Harvey S. Lerman

Harvey S. Lerman

Arborist Representative

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Harvey S. Lerman, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our West Chester, PA office.

More about Harvey S. Lerman

Harvey Lerman began his career with Bartlett Tree Experts in 1981 as an Arborist-Representative after earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forest Science with Penn State University. Harvey gained the credential of ISA Certified Arborist-Representative with Penn-Del Chapter during 1999 and was recognized as a Certified Treecare Safety Professional during 2011.

Harvey Lerman accurately diagnoses tree and shrub disorders for his residential and commercial clients within Delaware and Chester Counties and prescribes effective solutions for their long-term care and preservation.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Harvey S. Lerman

Harvey Lerman is knowledgeable and always has good advice . Bartlett does an excellent job, including cleanup although a bit pricey.
Victor M., West Chester, PA

All staff and arborist are exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. I have been working with your Arborist Representative for more than forty years.
Vince Z., Westtown, PA

Knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. I pleasure doing business with them. Over all a great experience.
Ellen H., Media, PA

Harvey is absolutely outstanding. He is why we gave you our business.
Stephen K., Glen Mills, PA

Very knowledgeable and did a fantastic job pruning our Franklinia tree.
Bob F., Media, PA

Harvey Lerman is the best.
Susanne B., West Chester, PA

Friendly and thorough.
Lorell U., West Chester, PA

Friendly and thorough.
Lorell Urbahns, West Chester, PA

Over many years I have had a fine relationship with all of the Bartlett representatives.
Reese D., West Chester, PA

Harvey is always a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. He is my go to guy when I want to save a tree and referral to anyone looking to save a tree.
Lorell U., West Chester, PA

The crew was, as usual, highly competent, professional, and courteous. Alex, the crew chief was especially diligent about cleaning up. Even after the other members of the team had finished up he was still in the yard tidying up, smoothing divots, and replacing the bird feeders. Special mention however should go to Harvey. I have said it before and it remains true, I would absolutely price shop if it were not for Harvey. Not sure what we will do if he retires, so I am hoping he stays around for a good long time. I have a feeling many of his customers say or feel the same.
Don M., West Chester, PA

Harvey Lerman has been our arborist for over twenty years. He has always been professional in every way, sharing his expertise freely. We rely on him to be pro active in his recommendations, and come to the rescue when needed. In addition to Harvey, every member of his team who have come to our property for maintenance or major work have also been knowledgable, friendly, and efficient. They are aware of our concerns pets, ponds, neighbors and come prepared with them in mind. We recently had some major pruning of several trees that were over grown and rubbing against our home as well as our neighbors. Harvey, and his crew, Phil Nolf, Mike Maggio, and Scott Soden did a beautiful job. I have seen many trees trimmed, looking like amputees afterward. Our trees are still beautiful, with the cuts carefully places to open the trees, while reducing their spread. We are so pleased with Harvey's guidance and his dream team's mastery. This is what we have some to expect and appreciate with Bartlett. I would not let anyone else work with our trees. Thank you.
Julie H., West Chester, PA

I have always been pleased with the breadth of knowledge of my Bartlett representative. I find his opinions valid and informative as well as trustworthy. The technicians are very competent and friendly.
Judy W., West Chester, PA

Harvey is a jewel. He is so knowledgeable, which gave us complete confidence in his suggestions. We were not disappointed.
Fran J., West Chester, PA

I have been working with David Hellar, Arborist, who has been delightful to work with. The gentlemen who were here to cut my tree did such a professional job. They were polite and very good at their job. As well, Michael is also very professional and did great at his job of spraying my tree. Thanks to all.
Faith H., Coatesville, PA

I am impressed by the knowledge and expertise of Bartlett's people.
Victor M., West Chester, PA

Harvey Lerman has been our arborist for over fifteen years. He is professional and really cares about our property and our plants. Every person Harvey has brought to our property has also been knowledgeable and professional and all are nice people too.
Julie C., West Chester, PA

Knowledgeable, polite, responsive, and attentive. Harvey and crew were a pleasure to work with and we are very pleased with the job they did. We will definitely call them for future projects. Overall it was a great experience.
Jennifer Z., Paoli, PA

