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Greg Beck

Local Manager & Board Certified Master Arborist

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Greg Beck, Local Manager & Board Certified Master Arborist at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Northampton, MA office.

More about Greg Beck

Originally from Andover, Massachusetts, Greg grew up spending time in the woods, climbing and surrounded by trees. If you had asked him as a child what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would have replied, "a tree doctor."

Greg remained true to his childhood interests, majoring in Horticulture at Unity College in Maine. During summer breaks, he gained practical experience and, after graduation, he began working full time for a high-end residential arboriculture company in the Greater Boston area. A few years later, he packed his bags and headed to Portland Oregon where he quickly achieved a managerial position with one of Portland's premier landscape companies. While there, he managed multiple internationally recognized award-winning landscapes.

Nine years later, Greg and his wife and daughter returned to Massachusetts and he started his career here at Bartlett. Greg's qualifications and licenses include:
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist
Massachusetts Certified Arborist
Connecticut Licensed Arborist
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified.
Greg looks forward to working with you as your Arborist Representative.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Greg Beck

Your crew was exceptional in their care for the several trees in my yard which they dealt with.
Bill and Janet G., Amherst, MA

Jennifer is very helpful and efficient. My trees look great.
Edith P., Amherst, MA

Greg Beck and the Bartlett team provide exactly the excellent service that I need. Thank you.
Maggie L., Northampton, MA

Awesome. Looking forward to future collaboration.
Monika V., Northampton, MA

Josh was very friendly and efficient. I must have been his first customer. He rang my doorbell just after 7:30am before they began work. I was still in bed and half asleep. No harm done.
Mary M., Northampton, MA

Staff on the jobs have been careful and willing to explain what they are doing and why.
Bill and Janet G., Amherst, MA

Greg is very knowledgeable and explains well.
Isaac S., Amherst, MA

You guys are all wonderful. The crew is so nice and responsible. They are caring and knowledgeable.
Peter W., Northampton, MA

Greg and the workers answer all kinds of questions and help us plan care of the trees we love.
Jeanne E., Amherst, MA

The staff was informative, very neat, efficient, and thorough. Excellent overview and work plan. Good, informative. We are very pleased with all the work done by the Bartlett staff. So are our trees.
Lynn P., Amherst, MA

All of the staff is very good, friendly, and professional.
Christine K., Northampton, MA

Very pleasant and informative. Expect to be a regular customer of Bartlett and thinking about other projects.
Ruth W., Amherst, MA

We find Greg Beck to be great in every respect, extremely knowledgeable, communicative, responsive, personable, and reliable. We are grateful for his help. We have also found the staff that does the work to be great as well. Great job.
Lisa K., Northampton, MA

This winter I noticed a tree trunk split. Bartlett sent a rep out within the hour and took care of the problem that day. Timely and courteous and in snow conditions.
Ruth L., Northampton, MA

Greg Beck from Bartlett examined a large, old Oak tree that was declining and that we hoped to save. He explained what could be done to try to save it and what it would cost. We decided to try to save the tree. Bartlett came out and did trimming, treated the tree twice, and so far the tree is still hanging in there. All of the people who worked with us were informative, professional, and pleasant. We will use them again.
David G., Pelham, MA

I wanted to let you know that the crew did a great job taking down and disposal of the tree at the rear of the grounds . Their skill and care in the taking down, and movement of equipment and debris was impressive and there was virtually zero collateral damage to adjacent vegetation or lawn. Wood chips, as requested, were left in a perfectly neat pile it will keep me busy for about a month .though I would rather be hiking around Lake George.
Norm S., Amherst, MA

Greg Beck has from day one provided us with service above and beyond our high expectations. Tim Armstrong, Kat Cummings and Casey Tresp were constantly working, always polite and answered questions pleasantly if asked. Andrew Mink - polite via phone or email and keeps us updated when needed.
Tanglewood, Lenox, MA

I am pleased and impressed with the high standards of competence, courtesy, and customer service.
David S., Amherst, MA

Crew is responsive and well informed.
Loraine M., Northampton, MA

Greg was friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable, and the crew got things done with no muss, no fuss. Good work from the office to when the crew would show up. Great experience all around, thanks.
Stuart M., Northampton, MA

These guys in Northampton are true professionals who hold to exacting standards. Their jobs for us always have come out better than we have anticipated. As long as their current management philosophy and personnel remain in place, we will remain their customers.
David L., Amherst, MA

