Drew Zwart, Ph.D.

Drew Zwart, Ph.D.

Plant Pathologist & Physiologist

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Based in San Rafael, California, Drew’s research focuses on woody plant stress, disease and insect management, and Phytophthora diseases. Drew provides scientific support and training for Bartlett arborists in Canada, Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona. He also manages the Regional Lab Extension Specialist team, which provides industry leading in-field training for Bartlett’s Plant Health Care Specialists.

Working in areas ranging from the temperate rain forests of the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada to the desert Southwest is a welcome challenge for Drew as he researches and improves Bartlett’s plant health care services across diverse environmental conditions and with varied plant material. Drew’s primary interests involve mitigating the climate change-related challenges to woody plants and investigating how those stresses impact pathogen/host interactions. Drew is also a regular contributor to the International Society of Arboriculture’s Western, Pacific Northwestern and Texas chapters, and is involved with the American Society of Consulting Arborists as a registered consulting arborist and member of the conference program committee.

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