Forest Bowen III

Forest Bowen III

Arborist Representative

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Forest Bowen III, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Gaithersburg, MD office.

More about Forest Bowen III

Forest Bowen has been in the Arboriculture industry ever since he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Resource Management from Virginia Tech in 2000. He is one of our Board Certified Master Arborists. He earned that credential in 2008, and has continued to maintain the rigorous standards associated with it ever since. Forest grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia which helped establish a love for the natural world, spending many summers enjoying Smith Mountain Lake outside Roanoke Virginia. Forest also has a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. He joined Bartlett after being employed with Wood Acres Tree Specialists for 17 years.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Forest Bowen III

Always great service. Very appreciative of Forest Bowen and the Bartlett team. Forest's advice has always been great. The clean up has been excellent including on an overgrown abandoned back yard . We also have a small tree that self-seeded, Forest said the shallow roots might be disrupting the brick driveway. All the same, since we wanted to keep the trees for shade, he and his crew has taken excellent care of it over several years.
Elizabeth B., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen is excellent. We rely on him for all recommendations, and he never lets us down. Our garden is thriving thanks to him.
Jim H., Washington, DC

All my interactions with Bartlett have been very satisfactory.
Lisa G., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen has done a great job on our property for more than twenty years.
Nicholas L., Washington, DC

Forest was a great resource and the team that completed the work did a great job.
David B., Washington, DC

Forest does a very good job to keep me informed if something needs to be removed.
Martin G., Washington, DC

Thanks to Peter. Best fertilization ever. Peter was very nice and very professional. Also, always a pleasure to speak and work with Forest.
Jocelyn H. , Washington, DC

As always, great crew.
Catie M., Washington, DC

I appreciate that Forest Bowen remains my arborist after the acquisition of Wood Acres.
Jackie C., Washington, DC

His service was expertly and efficiently done. The crew worked very hard and deserve to be commended for their service. I would definitely choose Bartlett for my tree service in the future. Hector really did a great job and it was not an easy job. He deserves special thanks.
Linda F., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen has always promptly given us good informed advice and courteous service. Santiago and his crew have worked hard and done an excellent job of removing damaged trees. We could not be more pleased with the dangerous job they do.
David A., Washington, DC

Sam is super friendly and knowledgeable.
Andrew G., Washington, DC

It was great. So professional. Great service.
Francois D., Washington, DC

Forest is always helpful as we plan our annual maintenance tree work, and is sensitive to our need to schedule the work to fit our budget commitments. The workers are efficient, competent, and always courteous. While not the least expensive I have checked, I trust Forest’s knowledge and recommendations and trust the workers ability to do the work.
Ellen W. , Washington, DC

I very much Mr. Bowen staying in touch and advising on what is needed and also what can wait. I trust his advice completely.
Subir L., Washington, DC

I have been pleased with the knowledgeable and professional service received. Forest and Sam have been extremely helpful in the past. Service is expensive but essential in the health of my trees and bushes. The health of these are very important to me and the ongoing appearance of the property's landscape.
Eve B. , Washington, DC

Forest and Santiago always do a fine job. Forest responds quickly to emails. Santiago and his crew work is very professional and clean up thoroughly. I should also mention that Sam Fisher does an excellent job on his pest inspections and treatments. He is very thorough. He was not involved in this visit, but he comes regularly in the summer.
Joseph M., Washington, DC

Everything was excellent. Mr. Forest Bowen is outstanding and Sam Fsher always does an excellent job.
Domnica B., Washington, DC

Start to finish, it was a job well done. Forest has been a terrific consultant. He answered my questions promptly. Provided good reasons for handling the job in the manner described, and made the whole experience a painless one.
Virginia M., Washington, DC

The entire team, from Forest to the tree crew were excellent. They responded to my request to trim the tree a bit further. Thank you.
Virginia F., Washington, DC

Both Forest and Sam were great. Forest walked me through the biggest concerns on the property, explained the tree, and plant types on site, and gave me some follow-ups to check with DC about. Sam explained the treatment and answered my questions about how to water the tree after treatment.
Adam P., Washington, DC