Greg Beck has to be the best surveyor of our property. So very happy we were reminded via of a card from your company that an assessment would be a smart move on our part. Needless to say just a walk around our property, Greg found numerous places that we were so willing to have addressed. We have our prize possession, A sixty or seventy year old beautiful Dogwood Tree that will be babied when your crew comes to work on her, hopefully giving us more years together. Pleased with your staff members.
Linda N., Northampton, MA

I was really impressed with the arborists who took care of our trees. I truly hope that they are offered the chance to provide input about their work and the customers. Their work demands great skill, patience, problem solving, and a willingness to take physical risks. They are worth every dollar that is charged.
Molly W., Northampton, MA

Really great job pruning our trees. Looks even better than I expected.
Russell T., Amherst, MA

I found both the staff and crew members to be eminently courteous and professional. I highly recommend Bartlett. And I think my old Maple tree would echo my position.
Margaret O., Amherst, MA

I found both the staff and crew members to be eminently courteous and professional. I highly recommend Bartlett. I think my old Maple tree would echo my position.
Margaret O., Amherst, MA

I was extremely happy with Greg's ideas for our trees. I was especially pleased by his appreciation for our River Birch, which a previous landscape advisor, not an arborist, seemed to dislike. His crew was also cheerful and friendly, and the whole team did excellent work. I look forward to continuing work with Greg and his crew. I have already recommended you to someone, but can not remember who.
Elliot M., Amherst, MA

Greg Beck came to explain one of our White Pine trees had died. Everything he told us was clear and logical. It made sense to us, even though we do not know a lot about trees. He set up a plan extending over several years, and without any prompting or reminding from us, Bartlett has come for everything, with a courtesy reminder for all visits. We respect Greg and his knowledge of trees, and we look forward to working with him and Bartlett in the future.
Chris H., Amherst, MA

Greg Beck and staff have been absolutely super in all regards. It does not get any better. My trees thank you.
Jim H., Amherst, MA

: Greg Beck was wonderful. Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. The workers who pruned our trees were also pros who did a great job and cleaned up our yard well.
Julie K., Northampton, MA

Exemplary, in succession to C. L. Frank. We are much pleased with the continuity in competence and courtesy.
Bruce B., Northampton, MA

Bartlett Tree Experts came out to diagnose a tree in my backyard. He was honest and did not try to sell me services that were not needed. He assured me that the tree was fine, which made me very happy. I will definitely not hesitate to call them for future tree services.
Katia O., Northampton, MA

It was a pleasure to consult with Greg. He is clearly knowledgeable, an excellent communicator, professional yet warm and engaging. The crew was terrific and the strength of that comment is clear in my request for them for future work. Be good to these guys you do not want to lose them.
Norman S., Amherst, MA

The crew was prompt, efficient, friendly, and competent. A pleasure.
Mary M., Amherst,MA

We were impressed with the crew, how carefully they prepared for their work and how skillfully they were able to swing the ropes and themselves through the trees. What was especially wonderful is that no heavy equipment had to be driven on our lawn rather, the workers carried all the limbs and branches by hand or by barrel down to the awaiting chipper. Greg is a skilled arborist and one who can explain his mission and way to achieve the owner's wishes with extreme satisfaction. We had singed on with another crew, not fulling understanding the pluses of climber and Greg called to request a second opportunity to explain the Bartlett process which then convinced us that the climbers were the way to go. With the wind picking up the following day and again a few days later, we were particularly grateful that the trim and cable work had been done on our valued and much loved 125 years-old-plus Oaks.
Lee B., Amherst, MA

The two fellows that cabled our tree were not only very professional but also had a good senses of humor.
Ralph L., Amherst, MA

Great customer service, left the site clean when work was done.
John C., Northampton, MA

Greg Beck and his crew did a superb job of removing an ancient and diseased tree in front of our hillside house. The location of the tree posed many removal challenges, knowledge, skill, and cooperation in addition to extensive and complex equipment. Several of the neighbors reported how pleasant, competent, and courteous the crew was. Greg Beck was wonderful to work with as well.
Joelle S., Ashfield, MA

Greg Beck was clear in his explanations of our options regarding the tree. He explained how the employees would approach the trimming job being careful of our neighbor’s garage. Greg explained how the tree could be trimmed not cut down.
Damon C., Northampton, MA

