Cameron Rickett

Cameron Rickett

Arborist Representative

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Cameron Rickett, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Charleston, SC office.

More about Cameron Rickett

Cameron Rickett is a graduate of Trident Technical College's Horticulture program. He is an ISA Certified Arborist specializing in insect and disease management in woody plants, as well as developing soil care programs for the trees and shrubs of the landscape. He has been with Bartlett Tree Experts over nine years working in Charleston, SC where he has spent time as a climber, Plant Health Care Specialist, and Arborist Representative.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Cameron Rickett

Always very professional.
Tom J., Charleston, SC

No words, always great service, both admin and crews on the ground. Love working with Cameron and crews on many of the properties I manage.
Pam M., Charleston, SC

Cameron is awesome, and the crews who come to do the work are always friendly and efficient.
Susan K., Charleston, SC

Cameron Rickett is a real asset to your business. He is down to earth, he has good ideas, and he is friendly. He also does what he says he’ will do for Bartlett Tree Experts. I am happy with everything you all did, and so is my wife. Our Italian Cypress looks great, and our Camellias are putting out green, new growth, where brown, leafless twigs used to be.
Van T., Charleston, SC

The crew was fabulous and did an amazing job with a very large limb. We were so impressed with their ability and professionalism. Very pleased.
Lisa Smith-Butler, Charleston, SC

Nothing, other than guarantee that my Pine tree would not have the bark beetles, but I know that a guarantee is not possible. Everyone from Bartlett with whom I interacted, from beginning to end, was polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Thank you.
Sandra Peskin, Charleston, SC

Always friendly and knowledgeable. Eager to answer all questions.
Lavonne Fore, Charleston, SC

Cameron always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of in a timely professional manner.
David Miller, Charleston, SC

Cameron is always accommodating, on time, and very knowledgeable. Love working with him and crew. My "go to" when it comes to tree services.
Poston and Co, Charleston, SC

Roberto does an especially excellent job with the pruning. Thanks to your whole team as well.
David Bossman, Charleston, SC

I cannot imagine an easier business relationship.
Tim Goodwin, Folly Beach, SC

Friendly and Courteous. Great job by everyone.
Mary Altman, Charleston, SC

Cameron and Brandon are a pleasure to work with. Great service from great people.
Juliana Falk, Charleston, SC

: Cameron is very knowledgeable, helpful, and most encouraging with my specific needs.
Woody White, Charleston, SC

Camren is the best. This is my first time needing an arborist and he is always patient and thorough in answering my many questions.
Avery K., Charleston, SC

The best staff and representatives.
Nancy B., Charleston, SC

Timely, pleasant, helpful. It was a great experience. My arborist was quite helpful per the current tree issue as well as general information and discussion pertaining to two grand trees in my yard and how to protect them.
Mary Ellen M., Charleston, SC

It is always a pleasure to work with a crew from Bartlett. Cameron has been very responsive to my inquiries.
Bob B., Charleston, SC

Cameron and the crew are The Best. Always responsive in a timely manner. Very communicative and trustworthy leaving me always feeling our trees are in the best hands.
Walker B., Charleston, SC

Cameron and the crew are The Best. Always responsive in a timely manner. Very communicative and trustworthy leaving me always feeling our trees are in the best hands.
Walker B., Charleston, SC

Very responsive and professional. Great service.
Al T., Charleston, SC

Great job. Easy to work with.
Paul S., Charleston, SC

This was my first experience with Bartlett Tree Experts. Personable, knowledgeable, and completely professional, from Cameron's insightful wisdom in tree care, to Brandon's thorough and diligent services. I felt confident in their work and grateful to have their partnership and expertise in giving my tree family the best care available.
Martin L., Charleston, SC

Nothing to improve upon. Service is excellent. Service people are super friendly, professional, and on time. I couldn’t ask for better service.
Janice B., Charleston, SC

Cameron Rickett is excellent and one of the main reasons I use Bartlett. He has become my partner in keeping my trees healthy and looking their best. All of the crew members who have performed my services are very pleasant to deal with. Great job by all.
Stephanie T., James Island, SC

Cameron Rickett is friendly, professional, and always available to answer my questions and give experienced sound advice.
Franklin M., Charleston, SC

Cannot say enough great things about Cameron and his crew! They were accommodating and so helpful! Really value their work and advice!
Adele M., Charleston, SC

Knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. Superior service. Terrific serviceman. Thank you.
Janice B., Charleston, SC

