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Brian Barbre

Arborist Representative

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Brian Barbre, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Fredericksburg, VA office.

More about Brian Barbre

After graduation from the University of Mary Washington in 2006, Brian earned his Master’s degree in Forest Ecology and Management from Michigan Technological University. He also spent two years as a Conservation and Natural Resource Volunteer in the Peace Corps, Ethiopia where his passion for trees, ecology, and environmental education grew and developed.
Brian has been in the tree care industry since 2014, when he started with Bartlett Tree Experts. He was initially attracted to Bartlett's scientific and holistic approach to tree care. Over the past few years as an Arborist Representative, he has gained valuable personal experience in all aspects of tree care and customer service. He takes great pride in offering unique solutions related to pruning, soil care and insect and disease management to enhance clients' trees and landscapes.
Brian is a Board Certified Master Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor.
When he is not caring for your trees, Brian enjoys playing music, woodworking projects, and enjoying the outdoors with his wife.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Brian Barbre

Prompt, professional, courteous, and a wealth of knowledge.
Bonnie W., Fredericksburg, VA

As obviously well educated as Brian is, he was quite approachable, This is remarkable, and rare. He spoke with me and answered all of my questions without once rolling his eyes or sighing that sigh that is so often used dismissively and he did so courteously and graciously. You clearly have a keeper here. As for Cullen, who was here 11/04/21, he, too, was knowledgeable, extremely polite, and most willing and able to answer all of my questions and address my concerns. This guy, too, is a keeper. From my perspective, good work on your hiring. Now, let us get started on your technology. Let us get to work. With all good wishes to you and your team.
Catherine W. , Stafford, VA

Very knowledgeable.
Stephanie W., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian is awesome. Chris completed the work for us and was both knowledgeable and courteous. You have a great crew.
Margaret W. , Fredericksburg, VA

Brian is an excellent person to look at your trees and give you an accurate assessment of what is good and what needs work. The work crew from Bartlett was excellent. They provided clean and friendly service and on a very hot day, left our yard looking great.
Richard B., Fredericksburg, VA

Service was very prompt by Brian to assess the downed tree and the crew who removed it. We were very pleased with the removal of the huge tree and the debris that had resulted from the fall. Dealing with Bartlett Tree Experts is a pleasure.
Linda S., Fredericksburg, VA

I thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge gained from my visit with Mr. Barbre.
Yvette T., Fredericksburg, VA

As a long time customer, I am happy to say that all interactions with Bartlett representatives (arborists, crew, office personnel have been and continue to be very positive.
Karl K., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian is of course fantastic and the crew is always efficient, courteous, and mindful of my parents yard in general. So happy to know our yard is in such capable hands and to finally have found a company that really knows what they are doing and willing to give comments and suggestions for future care. My 87 year old parents have a lifetime of work and experience loving and caring for their beautiful yard and are grateful to have Bartlett t by their side. Especially now that they are slowing down and really need the help.
Rose S., Fredericksburg, VA

Very nice and helpful.
Linda Q., Fredericksburg, VA

The crew was friendly and professional. They did just what I wanted, and everything looks great. The office staff was very pleasant and helpful whenever I called. I am looking forward to spring and my now cared for trees.
Sydney C., Fredericksburg, VA

The fellas who came by, starting with Brian Barbre sell you services and Bartlett's continuing relationship with me for you. Way to go.
Jeff C., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian Barbre was very professional when he came to give us our estimate. His professionalism was the deciding factor on choosing Bartlett. The crew members that came out were amazing and did a wonderful job.
Charlene K., Stafford, VA

Arborist was knowledgeable, and the pruning staff kept me informed of what they were doing.
Chris P., Fredericksburg, VA

Great company to work with as always, everything was done beautifully and quickly.
Donna N., Fredericksburg, VA

Everyone I have worked with at Bartlett's has been knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, efficient, and on time. I can not think of anything that I was not completely pleased with.
Diana P., Fredericksburg, VA

Impressive tree discussion with Mr. Brian Barber. Easy to make a scheduled visit.
Steve M., Stafford, VA

Our local Bartlett Botanist, Brian Barbre, has been very responsive to our concerns about the trees on our property. We have been extremely satisfied with the care given to both our elder Sycamore that is just too majestic to let succumb to a species targeted fungus and our much younger Maple that was threatened by a neighbor's Ambrosia Beetle infestation this fall. He explained the course of action, the results we should expect and tempered it all with there are many other factors that could alter the results wet, cold weather, other sick trees. HIs colleague who delivers the treatment should also be commended for being prompt, courteous, and quiet while on our property. Both gentleman are professional and unobtrusive while working the equipment which makes not just us but our neighbors quite happy. We never expected a miracle but we know that Bartlett, with many years of experience, gave us the best options to choose from and the results proved to be spectacular. The Sycamore had large beautiful leaves this summer and looks happy sprouting new growth along his limbs. The Maple had his first treatment and we hope to see him flourish through pruning and feeding next spring. We may not be here another fifty years but both of these trees most likely will--and future generations will benefit from their beauty and contribution to the health of our planet. Thanks for doing what you are doing.
Maria P., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian and the team was professional, efficient, great to work with on tasks at hand. Thank you for another job well done.
Beth J., Stafford, VA

