Christian Fitzpatrick

Christian Fitzpatrick

Local Manager & Arborist Representative

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Christian Fitzpatrick, Local Manager & Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

More about Christian Fitzpatrick

After graduating from Hereford High School, Christian enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving in both stateside and overseas posts.
Christian has been involved in tree care since 2009. He joined the Baltimore office team in October 2015 as an Arborist Representative after being attracted to Bartlett’s scientific approach to tree care.
Christian is licensed with the MD Department of Natural Resources. He is a Board Certified Master Arborist, Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, PA Pesticide Applicator and a Certified Tree Risk Assessor with the International Society of Arboriculture.
His passion and expertise in caring for landscape plants has helped build a commendable arboriculture career with Bartlett Tree Experts. In addition to servicing clients’ properties performing inspections, diagnoses and treating urban landscapes, Christian is the Local Manager of the York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, PA offices. He looks forward to working with clients to help them define and achieve their landscape goals.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Christian Fitzpatrick

Bartlett had a great crew complete the job. Very experienced and courteous. Christian was prompt with appointment and provided a thorough proposal that same day.
Richard M. , Stewartstown, PA

Always courteous and professional.
Mark H., York, PA

I appreciate Christian, my arborist. He takes his time to carefully assess issues on my property and provide thoughtful and superior plans for maintaining my beautiful trees.
Nikki R., York, PA

Great job trimming trees. Christian is always available to answer my questions and give his professional advice.
Debbie P., Shrewsbury, PA

We are always happy with Bartlett's work and Christian Fitzpatrick has a wonderful staff. Also, Christian is outstanding with which to work and we would not take our tree care needs anywhere else.
Stephanie Z., Stewartstown, PA

Christian Is awesome The crew was professional and very knowledgeable.
Lee F., Stewartstown, PA

Christian has been excellent to work with.
Bob C., York, PA

Christian, the arborist , was very helpful and informative regarding our tree issues so we could decide next steps to take.
Diane G., Dallastown, PA

Mr. Fitzpatrick is always very responsive and knowledgeable in making recommendations. The crews are courteous and do a great job. I am always amazed at how good the trees look after being trimmed.
Duane A., York, PA

Excellent group of professionals. Chris is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Your field crew was very efficient and accommodating. I am very pleased with the work your team did from start to finish and highly recommend them.
Joan F., Dover, PA

We were amazed at the level of training and knowledge of each of the two crews and your arborist. All of your personnel was pleasant and fielded our many questions with well thought answers. Your investment in training your employees is evident and the company reaps the benefits of that investment.
Bill T., York, PA

Christian is always wonderful and full of information for us. He has visited our property for the second time now and we are very pleased with all of the valuable knowledge we receive about our landscape. Christian's knowledge and friendly visits are the main reasons I will continue to use Bartlett.
Steven A., York, PA

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable my arborist was. I was also very impressed with the crew members who trimmed my tree with how clean they left the site. There was not a leaf left on the ground. I am very happy with the work that was done.
Jonathan G., Brogue, PA

Christian has been fabulous. He looked at one of our bushes and told me what was wrong and how to correct it. I did not even realize it had a problem. Overall Bartlett has been great. Took care of trimming and feeding Oak trees that were looking like they were not going to last but a few more years. New leaves were coming out light green and dropping off early. So far this year all leaves are coming out the usual darker green..
George L., York, PA

Christian Fitzpatrick is a wonderful person to work with. He is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to helping us with our landscaping needs. We value his suggestions and insights into maintaining our home. Wes has been great to work with as well. We are confident in his ability to execute treatments and pruning plans with the upmost care. We thank you both for everything and have and will continue to recommend your services to others.
Anna H., York, PA

Christian was fantastic. He was realistic, thorough, and took into account the nearby creek when making recommendations for treatment.
Casey P., Manchester, PA