Great crew, very pleasant and willing. High quality service.
Susan P., Charleston, SC

The work looks fantastic. Thank you all for making this so easy.
Blaine W., Charleston, SC

Very professional. Especially appreciative of the personal attention and service by Cameron Rickett.
Steve C., Johns Island, SC

We were so impressed with Cameron and his knowledge. He was very thorough in discussing what needed to be done. We will contact Cameron next year and plan to get our annual tree trimming from Bartlett. Great job.
Judy F., Charleston, SC

Cameron is a pleasure to work with. Knowledgable, patient, and sociable. The crew was the same, laughing while working. Willing to take the time to explain how they were doing the job. I asked to see how the grinder worked, they were glad to show me. Was great fun for me.
Eleanor B., Hollywood, SC

Cameron is an amazingly knowledgeable guy and so personable. We could talk plants with him for hours.
Karen S., Charleston, SC

Cameron Rickett has been great. Very knowledgeable, responsive, and always willing to come out and look or help with any tree or arborist issues. The team that recently trimmed our trees and removed a tree left the area better than they found it. Really impressed.
Deen W., James Island, SC

Cameron Rickett was very responsive and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of an arborist.
Deb P., Wadmalaw Island, SC

Everyone is always very professional. Cameron Rickett is always dependable and very knowledgeable about all questions that are asked. Field workers were very courteous and safety conscious.
Tom J., Charleston, SC

Cameron was very responsive and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of an Arborist.
Deb P., Wadmalaw Island, SC

Cameron Rickett is very responsive and does a great job overseeing the needs of all of our trees and shrubs. He makes it easy and keeps it beautiful.
Margaret C., Charleston, SC

Always knowledgeable. Always capable. If you want the job done correctly. Cameron and Bartlett are the ones to call.
Ed L., Charleston, SC

Excellent skills by workmen. Arrived as promised. Have used them before and will continue to use Cameron Rickett’s easy to work with.
John C., Kiawah Island, SC

Cameron has been my rep for several years, and it is a pleasure working with him. He knows my trees, my property, and knows what my trees need each spring. I am always treated with the utmost courtesy and respect, as are my trees.
Lee S., Johns Island, SC

Knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.
Alvaro M., Folly Beach, SC

Very professional, responsive to questions, and careful about Covid precautions. They seemed genuinely concerned about the health of the trees they were working on.
Hugh S., Charleston, SC

Cameron and his crew are outstanding. I wish I could find other companies like this one. They are always very helpful and I have seen improvements on all that they have treated. The live Oaks as well as the shrubs are looking some of the best. Thanks to all for a job well done.
Sherrie R., Wadmalaw Island, SC

Cameron Rickett does a great job for us. Quality man. Great service.
Martha C., Kiawah Island, SC

Cameron Rickett was professional and very quick to respond to our needs. Appreciate the great service.
Paul C, Kiawah Island, SC

Cameron Rickett made good recommendations and did not try to oversell. Staff was very courteous and professional. Site cleanup was excellent.
Scott M., Kiawah Island, SC

Cameron Rickett is knowledgeable, answers my questions and has done an excellent job following up. I look forward to working with him and the crew to ensure my trees stay healthy.
Stephanie T., James Island, SC

Cameron Rickett was incredibly helpful and instantly recognized our problem. Thanks again.
Tommy C., James Island, SC

Always pleased with Cameron Rickett, his expertise, true love, and knowledge of trees and his crews. Have already referred him to our neighbor who also recently worked with Bartlett.
Laura S., James Island, SC

Cameron Rickett was incredibly helpful and instantly recognized our problem.
Tommy C., James Island, SC

Thank you so much Cameron Rickett– prompt and helpful.I look forward to working with you.
Margaret T., Kiawah Island, SC

Very efficient and professional.
Sharon S., Charleston, SC

Good communication and easy to work with.
Adam P., Charleston, SC

We had some trees with serious insect damage and the Bartlett Tree Experts diagnosed the issue and treated the trees with amazing results. I am fully satisfied and have recommended them to neighbors.
Grace S., James Island, SC

All the crews are so kind and helpful and Cameron Rickett is the absolute best. He is the prime reason we use Bartlett. He is kind and professional and he knows his trees and plants very well.
Jon E., Hollywood, SC

First class personnel. Pleasure doing business with them.
Barney H., Charleston, SC

Job well done, great crew.
Deb B., James Island, SC

We were very pleased with the work Kevin and Rodrigo did. They were courteous and pleasant. I think the job was somewhat bigger than they had anticipated, but they stayed with it and left the property in good shape.
Phylls D., Charleston, SC