Brian Barbre was very helpful from our first meeting, and afterwards with suggestions and advice. The crew was courteous, efficient, and cleaned up the area beautifully. I have previously been a Bartlett customer, having lived in Connecticut, especially when the gypsy moths heavily infested the area. Their service and knowledge was always a cut above competitors.
Jo H., Fredericksburg, VA

The Bartlett crew members that came to our house are always polite and efficient. They quickly take care of the job and are gone before I know it. The problems our various bushes are improving, and we have another year-long contract to continue to treat these stubborn pests. Brian Barbre is our arborist. He is always knowledgeable and generous with his time to discuss my concerns and questions and I have many.I appreciate his advice on how to manage the wooded portion of our property and have learned a lot about. I pass my recommendations on to friends personally, and do not share their contact information. I have already recommended Bartlett to several neighbors and friends.
Sandy E., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian Barbre was very helpful from our first meeting, and afterwards with suggestions and advice. The crew was courteous, efficient, and cleaned up the area beautifully. I have previously been a Bartlett customer, having lived in Connecticut, especially when the gypsy moths heavily infested the area. Their service and knowledge was always a cut above competitors.
Jo H., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian Barbre was super helpful and very knowledgeable about the tree and soil care we needed. Without being pushy he communicated what we should consider doing and helped us put together a plan that works for us over the coming year. He was top notch.
Josh O., Stafford, VA

The team that removed the tree from my roof was excellent.They worked quickly and professionally, leaving the area clean and tidy. I would never use any other company after this, my third interaction with tree removal by Bartlett. The arborist was great in contacting me right away late on a Tuesday evening; he came by on Wednesday to look at the downed tree on my roof and sent a proposal that evening. On Friday morning the crew was here at 8:00 a.m. and the tree was taken care of with no problem--Brian's assessment of the work needed was exactly right.
Rosemary B., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian has addressed and taken care of all my concerns regarding the treatment of the trees on my property. I have had a couple companies come out to do trimming and they did more damage than good. I am in good hands now.
Jim T., Fredericksburg, VA

Comments about Arborist Representative: I have recommended Brian Barbre to neighbors for help with their trees. Brian talked with me extensively about my many questions walking the property in our initial consultation and is very responsive to subsequent questions and concerns I have. I am very satisfied and will continue to work with Bartlett.
Sandy E., Fredericksburg, VA

I have recommended Brian Barbre to neighbors for help with their trees. Brian talked with me extensively about my many questions walking the property in our initial consultation and is very responsive to subsequent questions and concerns I have. I am very satisfied and will continue to work with Bartlett.
Sandy Eissler, Fredericksburg, VA

Brian has always been informative and helpful regarding any questions or concerns that we have had. We are glad to have his services.
Linda S., Fredericksburg, VA

I worked with your company and Brian over a number of years. Always courteous and got the job done in a reasonable timeframe. Left the area clean. More importantly removed the trees safely without damaging the surrounding areas. We have had some challenging issues. I have had them trim a few trees and they were careful to improve the shape and maintain the structure of the tree. The crew you sent over were courteous, worked hard, cleaned the area, and were very skilled. Really pleased with the effort.
Mark M., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian is very responsive to our questions and concerns.
Keith Y., Stafford, VA

From my initial contact with your office and other communications with your staff, everyone treated me with respect and courtesy. I was truly relieved when I found your company and even more excited that Brian Barbre was the Arborist assigned to my service request. During my discussions with him he demonstrated absolute care and concern for the tree in question. My son also joined in the discussion and Brian answered his many questions. Thank you Brian for listening. I feel confident in how he is handling my case and it is quite apparent he is very knowledgable in his field. All in all everything is going smoothly and I hope my tree recovers from the infection.
Arlene J., Stafford, VA

Very courteous and friendly. Brian has been exceptional responding to our questions.
Margaret W., Fredericksburg, VA

I appreciated Brian stopping by to check my Service Berry and even doing a bit of pruning to prevent a branch from scraping across the screen of our bedroom window. As always, excellent service.
Ruth B., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian was great to work with.
Bill L., Fredericksburg, VA

The arborist was prompt in his arrival and very knowledgable about the downed tree and the possible causes for its fall. Everything about his demeanor was professional and positive. He was very willing to have the tree cleared away as soon as possible. The removal crew came at the time scheduled and went to work right away. They were courteous and professional in completing their work. They worked steadily and cleared the downed tree and all the debris. They left the sight free of every broken twig and leaf and even neatly stacked the deck boards which had been broken by the tree's fall. I could not have been more pleased with the work. I will definitely call Bartlett soon to schedule the removal of other potentially hazardous trees in our yard.
Rosemary B., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian Barbre has been great to work with. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and engaging. He answers all of our questions and never makes us feel rushed through the appointment or the process for the work involved. The crews who have been sent out to our home always make quick work of the jobs we have hired them for. They leave the yard clean that you almost wonder if they were ever here. It has been a pleasure working with professionals who really know what they are talking about and get the job done thoroughly.
Sharri B., Fredericksburg, VA

