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Chris Renn

Arborist Representative

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Chris Renn, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Tallahassee, FL office.

More about Chris Renn

Chris grew up just outside of Louisville, KY. His passion for nature and deep interest in tree biology developed early in life as Chris helped with his father's landscape business. Chris worked through college as an Assistant Superintendent at a golf course while attending Spalding University where he earned his Bachelor degree in Social Sciences. After graduating, Chris developed a keen understanding of business and customer service working for a competitive intelligence consulting firm until he and his family moved to Saint Louis, MO. It was in Saint Louis where Chris took the opportunity to enter the arboriculture industry as an Arborist Assistant.

Chris and his family relocated to Tallahassee in 2018 and he joined the Bartlett team. Chris joined us as an ISA Certified Arborist and over the past year has earned the TCIA certificate as a Treecare Safety Professional. Chris enjoys going on adventures with his wife, their four boys and their beloved Brittany spaniel. Chris is enthusiastic and ready to partner with Bartlett customers to ensure they have beautiful and safe properties.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Chris Renn

Always responsive and spot on. Arborist was excellent, knew his stuff, and provided great advice as we move forward. Thank You.
Richard M., Tallahassee, FL

Professional, polite, and knowledgeable. From phone call with Emily to greeting and discussing work with Chris, Bartlett has delivered.
Frances A., Tallahassee, FL

Due to a recent storm Christopher, with Bartlett, was able to solve our problem quickly. We have been using Bartlett for over eighteen years. Great company and great service.
J. Gamin, Tallahassee, FL

Rheny and Chris are super friendly and helpful. I appreciate both of their input regarding my big Oak tree. Chris was generous with his time and did not rush through our appointment. He offered tips to help the big Oak that is getting special treatment, as well as advice on other trees and plants in my yard.
Lana T., Tallahassee, FL

Very responsive and efficient. Always available for a live consult when I have specific questions. Very happy with service and results, Thank You.
Richard M., Tallahassee, FL

Love Chris, very knowledgeable. Emily in office is very sweet and personable and on top of things.
Clifton C., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn has been pleasant to deal with.
Chris J., Tallahassee, FL

Nothing, everything was done in a very friendly and professional manner. Mr. Renn was very knowledgeable and helpful, as were all the personnel I had contact with. The work site was cleaned up very nicely, and in a timely manner. All work was as specified and the result is very satisfactory, a much cleaner and neater back yard and side area. Bartlett did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone needing tree service.
Cheryl C., Tallahassee, FL

From start to finish, every person involved was considerate and helpful. Chris Renn was great and made me comfortable with the decision to go with Bartlett, though we had never used them before.
Kathleen B., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn and the entire Bartlett team are simply fantastic.
Chris K., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn was fantastic. Knowledge, punctual, and very tall.
Russ B., Tallahassee, FL

Chris and the crew were outstanding. All were courteous, punctual, and professional. We will definitely recommend them in the future.
Theresa A., Tallahassee, FL

The entire staff has always been exceptionally knowledgeable, courteous, and caring. They really go the extra mile for you.
Adrienne F., Tallahassee, FL

Everyone was professional and courteous. Thank you for a great job. I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Virginia W., Tallahassee, FL

We continue to use your excellent knowledge and services. Very pleased.
Kingsly M., Tallahassee, FL

I had a great experience. Chris Renn was fantastic and knew exactly what I needed and was a creative problem solver, addressing the issues specific to my property to deliver on the tree care I wanted. The crew was friendly and helpful with all requests as we implemented the tree protection plan. Very happy I called Bartlett. It was clear that you have an organizational culture that values keeping trees, not just removing them. Many thanks.
Brian W., Tallahassee, FL

Chris was excellent at customer service. The crew was efficient and courteous.
Debra E., Tallahassee, FL

Everyone is so knowledgeable and accommodating. They have brought aging Dogwoods and Japanese Maples back to thriving life, in spite of changing climate conditions for our zone. They trimmed our wayward overgrown Boxwoods expertly. Beautiful. We live in a very southern community where manners matter, and Bartlett is the best. And they are good looking, too.
Sandy D., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn is helpful above and beyond. One great thing is his professional objectivity, he is not always trying to sell me something. Emily is also very responsive and good to work with.
Charles H., Tallahassee, FL

