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Erik Belcher

Arborist Representative

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Erik Belcher, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Phoenix, AZ office.

More about Erik Belcher

Erik Belcher developed a love for the outdoors at a young age with participation in Boy Scouts and family outings to National Parks and Forests. With that enthusiasm and passion, Erik earned an Urban Forestry bachelor's degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2011. After being recruited by the local Bartlett office in Austin, Erik advanced his career from Arborist climber to Plant Health Care Specialist, then to Arborist Representative in Houston, Texas. Erik is an expert in corrective pruning, prescription fertilization, and pest management.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Erik Belcher

Your crew is excellent, caring, and professional. As above there is not much room for improvement when all of your staff is responsive, caring, and professional. Eric Belcher is great. He is a large part of the relationship we have with Bartlett and coordinates all that you do so well. It is a pleasure working with you.
Sydney F. , Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you so much for all you and your wonderful crew, Ted, Chris and Matt, did for me this afternoon. I loved seeing you roll up your sleeves and jump in with all hands and feet. You are not just a team leader, you are a team member and no doubt this deserves a ton of respect from your crew. That is the best kind of boss. Erik, you always know exactly what I want because you always listen. Thank you so much for another perfect project. And for always going the extra mile to make me feel like your most important customer. See you back over soon and we will do some more great work together. Please give Ted, Matt and Chris a big thank you. It meant so much to have that awful dead Pine limb removed. Give my best to Tammie who is the faithful glue that holds us all together. Kind of gushy but I am just so grateful for your always friendly, dependable, respectful, professional service.
Kaye H., Phoenix, AZ

The team was two men and one woman. Having a woman on such a team is an indicator of the company philosophy of inclusion that says volumes. The team worked well together taking down the seventy year-old Pine tree in our front yard safely. The process was the entertainment of the neighborhood that day as many dog walkers stopped to watch. The crew members took time to make sure everyone was safe outside the perimeter of the project while being friendly and engaging. The man who did most of the bucket work was skilled. It was great to watch him work. When Eric stopped by the project, he took time to show them some of the changes that had occurred in the wood. Toward the end of the day, I asked the team members about their jobs and working for Bartlett. They all said they liked the physical labor, the ongoing education from experienced staff, and adherence to safety protocols. I am sorry I do not remember the team's names. But I am sure Eric will be able to provide them. Thank you for taking on our project. We are most satisfied. Working with Bartlett was a most positive experience.
Jean C., Phoenix, AZ

Erik was wonderful to work with. He listened as we walked the property and reviewed the work I wanted done. The crew he sent was friendly and wearing masks when I needed to talk to them. They kept me informed as to their progress throughout the day. The yard was left in good shape and trees were pruned with care. There was so small piles of sticks that got missed in clean up, but in general I would give an "A" for showing up on time and working carefully during the day. I would give a "B+" for the clean up at end of day. Thank you.
Kristin S., Phoenix ,AZ

Erik was great when I met with him to discuss the job. The team was great when they came to remove the tree and were very careful with the landscaping around it. Loved working with them, and by far the best of three companies I have worked with in Phoenix.
Brandon O., Phoenix AZ

The arborists, Eric, visited prior to the trimmings and provided a great understanding of what needed to be done and still provide privacy. The team showed up on time and were the most remarkable tree trimmers I have come across. The youngest team member was remarkable for how he tied himself up in Mesquite tree and trimmed it to perfection. The team also made sure to trim trees that allowed our giant Saguaro to be better seen. Eric came during the trimming and advised both the team and myself on what was done. Our trees now look the best I have ever seen them.
Mike A., Scottsdale, AZ

Erik Belcher has been to our home a few times since he has been an arborist with Bartlett Tree Experts. I have found him helpful with good ideas on how to improve out yard and the trees and plants in it. Also, the last three times the technician doing the work at our home has been Justin. He is pleasant to talk with and has done a superb job on both trimming some trees and putting the Boost Liquid to several trees.
Mike L., Scottsdale, AZ

Erik Belcher was extremely thorough and proactive to assure that I was completely pleased with the work done by his team. The entire team impressed me with their care and skill in removing a huge tree from a small space, with no harm or damage to surrounding structures. They were most pleasant and professional. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone.
Edlyn S., Phoenix, AZ

The staff doing the pruning was very good. They broke a small cactus and made sure I saw what happened and they were concerned that it had happen. I have a lot of cactus so I was not surprised. They really cleaned up well and went back over a couple of places where I wanted a little fine-tuning. Erik was terrific as well and was clear about the elements of the job and what it would cost. I have already recommended Bartlett to several other people. Who knows if they will call, but I have been passing on the information.
Shelly C., Phoenix AZ

Erik Belcher and his staff have provided outstanding service to our property over the years. Thank you.
Michael B., Houston, TX

Erik is professional, friendly, and ready to answer all my questions. Crew arrived on time and carried out work systematically and tidied up at end of day. Crew adhered very well, to Erik’s instructions regarding the extent and scope of trimming needed. Pleased with the end result and confident that choosing Bartlett’s expertise and reputation over the hundreds of other area tree services will pay off in the long term health of our trees.
Maria K., Houston, TX

We had a big job to trim trees and to prepare our trees and their roots for a large house being built right behind our home. Erik came out to visit with us and spent time discussing each tree and what should be done. His quote was reasonable and the work was done by a knowledgable, dependable, and professional crew. They finished early so the bill was adjusted. Erik visited on the day of the tree trimming to make sure that the crew understood what needed to be done. In addition to trimming, we arranged for fertilizing and insect spraying. We were very impressed by Erik's expertise, his relationship with our tree trimming crew, and the quality of the trimming and clean-up after the job was completed.
Fran M., Houston, TX

For many years we had recurring issues with black mold on my Japanese Blueberry, since we have been using Bartlett Tree Experts the mold is now controlled. After an unfortunate and mysterious trimming our Magnolia trees went into massive shock. Bartlett has cared for the trees for the past two years and they are now regrowing beautifully. The staff takes time to discuss details of treatment plans and recommendations. They are professional and reliable and provide excellent services.
Doris J., Houston, TX

My wife met Erik at the Houston Home Show and she asked him to come over and look at our three mature oak trees and two tall pine trees. These trees have not been trimmed in over eight years. Erik came over and gave us an estimate. It was not the cheapest nor the most expensive. The reason we chose Bartlett was because of Erik. His analysis confirmed the other two bidders opinions of our trees, plus he was knowledgeable and friendly. The workers arrived on time and each one introduced themselves. They were all garbed in safety gear and were very pleasant. They got right to work and were so quiet I hardly noticed them. That night I got an email from our neighbor. She wanted to comment on the crew. She said she was impressed at how they left her yard. She thanked us for selecting such a professional company. I then went outside and looked where they had been working and dang if she was not right.
Drew and Lynn G., Houston, TX

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