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Bryant Sunderman

Arborist Representative

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Bryant Sunderman, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Phoenix, AZ office.

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Originally from Albuquerque, NM, Bryant attended Northern Arizona University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry. Following graduation, Bryant began his career in arboriculture with Bartlett in central Texas, joining the team as a climber. He began gaining the skills and knowledge necessary for his transition to a Plant Health Care Specialist. Bryant returned to Arizona to pursue his goal to work with desert species and landscapes and the unique challenges they present. He is happy to be back in the Southwest where he enjoys mountain biking, backpacking, and fishing. He is an ISA Certified Arborist and holds an Arizona Pest Control Applicator license.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Bryant Sunderman

Had an excellent experience with crew. Bryant is great. The tree crew of two females and one male were very friendly and professional.
Bob B. , Scottsdale, AZ

Where do I start. Beginning with Bryant, who patiently held my hand while I fretted over trimming my two 50 foot Pine Trees, the first time since they were planted thirty five years ago. Bryant was very informative, knowledgable, and he made me understand and feel comfortable about all of the work to be done. He visited me at the start of the job, making sure everything was on track, and assured me I could call anytime with any questions. Now "my crew" Bryant told me he would send his most experienced and qualified Canary Isalnd Pine tree crew since the thinning and trimming was a challenge due to their fullness, height, and location on the property lines. Evan, Erica, and Eddie arrived right at the scheduled time, and I was immediately impressed, first with their appearance, and then how friendly and warm they all were to me. I told them I was very "nervous" about the work to be done, as my trees, which I first planted when we moved in 35 years ago are very special to me. I enjoy looking at them every day. I asked Evan and Erica to sit with me in my home and look out my windows to understand how important the "finished" appearance and look of the trees is to me. They took the time to understand what my expectation was and to please do it right. Off they were, and my trees were not an easy assignment. I watched essentially all of their work, all three, while they let me choose some of the branches to trim, and some to keep, to preserve my view. All three of your wonderful crew did an incredible job under site conditions. I asked them to please make sure they cleaned both my adjoining neighbors yards and the HOA lakeside area, as all three surround my yard. In the end, you would never know your crew was there, having done massive trimming and removal. With the chipper work finished, they blew and cleaned the entire area and the street too, again leaving no trace they were ever there, thus avoiding any potential neighbor or HOA complaints. Incredible work, professional, friendly, skilled. Pleasantly, way beyond my expectations. Everything about my experience, from start to finish, with Evan, Erica, Eddie, and Bryant, first class. Trucks, equipment, uniforms, safety gear, and following protocols, 5 STAR.
Nick D. , Scottsdale, AZ

Bryant Sunderman was great. He was professional and knowledgeable. Provided a clear explanation of issues with my tree and made sure that I was aware of alternatives to address the issues. He also took the time to provide helpful information about selection of new tree to replace the one I lost.
Sandra R., Mesa, AZ

I am happy with Bartlett Tree Service and arborist Bryant Sunderman. Bryant is knowledgeable and through in his evaluation and recommendation. My Orange tree suffered from weed killer poisoning and appears to be recovering with the quarterly treatments. The office is friendly and conscientious with the appointment reminders and returning calls. The technicians who administer the treatment enter the property respectfully and with care. Bartlett Tree Service has a professional staff and provides the best experience for my needs.
Mark P., Sun Lakes, AZ

I am always impressed with Bryant whenever he stops by my house. He always is so polite and knowledgeable about what is going on with my tree. My trees are the healthiest and prettiest in the neighborhood. Thanks to Bartlett. I am just so glad we have Bartlett tree service to call. From the time I call to the time Bryant stops by I know I am in good hands.
Sharon C., Tempe, AZ

