Benjamin Fletcher, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

More about Benjamin Fletcher

Ben has lived in Charlotte for six years, after he moved here from Athens, Georgia. He received his Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia. While studying, Ben worked at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia for seven years, exiting as the Curator of the Shade and Native Flora Gardens.

Ben has been with Bartlett at the Charlotte Metro Area Office for many years, where he has excelled at performing plant health care for clients. He is a Bartlett Champion PHC Specialist. Ben is an ISA Certified Arborist and a Certified Tree Risk Assessor.

He has a Pesticide Applicator's license in North and South Carolina.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Benjamin Fletcher

I was very pleased with the service I received and look forward to your continued assistance with caring for my trees. Please give my special thanks to Benjamin Fletcher.
Deborah , Charlotte, NC

Ben is always helpful answering questions over the phone and has also made several trips to my house to look at areas of concern and to answer questions in great detail. The service crew is always thorough and they answer any questions I have on treatment days. They have also returned several times to retreat problem areas, no questions asked.
Susan, Charlotte, NC

The service I received by Bartlett was awesome. Keep up the good work. Benjamin Fletcher is an awesome Arborist Representative. Benjamin was easy to talk to and his professionalism was outstanding. Thanks again for the wonderful service.
Deborah , Harrisburg, NC

They did everything as professional as one could expect. Very professional, very experienced, treated my family with respect. My tree family for as long as they are in business.
Robert , Mooresville, NC

Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Scott, Charlotte, NC

I was very happy with the team who worked on my project. Their skill in taking down this massive tree without damaging any other trees or shrubs in the yard was extremely impressive. My small fig tree was just several feet away from the tree they fell and was not even slightly damaged. Thank you for the excellent service.
Marie , Charlotte, NC

Nice crew to work with. I will let you know in a couple months if my trees have responded positively. Thanks.
John, Harrisburg, NC

Working with Ben is such a pleasure. He is always there for us, with the best advice and knowledge. Very rarely do I see the staff, but they always leave the yard clean and thriving.
Andy , Charlotte, NC

Have had consistently great experiences with Ben and his team members.
Sean, Charlotte, NC

Ben Fletcher is very helpful as an arborist. I had to lose a tree, but he and the crew are helping keep the others healthy.
Emily, Charlotte, NC

They have always been prompt, professional, and courteous.
Edwin, Mooresville, NC

Always a good experience.
Tom, Charlotte, NC

Technicians were pleasant and informative. Arborist is knowledgeable and willing to help with all needs. Did not try to upsell me on service. Told me what I needed and keeps me informed.
Stephanie, Concord, NC

Ben Fletcher is great, and the rest of the staff are courteous and competent.
Ken, Charlotte, NC

Benjamin is always clear on his suggestions and results from things done to trees in yard. Also, he keeps me informed of where my trees stand. Benjamin is very nice to work with, good communicator also. Recently Hannah was there fertilizing my Japanese Maples and Blackjack Oak and she does a nice job.
Margaret, Charlotte, NC

Hi, Benjamin. Your guys, Nathan and Christian showed up today to do the cabling and pruning of the Big Oak. I would be remiss if I did not tell you how pleased I am with their appearance, manners, professionalism, promptness, and work pace. They checked in upon arrival, told me exactly what they were going to do, did it, cleaned up, told me they were done, thanked me for my business and left. These two young men are an absolute credit to your organization.
Ed, Mooresville, NC

Very professional and transparent about communication. No complaints.
Jay, Charlotte, NC

Our arborist was really great. Hannah explained everything that she was doing and was personable. She was a great representative of your company. Thanks for sending her. Thanks for all you do to keep my trees healthy and happy.
Michele, Charlotte, NC

The whole crew was amazing. Our arborist representative was perfect for us. He was knowledgeable about plants and trees, and he respected our values and ideas about the tree we needed work on. We could not have found a better person to work with. He and the whole crew were top notch. Very professional and really good at their jobs. I think they all love trees as much as we do.
Linda, Charlotte, NC

Ben was excellent and easy to work with.
Kathy, Charlotte, NC

The technician was very professional and courteous.
Jean, Mooresville, NC

All I have spoken to were excellent.
Tom, Mooresvillle, NC

Great service.
Robert, Charlotte, NC

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff.
Marie, Mooresville, NC

We are very impressed by the knowledgeable and professional staff of Bartlett Tree Experts. We were very pleased that Bartlett was able to save our Hemlocks several years ago and have the utmost respect for their service.
Kathleen, Statesville, NC

My experience has been good. They have been wonderful to me. I like Bartlett Tree Service that is why I have been with them for many years.
Gladys, Mooresville, NC

Appreciate the professionalism of the team. No concerns about our service.
Brett, Mooresville, NC

Ben was who I discussed my needs and he was knowledgeable and helpful with the work I needed. Great job Ben. Based on my experience I would recommend Bartlett as a great choice for tree work.
Jeff, Charlotte, NC

It was great to talk with the person providing the actual service. She came when we were not home but responded to a note I left and called us to provide needed information. Thanks.
Tom, Mooresville, NC

