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Ian Groy

Arborist Representative

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Ian Groy, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our State College, PA office.

More about Ian Groy

Ian Groy joined Bartlett Tree Experts in 2013. He has worked as a production climber and plant health care specialist. He is a Pennsylvania College of Technology graduate with an Associates Degree in Landscape Nursery Technology. He is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture and is a Certified Arborist. He is a Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist, as well as a licensed Pennsylvania pesticide applicator. Ian specializes in providing high quality tree care and pest and soil management.

Ian volunteers his time with the Pennsylvania College of Technology Forestry and Landscape programs. He has presented at various professional organizations and numerous regional garden clubs. He is a devoted husband and father who loves spending time with his family.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Ian Groy

Ian Groy is the best. I always learn something.
Loren C., Boalsburg, PA

Ian Groy is excellent to work with. I appreciate that he was able to recommend a Bartlett Tree Experts office in Maine that has been able to treat trees at my summer cottage for BTM over several summers. Mr. Groy is willing to listen when we walk around my State College property and to make practical recommendations.
Mary Ann S., State College, PA

Ian was great. He managed to fit my small Job into his schedule quickly. The crew took all the brush away. I did call the office to make arrangements for signing my contract because my iPad could not download the PDF. It was no problem at all. The woman employee was very nice, wish I remembered her name. I will definitely call Bartlett again if I have any tree concerns. Plus, I would recommend Bartlett to anyone who needed a tree surgeon or had tree or shrub questions.
Cathy K., State College, PA

Arborist Ian is very professional and knowledgeable. We have had him for years now and been 100 percent pleased. Staff that has come to do treatments have also been efficient and professional.
Trisha S., State College, PA

Timely, quality service by professionals.
Linda M., Boalsburg, PA

Great job, did what was in the scope of work quickly and efficiently. Excellent clean up afterwards.
Katherine H., Boalsburg, PA

Everyone that I have dealt with has been friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. I have appreciated the help that they have given and the clear and thoughtful recommendations that they have provided.
Marci R., Mill Hall, PA

Ian Groy does a great job.
Patrick and Alaina M., Centre Hall, PA

Always polite and well trained for their job.
Elaine S., State College, PA

Knowledgeable and professional.
Jeff and Linda D., Boalsburg, PA

Ian Groy is great to work with. Very knowledgeable and responsive.
Heidi N., State College, PA

Well trained, polite, courteous, efficient, can not ask for any more.
Dennis H., Centre Hall, PA

Everybody is very efficient and professional. Bartlett has always done quality work for us.
Rhonda S., State College, PA

Just keep doing what you are doing. A very fine group of people. Ian is truly a star on your team.
Beverly K., State College, PA

Why try to fix something that isn’t broken. Great people to work with and it is obvious that they care if you are satisfied with the results. When they are done you would be impressed how well they clean up.
Larry H., Boalsburg, PA

Contacted us about the arrival time of the fertilizing application which is usually what happens. Your crew members are always very courteous and helpful. Ian Groy has been working with us for four years, especially to save our big established Dogwood, an ongoing effort, but otherwise it would be gone. He is always responsive to our questions and concerns which we appreciate very much. I wish we had known about Bartlett at the time eight years ago when our Dogwood first needed your care.
Susan S., State College, PA

One treatment so far this season, no contact with staff at that time. Ian sent me notice today that they will be out tomorrow. The notice was much appreciated.
Cheryl B., State College, PA

No complaints, very happy with the service. Ian and his gang have our backs.
Jim M., State College, PA

Crew did a very nice job. Ian is always quite responsive and easy to work with.
Dennis S., State College, PA

Our experience was great. No improvement needed. Ian and staff have always been fantastic to work with. They are great at answering questions and communicating when they will come by for services. We have been very pleased working with Bartlett for over seven years.
Chris W., State College, PA

I have never had anything less than a great experience with Bartlett Tree Service. All of your employees are excellent. I was sad when Ed retired, but he assured me that I would be very happy with Ian. Ed was so right, Ian is great.
Jane S., State College, PA

You are the best. Staff is unequalled, very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and courteous. I would highly recommend Bartlett to anyone that cares about their trees.
Karen J., State College, PA

Extremely knowledgeable and courteous.
Charles T., State College, PA

Completely met expectations. Definitely would use them again. They are my tree guys.
Tammy D., Boalsburg, PA

