Dan Estey

Dan Estey

Arborist Representative

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Dan Estey, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Guilford, CT office.

More about Dan Estey

A native of Connecticut, Dan started his interest in tree care in high school as a Natural Resource Major in a Vo-Ag Program at E.O. Smith High School on the U-Conn Campus. With over 28 years of experience, and education in the tree care industry based in the Essex, CT area, Dan is excited to be a part of the Bartlett Tree Care Team.

A Connecticut Licensed Arborist, Dan loves to share his love for tree care with everyone he meets.

Married to his wife Dawn for nearly 25 years, they are the proud parents of three children. Active as a Boy Scout Leader for many years, Dan likes to share his experience of raising two Eagle Scouts. He also enjoys helping build sets for many of the plays his daughter performs in.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Dan Estey

I have been using the Bartlett team for many years and I know Dan Estey from when he worked with Ken Bombaci. Dan is a pleasure to work with and always responds to my requests promptly and professionally and he always comes to the site before and after a job. I am always satisfied with the work that Bartlett Tree service does and the way they clean up when they are finished. One of the last jobs that I had done involved the removal of three large dead Oak trees in the middle of a forested area. The fellow who manned the bucket truck was a true master and they got those trees down and cleared out the area so well that you would never even know that they were there. Always pleased with the work that they do and would highly recommend to anyone who needs tree work done.
Paul T., Chester, CT  View all testimonials for Chester, CT

Dan did a great job of providing quote and follow-up on the proposed Bartlett services. The crew was incredible. Amazing to see how they were able to navigate extreme tight quarters to grind a stump with the equipment. I also threw a curve ball at them and asked them to remove an additional Holly bush. They handled that as well. Great experience.
David M., Westbrook, CT  View all testimonials for Westbrook, CT

Dan was friendly and courteous, he promptly provided us with a quote for the work we wanted done. The staff and crew are also friendly and courteous. It was the coldest day of the year when they came I felt so bad for the crew, it was windy and freezing. The crew worked diligently, when they left, the yard was spotless. You could not ask for a better company to work with. I would highly recommend Bartlett Tress Experts.
Roddelle J., Old Saybrook, CT  View all testimonials for Old Saybrook, CT

We found Dan to be easy to communicate with and responsive to our needs. Your crew lead by Jeremaha were fast ,neat, courteous, and efficient. As the owner of a small business I would rate the performance of your crew as A+.
Ken T., Essex, CT  View all testimonials for Essex, CT

Dan and team were superb. They took special care not to damage our lawn which we use for Lawn Bowling in the summertime. It was also hard to get spot on the property boundary. But, to our good fortune, the neighbor is also a Bartlett customer and trusted Dan and crew to do the job sensitively.
Dennis V., Madison, CT  View all testimonials for Madison, CT

Mr Daniel Estey is a knowledgeable professional and caring towards the customers and that goes to his staff as well.
Reza J, Old Saybrook  View all testimonials for Old Saybrook

Dan is great to work with. He is competent, possesses good common sense and tells me what I need to know in a direct and honest manner. In sum, a great guy who I trust explicitly to look out for my best interest.
Will B., Killingworth, CT  View all testimonials for Killingworth, CT

Dan and the crew for were thoughtful and did a thorough job. Thanks to Dan and his crew for a job well done. We have used Bartlett for years and will continue to.
Peter H, Essex  View all testimonials for Essex

Dan Estey was great. He was on time and kept me updated on his status. We went through the concerns I had regarding issues at the property and Dan made suggestions on how to move forward to correct the problems. The job was done expeditiously and as planned by Dan. I am hopeful that the trees will improve as a result moving forward.
Adam G., Clinton, CT  View all testimonials for Clinton, CT

Dan is knowledge and easy to work with. Rick and his partner did a fabulous job, a terrific team.
Laura W., Ivoryton, CT  View all testimonials for Ivoryton, CT

Dan Estey is a delight to work with and your crews are always courteous.
Nancy W., Deep River, CT  View all testimonials for Deep River, CT

Dan and his team did a great job. I look forward to working with the Bartlett team again.
Richard B., Centerbrook, CT  View all testimonials for Centerbrook, CT

Thank you for your prompt and efficient response to my tree problem.
Maureen P., East Haddam, CT  View all testimonials for East Haddam, CT

Excellent quality work.
Katherine B., North Madison, CT  View all testimonials for North Madison, CT

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