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Ed Dolphin

Arborist Representative

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Ed Dolphin, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our The Woodlands, TX office.

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A native of Houston Texas, Ed Dolphin has been practicing Arboriculture in his home town for over 25 years. Ed is a Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture. He is a member and former Board of Directors member of the Texas ISA chapter. Ed is a Certified Master Naturalist through the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service. His expertise goes beyond your trees as he looks at your environment as a whole. Ed has a degree from Abilene Christian University.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Ed Dolphin

Ed and Brian were very friendly and helpful. They know their business. Will continue to use them. Very happy with Bartlett.
Janet E., Willis, TX

Ed Dolphin is a pleasure to work with. I did not interact with any other crew members but I could tell they performed the work with care.
Jeff B., The Woodlands, TX

Informative diagnosis, followed by quick and efficient treatment. Ed Dolphin instills confidence.
P. C., Montgomery, TX

Ed was wonderful and always cares about the finished work. He had originally trimmed the tree back in 2007. I was presented a bid quickly, followed up by the nice lady in the office for scheduling, and the crews were great and cleaned up well. Trees came out great and are already filling in with new growth. The tree is very old and I hope Ed and your team can keep it aging gracefully.
Paul S., Spring, TX

Ed Dolphin was very helpful with both my tree pruning needs and other landscape related questions and ideas.The actual workers did a very good job, both execution and cleanup.
Bill V., Conroe, TX

Ed is always honest, wise, and available. We have trusted him for many years. The crews are knowledgeable and courteous.
Pam T., Spring, TX

Everyone we came in contact with were very nice and very helpful. Ed was knowledgeable and honest about out trees. And our little friend Cruz, I can not say enough about him, he really knows his stuff. I said there was a reason God made him little, to be able to climb up those trees and do his magic. I told him he was an artist and our trees were his canvas. I asked him to please make our precious tree we adore look like the picture and he did just that. He was very knowledgeable about what he does and recommended stuff that we would not even have thought about.
Dee H., Spring, TX

Ed was wonderful, not only did he provide an estimate to remove and trim trees, he was able to identify what types of trees they were, approximately how old they were, and how long he thought they might live. Cruz and his partner were fabulous when they came out to do the trimming and removal. The trees look fantastic.
Lisa K., Montgomery, TX

Ed was fantastic and delivered exactly as expected.
Drew D., Spring, TX

Ed Dolphin was very professional and got things done.
Jeff C., The Woodlands, TX

Ed Dolphin is really bringing years of experience of tree care.
Kirby T., Conroe, TX

I always enjoy having Ed Dolphin come by. He is knowledgeable and has good suggestions about different ways to address problems.
Debra S., The Woodlands, TX

I chose Bartlett because of Ed Dolphin. Bartlett came along as a part of the package, but my decision is all about using Ed Dolphin.
Roger F., Spring, TX

Ed Dolphin is always highly responsive and knowledgeable. If he can not answer my questions on the phone, he always stops over to take a look. I really appreciate his attention and attitude. Four years ago we cleared two acres and built a house. I believe Bartlett’s recommendation of annual deep fertilization and pest control has made a positive impact on the health and beauty of the large trees on our lot. Ed is always very helpful.
Cara H., The Woodlands, TX

The crew was very courteous and helpful. There was one member who took care of the tree in the back that was especially good. Ed was also very good at communicating what was happening and when. The whole experience was very positive. We will definitely be using Bartlett in the future.
Adam L., Tomball, TX

Ed Dolphin was super to work with. He was kind, professional, and quite thorough when looking at my property. The crew came and did all of their work with professionalism and my trees look great.
Ann B., Tomball, TX

Ed and Pat are so friendly and helpful. Ed helped open our eyes to the tree health in our yard, not just the two trees in question but all of them. The removal crew was fast, efficient, friendly, and cleaned up really nicely.
E. S., The Woodlands, TX

Ed was courteous and knowledgeable, and he answered my questions to my satisfaction. We will definitely call him again when we need tree work done. The crew members that did the work were also friendly and courteous.
John F., Spring, TX

We are loyal customers of Ed Dolphin. We appreciate his professionalism and expertise regarding our trees at two residences. We have consulted with him for at least ten years and would not hire anyone else.
Ed and Beth M., Magnolia, TX

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