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Dan Thacker

Arborist Representative

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Dan Thacker, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Pasadena, CA office.

More about Dan Thacker

Dan received his introduction and formal training in Arboriculture at Ambassador College in Pasadena, where he then worked for eight years. He began and managed his own business over the next 13 years before he joined Finch Tree, a company that had the same integrity and passion for tree care, in 1996. Dan's experience in tree and plant healthcare have continued to grow since Finch Tree became a division of Bartlett Tree Experts in October 2013. Dan says, "I have the desire and responsibility to treat your trees with respect and to enhance their individual grandeur."

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Dan Thacker

Dan Thacker has always provided excellent professional service. He is always polite and respectful. He promptly responds to my calls and answers all my questions dealing with my concerns. James, the staff member who treated the trees for beetles was very polite and informative when I asked questions. Jeff and his crew were excellent, respecting my Camellias under the large Canary Island Pine trees whose tops were being trimmed due to beetles. They did a very good job cleaning up the yard after three days of work. This is the only tree company I trust to work on my trees. Using other companies with less knowledge and experience is not worth the risk of damaging my large trees or endangering the staff's personal safety.
Joan K., San Marino, CA

I have been working with Dan Thacker for many years. He has helped me transform my Evergreen Pear tree from a perennial fire blight magnet to a beautiful, healthy tree. He has also been wonderful stopping by to check out and advise on my concerns over browning on my Mayten tree and the splitting bark on my Mock Orange tree. He never fails to give great advice and to respond quickly to my communication.
Erin K., Pasadena, CA

Dan Thacker was great.
Nancy C., Pasadena,CA

Dan Thacker had been my tree guy for over twenty years. He always responds quickly and informative when I have questions. Your tree cutters are the best. I am always amazed at how perfectly shaped my trees are when they are done. And they clean up everything. It pains me to see trees in my neighborhood that have been hacked back by non-professionals with chainsaws.
James D., Pasadena,CA

We have worked with Dan Thacker, Bartlett Tree, formerly Finch Tree Surgery Service for many years. He has been consistent with his professionalism, customer service, and expertise. My family and I are very happy that he continues to be our arborist representative. The Bartlett crewmembers that recently removed our Italian Cypress trees worked well together as a team, along with the crane operator Hal from Angle Myer Crane Rental. The crew members were knowledgeable regarding the various cutting and safety methods. They demonstrated their skills and applied safety precautions throughout the whole job. In addition, they were courteous and respectful.
Larry H., Altadena, CA

The Representative and the crew members were all professional and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend Bartlett Tree service to work on your trees.
Philip M., Altadena, CA

The men who have worked on our property trimming trees have been very courteous and respectful. They appear to aim to please. Dan Thatcher is quite knowledgeable and communicates well with us, and the staff on site before they start the job. He explains to us why certain trees need to be cut in a certain way with consideration both aesthetically and for the health of the trees. We very recently had our large Oak tree trimmed with emphasis on raising the skirt and cutting branches away from the house. Because of the timing, they were unable to cut more, according to Dan. In August, September, or next October we will have this Oak tree thinned to the degree the city will allow, and will request more radical pruning so as to let more of the front of our house show from the street.
Bill P., Los Angeles, CA

We have used Bartlett Tree Experts in the past to care for our trees. We were unable to have some service done on a regular basis due to some personal budget cut-backs. We had our front and side trees serviced, including an unruly Mulberry Tree that exploded with leaves and berries this Spring. Dan Thacker and his crew did a great job of taming the tree and the rest of the growth on our property. We contacted them because we were concerned some should be trimmed back a bit further and they came out and took care of it all. It looks beautiful. Using arborists can be pricey but our trees and home value are important to us. Thank you Dan and crew.
Cyndie B., Pasadena, CA

I was very impressed with Bartlett Tree Experts, especially Dan Thacker. He was very knowledgeable and knew how to explain things in a way that was easy to understand. From the initial visit to the billing process your services were effortless and simply a pleasurable experience. I am truly looking forward to having Bartlett take care of my trees from now on.
Tamia H. , Sierra Madre, CA

Dan Thacker has been our arborist since we bought our home, and we could not be happier with him or the services he has provided. He is prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. We depend on him and Bartlett for the health of our trees. I would highly recommend Bartlett Tree Service to anyone.
Merrily B., Los Angeles, CA

We appreciate your good work and especially Dan Thacker's expertise.
Andre M., Los Angeles, CA

We have always appreciated Dan Thacker's prompt service and expert advice. The tree trimming crews have been excellent as well.
Jim and Cindy W. , Los Angeles, CA

Dan was gracious to rush over when a tree limb blocked my driveway, this is truly above and beyond in helping a customer in need.
John C., Pasadena, CA

Great service, Dan is a great arborist and the team is outstanding!
Bryan C. , Pasadena, CA

As a long-time Finch Tree Service customer, I'm happy to see the tradition of excellent work and customer service being continued.
Yvonne F., Monrovia, CA

The crew was very professional and everything looks great!
Jason M., Altadena, CA

Dan Thacker has been my arborist representative for many years. He has always been extremely helpful and easy to work with. I am grateful for the long-standing relationship I have with him.
Marcia H., Pasadena, CA

Dan Thacker is top notch and I have trusted him for over a decade. The crew members are always respectful.
Jeff B., Monrovia, CA

The crew did a good job, and Daniel is always great to work with.
Susan M., Alhambra, CA

Same great service that I have gotten from Finch Tree (now Bartlett Tree Experts) over the past 15 or so years. They were supposed to complete the job in two days, but worked so fast (and so well!) that they were able to complete it in just one. Thanks for a job well done!
Marilyn C., Pasadena, CA

Dan Thacker has always been professional, prompt, thorough and more than accommodating to us throughout the many years that we have dealt with him through Finch Tree Service and now Bartlett Tree Experts.
Maryanne O., Pasadena, CA

Dan Thacker came out to do the estimate and manage the project. He is very knowledgeable and patient. He knows his stuff. The workers are also great. The guys barely even used a chainsaw and were meticulous in bringing my overgrown trees into shape. Honestly, they aren't that much higher priced than other quotes and your trees will look well-groomed when they are done.
Chris H., Altadena, CA

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