Craig Schneeberger

Craig Schneeberger

Arborist Representative

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Craig Schneeberger, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Orleans, MA office.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Craig Schneeberger

Very happy with the work that was done. Great communication from Craig and the crew. Thank you.
Pam D., Harwich, MA

I had used Craig before when he had his own business and he did a great job. Now he is with Bartlett and he did not let me down this time either. My yard was a mess with all the tree damage. They worked very hard all day, and it was a very hot humid day. Clean up was fantastic. I so appreciate all the hard work that was done to get my yard looking like a yard again.
Jane H., Chatham, MA

Craig was very professional. He identified the problem we had with our Kousa Dogwood and our front bushes and arranged for treatment. He was personally involved and followed through on the problems. We are happy with the results and plan to continue using Bartlett for prevention of future problems.
Peter and Mary W., Harwich, MA

Craig Schneeberger is terrific. He is helpful, prompt, and imaginative. The Bartlett crew was equally impressive removing a tree that had grown out of control.
Paul and Cathy B., Chatham, MA

Craig Schneeberger provided outstanding service. He carefully evaluated the storm damage done to our trees. Very good at communication.
Erich and Corin B., North Chatham, MA

Craig and the crew who removed our trees were very skilled. It was amazing to watch their progress as they performed their work. Craig was very good at relaying information and keeping us informed, as well as checking progress, and following up after the job was completed.
Betty T., Harwich, MA

Very thankful to have Craig and the Bartlett Crew to take care of our storm damage in a timely fashion.
David R., Chatham, MA

Craig is a very professional and knowledgeable Arborist. He handles all of my tree needs in a very fast, thorough, and safe manner. When I call Craig, I know that my tree needs will be handled correctly. All of his staff are very professional and do an excellent job of leaving a clean work site.
Doug L., Chatham, MA

Craig Schneeberger is great to work with. We have had six trees removed for a variety of reasons. The crews have done an excellent job in every case. I especially appreciate the careful job of pruning and removing broken parts of a large Oak that was damaged during the July tornado.
Homer W., Chatham, MA

We contracted Bartlett after the July Cape Cod tornado. Craig Schneeberger was outstanding. Very quick response and helpful advice. The Bartlett crew that came to remove our broken tree was great and the quality of work superb. I was extremely impressed by the response and workmanship.
Timothy N., South Chatham, MA

Great group of people to work with from Craig to the working crew.
Dave H., Chatham, MA

Craig Schneeberger was absolutely wonderful and so were the rest of his crew. They all worked very hard to get our property cleaned up. Very much appreciated.
John M., Chatham, MA

Craig and Gary have been knowledgeable and great to work with. Responses are prompt and always courteous. We are really happy that we are working with Bartlett at this time.
Betty T., Harwich, MA

I have done business with Craig for several years prior to Bartlett, he is a professional that I completely trust. He has always been honest and reliable and I will continue to do business with Bartlett as long as Craig is there.
Joanne K., Brewster, MA

Craig Schneeberger has been very helpful. My wife and I want you to know that he is a valuable employee.
Gary C., Brewster, MA

We greatly appreciate Craig's expertise and recommendations. They definitely live up to Bartlett standards.
Jacqueline B., East Orleans, MA

Craig was great, very knowledgeable and helpful. Very impressed with the other fellows who worked on the yard, too, they did an excellent job, very careful, professional, meticulous with their work, and fabulous cleanup afterwards. Will definitely use Bartlett again.
Barbara F., East Orleans, MA

Craig is wonderful and delightful to work with.
Seanne J., Orleans, MA

Craig is the best.
Sally V., Chatham, MA

We have always been satisfied with all the work done by your company. We especially enjoy Craig.
Jim W., Dennisport, MA

Craig Scheenberger is always super quick to respond, direct, helpful, and professional.
Kathy F., Harwich, MA

Craig is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and always patient in answering any of our concerns. We trust his advice and know he would not try to sell us something we do not need. He is the reason we use Bartlett.
Michael C., Harwich, MA

The work crew was polite, efficient, agreeable, and a pleasure to have on our property. Craig Schneeberger is professional, knowledgable, and charming.
Freddi A., East Orleans, MA

Craig is knowledgeable. We felt confident with his recommendations and that the job would be done as discussed.
Lisa H., Dennis, MA

Outstanding customer service of Craig Schneeberger. I have and will continue to recommend Bartlett.
Warren C., Chatham, MA

Craig Schneeburger is terrific.
Steven and Janet N., Chatham, MA

Craig Schneeberger is knowledgable and professional. We have conservation constraints which Craig helped us navigate. I think this is just the beginning of a long relationship with Bartlett.
Colleen Y., South Orleans, MA

Craig is amazing, smart, helpful, informative, and kind. I am always happy to work with Craig and Bartlett.
Sally V., Chatham, MA

Craig is awesome, could not be happier with him.
Peter L., Chatham, MA

It has been a pleasure working with Craig Schneeberger and the crew. Excellent work all around.
Homer W., Chatham, MA

Always responsive, flexible, courteous, and respectful. I love that you just take care of everything automatically. I do not want to have to micromanage the tree care.
Kathy F., Harwich, MA

Craig is awesome, could not be happier with him.
Peter L., Chatham, MA

Craig is so knowledgeable. He is the reason we use Bartlett.
Paul H., Chatham, MA

Craig is the best. Very knowledgeable. We trust his judgment regarding our Cape property.
David M., Chatham, MA

Craig Schneeberger was very professional and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure dealing with him. I recommended him to my next-door neighbor.
Stanley K., South Chatham, MA

Very impressed with our representative, Craig Schneeberger.
Stuart G., Chatham, MA

Craig has been terrific to deal with.
David M., Chatham, MA

Craig Schneeberger is the ultimate professional in every aspect of the customer experience. From identifying various species of plants to describing tactics to maintain our property, he is beyond compare.
Richard B., Chatham, MA

Craig did a wonderful job for us. Extremely helpful and professional.
Ed N., Harwich, MA

Craig is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and shared some of his knowledge to help educate us. As we were in a bit of a time crunch, he saw to it that some much needed tree pruning was done prior to our house being painted which we greatly appreciated.
Joanne N., Harwichport, MA

Extremely courteous, friendly, and efficient young man. Did a great job, I have not seen a single worm or evidence of one.
Karen G., Harwich, MA

Bartlett is truly lucky to have Craig Schneeberger on their team. Craig is very knowledgeable and a perfectly lovely person to work with.
Dolly J., Chatham, MA

Craig Schneeberger responded quickly for our request for help during these past storms. He is extremely knowledgeable, polite, responsive, and a true asset to Bartlett Tree Service. Crew members did a great job on the trees and cleaning up. We will use your service in the future.
Doug and Janet F., West Chatham, MA

Craig and his crew were wonderful under difficult conditions and saved my house from potentially serious damage. They operated under the proper safety protocols and with the proper equipment.
Dave H., Chatham, MA

Craig was professional and knowledgable. He did exactly what we wanted. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone and I will continue to use your company for our property.
Lisa H., Dennis, MA

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