The Bartlett team did an amazing job, thank you so much. All of them were very polite and attention to safety. Thank you for a great job.
Adrian, Charlotte, NC

Hannah appears knowledgeable and has a friendly disposition. We appreciate her kind and courteous attitude.
Joe, Mooresville, NC

Victor and his crew worked diligently to match our expectations with the completed renovating and pruning project. Ben, as always, is most knowledgeable and so easy to work with. He also helps put our expectations of landscape growth in perspective. Thanks to Bartlett our mature landscape is healthy, happy, and growing.
Grace, Concord, NC

Always quick to respond. Easy to talk to. Everything was explained thoroughly.
Jamie, Mooresville, NC

It was amazing as always the knowledge that Ben brings to the table or questions answered the job scheduled and done link clean as always, just referred you to my neighbor. Ben and the team have the extreme knowledge of knowing exactly what to do exactly what is wrong and how to address the issues in care for our trees and plants would not call anyone else.
Denise S., Harrisburg, NC

Ben has always contacted me back quickly with any question about the service agreements. The technician that came out to service our trees was very knowledgeable and explained what the service was for. Would like him to come out to service in the future.
Matthew T., Concord, NC

The only thing they could have done better was work a miracle and save my tree. They were phenomenal, comforting, and supportive. I felt safe, utilizing the service and will continue working with them. So very grateful for them, everyone of your staff members were polite and understanding. I really appreciate working with them. Thank you so very much. Very difficult thing for me. It was made easier and doable because of your team and staff.
Kristina G., Concord, NC

Staff is always very nice. They always cleanup after their job is done. not one flower from my Red Bud was left on the ground.
Cynthia W., Charlotte, NC

The entire crew is very courteous and professional. Always a great experience.
John M., Mooresville, NC

The crew member who provided the oil treatments explained the application process and what the treatment would prevent. Not all crew members knock on the door and explain what treatment they are delivering. I just like to know what the prevention measures are and what kind of health benefits each treatment is providing. All in, Bartlett Tree Service is a great company. They are well versed in their craft and very professional. I particularly enjoy talking with Arborist, Ben, who is a very knowledgeable expert who explains in detail what the issues are and how treatment will prevent or correct them sort of a show and tell learning curve for clients. He is a great conversationalist and pleasant person. Bartlett saved my large beautiful Crape Myrtle and a Gem Magnolia that were being attacked by various insects. So glad I found a reputable company with expert knowledge.
Janice A., Concord, NC

Ben was really helpful, and the crew did a great job on site. Everyone did a great job. Thank you.
Neal C., Harrisburg, NC

Bartlett did a beautiful job with the tree trimming. The result looks natural and has removed the limbs over a building. Both my neighbor and I were very happy with the result. In addition, the crew did a wonderful job getting up several large branches that had come down from other trees. What a huge help for me.
Diane H., Charlotte, NC

The crew worked very well together. They did a good job of cleaning up and were very courteous and professional. We have nothing but high marks for them.
David O., Concord, NC

Everything looks great. Thanks to Ben and the Bartlett crew, we have the best looking landscape in our community.
Brian M., Kannapolis, NC

Keep up the great service. Always responsive and great to work with. Thanks.
Greg R., Charlotte, NC

A great company that educates its clients on tree disease and bug prevention. They thoroughly explain the work they are preforming and the results each application should bring. Highly skilled arborist that produces great results.
Janice A., Concord, NC

Ben was very prompt in completing the proposal and setting up service Victor and John were very professional, polite. and efficient in completing the work.
Chet W., Mooresville, NC

Very knowledgeable and professional.
Rita C., Charlotte, NC

Great Work, very professional, clean, and very competent. Highly recommended.
Shaunta M., Mooresville, NC

Ben and Kevin are a pleasure to work with, and provide the best possible service. The knowledge these guys have makes my life easier.
Andy C., Charlotte, NC

All the team members we have worked with have been great. They were helpful, timely, and very professional .
Rich C., Charlotte, NC

Ben Fletcher does a great job explaining and suggesting what is needed to keep our trees healthy and our yard beautiful. Staff that completed the work were extremely efficient and ensured that suggestions made were completed. Excellent job.
Paula M., Concord, NC

We have used Bartlett's services several times and have been very pleased with their process and results.
Edwin S., Mooresville, NC

Guys that came to do the work were great. They arrived on time and got the job completed quickly grinding up the limbs and yard debris.
Elizabeth J., Charlotte, NC

Excellent experience again.
William M., Charlotte, NC

They always give helpful suggestions and are always patient with my questions. They never seemed to rushed to answer them.
Susan P., Charlotte, NC

Everyone was wonderful. Really cool people.
Beau W., Charlotte, NC

Always on time and courteous.
Barbara P., Mooresville, NC

Your company does good work and educates the customer very well on what and why a specific application is being applied. My large sixteen foot Crape Myrtle in the front of my house was diseased and dying. Your several treatment is restoring its health and it is looking much better. I was afraid I would have to cut down the tree.
Janice A., Concord, NC