Harvey has been our arborist representative for some years now and we have always found him to be responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. He is one reason we use Bartlett year after year.
Jill G., West Chester, PA

I would not use any other service, all staff are very knowledgeable.
Judy W., West Chester,PA

Harvey Lerman is top notch. He has been our arborist for more than ten years and he is the best. He is professional, honest, good at what he does, and you will not find a more genuine guy. He loves trees and it shows. The care that he provides is for the love of trees. Not only is Harvey the smartest arborist I have ever met. He is also very personable and a pleasure to have on our team.
Bethany W., Garnet Valley, PA

We have always been pleased with the attention and service offered by Bartlett. Harvey Lerman has been especially responsive to our needs and shows his knowledge and interest in explaining answers to our questions. We have also been pleased with the work that Vaughn has done on our property on multiple occasions.
Bob S., Boothwyn, PA

Harvey is great. He has kept my century old Red Oak with bacterial leaf scorch very healthy for many years.
David G., Chester, PA

We love Harvey. He oversees all the aspects of what needs to be done with diligence.
Michael M., Thornton, PA

Always appreciate that Harvey explains the why of what he recommends. Also was tickled that one of the staff alerted me to a praying mantis nest in my Holly tree.
Lin F., Media,PA

Harvey is the best. Crew always does neat, thorough job.
Tim D., West Chester, PA

Harvey Lerman always is on top of what needs to be done and always has his crew complete the work to my total satisfaction.
Chris S., West Chester, PA

We have been customers of Bartlett for at least ten years and we have always been treated with the highest level of respect and understanding. Our Ash Tree is a testament to the knowledge of Bartlett representatives and we can rest assured we will enjoy our tree for the rest of our lives.
Kathy S., Media, PA

Mr. Lerman was great with his estimate and follow up. The crew did an excellent job. The site was clean as a pin when they left. The trees look great. Thank you for making our home safe and more beautiful.
David D., Media, PA

Harvey Lerman is able to share his enormous store of knowledge in an easy to understand, practical, and useful manner. He can accurately identify pests and diseases, suggest remedies, and explain the reasoning behind treatment plans. His recommendations have saved many of our trees and shrubs. He is respectful, efficient, and knowledgeable. I have been pleased with every Bartlett encounter, work crews, office staff, and Arborist Representative.
Cathy W., Media, PA

Harvey's great. Very responsive to my calls and very knowledgeable.
Richard M., West Chester, PA

We were very pleased with everyone at Bartlett for the way they handled our large tree that came down during the recent storm. The response time was quick and the tree removal was handled efficiently.
Lloyd P., Berwyn, PA

Excellent, professional, courteous staff. Customer for 35 years.
James P., Media, PA

We have never been disappointed with Bartlett. Harvey is the best.
David W., Media, PA

Harvey Lerman has been instrumental in helping me formulate a tree maintenance program for my community. He offers valuable advice, and is truly an expert in his field.
Kevin B., West Chester, PA

Harvey is the best! He is knowledgeable and patient in answering questions.
Janet V., West Chester, PA

Outstanding service, friendly staff, and we trust Harvey.
David W., Media, PA

The men are always polite and do a good job every time they come out to work on our property. We love dealing with Harvey, he is very knowledgeable and we enjoy talking with him. Thank you for taking care of our trees.
David W., West Chester, PA

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your crew for a fantastic job on our project. It was done on time, professionally, and with great care and quality! We greatly appreciate your efforts to accelerate the timing as well. We look forward to using Bartlett as our tree care provider for many years to come.
Rick and Wendy B., West Chester, PA

Until we saw our next door neighbor using Bartlett Tree Experts, we had been using untrained, so-called 'landscapers' and were very unhappy. Once Harvey Lerman came, he spent an hour explaining how so many of our trees and shrubs were not only planted incorrectly, but were also infected with many insects (depending on the tree or bush) and were eating away at a quick pace. Harvey designed a two-stage attack: One to kill the insects and bag worms, and two to fertilize each tree and bush to maximize their health, growth, and beauty. In 15 years here, we had never met a skilled arborist like Harvey Lerman. He is a true asset to your company. Our boxwoods (65) have never looked as good, and the growth on our property is amazing. You have stayed in business well over 100 years because of the training your entire staff has and the customer service they provide.
Larry G., West Chester, PA

