Clayton Shaw

Clayton Shaw

Arborist Representative

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Clayton Shaw, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Fredericksburg, VA office.

More about Clayton Shaw

Originally from Northern Virginia, Clayton began his career in arboriculture with Bartlett Tree Experts in 2015, in Charlottesville. He held the position of Plant Health Care Specialist prior to becoming an Arborist Representative.
Clayton is an ISA Certified Arborist who combines his natural attention to detail with a scientific approach to tree care. He serves the Fredericksburg area.
He loves spending time outdoors with his wife, Genevieve, hiking, kayaking, and golfing.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Clayton Shaw

Clayton does a wonderful job of explaining what needs to be done to keep the trees healthy and safe.
Margaret M., Fredericksburg, VA

You all are great. Every arborist we have had has been extremely knowledgeable and personable. We have learned a great deal about our trees, of which we have a lot in quantity and variety. From the administrative staff, to the tree cutters, to the arborists, we are consistently happy with all you do for us.
Nanelle S., Stafford, VA

Clayton Shaw provided us with the pros and cons of the alternative ways of dealing with the problem of our over-grown tree and helped us to decide to have a Bartlett crew trim the circumference of the tree but not cut off the top of the tree. The Bartlett crew did an excellent job of trimming the circumference of the tree to make it look much more aesthetic.
Steven D., Fredericksburg, VA

Very courteous and professional.
James C., Stafford, VA

We greatly appreciate the work that all the crew members perform. We are extremely satisfied with our Arborist, Clayton Shaw. I appreciate that I am able to contact him directly to discuss our needs. He is quick to pick up or return a phone call. Also, he always discusses solutions and options with us to improve the health of our landscaping. And I must mention how helpful Cullen has been. He has helped us diagnose a couple of issues recently. He goes the extra mile to be sure that he is diagnosing a problem correctly, and then recommends the needed solutions. Thank you for the great work that you all do to keep our year so healthy.
Katrina M., Stafford, VA

Clayton is very knowledgeable, communicates very well, and is a very nice person. The two gentlemen who trimmed back my Crape Myrtle tree were also very adept, communicated well, were polite, and nice. I like that the staff, Cullen, always lets you know ahead of time they are coming.
Linda Q., Fredericksburg, VA

Friendly, personable, and professional. Bartlett provides quality services.
David D., Fredericksburg, VA

The experience was very positive. No issues at all. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. Also very knowledgeable.
Carol H., Fredericksburg, VA

I was very pleased. All were very courteous, and answered my questions, and happy to explain what they were doing and why. The personal significance of our Apple trees and their importance to us was understood and appreciated. I am thankful and feel reassured the trees will be well tended to.
Claire S., Fredericksburg, VA

I dealt with Clayton Shaw when he came out to look over our trees. He was wonderful, so knowledgeable about tree care, and obviously loves what he does. As a tree lover myself, it was great to meet such a soul.
Mary L., Fredericksburg, VA

We have an Apple tree that Bartlett has saved. For the past few years it has looked "dead" by the end of July. You all started treating it last year and it has done wonderful this year. There are actually still green leaves on it. Thank you.
Pamela G., Stafford, VA

I always appreciate the phone call you give us before you come. I was very pleased with the treatment that you gave my Crape Myrtles last year as I had almost no Japanese beetles on them this year, and they were beautiful with blooms way beyond previous years.
Jeff P., Stafford, VA

The crew who worked on our property were courteous and efficient. We were extremely pleased with the work they completed.
Donna I., Stafford, VA

Thanks, nice job.
Bill N., Fredericksburg, VA

Everyone is always so helpful and courteous. In addition, everyone explains what will be done or what was done in terms easy to understand. They do this without talking down to me. Clayton Shaw is a delight to work with. He even volunteered to take me to the doctor in his spare time for a cortisone shot for my bum knee! Now that was above and beyond his normal customer relationship and was much appreciated. You certainly have a super staff.
Anne A., Fredericksburg, VA

Response to my inquiry regarding estimate was quick. From initial call to arrival of representative to inspect property and give a quote to completion of project was more than timely.
Donna I., Stafford, VA

Very friendly and informative. Trees are looking great this year and with very little Japanese beetle problem like others around us are having.
Daren D., Stafford, VA

Clayton was very informative, friendly, and professional.
Paul C., Fredericksburg, VA

Clayton and his team did an outstanding job.
Margaret W., Fredericksburg, VA

Excellent experience. Will refer you, and call when we need help again.
Sarah P., Fredericksburg, VA

Clayton, the arborist, did a great job. He provided excellent advice and produced a very good tree and shrub pruning plan. The crew of Caleb, Kevin, Pat, Matt, and Tucker did an outstanding job. They were well organized, professional, did very fine work and appeared to work very safely. Kevin spent a lot of time and effort pruning the large Beech tree in the back yard. He was very careful, and it looks very good. And I believe Pat did a great job for my ornamental Cherry tree. All in all a very good crew.
Noel S., Fredericksburg, VA