Your guys did a great job. They exceeded my expectations. In particular, they were very careful to clean up all debris.
E. B., Charleston, SC

Excellent execution, helpful suggestions, and wonderful explanation of needed services. Your crew leader was a great communicator.
Andy S., Johns Island, SC

I am always happy with the work that you do. You guys are tree artists.
George H., Folly Beach, SC

A job well done by all. The recommendations given by Cameron were accurate and I continue to see improvement in our trees and shrubs. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend your services.
Sherrie R., Charleston, SC

Cameron Rickett is wonderful and the crew did exactly what we needed done. I will recommend Bartlett to everyone.
Nicole H., Charleston, SC

Cameron was quick to respond to my needs. I realize this is a very small job for Bartlett, but I was treated quickly and professionally. Soil samples were taken and a treatment prescribed. Carried out in a couple of weeks.
Link G., Wadmalaw Island, SC

I am very happy with Bartlett. They do excellent work and are very responsive and polite.
Sherrie M., Johns Island, SC

Always a pleasure doing business with Bartlett. Cameron Rickett has been our go to arborist for years and every experience with him has been positive. I always recommend Bartlett to anyone who is in need of tree care. Thanks for your friendly caring service.
Helen B., Charleston, SC

I enjoyed working with Cameron. He thoroughly and completely explained all of the work that needed to be done and what was entailed. I was also impressed that he was very conservative in his approach to his recommendations. He wanted to make sure that we only did what was absolutely needed. The crewmembers that came to do the work were all very professional, efficient, courteous, and did a very good job. One of the trees that was trimmed was a Live Oak located at the rear of the property that was very over grown, had no symmetry and obstructed the view of the water. I honestly never really liked this tree. After the crew finished with it, it is now an absolutely beautifully shaped tree that I am thrilled with and it does not obstruct the view of the water.
Ann H., James Island, SC

Cameron does an outstanding job. He is always a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, takes time to explain the issues, and does exactly what he commits to. Unlike other businesses, he returns your phone calls and replies to emails. I have said many time to others I wish we had more businesses like this one in Charleston. Also, the crew members did an excellent job on all the work that was done.
Sherrie R., Wadmalaw Island, SC

Cameron Rickett did a great job of informing me of the scope of work to be performed at my home and the HOA property next to my home. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work, and a great representative for your company. I have referred several neighbors and have stated to them that Cameron and crew did a great job for me. Additionally, Andrew Giordano and his crew did and excellent job.
Joe L., Charleston, SC

All of the Bartlett crew was exceptional. Cameron Rickett did an amazing job with his assessment and recommendations. Andrew and his team did an excellent job trimming and pruning our trees. Andrew went above and beyond by explaining the process to me as he was working and Cameron did a great job on the follow up making sure I was completely satisfied with everything. I would recommend Bartlett without hesitation.
Joanne D., Charleston, SC

Cameron was extremely knowledgeable. I had a very informative and pleasant visit with him. I am so glad I called, I found out my Grand Water Oaks were bug infested and needed immediate attention. Cameron had scheduled within two days to take care of the problem.
Bonnie C., Charleston, SC

All the work was fine. I was especially pleased with the timeliness of response and scheduling.
Bob J., Johns Island, SC

Always professional. I always know the job will be done right. Thank you.
Ed L., Charleston, SC

Always professional. I always know the job will be done right.
Ed L., Charleston, SC

Cameron Rickett really knows his stuff. I was told by another tree expert that my Oak Tree was beyond saving and should be taken down. Cameron put together a treatment plan to try to save it, and now a year later, it is flourishing. These people are good.
James L., James Island, SC

I really appreciated all the time Cameron spent with me discussing soil, shrub, and tree issues.
Norie B., James Island, SC

Cameron Rickett is always helpful and has our trees looking great.
Bernie K., Charleston, SC

We are very pleased with the tree work. The crew did a great job and the results are marvelous. We are very happy to have worked with you.
Michael T., Johns Island, SC

I had such a great experience with Bartlett. The Cameron Rickett was very professional. The crew came to my door when they were done pruning to make sure I was happy with the work. I will continue to use Bartlett for my tree care needs.
Doloris D., James Island, SC

The crew did a fantastic job. We always enjoy having them come out to take care of our trees and find them to be professional, courteous, and very careful of all the plants and shrubs we have around our trees. Cameron Rickett is always a pleasure to talk to and all the guys have such a good attitude.
Jon E., Hollywood, SC

