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Dan Yates

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Dan Yates, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Frederick, MD office.

More about Dan Yates

Dan joined Bartlett in 2003, after working in our Charlottesville, VA and Pittsburgh, PA offices as a production arborist and plant health care specialist. He moved to the Frederick area in 2005 to accept the position he currently holds.

Dan has taught classes in both PA and MD to Master Gardener's groups and spoken at numerous regional garden clubs. He has been a presenter at the Annual Conference of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Utility Arborist Association. He also conducted professional training days for the American Landscape Contractor's Association and gone on pest walks with MD Cooperative Extension for the Maryland Arborist Association.

Dan volunteers his time for education outreach discussing the importance of native species for Arbor Day and participates in countless community service projects.

A graduate of Virginia Tech, he is an ISA Certified Arborist, a MD Licensed Tree Expert, and a licensed pesticide applicator.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Dan Yates

Dan was very knowledgeable and friendly. The crew worked very hard and did a great job.
Carolyn B., Myersville, MD

The service from Bartlett was top notch from beginning to end. The price for service was reasonable and within the local market norms. The professionalism and courteousness of Dan and the crew exceeded my expectations and set a high bar for the competition to meet. The care for my property beyond the task of removing the trees was impeccable. Outstanding work completed in an efficient and timely manner.
Rex K., Middletown, MD

We have used Bartlett for years. The crew asks as they go whether the pruning is being done as we want. Friendly and competent. Dan is a gem.
Virginia B., Frederick, MD

Dan was great from beginning to end. The crew that came out was also great. In this day when integrity is hard to find, It was refreshing to say the least that your company delivered on all counts.
Mark J., Middletown, MD

My interactions with the Bartlett staff was very satisfying. Dan was helpful and professional and easy to deal with. Also, office staff was very helpful.
Anne B., Frederick, MD

Dan Yates was exceptional in his knowledge of trees. He was courteous, professional, and very customer oriented. I am very pleased with his service and how he represented his company. Refreshing to find a young man withe these qualities.
Glenn D., Frederick, MD

From Dan's first visit on my property, I have been impressed with his knowledge and expertise. I have great confidence in his judgement, assessment, and advice about managing, sustaining, and improving my tree population. Dan is personable and professional in his customer dealings, in a manner that brings great credit to himself and Bartlett. I am exceptionally pleased with the services I have received from Bartlett Tree Experts. My experience with Bartlett's staff shows that its members are professional and knowledgeable individuals who provide excellent customer service. I believe they have accurately assessed the condition of my trees and their prescribed treatments are enhancing the trees beauty and extending their life.
Steven M., Frederick, MD

Dan embodies all the qualities we seek in a service organization. He is professionally warm and caring and is a highly knowledgeable arborist. In short. Dan is a pleasure to work with. We continue to have high regard for the people and service of Bartlett. Our trees and shrubs have become beautiful and healthy as a result of Dan Yates recommendations. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.
Steve W., Adamstown, MD

Dan was awesome. He came to address a splitting issue with our Red Maple tree and quickly assessed that it probably could be saved, it is a memorial tree, with proper stabilization methods to help the tree heal. He also assessed two other trees which required attention to bring them back to a healthy condition. The crew and Dan did an outstanding job and we are very pleased.
Roy S., Frederick, MD

When our large Elm split in a severe windstorm, Dan Yates got his men to the site that evening to stabilize the tree, then a crew the next day to take it down. Saved our electric line and sunroom roof.
Virginia B., Frederick, MD

A great experience started with Dan Yates. As we walked our property and discussed what we were experiencing, his professional expertise provided us with remedies, reactive, and preventative. The recommendations would ensure our trees and gardens were treated properly for growth and disease. The timely response for a winter cut back occurred within a week of Dans on site visit. The crew was wonderful to work with. The follow-up by Jill reflected Bartlett's desire for personal customer service.
Ed and Margaret C., Frederick, MD

The crew that was sent to my house to do the work were wonderful and as usual, did a great job. They even brought up my empty garbage can that was on the curb for pickup to the house. What service. Dan, my Bartlett Arborist, is very knowledgeable and helpful. I always enjoy talking to him.
Sandy M., Middletown, MD

Dan Yates has always been very professional and thorough in his assessment of our property's needs. He saved my Japanese Maple that was badly damaged during one of our worst snow storms. I really appreciate that he takes his time discussing any concerns I have. The experiences I have had with any of his staff has always been great. I find his quotes for taking care of our trees during the seasons fairly priced. We have many trees and shrubs that need attention throughout the year to remain healthy. Dan will call and make an appointment to come and check on their condition a few times a year. He watches out for his customers.
Pat F., Adamstown, MD

Dan was great, professional, and interested in preserving my interests and investment.
Pat V., Frederick, MD

Dan Yates has always been very responsive, incredibly helpful in developing a strategy, and plan for treatment of my property. He is knowledgable and a great person to deal with. High level of confidence in Dan.
Harry G., Frederick, MD

Dan Yates has been my only Arborist for years. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. The crew that came out to clean up some large limbs from a recent storm were top notch. They rigged down the large pieces to help prevent further damage to our property. Excellent clean up.
Scott B., Adamstown, MD