Bartlett staff has always been professional and courteous. Thanks for taking care of my Live Oak.
Roger L., Fredericksburg, VA

Excellent work and pleasant people. Thank you.
Janet K., Fredericksburg, VA

It was a very good experience. No suggestions for improvement. Arborist did a thorough review of my trees and shrubs. Found a pest issue with Japanese Holly which will be treated. I did not know problem was present. The pruning was done by hand and with great care. Shrubs look so much better and will be healthier.
Carol H. , Fredericksburg, VA

We appreciate all of the technicians who work at our home. We are especially grateful for Clayon's assistance. He maintains open communication with us and strives to meet our needs. Clayton is doing a wonderful job. The communication means so much to us, he responds to our messages promptly, is always on time, and is very courteous, And he translates our needs correctly without the need to have to review the requirements to see that he covered them all. We always look forward to working with him. Thank you so very much.
Katrina M., Stafford, VA

Excellent service.
Nidia G., Fredericksburg, VA

It is always a pleasure dealing with Bartlett personnel. Everyone is pleasant and eager to please. Bartlett did an excellent job in helping me after I purchased a very neglected property. Neighbors were complimenting on how wonderful my trees were looking. So very happy with this service. Would highly recommend.
Diane K., Fredericksburg, VA

I'm very happy with the results, you all did a fantastic job from start to finish.
Trinette H., Stafford, VA

Everything was great.
Tony Z., Stafford, VA

Great arborist. We come back to Bartlett every year to get everything checked out and safe. Everyone at Bartlett is highly professional and courteous.
Roberto S., Stafford, VA

Great bunch of guys. Thats why we use Bartlett.
Alan M., Stafford, VA

All are fantastic.
Darya T., Stafford, VA

Excellent crew came out as always.
Margaret W., Fredericksburg, VA

Excellent advice on all the trees and shrubs on our property, much appreciated.
Kat R., Stafford, VA

Great job.
Sylvie R., Stafford, VA

Courteous and respectful. Their explanations of what will be done are clear and understandable. I was impressed with how they took care of the tree problems. As I noted above, the clean-up was awesome.
Anne A., Fredericksburg, VA

Always do a nice job.
Jeff P., Stafford, VA

Mr. Shaw is a true professional in his field. He is very knowledgeable, courteous, and answers all of our questions. He takes all our questions very seriously which is extremely satisfying to us. We have been very satisfied with our services from Bartlett.
Linda S., Fredericksburg, VA

Great group of guys. Clayton was a big help getting the appointment set up. Everyone is both professional and engaging to be around.
Sydney C., Fredericksburg, VA

Polite, courteous, kept me informed
Charles H., Fredericksburg, VA

I appreciate the care and concern for details Clayton shows during each visit to my home. His professionalism is above and beyond.
Denise L., Fredericksburg, VA

Clayton is very knowledgeable and Lou enjoys talking trees to him.
Louis H., Stafford, VA

Friendly and very helpful.
Linda P., Fredericksburg, VA

Good people that really know their business. Clayton is very helpful.
Sharon J., Fredericksburg, VA

Once again, I was very pleased with the excellent work that the crew did. I like to be here when they come so that I can ask any questions that I may have. I always learn something new as a result. Even though Clayton thoroughly explains what work will be done when we do the annual contract, it is good to be sure that the crew is on the same page, they always are. The two trees look excellent. I am so looking forward to seeing everything bloom in the spring. I so appreciate a local company that does excellent, expert work and their staff who always takes the time to answer questions and explain. Everyone is clearly passionate about what they do.
Ruth B., Fredericksburg, VA

Informative, courteous, friendly, industrious, are a few words I would use to describe all of the Bartlett employees I have had the pleasure of meeting.
Anne A. , Fredericksburg, VA

They were absolutely wonderful. You can not improve that. Always a pleasure to deal with everyone at Bartlett. Answers any questions and always polite. I am very happy I chose Bartlett. Excellent in all areas.
Diane K., Fredericksburg, VA

Team arrived when promised. Worked quickly and took the care necessary. Happy with the service Bartlett has provided over the years.
Adela B., Stafford, VA

Over the past two to three years, I've consulted with Clayton and a few of the "team" crew members. Without exception, they were both thoughtful and professional. Thank you for your assistance most especially with regard to reviving our Maple tree back to health.
Kenna S., Stafford, VA

Crew members were thorough. They explained what was to be done before starting work. Everyone has been friendly and courteous.
Janet W., Stafford, VA