We so far had three services provided to our trees on our property. Greg Beck was professional and attentive to our needs. Estimates were drawn up promptly. He answered all our questions. All the other Bartlett specialists fertilizer and base of tree maintenance, team that pruned and removed dead branches from our large trees were professional and meticulous. It is evident that Bartlett arborists and other specialists are knowledgeable, competent, and very professional. Thank you. Very professional company, great service. Prompt with estimates and scheduling service.
Mary G., South Deerfield, MA

All exemplary. No complaints or suggestions. We have been satisfied customers since the C. L. Frank days. Bartlett has entirely maintained that tradition.
Bruce B., Northampton, MA

Greg was fantastic and waived the clean up cost for several trees I removed myself waiting for my appointment. There was a delay between my booking, deposit and my appointment, but overall I was happy with the service and the professionalism.
Tim S., Amherst, MA

We particularly appreciated Greg's detailed explanations about our trees and recommended treatments, plus his not pushing for more than was needed. We have already recommended Bartlett verbally to neighbors.
Za M., Pelham, MA

I appreciate that they took the trouble to leave me a lot of firewood. I had a very prompt evaluation and estimate. The job was scheduled surprisingly soon, and done as planned. Thanks.
Rob S., Northampton, MA

We are 100% satisfied. Greg was very professional, patient, respectful, and obviously knowledgeable. Workers were polite, quiet, efficient.
Blaise B., Northampton, MA

Greg did a fine job visiting the site and preparing an estimate for the needed work. The two workers who did the job were excellent and very professional in every way. We are totally satisfied with the work that was done, and the clean up was perfect, too. I would highly recommend Bartlett to any of my friends.
Jay M., South Deerfield, MA

Superior staff, safety conscious at all times, well trained team work, Supervisor on-site much of the time. Quality service and team approach was nothing but spectacular. Would give it 5 of 5 stars. Thanks Bartlett.
Michael K., Northampton, MA

Greg Beck,theArborist.and the crew who did the tree work on our property were all great to work with. A storm had damaged a tree which was hanging over our driveway and on short notice Greg squeezed in a visit to take a look. He also reviewed the rest of the property while he was here. He is extremely knowledgeable, and a great educator, as well. We just bought this place, so he spent time walking around with us and telling us about the trees and bushes. He arranged for the actual work to be done quickly and the crew who did the work were delightful, efficient, and thorough. We were really happy with the experience of working with this team and have already recommended Bartlett to several neighbors.
Lynn W., Pelham, MA

They let us know when they would be arriving, they came on time and did the job quickly and efficiently. Thanks
Robert D., Amherst, MA

Excellent service from start to finish. Could not have asked for a better job done. Very professional from first contact, through estimating, during tree removal, and follow-up. Responses to every aspect of the project were very quick and the job completed extremely quickly exceeding all my expectations. Thank you. A great company to trust your tree work to.
Bill G., Hadley, MA

I am very satisfied with the timely, efficient, and professional response both by Greg Beck to assess tree damage after a major storm and by the arborist team to do the tree work. Great turnaround in a generally difficult situation. Thank you.
Fraser B., Northampton, MA

I appreciated Greg for his pleasant personality and knowledge.
Ruth F., South Amherst, MA

From the start it was a pleasure to deal with all involved. I was given much information about the tree and what should be done. The crew who worked on the tree were very pleasant. They cut piece of the tree for us to keep for sentimental reasons. It all went very well. Thanks to all who took care of us. We feel much safer now.
Jill S., Northampton, MA

I always like working with your company, your employees are always very nice and get the job done so quickly.
Shelby N., Northampton, MA

I have contracted with other tree removal firms, both privately and for business. I am very pleased with Bartlett's inspection, quotation, on-time arrival, and quality of all work performed. Their quotation was complete with all supporting data and proof-of-insurance. The work crew were polite and left the work site clean and appeared as nothing was disturbed. It was reassuring to observe and receive such quality from a firm with the knowledge to potentially save some trees, as well as, remove fully diseased trees. The removal work included stump and debris removal, along with new loam and grass seed which was quickly growing within an extremely dry season. As a rule, I do not usually respond to requests for feed-back, however, I am so pleased, that I wish others to have an opportunity to use their service, should they have the need.
Ralph C., South Deerfield, MA

Excellent knowledge about trees and shrubs. I have used Bartlett for years and have always been satisfied with the results.
Patricia L., West Hartford, CT

I appreciated the professionalism that Bartlett displayed when at my home. I also appreciated Greg Beck's suggestions for possible future treatment of other trees on the property.
Judy L., Cromwell, CT

The crews that have come on my property are always very professional and courteous.
Anita A., Rocky Hill, CT

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