All went really well. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Kathleen M., State College, PA

Excellent job.
Rachel F., Boalsburg, PA

Kim made the scheduling so easy and Ian was so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for helping us to save our tree.
Marci R., Mill Hall, PA

I enjoy Ian Groy’s visits to my property. He is very knowledgeable and has given me excellent advice on the maintenance of my trees and landscaping. All of the staff that I have met during services to my property have been professional and courteous. I have recommended Bartlett Tree Experts to neighbors and friends and will continue to do so.
Linda M., Boalsburg, PA

Ian you are the best. Always willing to discuss my yard upkeep with me. The men were here to fertilize all the beds and were great.
James and Gloria S., State College, PA

I have always been happy with the work that has been done.
Lois L., Boalsburg, PA

Everything was done professionally and to my satisfaction. Ian Groy is an outstanding arborist and is a pleasure to work with. He is always friendly, and very informative. I always learn so much about our trees and shrubs when he does our annual consultation. His suggestions for maintenance of our landscape have always been spot on, and the condition of our trees and shrubs have greatly improved because of his suggested treatments. Keep up the good work.
Carol S., State College, PA

Everyone involved was professional and considerate in a manner that was exceptional.
Robert B., State College, PA

You provide excellent customer service. Ian is great, I was not here for the work being done so cannot comment on the others. If it was Cody, we already know he is fabulous too.
Beth K., State College, PA

Five stars out of five for arborist Ian. Five stars out of five for crew members. Always much patience with my many questions. Clean up afterwards was fantastic. They even had to remove, then put back in place Christmas decor so they could do their work. Everything left in perfect order. As I said, five stars out of five. We have used them for years and will use them for many more. Have recommended them to others.
Trisha S., State College, PA

I cannot say enough about Ian. He is always taking the time to answer my questions and provide me with valuable information to help maintain my landscape. He always gets back to me promptly by email. Your team is always courteous and friendly.
Debbie D., Boalsburg, PA

Everything went smoothly, and I am glad they offered to save my tree instead of immediately suggesting to cut it down or remove it.
William R., State College, PA

Thank you to Ian and Jacob for the great work on my property this year.
Terry M., Mifflin, PA

Ian is Fantastic, the crew is exceptionally efficient and office staff is very helpful. Highly recommended.
Bill B., State College, PA

All were very friendly and professional.
Gloria D., State College, PA

Both employees were courteous and were happy to answer any questions I had.
Pat H., State College, PA

Completely satisfied, no suggestions. Ian Groy, arborist, prompt with appointments, excellent diagnostician of problem, have a plan for timing and treatment of continuing service.
Thomas S., State College, PA

The crew did a great job and I am very happy with the result. Will call Bartlett again when in need of work to be completed.
Doug P., State College, PA

Your crew did a great job. I call Bartlett Tree the Chick-fil-a of tree service. I do not know where you find these guys but they are all so respectful, kind, and knowledgeable, including you.
Mary M., State College, PA

Crew members were excellent in their communication and attitudes. Our arborist, Ian, is excellent. A true professional. The trees that were trimmed looked natural, as if they were not cut back. Cleanup was excellent.
Pete R., State College, PA

Staff always professional and courteous. Very good at keeping in communication concerning work to be done.
Laura B., State College, PA

Very professional, something we appreciate.
Gladys K., State College, PA

Appreciated the professionalism and responsiveness of your folks. I will be calling again for any future tree services.
Dave D., Spring Mills, PA

Very thorough and knowledgeable. Did a great job. Will definitely use them again.
Dennis and Pam D., Boalsburg, PA

Application visits are always efficient and unobtrusive. I enjoy periodic reviews by Ian. He is knowledgeable and observant, and his recommendations are always within bounds of our property's needs and future welfare. He is a real asset for Bartlett. His staff is, too.
Don K., Boalsburg, PA

Polite staff. Knowledgeable Arborist. Worked with me on pricing and schedule. I would recommend them to anyone. Their service was WOW.
Greg I., State College, PA

All were very friendly and professional. Excellent work. Not a single flower or shrub in the area they were working was touched. The large limb we wanted removed from over the roof of the house was roped, cut, lifted, and lowered to the ground. We were impressed.
Tom D., State College, PA