I was very happy with the work that was completed and appreciate all the recommendations from Brian. I would recommend Bartlett.
Sandy C., Fredericksburg, VA

Always great work. Very courteous people. Would not use anybody else to take care of my trees and shrubs.
Donna N., Fredericksburg, VA

I was very happy with the work that was completed and appreciate all the recommendations from Brian. I would recommend and have recommended Bartlett to friends.
Sandy C., Fredericksburg, VA

Comments about Arborist Representative: Always great work.. Very courteous people.. General Comments: Wouldn't use anybody else to take care of my trees and shrubs..
Donna N., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian Barbre was top notch. He was knowledgeable, affable, and exuded confidence in the projects to be completed through the winter and spring. The crew removing our tree were consummate professionals their uniforms very neat, equipment well cared for, and vehicles clean as compared to the fly-by-night tree service companies that come to our door. The crew removed a very large Beech tree in our pool enclosure expeditiously with no collateral damage. They took care to minimize their presence on the property, and after they departed, you would not know that they had been on the property at all. I am looking forward to continuing our business relationship into the future.
Ted D., Stafford, VA

Great representative that spent a lot of time with estimate and listening to what tree trimming needs we had.
Kim F., Fredericksburg, VA

Wonderful work.
Bonnie H., Stafford, VA

Brian is very nice and informative. I enjoy his attention to detail and willingness to inform and educate.
Patricia S., Fredericksburg, VA

Mr. Barbre was right on time. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. The suggested service was carried out in a timely fashion.
Angela M., Fredericksburg, VA

Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and a helpful arborist and team. There was never any reluctance to answer any of my many questions. Arborist and team were beyond courteous, thorough, and organized. It was a pleasure working with them. Work was accomplished efficiently and carefully including cleanup. Very happy with the results.
Janet W., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian was a fantastic first impression. We had other companies survey our property and make recommendations for which trees and for what reasons to prune, many of which seemed unnecessary. Brian, on the other hand, was thoughtful and explained the necessity of all particular pruning decisions. The crew who did the work were personable and professional and left the property looking fantastic.
Heidi D., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian Barbre arrived exactly on time and provided an estimate for soil service and pruning. He inspected the trees on the rest of the property. He gave some advice on how to monitor one other currently healthy tree that could be problematic in the future due to its proximity to the house. I was at work when the crew arrived for both the soil service and pruning, but they did a nice job and left the property in good shape. It is hard to tell whether the soil service will help the tree in the long run but the service we received seems to have been sound.
Melissa A., Stafford, VA

The staff did a fabulous job. It was so refreshing to have an entire staff of professionals servicing our trees. Brian responded immediately to our needs and his recommendations were right on point. Thank you to the entire Bartlett staff for providing the kind of services we need to maintain and improve our yard. We greatly appreciate you all.
Katrina M., Stafford, VA

Brian was extremely knowledgeable and took time to educate us. The quality of service he and the entire team provided exceeded our expectations. From our initial meeting with Brian to the completion of the job every employee we encountered was extremely professional.
Brandy G., Stafford, VA

We greatly appreciate Brian's expertise as well as all the services that you provide.
Bud M., Stafford, VA

Brian is a pleasure to work with. Tanya in your office is always friendly, efficient, and positive.
Bill S., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian is very knowledgeable, as well as the crew. He takes the time to explain procedures for maintenance and treatment, so I can gain some knowledge, too.
Carolyn H., Fredericksburg, VA

Professional and courteous.
Ken G., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian was great, he was informative and gave me honest advice about trees that have not been doing well since we moved in. He also gave some helpful tips on encouraging healthy growth between our yard and the forest line.
Margaret G., Stafford, VA

Brian was very thorough and very professional. We had confidence in his recommendations.
Judy M., Fredericksburg, VA

The treatments you have done seem to be working. I am so thankfulI. I honestly called quite a few companies and no one seemed to be able to help me.
Crystal H., Stafford, VA

Mr. Barbre is the best. He was very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and provided the information needed to correct my fallen Thunder Plum Tree and insect infestation problems.
Julian F., Fredericksburg, VA

Great service, quick response, and performance of service. Brian Barbre is awesome.
Frank H., Fredericksburg, VA

I used Bartlett for regular tree trimming when I lived in Maryland and was so pleased with your company. I was thrilled to discover you also provide services here in Virginia. Brian is very knowledgeable, patient with all my questions, shares a lot of information, and is very easy to work with. I will keep coming back.
Egan R., Stafford, VA

Brian Barbre was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. The crew was very professional and fun to watch.
Maryann K., Fredericksburg, VA

Brian is very responsive to any issues regarding my trees and shrubs. This is the third year we have used Bartlett and are extremely pleased with the service we receive.
Alan M., Stafford, VA

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