They were great.
Dick B., Fredericksburg, VA

Your staff and your Arborist did an excellent job and should be commended for their thorough explanation of the work they did and what still needs to be done. We felt very confident in their ability to complete the job to our satisfaction, especially since we did not want to have to take down our beautiful Ash tree. After a thorough inspection and a thorough explanation of our options by your Arborist, it helped us make a better decision what to do. Very professional and courteous team did an outstanding job. We highly recommend this company. Looking forward to continuing doing business with them.
Sheila P., Fredericksburg, VA

Excellent service.
Kathleen R., Fredericksburg, VA

I enjoy my communications with Clayton. He is very professional, and he is very responsive to my questions and comments.
Denise L., Fredericksburg, VA

Nothing needs improvement. Everything has been great. Thanks. My trees are happy.
Janet K., Fredericksburg, VA

The crew was on time and extremely friendly. The work was completed in a timely manner and the site was left clean and looks great. I appreciate all the hard work.
Becky K., Stafford, VA

My husband and I very much enjoyed meeting Clayton. He is friendly, prompt, courteous, and super smart. He gave us great advice about how to manage issues with some of our trees.
Patricia J., Stafford, VA

The arborist was very knowledgeable and very courteous and was not in a hurry to get on to his next site. A very likable guy.
Gary V., Fredericksburg, VA

Crew was very courteous and professional. Very pleased. I will contact them again for any future tree work I may need.
James C., Stafford, VA

Our Cypress are doing very well with your care. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Larry K., Stafford, VA

It was a 10+. And when they finished, the area was cleaner than before they pruned. So I am not sure how it could improve. Very pleased with all components of the job, receptionist at your office, Clayton’s visit and assessment, and the actual pruning. So glad my neighbor two doors up raved about the service she had from Bartlett. Recommended your company to me for a problem I was having with the Zelkova tree. You are working on it, but the tree is not cooperating very well. At his last cupidity, Clayton said we will wait till next spring and see how it is doing.
Anne A., Fredericksburg, VA

Bartlett is way better than any of these so-called tree service guys who drive around door-to-door with a pick-up truck and chain saw calling themselves a tree service. My last negative experience with one of those honey rocks is why I called Bartlett for the first time several years ago. You guys are the best.
Sheridan H., Fredericksburg, VA

Very thorough, polite, and professional. I am very happy with your services and crew.
Kathleen T., Stafford, VA

Very professional, friendly, and efficient.
Rita S., Stafford, VA

Great team, Clayton is very nice and knowledgeable.
Linda Q., Fredericksburg, VA

Everyone was great.
Margaret W., Fredericksburg, VA

Crew was friendly, courteous, and efficient. They answered all questions I had. Clayton explained exactly what would be done, when, and why.
Janet W., Stafford, VA

Very responsive and informative.
Robert G., Stafford, VA

Everything was professional and thorough. Matt and Pat welcomed my input and responded respectfully. It felt like a collaboration. The trees look very good. Another crew came over and helped with the cleanup. We had a major storm yesterday and only a few small branches fell on the ground. Looks like they got all the dead limbs when they were here.
Doug M., Fredericksburg, VA

My experience with the Bartlett staff has all been first rate. They do the work I have asked them to do on time and with excellent results.
Jeff P., Fredericksburg, VA

Very professional and courteous.
Melanie F., Fredericksburg, VA

Excellent Company. Will use them again and highly recommend.
John Sheffer, Stafford, VA

Professional and caring.
Ken G., Fredericksburg, VA

Very knowledgeable, professional,and courteous.
Linda Q., Fredericksburg, VA

Bartlett has been awesome. I have a busy road behind my house and a small strip of wood line as a buffer that was left when they cleared the land for the neighborhood. There is a lot of wildlife in this little bit of wood line that I did not want to compromise. There is a lot of English ivy climbing into the tree tops that will eventually kill my trees. Bartlett clipped the ivy from around most of the trees and treated it to prevent or slow the growth back. The ivy is dying or already dead and I am so happy to keep these trees without endangering the wildlife. This natural wood line buffer is so much nicer than an ugly fence. They did great work and everyone I have dealt with has been so nice, from the person I spoke with on the phone, to Clayton who came and advised how to handle the situation and gave the estimate to the men who came and did the work. I just could not be happier. Thanks Bartlett.
Mark M., Fredericksburg, VA

Our crape myrtle was pruned in early December and I think the pruning saved it from damage in the early January snow storm. Thank you Brian and crew. Even with that, one branch broke and so I called to see if Clayton could prune the damaged branch when he was at my neighbors home to do an inspection for one of her trees that came down in the storm. He came, introduced himself and pruned the branch. Thank you to Clayton and the staff who are always responsive and helpful whenever I call.
Ruth B., Fredericksburg, VA

Would not dream of having any tree service other than Bartlett. From Keri to Clayton to the awesome crew, they all get the job done.
Sydney C., Fredericksburg, VA

Clayton and the entire crew are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. After their work over the last few years we would not let anyone touch our trees or shrubs.
Margaret W., Fredericksburg, VA

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