He is knowledgeable, listens well, is patient with my many questions, and is a good partner in determining the best way to manage different problems. He communicates clearly and sets reasonable expectations. I am grateful for his good counsel.
Courtney B., Washington, DC

Both Forest and Sam were great. Forest walked me through the biggest concerns on the property, explained the tree and plant types on site, and gave me some follow-ups to check with DC about. Sam explained the treatment and answered my questions about how to water the tree after treatment.
Adam P., Washington, DC

Sam Fisher is always the most professional and flexible with schedule changes. And Forest, you are the best.
Maury D., Washington, DC

Forest was sensitive to different things going on in our house and worked around these. Crew was on time, efficient, and courteous.
Lydia H., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen has been very responsive and helpful. Santiago was pleasant and informative. His crew did a good job pruning my Pear tree. Bartlett has a well deserved reputation as a first-rate tree care company.
Elizabeth M., Washington, DC

Forest and his team have provided quality, reliable advice, information, and services for many years since Wood Acres. I would not call anyone else. The company simply works. I have never had a problem.
Michael G., Washington, DC

Everyone I have come in contact with, from phone, to Forest, to technician, has been professional, responsive, and so friendly. Sam went above and beyond by staying to water because we were not there and it would help the treatment.
David A., Washington, DC

Your company is the best ever. Not only are your teammates competent in every way, everyone is customer focused on customer satisfaction in every way makes it a pleasure to work with your company. I will come to Bartlett for all my tree needs.
John K., Washington, DC

Excellent job, professional and efficient.
David and Cathy D., Washington, DC

Forest is great.
Chuck W., Washington, DC

Just Perfect. No further recommendations.
Jose N., Washington, DC

Meanwhile, I just want to thank your crew for doing a great job on Monday. Fascinating to observe. They were so careful. All of my Begonias under the tree survived. Also, one of the men the head guy, I think noticed that the tree in our tree box had a visible split where it branched out about twelve feet off the ground, and that the crack went entirely through the tree, and down towards the ground. I called DC 311, they came out on Tuesday, declared that it needed to come down, and the crew came in about one and a half hours and did take it down. Thank him for us, he may well have saved some major damage to a car, or a person.
Deborah E., Washington, DC

Thank you for taking care of our trees.
Anne-Marie C., Washington, DC

I am satisfied with how everything was done. Bartlett Arborist Representative has always been nice and patient with me and the instructions he gave to the crew members where spot on. They left the area clean and I am very happy with the work they have done.
Marilyn P., Washington, MD

Forest Bowen is a fantastic representative. He is knowledgeable, personable, and really cares about our property. Our front Boxwoods and back garden ate finally looking great since we switched to Bartlett. Thank you.
Jim H., Gaithersburg, MD

Everything was fine.
Domnica B., Gaithersburg, MD

I very much appreciate how much Forest is available for consultation, even for just a quick drop-by.
Melinda L., Washington, DC

Questions: Was the job done to your satisfaction? Yes. Was the job site left neat and clean? Yes. Was your experience with our Administrative Staff friendly, efficient, and helpful? Yes. Were you treated courteously by our crew? Yes.
Paul B., Washington, DC

Questions: Was the job done to your satisfaction? Yes. Was the job site left neat and clean? Yes. Was your experience with our Administrative Staff friendly, efficient, and helpful? Yes. Were you treated courteously by our crew? Yes. Forest is excellent, is understanding what our trees and shrubs need and proper treatments. Sam does an awesome job with application of product and taking good care because of our dog and our vegetable garden which he has to kinda work around. Forest's crew does a great job, is very courteous, and always makes sure the job is cleaned up when done.
Michael M., Washington, DC

I just wanted you and your company to know that we were quite pleased with the professionalism and knowledge that Mr. Bowen provided in diagnosing our Magnolia tree. We were very happy to hear that the tree is indeed still very healthy despite the attack it suffered last year due to our neighbor butchering the branches Despite it all, our tree has been evaluated and is healthy. Meeting and chatting with Mr. Bowen made our day happier …Indeed.
Katherine B., Gaithersburg, MD