We are very happy we chose Bartlett Tree Experts. Christian was very fast to respond to our initial inquiry. His knowledge was quickly evident. He has a great ability to relate to customers. We appreciated his willingness to share thoughts about the work we were considering. Brandon and the rest of the crews that were on site were great communicators. Work was done to the letter of the service agreement. The crews attention to safety was notable. Everything was clean and tidy after each day's work. The crews were conscientious in making sure we were not inconvenienced and could access our driveway and vehicles during work hours. The trees that remain look fantastic and the few that were removed were treated with respect.
Craig S., York, PA

Christian Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Serrano, and Wes Fuhrman have been wonderful with great customer service, responsiveness to questions, and overall professionalism. We have been with Bartlett for many, many years now and plan to continue due to the great care of trees and shrubs receive as well as the outstanding customer service from Christian, Jennifer, and Wes.
Stephanie Z., Stewartstown, PA

I wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding service and professional care I received during my property tree maintenance. Starting with the very personable and professional consultation from Christian Fitzpatrick. Christian followed up every discussion and visited the site during the extraction. His original quote was complete and through. The two technicians Brandon and Luke were awesome. They practiced total safe operating parameters and never once deviated from that protocol. They were very polite and personal. Brandon was an amazing tactician. The tree dropped within 12” of his target. It is privilege to be associated with Bartlett Tree Experts. In today’s business it is all about the Customer Experience. My experience with Bartlett was an absolute pleasure.
Tim C., Stewartstown, PA

I was impressed with Christian - very knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly.
Richard G., New Freedom, PA

Very impressed with Christian and Wes. I have a very positive impression of Bartlett.
David A., Glen Rock, PA

Christian Fitzpatrick showed up on time and was very professional. He answered all my questions . I am very pleased with Bartlett and their staff. They did a good job on cutting down the tree and cleaning up. I would definitely recommend Bartlett to my friends and family.
Robert L., Shrewsbury, PA

Mike knows what needs to be done to keep our trees healthy and looking their best. The crew is always polite and knows exactly how to execute the plan.
Martha M., Camp Hill, PA

Wes is exceptional in his broad knowledge base, his friendly demeanor, and his genuine concern for his customers, and the challenge at hand. Christian has excellent follow up, is accessible, professional, and approachable. Nothing but top notch, responsible service from all points of view. Premier service.,Excellent company.
Sue B., York, PA

We needed emergency service and Chris responded quickly. He arrived early the next morning to assess the job. He also met with us on Saturday morning to discuss more tree removals. The crew did an excellent job removing the many huge Oaks without damaging the existing landscape plants. Great job by all.
Bob G., York, PA

Christian Fitzpatrick has always responded if I call. He is dependable and efficient.
Mary Ann W., York, PA

The crewmembers that completed the job on my property were extremely polite and very helpful. Christian even stopped by to make sure everything was going well and gave recommendations for additional trees in the yard. I will recommend Bartlett to anyone that needs work done. I was impressed with the level of professionalism compared to other companies that had given me quotes or never even responded at all to my initial inquiry. I will be going with Bartlett for any additional services needed in the future. Thanks again.
Jenifer W., York, PA

The York office is always willing and able to thoroughly answer my tree questions. Last year, Mr. Fitzpatrick recommended cabling the branches of the main Holly tree in my front yard. Did not know how necessary, but I have come to rely on the expertise of the Bartlett staff. After the gusty and blustery weather we have had in the past months, I am more than happy that I had that work done in January.
Deborah H., York, PA

Christian and Wesley were both very helpful and professional. They were also very knowledgeable and precise.
Norma H., Dover, PA

Mr. Fitzpatrick was very knowledgeable and helpful. He knows his business. The crew was very professional and courteous. The office lady that emailed me and I spoke with on the phone was also very nice and efficient. Highly recommended.
Steve F., York, PA