All whom I have had contact with at Bartlett have been extremely professional and courteous.
Mary Lou B., Kiawah Island, SC

I enjoy working with Cameron Rickett. He is knowledgeable, professional, and always courteous. I have used Bartlett for many years and will continue to turn to them for all my tree needs as well as recommend them to friends and family.
Cathy F., Edisto, SC

We are beyond pleased with every service, interaction, and treatment outcome we have had with Bartlett. Cameron Rickett is always the utmost professional, returns inquires in lightning speed time, even on weekends. He is a huge asset to Bartlett, as well as Dennis and the rest of the team that takes care of our precious trees. We will never use another arborist and recommend you to everyone.
Mindy C., James Island, SC

I have never worked with a more polite nor professional crew.
Barney H., James Island, SC

Cameron is awesome! He has always been professional and helped with decisions about our trees.
Bernie K., Charleston, SC

Cameron Rickett is always very responsive and helpful, great customer service!
Randy B., Charleston, SC

The work your crew did was great and their care to detail and my concerns was exemplary. The test came yesterday in the form of TS Hermine: we had no roof damage from the (former) overhanging limbs. Yahoo!
Paul H., James Island, SC

Cameron and his crew are great to work with. They are always friendly and get the job done as requested. Thanks for saving our tree!
Bernie K., Charleston, SC

Absolutely the best staff around. When I contact Cameron Rickett I know I am in good hands.
Brigitta P., James Island, SC

I was very pleased with the completed tree work. The entire process from Cameron's evaluation and help with obtaining HOA approval and his onsite review of work to be completed with Grant, to the actual work completed by Grant and his crew was a very good experience. I was pleased with the work and the cleanup that day and the overall professionalism exhibited by your staff throughout this process.
Mary W., Charleston, SC

We cannot say enough about Bartlett and their crew, Cameron, Grant, Brian, Aubrey and Moises, you guys were fantastic! We have already given your name and contact information to various friends and neighbors. Cameron was very courteous, polite, and professional. He came over several times in the couple of days that the crew was working on our property to ensure quality control.
Rocky B., Johns Island, SC

The Bartlett team is first rate. They do great work for us!
John B., Wadmalaw Island, SC

Your guys are the best. They always do a good job. My wife really enjoyed the crew you had out here and wants to see them every time.
Jon E., Hollywood, SC

Cameron Rickett is always helpful and enthusiastic. I have enjoyed working with him on each occasion.
Tony L., Wadmalaw Island, SC

Cameron Rickett from James Island, is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and honest; we discussed options for pruning a live oak, palm, Italian Cypress. He spent as much time as I needed and thoroughly explained the work to be done. His customer service skills are exceptional! The arborist and the entire crew was knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely wanted to make sure that I was pleased with the work. I have 100% confidence in Cameron Rickett and the Bartlett team. I plan on using and recommending them for all of my future tree needs. There are lots of tree experts out there, but Cameron and his team exceeded all of my expectations!
Ginny R., James Island, SC

The work and crew were great. As someone who was in the trade for some years, it's nice to see professionals who know what there doing. One of our pet peeves has always been the safety practices of any work crew. Especially something as dangerous as tree work. The men that were here were excellent in this regard. The very professional tree crew all had proper safety gear, aware of their surroundings, and looking out for each other.

We will have more work in the future, and we'll be sure to use Bartlett for the work.

Thanks for everything, and we'll be in touch.
Bill K., Hollywood, SC

Cameron, and the crew that provided service, were very professional, courteous, and personable. The job was done very well. I referred Bartlett to my neighbors who picked you and had work done while I did. Also referred you to my lawn guy who, I believe, is going to use you. Will certainly get any future estimates from Bartlett when I need additional work done. Thank you.
Eudora A., James Island, SC

I was a satisfied customer from my first meeting with Cameron. I expressed my needs and he outlined a plan that included working with my next door neighbor. Cameron was also terrific in accommodating my request to start work later in the morning. When the young men arrived to do the work, I was very impressed with their work, their efficiency and cleanliness - they left our properties cleaner and safer. Thank you very much for your great work from beginning to end.
John B., James Island, SC

Your staff and on location people are excellent to work with. I will surely contact you again when I need work done.
Kathy W., James Island, SC

I like the professionalism of the company, of course. But what I really appreciate is being able to get in touch. E-mails are answered, and phone calls are returned, both promptly. That's great!
Ed L., Charleston, SC

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