The arborist, Forest Bowen, was very helpful when he came to consult on the job treating Crepe Myrtles for scale insects. Sam Fisher who came to do the treatment was efficient and very personable. Bartlett’s price for this job seemed reasonable, and much lower than another estimate I had.
Susan V., Gaithersburg, MD

Forest is great with communication.
Hassim H., Gaithersburg, MD

Bartlett staff informed me of their arrival and explained to me what they were going to do. Once they were finished, they explained what they did and answered any questions I had. They cleared away all the debris so well it is difficult to tell any work was done.
Marilyn P., Washington, DC

Work was done in a timely manor and clean up was complete. Arborist gave good advice and came for a follow up visit to check. Bartlett came highly recommended by Casey Trees which is based in my neighborhood, a very good recommendation.
Jan R., Washington, DC

Forest does a great job and always has a good solution for whatever problem has arisen.
Martha W., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen has been my Arborist Representative for several years. He is unfailingly prompt, courteous, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate his expertise and willingness to explain his tree care recommendations. I have also become familiar with Sam Fisher, who ground-feeds several of my trees at regular intervals. He is equally friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Thank you for the continued good service.
Darrell F., Gaithersburg, MD

Forest Bowen is, in my opinion, exceptional. He is service oriented, listens, and finds creative solutions. He ties Bartlett's considerable capabilities to his arborist knowledge, his familiarity with our property, and his appreciation for our personal situation.
Fred S., Bethesda, MD

Forest and the crew all did an excellent job and were very responsive.
Andy S., Washington, DC

We just started using Bartlett this year and have not been thru a winter yet so have not experienced a growing season. Given that I am very pleased with Forest, the Arborist, who looks after our account, suggests care and follows up. The crews are professional and pleasant to work with.
David P., Washington, DC

Forest is terrific, and the crew that did the work were great and skillful.
Catie M., Washington, DC

Both of the crew members, Santiago and Antonio, were great They arrived on schedule and cleaned up perfectly. Forest Bowen, our arborist, is always very responsive and helpful, as he was in this case.
Joseph M., Washington, DC

Forest is very responsive and clear in his explanations.
Deborah W., Washington, DC

Everything looks terrific. Thank you very much.
Elizabeth J., Washington, DC

Very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Worked well to coordinate with neighbors to address tree limbs that encroached on their property.
Joe H., Gaithersburg, MD

We were very happy with the services we received. Thank you.
Peter E, Washington, DC

My representative, Forest Bowen, is knowledgeable, and has come to know our trees and help us maintain them in as healthy a state as possible. I appreciate the manageable frequency of interactions. That is, I am not bombarded by constant emails, rather I receive periodic emails with relevant updates or reminders.
Janet F., Washington, DC

Forest is terrific. He showed up when he said he would. He was always prepared and had helpful ideas. The crew was very good and I do not mind that a few small plants gave up their lives for the good of the garden. Hard not to step on some plants in trimming the trees. I mention this only as information and not as a statement of anger or dissatisfaction. I look forward to Barltett coming next December to trim the Crepe Myrtle and I wlll definitely schedule Bartlett to trim the Hornbeams in the back garden next spring.
Douglas G., Washington, DC

Always a pleasure to get Forest's advice.
Kathryn S., Bethesda, MD

Forest is fantastic, looking after our city property with several mature Oaks and other species.
Nicholas L., Washington, DC

Very much appreciated. Thank you.
Sally B., Washington, DC

I appreciated the frequent communication from Forest as he worked to set up the pruning service. He was very knowledgeable about what needed to be done and explained the necessary work clearly.
Betsy F., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was professional and helpful in our first meeting. All further follow-up was to a high professional standard.
Richard H., Washington, DC

Forest was wonderful. He was very responsive and helpful and always followed through on everything he promised. I could not recommend him more highly.
Rachna B., Washington, DC

Each time I have contacted the Bartlett staff they were courteous, professional, and addressed all of my questions. I am happy and very satisfied with Bartlett’s tree service. Thank you.
Marilyn P., Washington, DC

All staff members were well informed, on time, and hard-working.
Cathy C., Washington, DC