I am writing to praise the work ethic and professionalism of Angelie and Matt during their visit on October 18, 2021. First of all these young folks compared to me took seriously their safety precautions. They were respectful, accommodating, and did their job with utmost professional care. In Tempe, Arizona Foam roofs are common. I have this sort of roof and Angelie and Matt took great care to remove tree growth and previously fallen tree debris off the roof. When they were finished I could not tell that they dropped as much off the tree because they cleaned the area scrupulously. This team even cleaned the street where the wood chipper had been parked. I am unable to provide photos but I also cannot conclude without commending the Arborist, Bryant Sunderman. He also was totally professional and extremely knowledgeable about my 50 plus year old Grapefruit tree. His estimate and the final bill were spot on. I am most grateful for the courtesies these young people gave me. My father planted this tree in the mid 60's or so and I am strongly of the opinion the tree will last a good long time due to all their diligence. Thank you so much. I could not allow good work to go unnoticed or unappreciated.
Marty S., Tempe, AZ

Bryant Sunderman is great at explaining the process and how different things affect my Ash tree. He is very professional and polite and actually cares. I look forward to continue working with him to bring my Ash tree back to full health. I am grateful.
Todd P., Mesa, AZ

Bryant was very helpful in responding to my concern that there had been a mistake in fertilizing a new Apricot tree that was showing evident signs of distress. He explained what was wrong and recommended next steps. The good news is, thanks to Bryant, that I may be able to save the tree. Bryant also offered free advice on some other trees in our yard, which was very kind of him. Justin, who did the fertilizing the previous week did a good job.
Marie P., Tempe, AZ

Bryant was so nice and patiently answered all my questions. I can already see a difference in the plants. Looking forward to working with you again in the fall.
Gina B., Scottsdale, AZ

We used Bartlett when we lived in Michigan and were thrilled that you had teams here. We are very happy with the entire team, from Tammie to Bryant to the trimmers. They are professional and respectful of our property and experience. You clearly hire for excellence. One other comment is that when we have weather issues, we can call and even when were are away they get the needs addressed.
Janet E., Scottsdale, AZ

The entire experience was pleasant. Bryant was knowledgeable and clearly explained what needed to be done to shore up our iconic tree. The crew followed his directions and now we are waiting for our tree to leaf out as we know it will once again be a neighborhood show piece.
Carolyn R., Tempe, AZ

We have always experienced professional, courteous interactions with all members of the Bartlett staff. Bryant in particular has always been very kind and helpful with issues we have had. Tammy also is consistently helpful and professional. We have recommended Bartlett to friends and they also were very pleased. We look forward to future interactions with Bryant and any member of the Bartlett staff. Thank you for you amazing skills and work.
Brenda H., Tempe, AZ

When Bryant Sunderman consulted with me on my trees, he was very professional and friendly. He had a lot of knowledge about trees and was able to answer all my questions easily. When the crew came to trim my trees they were diligent at trimming the trees, cleaning them up, and being courteous when they were here. The trees look awesome after being trimmed. I would recommend them for any tree services you need.
Kim R., Sun Lakes ,AZ

Bryant was knowledgeable and helpful. Knew his stuff and instilled confidence. Same with workers. Professional and friendly.
Dan M., Tempe, AZ

Just wanted to give kudos to Bryant. He was to my home last week to look at an Ill Ash tree in the backyard and after leaving returned to the front door to say he noticed that my Yellow Bell tree out front had some sort of bug that was literally eating the life out of my tree. It had been looking sickly and I had even trimmed off dead limbs thinking the heat was getting to it. We had both my Yellow bells treated along with my Elm and ended saving them. They are now producing yellow flowers again after only one week and look healthy. So thank you to a wonderful technician that went above and beyond for me.
Christie D., Phoenix, AZ

Bryant came to my home and evaluated the problem with my tree. He was very friendly and discussed what I needed and told me he would send a proposal of cost in the mail. After receiving the proposal I signed and returned it to Bartlett. I was then called by the office assistant to set a day for the work to be performed. She was very helpful. Workers arrived when scheduled and performed the work that was agreed on. When finished, lead man showed me all work and steps taken to save tree in doubt.
Ron J., Phoenix, AZ

