew did an outstanding job. Their work ethic was above reproach and they left the yard spotless. The fertilization was done in the same manner.
Gary B., San Antonio, TX

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