Great staff and service. Forest Bowen is an excellent arborist who listens to concerns and then offers solutions that result in positive outcomes. The work crews come prepared and perform their jobs safely and efficiently.
G. Moore, Washington, DC

Everyone was very courteous and professional. The first time the crew came out, they did not cut our Fig tree back far enough but came back and did a great job.
P. Woolsey, Washington, DC

My experience with Bartlett has always been very good. Tree trimming was done with thoughtful attention to shape and purpose. Dealing with problems related to pests and disease in the garden was properly diagnosed and addressed.
Tom C., Washington, DC

Forest is always responsive to email. Payment by phone was easy and efficient.
Ellen W., Washington, DC

Excellent, did a great job.
Amy T., Washington, DC

Forest is responsive, attentive, and knowledgeable. Greatly enjoy working with him. Very impressed with how the crews pay attention to detail, do exactly what is prescribed and keep the work site clean and tidy.
Todd J., Washington, DC

The crew members were incredible. Efficient, neat, and very friendly. A job very well done.
Sally B., Washington, DC

Excellent work. Made the whole process super easy and convenient. Top marks. Excellent work.
Maria G., Washington, DC

They did a superior job in shaping and significantly decreasing the aerial footprint of my Plum tree. The clean was not perfect but it was adequate. I did have to spend about half an hour a few days later cleaning up what they left. Forest is always very responsive and informative. I have appreciated his input.
Virginia T., Washington, DC

From bid to job execution through invoice and payment, everyone operated with the highest degree of courtesy, helpfulness, and professionalism. It was amazing watching your crew expertly take down the two trees in our very tight, urban row house backyard. My neighbors commented on how careful, respectful, and thorough the crew operated. Without reservations, I would extend my highest recommendation.
Paul V., Washington, DC

Great crew. Amazing work up in the tree. Clean up was excellent. Really good job, start to finish.
Catie M., Washington, DC

Santiago and his crew did a great job with the pruning, removal of a Viburnum, and planting of a new six foot Hoopsii which I really like. Also, I appreciated that Forest Bowen was able to get this work scheduled for me as soon as he did once he saw that the one Viburnum was declining. Thanks to all and Happy Holidays.
Beth K., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was particularly helpful and knowledgeable. He met with us, answered our questions, explained procedures. The crew was polite and efficient. We had a tremendous experience with Bartlett. We will keep them in mind for future tree maintenance.
Charles F., Washington, DC

Very impressed with work done and that Forest was on site to make sure all was completed to satisfaction.
Lee C., Washington, DC

Forest is knowledgeable and always helpful, understanding our goals and budget limitations.
Ellen W., Washington, DC

Our arborist representative was straight forward in providing an accurate assessment of the issues with our Hemlock and surrounding plant material. In short, he said we did not have the problem we thought and recommended a treatment for problems that were present in the tree. The arborist for Care of Trees who had come earlier to give an assessment confirmed our incorrect thoughts and recommended a treatment that was not needed.
Tom C., Washington, DC

Excellent professional tree landscapers. I felt completely satisfied and pleased by their Knowledge, courtesy, and expertise. The Bartlett representative Mr. Bowen was excellent at helping me decide what to prune back he was professional and polite and also got my service done early as I had hoped. I would definitely have him back with his crew.
Angela I., Washington, DC

Sam was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Very hopeful that the treatment sets my Japanese Maple on the path to recovery.
Beth M., Washington, DC

Forest is extremely knowledgeable and I trust his advice. Sam does an excellent job and works around our schedule.
Florence A., Washington, DC

The Bartlett Arbotist Representative was very knowledgeable and helpful in offering advice in how to tackle the job. Every stage of the process was handled professionally with my needs in mind. He was quite helpful in ensuring that the job was scheduled timely to accommodate other work that was being done on the property. The crew members arrived on time, asked me questions about the job, gave me status updates, and asked me to inspect the completed to ensure that I was satisfied. They were very professional from the beginning to the completion of the job. I would without hesitation use Bartlett on future projects.
Russell S., Washington, DC

Sam was very pleasant and helpful.
Brooke F., Washington, DC

Our arborist was knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. The crew was excellent, professional, courteous, and careful. They did a thorough job cleaning up after they had removed our tree.
Anne W., Washington, DC