Tammie, Bryant and Justin are awesome. Tammie was so sweet and helpful. Bryant was very knowledgeable and was able to quickly diagnose our “Girl”, answer all of our questions, give us great advice, and a reliable treatment. Justin showed up with a smile, treated our Tipu with expediency and answered some more questions. He gave us some more feedback on the root system. We thought we would lose our Tipuana Tipu, but since, she has been filling in so beautifully and is now covered with sweet yellow flowers we are so happy. Thank you guys.
Mary C., Mesa, AZ

The arborist arrived on time, gave us a detailed estimate, and the crew arrived on time on pruning day. All staff were most polite and took care to do what we asked them to do. Between the time we had spoken to the arborist and pruning day, we decided to add a couple more pruning tasks to the list, which was accommodated. We were thrilled with the work that was done. Our trees had never been pruned professionally and looked like it before your crew arrived. They look great now, attractively pruned, and ready to ride out summer thunderstorms without looking too bare. The main reason for the pruning was to remove branches that had overgrown to overhead power lines and an internet cable line. This was done without damaging any of the lines. We particularly appreciated your crew not disturbing two active bird nests, as we requested. All trimmings were chipped and taken away.
Stephanie C., Tempe, AZ

Bryant and the crew did an excellent job.
Cindy R., Scottsdale, AZ

My wife and I were highly impressed by everybody we interacted with at Bartlett. Bryant was great to work with. If any of our neighbors need tree service we will definitely recommend your company.
Robert R., Scottsdale, AZ

Bryant was great to work with and provided information and experience we were looking for to properly prune and fertilize our Lemon tree. The crew that came to do the pruning was wonderful. The supervisor, Ted, was pleasant and accommodated our requests and concerns. We were able to salvage hundreds of lemons during the process which was really appreciated. The yard was left spotless and beautiful. The person who had done the fertilizing before pruning was helpful and answered my questions and concerns about our three dogs and the fertilizing product. We were very impressed with the entire process and the end result of a better looking and healthy tree. Impressed also with the follow up call to inquire if we were satisfied.
Kay P., Chandler, AZ

Bryant's word is good, everything was done in a very timely manner.
Carl G., Chandler, AZ

I appreciate Bryant's courtesy and professionalism. You can always trust an Eagle Scout.
Steve C., Tempe, AZ

Bryant did a beautiful job on our two trees. We have a Ponderosa Lemon tree that is jammed between our house and our neighbor's house. It was there when we moved here in 1992. The tree is two stories high with a central branch that was dying. Bryant with great care and concern for the welfare of the tree cleaned out the dead branch that was splitting the tree and trimmed the tree off of my neighbor's roof. He took out the smaller dead branches. The Lemon tree looks beautiful now. It is filled with lemons. Bartlett also thinned our equally old Olive tree, huge and prolific in olive making. These tree looks beautiful now. Job well done.
Leona A., Tempe, AZ

Bryant came out and took a look at the situation with my tree, set expectations, gave me a quick assessment. He was very helpful. The team came by and took care of my tree removal efficiently. I was still at work, and I came home to see my problematic tree gone, and virtually no sign of anyone being here. My patio was super clean. Thanks very much.
Steve C., Tempe, AZ

I was referred to Bartlett by my neighbor. My expectations were exceeded beginning with my initial phone call to schedule an estimate. Bryant was courteous, a true expert in his field with his estimate and tree knowledge. The crew was friendly, courteous, and also experts. They did an excellent job at trimming my Lacy Elms and leaving my front yard debris free. I will be calling them again and referring others.
Pam A., Mesa, AZ

Bryant was very knowledgeable and went the extra step of talking to my neighbors about their trees that were hanging over our property that we wanted cut back. The crew was very efficient, neat, hard working, and polite. It was a great experience compared to another tree company we used several years ago. It was a positive experience, I will use them again.
Diana W., Scottsdale, AZ

Bryant was great through the trials and tribulations of the tree and broken fence. Repairs were done in a timely manner. The crew that came back the second time to complete the trimming was great. Did not meet the first crew.
Marcy H., Scottsdale, AZ

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