Christian, Jennifer, and Wes are wonderful. We have been loyal Bartlett customers for over ten years and intend to remain so for many years to come. The service we receive is outstanding and we could not have a better group of professionals taking care of our beloved trees and shrubs.
Stephanie Z., Stewartstown, PA

When we thank God for our blessings, we thank him twice for Christian and the whole of Bartlett team.
Jack M., Stewartstown, PA

Always friendly, efficient, and professional.
Denise C., Glen Rock, PA

For the first time since we started worrying about all the trees on our property, we finally feel that we have found a company that knows what they are doing, and will do everything possible to mitigate any problem that arises. I explained, that Jack and I feels we have a responsibility to protect them on our watch. It was with a real sense of comfort that I mailed the proposal off yesterday. We will wait to hear when your guys are ready to start. When you want to let us know please phone because we are not use the computer.
Jack M., Stewartstown, PA

We were very appreciative of Matt, Christian, and Jennifer’s services.
Jim S., York, PA

Christian far exceeded my expectations. My Boxwood trees looked like they were approximately 75% yellow. I was told by almost everybody I consulted to accept my fate. One local tree man and several York Master Gardeners recommended I could try Bartlett. They analyzed the soil and then sprayed them. They are now green and beautiful. Thank You Bartlett. We believe the grove of trees are about one hundred years old.
Liz T., Fawn Grove, PA

Always professional and answers my questions thoroughly. Fitzpatrick keeps me informed about the latest needs, like the spotted lantern fly. Office staff equally easy to work with. Trees look great. The Crabapple, which looked like a lost case a few years ago, is full of fruit for birds and squirrels to enjoy.
Deborah H., York, PA

Great service from Christian, Wes, and Jennifer.
Grogan J., York, PA

Always courteous and knowledgeable. Christian is great, good company, and very knowledgeable on plant diseases and solutions.
Bill H., New Freedom, PA

Christian Fitzpatrick has the knowledge to assess my trees. Mr. Fitzpatrick and I walked the front and back yard and discussed what needed to be done. There was no problem when I had to add more work to be done. Jennifer was always helpful. The team that worked on the trees where very nice. Matt explained and answered my question. The next day some trees were given root rot and borer treatment by a expert.
Margaret M., New Freedom, PA

Wes and Chris were very helpful when explaining the needs of our trees. We always learn something new during a visit.
Mary and Donald W., Glen Rock, PA

Very professional and courteous.
Tricia W., Dover, PA

I have only been using Bartlett a short time, but Christian, the arborist, is knowledgeable, personable, and responsive. I appreciate the fact that there is a sense of being proactive to try to prevent diseases and reduce the risk of losing plantings. The crew did a very nice job trimming our trees several months ago. I feel confident in the abilities of the arborist and the work crews.
Duane A., York, PA

We have three different parts to our job request. At this point we are still waiting for half to be done when the ground is not frozen. My first contact with Christian was really nice. He listened to what we wanted done and what we were concerned about. When the crew came to cut back trees along our very long drive way the guys were very professional and courteous. It was a job well done. Good job so far.
Tricia W., Dover, PA

Very professional, friendly, dedicated, knowledgeable, trusting, and caring. Can not be beat.
Loretta S., Manchester, PA

Christian, Jennifer, Wes, and all of the Bartlett crew members with which we have worked this season have been outstanding. We would not have anyone other than Christian and his associates take care of our many trees.
Stephanie Z., Stewartstown, PA

The guys who came to my home to perform the services were all amazing, friendly, and competent.
Patricia K., York, PA

Most satisfying customer experience of my life. The Arborist and his crew were careful to determine what I wanted and expected and the result was fantastic. I would never use another tree service.
Kenneth C., Manchester, PA

Christian did a great job as did the cutting and grinding crews. Many thanks.
Bill H., New Freedom, PA

Christian was able and happy to answer my questions. Trees look good, birds and are happy.
Deborah H., York, PA

Very helpful and courteous.
Kathy G., Baltimore, MD

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