Everyone has been amazing.
Daniel T., Washington, DC

Forest, in our opinion, is the best and only Arborist we will ever use. We have known and trusted Forest for many years now. He not only understands our visual preferences but truly cares and understands our tree’s individual unique needs. He is always willing to come over and look at any concerns we have. In addition he comes over on a routine bases with out us asking just to check on how our trees are doing even during inclement wether. There have been many times that Forest has caught a problem or the start of a potential problem before we even notice. When Forest gives us recommendations about our trees, soil and plants we always give him the green light to proceed. In addition the crew is always professional, and courteous. They always do an amazing Job. Unfortunately our door bell is not working so we have not been able to meet or talk to crew members due to that often we just do not know they are there, until they start to work. However I can say with confidence from past experience they have always been kind, professional, and courteous. This last job they did I was able to watch them finish towards the end and I was impressed with the attention to detail and how they where carful not to step on the flowers. When they take a brake, they do not leave trash on the ground and use my trash bins appropriately to discard their items. I feel like I can trust them on my property anytime I am not home. I also just want to say thank you for the amazing work and job you guys did at my residency.
Sarah A., Washington, DC

Forest and Sam are always very professional, courteous, and responsive, to any particular concerns that I may have regarding my trees and shrubs. I appreciate their excellent service.
Beth K., Washington, DC

Forest always replies quickly to inquiries and provides sound advice. My trees were quite healthy this year, which I attribute to the proper deep feeding they are now getting along with less air pollution and more rain this summer.
Darrell F., Washington, DC

Forrest was very knowledgeable, professional, and responsive, during the site visit and with several follow up questions I had. His obvious experience and professionalism made it reassuring to tackle such a big job. The crew was excellent too. They worked quickly and methodically and did an outstanding job. Their skill and expertise was impressive. I also talked several times with Dee Dee and other staff, who were all very courteous, helpful, and professional. Taking down a big tree is expensive and a little daunting as a homeowner. Overall, we had an excellent experience with Bartlett and will recommend your company highly to any friends and neighbors who are looking for a referral. Every person we interacted with on the Bartlett team was knowledgeable, organized, courteous, and professional. Their expertise, responsiveness, and excellent work made the whole process seamless and easy. And we are thrilled with the results.Thank you.
Sherry S., Washington, DC

Excellent advice from everyone from the office to the crew. Everyone had the best interests of the health of the tree as well as the beauty of the landscape in mind. Thank you for taking such good care of our lovely Cherry tree.
Kelly G., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.
Susan K., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen is top notch, very knowledgeable, easy to work with and very responsive.
Howard F., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen, responded quickly to our needs and provided great service. Our crew leader, Santiago, was friendly and the crew did a great job.
Roberta D., Washington, DC

Very professional.
Gerry I., Gaithersburg, MD

Always prompt, courteous, and competent. Provide great service and calls back immediately.
Jane F., Washington, DC

I appreciate the friendliness of the office manager, of Forest Bowen’s prompt return-phone calls and of the service person’s work.
Mary Ann W., Washington, DC

Happy working with Forest Bowen over the years. Always gave good advice on tree matters. Tree removal done timely. and professionally by three man crew was excellent .Tree estimated at 75 feet in height. Very hot day, in high 90s. And, still all done perfectly.
William W., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was thorough in his analysis of the aphid infestation of our Hackberry tree and provided us with a logical plan to attack the problem. We got a quote the same day and the work was scheduled to take place within a week. Sam, who was the technician for the job, efficiently completed the work, provided us with product information, and answered all of our questions. Most importantly, what they did worked.
Gordan M., Washington, DC

As always, courteous,and knowledgeable.
Fred S., Washington, DC

When the job was done, there were a few places where the trimming was not as clean as expected. Forest came by to review within twenty four hours. a crew came out and fixed things promptly. Worked out fine.
Michael M., Gaithersburg, MD

Great job.Thank you.
Ann Y., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen is amazing. Calm and responsive when limbs come as a surprise. Santiago and the crew are polite, efficient, and thorough. I have already recommended Bartlett to no fewer than six neighbors, who have used your services.
Caroline S., Washington, DC