Ian Groy is very knowledgeable and we appreciate his advice. Some work was done right away and on others wait and see. The technician always lets me know before he sprays, which is very important.
Elaine S., State College, PA

Always knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. It is a pleasure to deal with Bartlett.
Jane S., State College, PA

Ian Groy is pleasant and professional, good to work with. I appreciate his good advice.
Steven B., Boalsburg, PA

The experience with Bartlett was excellent. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. I would highly recommend this company.
Carolyn A., Boalsburg, PA

Very happy with my experience.
Mary Ellen S., State College, PA

They were great.
MeeCee B., Port Royal, PA

Great job, professional, friendly, and attentive.
Judy L., State College, PA

Great visit today. First rate service.
Tom B., Boalsburg, PA

I must tell you that you as well as your crew are great. They, as well as you, have been so polite and courteous. Truly the best customer service we have gotten from anyone for anything else.
Jaimie M., State College, PA

What a great job your crew did today. So impressed with their work, work ethic, and the care they took taking down the trees. Super nice guys, too.
Jen S., Centre Hall, PA

Ian was super nice and knowledgeable during our appointment when we walked the property and went over everything that needed to be done.
Michele R., State College, PA

The arborist and crew who cut down my mother's tree were all very professional and easy to work with. Great job.
Cheryl B., State College, PA

Ian Groy is very helpful and a pleasure to work with.
Mary Ann S., State College, PA

Walking my property with Ian is always a pleasure. I have very mature trees that had some issues and Ian prescribed the correct course of action. I could not be happier.
Chris H., Lewistown, PA

Ian Groy has extensive scientific knowledge about a variety of plants and the things that attack them. He is well thought of by his clients.
Elaine S., State College, PA

Ian Groy, and staff handling the tree spraying, have all been great at their jobs. They have been prompt and efficient. Ian has helped get our fungus damaged Serviceberry tree back to health this year, and has also been helpful with advice on caring for other new or existing trees and bushes. Ian and your office field staff have provided us with excellent service over the years we have used Bartlett.
Richard & Phyllis K., Boalsburg, PA

Ian Groy is an excellent representative for Bartlett. He has broad knowledge of diseases and insects. He shares his knowledge and wisdom for treatment. We trust his knowledge.
Elaine S., State College, PA

All the Bartlett employees we have worked with have been excellent. Our Serviceberry tree has been somewhat unhealthy and very slow growing since we planted it three years ago, and was diagnosed this spring by Ian, with rust. Following root injection and the third spraying recommended, the tree is looking much better and branching out more than at any stage since we have had it.
Richard K., Boalsburg, PA

Always good working with Ian and his team. They know what they are doing and are always timely, professional, efficient, and friendly. It is evident that Ian not only knows his trees and plant material, but he loves what he does.
Mary Ann B., State College, PA

Ian Groy was very thorough in his inspection and explanation. I very much appreciate his expertise, professionalism, and courteousness.
Cathy M., State College, PA

Ian and the crew were fabulous to deal with, hard workers, creative, and the real deal. Love 'em.
Mark G., Northumberland, PA

I like working with Ian Groy and his company. They keep my row of Hemlocks healthy and beautiful.
Carolyn H., State College, PA

I was out of town during the most recent visit for tree pruning. When I returned, I did not notice the trimming had been done. To me, that is a sure sign of a job well done. My thanks to Ian and his team for all of their efforts.
Jeff S., Boalsburg, PA

Our Arborist, Ian Groy, is always very responsive to any questions or concerns about our property.
Kathy R., State College, PA

Ian was amazing and super knowledgeable. Great guy.
Sarah C., Boalsburg, PA

Thanks Ian for stopping by and giving us your thoughts after our Hemlocks were trimmed. Diane and I value your individualized recommendations and feel good about the treatment our landscaping has received.
Stephen and Diane I., Lewisburg, PA

Ian Groy is extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, and friendly. He takes a genuine interest in our property. We could not be more pleased with his services.
Barbara F., Boalsburg, PA

We appreciate Ian sharing his knowledge and expertise. He has been great to work with.
Tammy W., Boalsburg, PA

Always professional and responsive with trusted advice. I treasure my trees and gardens and Ian takes good care of them for me.
Cathy A., Lewisburg, PA