Dan and his crew were awesome. Complete professionals and knew exactly what they were doing. Great safety standards as well.
Abby S., New Market, MD

Dan and your crew is just finishing up, they did a beautiful job. I could not believe how much was taken away from each tree but it was done so well aesthetically it looks very natural. They were also polite, skilled, and left the place immaculate.
Diane S., Ijamsville, MD

Dan Yates was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and very helpful. The work done by the three crew members was extraordinary. I was very impressed by their skill. The crew was also very courteous and listened to my concerns and made adjustments to my utmost satisfaction. I would highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to anyone and would definitely hire them again should the need arise.
Jim A., Middletown, MD

I love that Dan's technicians always check in with me the evening before the service.
Amy D., Ijamsville, MD

Dan and his crew are a treasure. I met him after getting less than wonderful tree work done by another company. We are now confirmed Bartlett customers. We like things done right. Crew consults with me as the job progresses about how severe to prune.
Ginny B., Frederick, MD

The men who came out were so nice. They each talked to me and let me ask all my silly senior questions. The trees looked so proud and happy after their sprucing up. Dan, you are a wonderful person to work with from the customers side as well as the employee side.
Kathy S., Frederick, MD

The crew members were wonderful, very professional, polite, and did a wonderful job. They left the work site better than they found it in terms of sweeping up. I always enjoy talking with Dan Yates. I have used other tree companies but they come no where near your standards. I have and will continue to recommend your company to my friends and neighbors.
Sandy M., Middletown, MD

Dan's depth of knowledge was truly impressive. He took his time telling us what could be done to take care of our trees. he even mentioned a few things that should be done by us. When does anyone give you information to help you that does not directly profit them? We are looking forward to our trees thriving with the help of Dan and the Bartlett staff.
Jean F., Jefferson, MD

We are very satisfied with the services provided. The crew who has been treating our tree is very courteous.
Doug V., Jefferson, MD

Dan Yates is one of the most personable men I have ever encountered. I always enjoy his visits here.
David S., Frederick, MD

Dan Yates was very courteous and professional. The information provided and services rendered were above my expectations. I will continue to use your services in the future.
Aaron S., Frederick, MD

Dan was great to deal with, very informative, and laid out options for dealing with our tree issues over time. I will definitely recommend Bartlett and Dan.
Marcy N., Frederick, MD

The treatments you guys did on our trees really helped. Our front cherry tree is blooming for the first time since we planted it.
Anthony D., Walkersville, MD

Really enjoyed talking to and working with Dan Yates.
Cliff W., Frederick, MD

Dan Yates is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I had a lot of questions and he took the time to explain everything in detail. He even came back to inspect the work when it was done. The crew that did the work was courteous and efficient. They did a great job!
Jennifer C., Frederick, MD

Dan Yates is wonderful, super knowledgeable, personable, and thoughtful.
Catherine C., Burkittsville, MD

Dan Yates and the work crews have been terrific. They are the role models that your industry should try to emulate.
David S., Frederick, MD

Bartlett employees, Dan Yates and others, have always been very professional with regard to my tree issues. I have worked with Dan for several years now and truly appreciate his concern and care.
Betsey C., Frederick, MD

Very professional and polite. They always do great job. Best tree care company in the area.
Sandy M., Middletown, MD

Dan Yates is a first-class arborist, as well as a thoughtful and reliable person to do business with.
Catherine C., Burkittsville, MD

Dan was great: efficient and knowledgeable. The service team was open to questions, efficient at the tree work, and left my property in nice shape. The soil sample guy was pleasant, confirmed the locations to sample, took the samples, and left. All was good.
Michele P., Ijamsville, MD

Dan is a great representative for your company. Passionate, smart, professional. The crew was also very professional. I have no complaints.
Bob P., Jefferson, MD

Dan Yates is always both highly professional and personable, and I appreciate the respect and care he shows for clients, our growing spaces, and the environment. Thanks to him and the other staff who have helped in our garden. I have recommended Bartlett to a number of neighbors and friends and will continue to do so.
Mary C., Frederick, MD

Dan Yates was outstanding when providing an estimate. Patiently answered all our questions. It was almost like a miniature class in botany. Very interesting. Probably the only time I've actually had "fun" when getting a work estimate for the house.
Tim S., Burkittsville, MD

We've enjoyed Dan Yates, who is very knowledgeable about how to care for our specimen trees. The crew members are courteous and leave the job site clean, which we greatly appreciate.
Mike H., Braddock Heights, MD

All members of your staff were professional, knowledgeable and courteous, and all work was completed in a very favorable manner. Your Arborist Representative, Dan Yates, proved to be also knowledgeable and helpful and had an objective to complete the contract to our satisfaction.
Mike H., Frederick, MD

Dan Yates is very knowledgeable and we trust his judgment/recommendations.
Doug and Cheryl S.,, Hagerstown, MD

Bartlett staff was knowledgeable and friendly. During the estimate, Dan gave me tips about other shrubs in our yard. I took his advice to apply Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub treatment to our azaleas and they have begun to perk up just as he said they would. The Bartlett staff who did the work were courteous and efficient. They took the time to explain exactly what they would do to each tree on the property. They did a lot of work all over the yard. When I arrived home, the trees looked great and there was no sign of debris in the yard.
Maura L., Frederick, MD

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