Mr. Renn is both informative in his explanations and courteous. The crew has a professional manner that I appreciate.
Curry H., Tallahassee, FL

We are very pleased with the Bartlett staff, in particular Chris. All were very professional and prompt in responding to our inquiries.
Robert H., Tallahassee, FL

After our Arborist, Chris Renn, contacted us that our originally scheduled date for tree removal had to be postponed due to an equipment issue, he seemed to pull a few strings and favors and arranged to have equipment and personnel available for the very next day. Kevin Bradberry and Stephen Glass showed up as a two-man team. They worked very efficiently and professionally together and removed one very tall Pine, plus a small Dogwood, and then cleaned up all of the resulting debris. It was truly a pleasure to watch these two men take care of their task. We also appreciated that Chris Renn stopped by to check on the work being done. Prior to the scheduled work, Chris had also made first contact with Duke of Stumpbusters, and made arrangements with Bartlett's Kevin Bradberry to spray six trees with the Bark Beetle Treatment. We made final arrangements with Kevin, and he was out promptly to complete that part of the project. I have also found Administrative Assistant Emily Norman a pleasure to deal with. She is pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable. Thank you.
Linda K., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn is top notch. Very professional and knowledgeable. The workers were very good too.
Pat and Patty H., Tallahassee, FL

Everyone is always so friendly and courteous. Chris and Kevin are very knowledgeable and helpful.
Bernadette L., Tallahassee, FL

Chris is just outstanding, such a pleasure to work with. And the crew is great. I really enjoy having them at the house.
Ms. L. S., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn has been really great throughout this process. We are glad we got to work with him. The team did excellent work.
Ivan M., Tallahassee, FL

The Bartlett crew today was excellent, professional in every way. I wanted to just let you know how much I appreciate all of your work.
Mr. Ben S., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn has been super courteous, responsive, and helpful each time I have dealt with him.
Iris A., Tallahassee, FL

Our arborist representative Chris Renn is awesome.
Ms. Kathy W., Tallahassee, FL

Wonderful Staff with excellent customer service.
W. Williams, Tallahassee, FL

Chris is extremely knowledgeable and articulate. He is pleasant to deal with and goes the extra mile. the crew that worked on the tree were also friendly and courteous.
Ms. I. A., Tallahassee, FL

Chris has been very responsive to our questions. He scheduled and had the work completed promptly. I am pleased that Bartlett has laboratory resources to evaluate issues we have found in our yard. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Bartlett.
Janet S., Tallahassee, FL

Kevin is the specialist who treated our trees, and he is a super guy. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and diligent. Chris Renn has been great, so prompt and courteous. How nice if all managers operated with his efficiency and customer care. We are grateful to know such genuinely responsive and attentive people. They represent your company in such an outstanding way, we almost wish we had more sick trees. Thank you.
Claire B., Tallahassee, FL

Excellent, polite, knowledgeable, and always professional is Bartlett's Arborist representative, Chris Renn.
Frank W., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn was very helpful in looking at our trees and finding out what we need. The crew worked so hard trimming and clearing out yard. They were wonderful.
Vicky D., Tallahassee, FL

Excellent service. Thank you, Chris and your team.
K. M., Tallahassee, FL

Thank you Chris and staff for the quick tree removal and Kevin for the courteous service during the fertilization.
Mr. Carl G., Tallahassee, FL

Christopher Renn was friendly and helpful. The crew was professional and courteous.
Daina L., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn is very friendly and professional. I would recommend Bartlett to my friends and family.
Phillip L., Tallahassee, FL

Thank you Bartlett. Everyone was very courteous and professional. Chris Renn answered all my questions.
Ms. L. M., Tallahassee, FL

Chris Renn was knowledgeable, friendly, informed, and a great listener. I would recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to my friends and family.
Jackie K., Tallahassee, FL

Very pleased with the Bartlett crew that worked for us. Chris Renn was very professional. I will do business with Bartlett again.
Tony W., Tallahassee, FL

Everyone was great at Bartlett. Looking forward to continuing to work with Bartlett.
Amy O., Tallahassee, FL

Thank you Chris Renn for your great service. The Bartlett team did a good job for me.
Lawrence S., Tallahassee, FL

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