Excellent service.
Margaret D., Washington, DC

Forest is always friendly and helpful.
Kathryn S., Washington, DC

All helpful and knowledgeable. Appreciate that I get immediate responses to my concerns or questions. Thanks.
Eve B., Washington, DC

I appreciate the friendliness of the office manager, of Forest Bowen’s prompt return phone calls and of the service person’s work.
Mary Ann W., Washington, DC

The Bartlett team that did our work was the same team that has been here before to complete projects for us. They knew our property and did a great job removing some very large limbs from some very tricky locations.Forest Bowen did an incredible job coordinating everything and getting the job completed quickly.When I first called him he was in our neighborhood and I was actually talking with him as he pulled up in front of our house a minute later.It was as if he was waiting for my call. Very pleased with all of the service we received.
Ron F., Washington, DC

Everybody was professional and friendly.
Phillip L., Gaithersburg, MD

I have relied on Forest Bowen’s expertise and good judgement to take care of our trees for years. He is friendly, trustworthy ,and professional.
Anita C., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen is great. We have worked together for twenty years. He is dedicated and knows what I am concerned about.
Andrew Z., Gaithersburg, MD

Excellent service. I would recommend you to my friends.
Benita A., Washington, DC

Really appreciate the customer service and reliability of the staff and company.
Max A., Washington, DC

Forest is a knowledgeable representative of Bartlett.
Gerry I., Gaithersburg, MD

Forest Bowen is the reason I am a Bartlett customer. He always responds to my communications quickly. He gives helpful care recommendations. Sam, the fellow who does the treatments also provides very good service. I am a happy client, thanks to Forest and Sam.
John S., Washington, DC

Great service. Thanks guys.
Cristal B., Washington, DC

Very professional crew who also took time to answer our questions, did fantastic work, and cleaned all resulting debris. Forest was timely and responsive. He kept us informed of schedules and clearly knows the business, that and his name is perfect. We could not be happier with the results.
Kenneth C., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was referred to me by a neighbor who spoke very highly of him. When he came to my property, he was very courteous, professional, responded to my concerns, and advised me about pruning the trees in question. He wrote up a plan on how and when to proceed. He also addressed my concerns about the health of one large Viburnum. In addition, Forest recommended scale and soil treatments for other trees. This reminded me that my two Crape Myrtles had suffered from an aphid attack a few years back but survived after emergency treatment. I definitely want to protect them and other trees and shrubs from further damage or disease by preventative treatment. Forest sent me the written program plan in a very timely fashion which seemed very reasonable to me in scope and cost. I signed it and returned it quickly. My first treatment was complete within days by a very skilled and competent individual. I will be happy to recommend your company to other neighbors and friends when the opportunity presents itself. Since I do not do social media, I appreciate the opportunity to check the box below allowing you to use my comments while protecting my privacy.
Beth K., Washington, DC

Bartlett had sprayed our garden last year. Forest Bowen voluntarily returned this year and saw that our garden had not improved. He had our garden sprayed again this year and took another sample to the lab. You cannot ask for better service than that.
Susan K., Washington, DC

Crew was professional and efficient.
Carol F., Washington, DC

Thanks for your work in this difficult time.
Stefano V., Washington, DC

I trust Forest to see that my trees remain healthy.
Kathryn S., Bethesda, MD

Our representative was knowledgeable and transparent with what needed to be done. He was also very efficient in addressing the concerns of our yard.
John G., Gaithersburg, MD

Very helpful, knowledgeable, and very responsive to inquiries.
Lisa L., Washington, DC

Forest is always professional and explains everything so I can know what is going to be done. The crew is always courteous and they clean up everything before they leave.
Molly B., Washington, DC

After the job was done we had some questions about some additional branches we thought needed pruning and they returned without question and cheerfully took care of the additional work. We were so pleased by the wonderful service.
Jeannie B., Washington, DC

Everyone was courteous, prompt, and thorough. They did a great job solving the problem of tree limbs interfering with my electrical service lines.
Bridget B., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen has cared for our property for many years. He is very efficient and thorough in describing our needs to keep our trees and shrubs healthy and strong.
Jean H., Washington, DC