Two major jobs for our Homeowners Association were completed with expert planning and execution! Harvey Lerman is an expert planner as well as arborist.
Tullamore Homeowners Association, West Chester, PA

We have used Bartlett for tree trimming, planting, tree removal, and spraying of Hemlock trees for various diseases and have been extremely satisfied. Harvey Lerman is the best there is! He comes out to inspect our trees and make suggestions and I look forward to every visit! He is extremely knowledgeable and understands the needs of his clients. Additionally, Rick and his crew come out to perform the work and they are awesome! They did such a great job on everything, but particularly on trimming all of our trees. I love our team at Bartlett and recommend them to our neighbors. I wouldn't use anybody else!
Bethanne W., Garnett Valley, PA

I very much enjoyed working with Harvey Lehrman and knew I could trust his expertise with my trees. I did not get to meet the crew. I would highly recommend your business to anyone who needs work and will only work with your company in the future. The work that was completed was better than I anticipated. My trees look great and the work has really enhanced my landscape.
Megan O., West Chester, PA

Harvey is always stopping by to see how things are doing and to make recommendations. I appreciate that he is there rather than me needing to call when I suspect a problem. He is knowledgeable and personable.
Russell H., West Chester, PA

Harvey was pleasant and knowledgeable. Crew was punctual and seemed to waste little time. We look forward to working with you again.
Charles C., West Chester, PA

Harvey is always very thorough in his assessments, unfailingly courteous, and completely professional. I have worked with him at least three times over a few years and will continue to go to him first for my work. Each crew that has arrived to work on our property always took care to minimize impact on trees, plants, and physical improvements. Each worked steadily and completed the work in timely fashion. They always cleaned up after their work. I have been impressed each time with how they approach their work. As I said, I plan to continue to seek out Harvey and the Bartlett team and give them first shot at any work I have. Excellent service! Thank you all very much!
Wayne H., West Chester, PA

Thank you so much for your presentation at the Delaware Center for Horticulture on Tuesday. You and Peter both were quite informative, and the topic related directly to the art exhibition. Thank you also for Bartlett's sponsorship of the event. We received many compliments on the exhibition and the presentations by the speakers, and I hope your company made a few new contacts as well.
Valetta, Director, The Regional Center for Women in the Arts, Westtown, PA

Harvey Lerman is very knowledgeable and insures details of the work to be done are confirmed and explained. We have used Bartlett several times now and the crews have been courteous, very proficient, and got the job done very well! I enjoy doing business with Harvey and Bartlett. No plans to change! Thank you for the quality work!
Wayne H., West Chester, PA

Harvey was a pleasure to work with; I was not here when the crew was here, but my wife was, and thought that Scott was also very courteous and professional. We will definitely be using Bartlett again!
Dave V., West Chester, PA

We have been using Bartlett Tree Experts for several years now in the care of all our trees on our property. I have always found Bartlett's staff to be absolutely outstanding in their services. Last year when a neighbor's tree fell onto our house AND car at 6:15 in the morning, Harvey Lerman, our Bartlett Rep., was our first call and he was there within the hour! He had his crew there shortly thereafter and everyone made sure that the tree was lifted safely off of the car and house without further damage. It was no easy task either. The Bartlett crew are always professional and their knowledge and expertise are truly top notch.

One of the reasons we initially chose Bartlett Tree Experts was because we had seen how expertly they handled the removal of a large Ash tree in our neighbor's yard. It was clear that safety was uppermost in their handling of the entire job which included watching for traffic even though our street is not heavily traveled. When that job was completed, the property looked pristine and, except for the absence of the tree that was removed, you would never know that a crew of men and large equipment had ever been on the lawn. Another reason we chose Bartlett is because all of the crew are knowledgeable about the many different trees that come under their care. When they prune a tree, it looks cared for and not butchered. Our trees are thriving under their care.
Jackie N., Media, PA

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