Ian responded to our request to evaluate the storm damage to a tree on our property. He arrived at our property the same morning and was able to give us his professional advice to save the tree and sent us a proposal of the work to be done the following day. We were so impressed with his expertise and timely response in spite of it being a busy time in the area after the storm and high winds. The crew members arrived on time to complete the project efficiently with exceptional expertise. They explained the need for what they were doing to give the tree the best possible chance to survive. Not only were they professional, but also very personable. We would not hesitate to recommend Bartlett and we actually have to our daughter, who lives close by. So nice to do business with a quality company who not only takes care of the customer but their employees as well. This was obvious by the way everyone took pride and care in their workmanship.
Harold and Betty B., State College, PA

My husband and I feel your staff does a great job. Ian is a pleasure to work with. He responded immediately when we suffered major tree damage as a result of numerous storms these past few months. He is an experienced Arborist. He is helpful and has given us good suggestions on trees for our property. We have complete confidence in his work. Your service technicians have always been courteous. They are able to answer any questions we have and they seem to care about our trees and bushes, which is important to us.
Ken H., Winfield, PA

Ian impressed me with his wide knowledge and ability to assess our particular property needs. He was cordial, personable, and thoughtful. I wish medical doctors were always able to make you feel as cared about.
Joy A., Centre Hall, PA

I can depend on Ian responding promptly to my calls and following up with me after treatments to my trees. I have been pleased with the service Bartlett has provided for my property.
Linda M., Boalsburg, PA

Ian and his team are great.
Jeff S., Boalsburg, PA

Ian is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about trees. He delivers great customer service as well.
Tory K., Lewisburg, PA

Outstanding staff and service. Ian Groy is always prompt to respond and extremely helpful, ensuring that all our questions and concerns are promptly addressed. All personnel are extremely courteous. They ensure that all services are provided on time and are responsive to our needs.
Bill B., State College, PA

Pleasant, knowledgeable, and diligent workers. Ian in particular is impressive with his knowledge of plants and manner of communication. All give confidence that the job is being done correctly.
David S., Lewisburg, PA

Ian was knowledgeable, courteous, and competent. Will continue to use Bartlett's services in the future.
Sajay S., State College, PA

Mr. Groy was knowledgeable and suggested to cut down a sick tree. The job was done within the time expected and the crew was polite and efficient.
Constanza E., Boalsburg, PA

All of the Bartlett staff that were responsible for our tree removal and stump grinding were courteous, friendly, and professional. Each person on site introduced themself and explained the scope of the work to be done and the estimated time it would take. This is customer service at its best, and it did not go unnoticed. Very impressed with Ian for making customer service an important piece of your business. The work performed was equally of high quality. Care was taken not to damage property and attention was given to a neat clean up. Excellent service all around and highly recommend your services.
Sharon P., State College, PA

Ian Groy is a true professional and provided expert advice and options for the care of our trees.
Jeff S., Boalsburg, PA

Ian was extremely polite and professional when I met with him to discuss the weevil damage to our trees. I felt like he explained things well and was not being pushy or trying to get me to buy something. I have already recommended Bartlett (and Ian specifically) to a neighbor.
Jessica M., Danville, PA

Bartlett staff has always been very professional. Ian Groy answers all our questions and made smart recommendations to help us keep our trees healthy and in great shape. The crew members are very careful around my perennials and our landscaping in general. They notify us that they are present to do their job and then again when they are done. You get what you pay for. They may not always be the cheapest but they are very professional, respectful of all your landscaping, and will not do work that is not necessary. They will also do your job at the appropriate time. They always leave the work area clean and tidy. Why would you use anyone else?
Thomas K., State College, PA

Ian is the best.
David W., State College, PA

Great job by arborist and work crew. Thanks.
Peter S., State College, PA

Ian Groy is absolutely top-notch. His staff is always friendly, courteous, and professional.
David W., State College, PA

We appreciate your professionalism, and we want to mention that our Cherry Tree blossoms were especially beautiful this spring.
Elisa H., State College, PA

Knowledgeable, personable, courteous, fast, efficient, and respectful of property.
Guy S., Boalsburg, PA

Ian is always quick to respond and goes out of his way to be of assistance.
George A., State College, PA