Forest is always very helpful and very professional to work with. He is the reason we continue to use Bartlett.
Peter F., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen is a good guy. I recommend him highly, especially after we have organized visits for the future.
Jeanne M., Washington, DC

The Bartlett staff was courteous, timely, and very attentive to completing the job efficiently and were meticulous in clearing the debris. Bartlett also cares for our property in Massachusetts. Our experience with Bartlett in Washington made the choice of an arborist in Massachusetts very easy.
Alice P., Washington, DC

What a professional operation. Forest Bowen went through our property tree-by-tree and shrub-by-shrub, explaining the pruning and feeding recommendations. The crew came out within days, completed the work perfectly, and left the place spotless. Everything looks manicured now, and I know my ‘baby,’ a seventy year old Camelia, that was planted when I was born and transplanted ten years ago, will thrive with the proper Bartlett care.
Janet H., Washington, DC

Forest has been a wise and intelligent custodian of our trees for years. I am grateful.
Frances M., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was great, making two trips to my house in a week in order to address a semi-emergency and arrange for followup treatments, which started just a few days later.
Cynthia P., Washington, DC

Forest is very responsive and helpful.
Fran C., Bethesda, MD

Already recommended you to our next door neighbors. I believe you met with them this week.
Joan F., Washington, DC

Everyone I dealt with, including Forest Bowen was helpful and a pleasure to work with.
Steven B., Washington, DC

Professional workers, Hardworking, and efficient.
Ronna F., Washington, DC

Very efficient and respectful.
Philip G., Washington, DC

I have worked with Forest Bowen for many years. He is always quick to respond and very professional.
Robert K., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was lovely to work with. I got an out of office reply to an email at one point. It said he would be back on July 1st, and true to the email I got a response from him the morning of the 1st. It usually takes me a day to dig out of the email weeds after a trip, very impressive.
Mary M., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was knowledgeable and helpful regarding my tree issues and questions. I enjoyed talking with him.
Barbara J., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was very professional. Hector, Jaime, and Paul are one of the best at tree pruning and shearing of my Green Giant Arborvitae hedge.
James H., Potomac, MD

Did the job as Forest said they would do, the crew cleaned up very well, Forest was very professional, the price was very fair, and I would be happy to refer you to others in the future.
Chris E., Washington, DC

Way to go, Forest, your clients are huge fans.
Brad M., Washington, DC

Forrest has been helping us for several years and we were relieved to know that he has continued his career with Bartlett, previously with Woodacres. He is extremely knowledgeable and has, over the years, given us well-received advice about the best way to take care of our trees. The other crew members were excellent too, checked whether we were satisfied with the work they had completed before they left. Our Holly tree, in particular, has never looked better.
June N., Washington, DC

My comments are simply due to the fact that Forest Bowen has been my 'go-to' person now and in the past. Should He and his crew ever not be available as a whole. I will go elsewhere. They are that good. So, treat them well, keep them together, and I will continue to use your service and recommend them to my neighbors.
Sarah A., Bethesda, MD

Forest Bowen was very helpful and knowledgable. Prompt with responses to questions. Saved many of our trees over the years.
Filomena L., Bethesda, MD

Always wonderful to work with Forest and the WoodAcres crew. Happy customer for many years.
Joanne H., Bethesda, MD

Forest is outstanding. It is rare in today's business community to focus on relationship. Service and price are important, however quality of relationship trumps both. His crew reflexs his leadership.
Tom A., Washington, DC

Forest is very professional and answered all my questions. Sam provided the tree service, was punctual, and completed the work in a timely manner.
Tom D., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen is a great person. He is nice and friendly and I really trust his expertise. I only trust my garden to him and I will follow him wherever he goes.
Gloria L., Washington, DC

Love working with Forest Bowen. He is always responsible and friendly. Gets the job done in a timely manner.
Carl and Courtney B., Washington, DC

Forest Bowen was very nice and very knowledgeable. We will rely on his advice for tree trimming in the fall.
Madeleine H., Bethesda, MD

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