Ian and his crewmembers are wonderful and incredibly helpful. Recently, a tree on my property fell on our road, Ian and his people removed the tree from the road in two hours. My neighbors were able to drive again.
Elena E., Boalsburg, PA

Everyone was extremely professional and did an outstanding job.
Carol S., State College, PA

Ian and his crew are first rate. Would never use anyone else.
David W., State College, PA

Bartlett helps me with scientific tree and shrub care.
Elena E., Boalsburg, PA

Everything was handled very professionally, phone messages, estimated arrival times, courteous greetings on arrival, answered any questions or concerns, worked efficiently with no disturbance to nearby residents. I would never hesitate using your services in the future.
Lynn S., State College, PA

We have always been satisfied with the job performance of the staff and crew. We also want to commend the Bartlett Representative, Ian, for his continued support, attention to detail, professionalism, and general concern for the quality maintenance of our property. We will continue to recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to our friends and associates.
Beverly K., State College, PA

Great solutions people!
Tom K., State College, PA

Ian Groy and his crew did a wonderful job. Recently they trimmed a ragged row of hemlocks so subtly. They are artists and their pride in their work shows.
Mary Ann B., State College, PA

No pressure from Ian with regards to added work or costs. Very knowledgeable with what to do once we met and walked our new home. Workers were very courteous and we felt very comfortable with them on our property when we were not home. Five star!
Mike B., Bellefonte, PA

Ian Groy is very knowledgeable about many of my problems, especially ash bore of which he has under control.
Curtis K., Port Matilda, PA

I didn't believe I could find someone who loves my trees and shrubs as much as I do. A Japanese Maple purchased from Scott's Landscaping was in trouble so I called Bill at Scott's. He said, "You want to talk with someone at Bartlett Trees." I did and Ian Groy arrived on the scene and immediately won my trust. He sent Nate to handle the next task in my backyard haven, removing full limbs from my beloved cedars surrounding the deck. I have no clue as to how he took a part of my privacy and yet won my heart. Russ, the grandfather who looks like a teenager, was the next to arrive for feeding. Three for three, all gentlemen. I know in accepting Ian's guidance and proposals I have the right company to help me take care of my beloved trees. The bonus is that I feel like I also got an extended family.
Ella B., Pine Grove Mills, PA

My arborist, Ian Groy, has been doing an excellent job since he started working with me a few years ago.
Michael E., State College, PA

Always professional, knowledgeable, Ian assesses, makes recommendations, tells us what he is going to do, performs the tasks and follows up appropriately. Best tree person in Centre county!
Martin D., State College, PA

Easy to schedule a consultation and Ian always shows up on time. The work is professional and he makes my yard look great.
Mary Ann B., State College, PA

I have worked with several companies over the 20 years at my property. Bartlett is by far the best. Ian Groy knows trees better than anyone I have worked with previously. He has a great team working with him to provide quality service. Cody Kouneski has serviced my property for two years and the trees and shrubs have never looked healthier. Thank you for your quality service.
Mark M., Winfield, PA

Always a pleasure to have them working with and for us.
Irving W., Lewisburg, PA

I thought your staff was extremely gracious, knowledgeable. I appreciate the fact that they raked my entire yard!
Kelly, State College, PA

Thank you for your attentive service and follow-up.
Georgia R., State College, PA

Ian Groy is very knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. The technician who sprayed my trees was also conscientious and polite. Good honest assessment of my tree issues. Reasonable estimate of costs. Looking forward to better-looking healthier trees.
Rick F., State College, PA

Very friendly and helpful in answering my questions! Will definitely use your services again.
Connie F., State College, PA

Rep and crew were friendly, courteous, and informative. Happy with overall service.
Larry D., State College, PA

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable.
Karen M., Centre Hall, PA

Efficient, dedicated to tree knowledge and to the environment, helpful in planning care. I appreciate Bartlett's balanced view between nature and nurture on our present woodland site. At the former house, Brad Evans and his crew have dealt judiciously with trees that have outgrown their urban environment by cabling and light pruning.
Carol M., State College, PA

Brad Evans, Arborist Rep., has been prompt and professional in our new account dealings. After initial inspection of our plantings, he offered additional recommendations for property maintenance/improvement to prolong the life of our existing plant material. All e-mail communication has been clear, concise, and prompt. Thank you.
Donna G., Selinsgrove, PA

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