Ben fletcher is great. The team who came as well did a wonderful job. Hard working and knew what they were doing.
Matthew S., Concord, NC

I have had the Pleasure to work with Arborists: Blake, Mason, John, and Hannah. I could not be more pleased with the Quality of Care and Service they have Provided. The leadership Blake provided to his crew was clear and precise. I consider the Work Ethic and Knowledge of All the Bartlett Tree Experts to be a True Asset to the Company. Please offer My Deepest Thanks to these Individuals , as I deem them Instrumental in keeping my Landscaping Beautiful.
Dawn and Buzz C., Charlotte, NC

Ben is a complete professional with a wonderful personality. The crew did a superior job of working the plan, Were extremely safety oriented in each step, and did a complete job of cleaning up the wood to be disposed of. We feel much safer with healthier trees now.
Mark F., Charlotte, NC

I never thought that I would need an arborist. Ben was amazing. He took the time to educate me as to what my problem was and gave me a timeline and a resolution. He was informative and patient with all my problems.
Tina L., Charlotte, NC

Ben Fletcher has provided honest and expert advice on the care of our trees and shrubs.
Matthew G., Charlotte, NC

All crew members were very friendly and helpful in answering the questions I had for them. Did a professional job, very efficient, and did a great job checking for our concerns. Will call again when the next tree trimming comes around.
Steven M., Harrisburg, NC

The crew led by James were amazing. We pulled up our lawn chairs and watched these amazingly talented team members. They were very efficient and skilled in their respective assignments. We could not have been more pleased with their service. Ben Fletcher was very informative, professional, and accurate in his estimate and description of services we needed. He was very responsive to changes we enquired about after discovering our property line restrictions. I will certainly ask him to assist us in future tree service needs we will require.
Marshall A., Charlotte, NC

Benjamin was extremely knowledgeable and helped us chose the right approach for our mature trees.
Nicholas H., Charlotte, NC

Totally excellent experience.
Annette R., Charlotte, NC

Ben has been very thorough explaining the needs in caring for our tree. The last two years it has never looked better. Hoping we can keep it the rest of our lifetime. Thanks.
Debbie C., Charlotte, NC

What a great experience. From beginning to end five star service. Will recommend whenever I can. Thanks.
Larry B., Charlotte, NC

Kind, efficient, knowledgeable, and accommodating. From the assessment to the pruning of the trees, everyone showed up when they said they would, I got the contract quickly and Ben redid it two times when we changed our minds. The trees look great. And we are not done yet. More work to come. Thank you.
Karen H., Charlotte, NC

Ben Fletcher was very informative and helpful in how to treat and protect our property. He was honest and did not try to oversell which is the nature of salespeople. I went with Bartlett vs. Arborguard because of Ben.
Brian M., Kannapolis, NC

Great job. Benjamin was very knowledgeable and professional and helped us make the right pruning decisions. The crew was efficient, courteous, and respectful of our property. We are very satisfied with the results. Thank you.
Stan S., Charlotte, NC

Everyone that I dealt with representing Bartlett was very professional and efficient. Each question that I asked in terms of expectations, service timing, and billing was answered promptly and to my complete satisfaction. The crew providing the tree removal services was on time and worked for several hours on tree removal across my property, displaying full dedication to the job at hand. They also provided a very through clean up job once the removals were completed. There was not one aspect of the services that Bartlett Tree Experts provided me that I was not happy with. Completely satisfied with the tree removal services. I highly recommended and would definitely use Bartlett again.
Dannette W., Charlotte, NC

Professional and knowledgeable about the care of the trees at our home. When cutting tree limbs, the crew took extra caution in reducing risk of damaging our plants on the ground. Excellent service.
Anna M., Concord, NC

The crew did an excellent job in trimming two Pecan trees and the cleanup was perfect. Ben was very helpful in contacting Duke power for me to get the power turned back on.
Peggy M., Charlotte, NC

Very friendly and professional. We were very satisfied. Will definitely use Bartlett again in the future.
Jon P., Harrisburg, NC

Ben Fletcher is a true professional and the men that work on this team. Also, the office staff is professional as well whenever I talk to them on the phone or have a question pertaining to a service or upcoming service. I recommend Bartlett to friends and acquaintances whenever I can if they ask if I know a good tree service company and arborist.
Matthew S., Concord, NC

I have used Bartlett on several occasions, team,led by Ben,is very responsive to all of my needs. I have complete confidence in the crew, the results have been great and make a huge difference in the look of my yard and the health of my trees.
Greg A., Charlotte, NC

Great Representative and crew. Great job done like always.
Fred L., Charlotte, NC

Ben and Josh were both very knowledgable about our trees so it was a delight to get their counsel. Quick, easy, and professional service. Thanks.
Adam D., Charlotte, NC

Wonderful communication, Ben walked the property with me when I could not be there in person and we used photos to share my requests and ask questions. I loved all the expertise and willingness of the crew to care for each individual tree and bush as much as I do.
Corine B., Charlotte, NC

The gentleman that came to my home was both courteous and knowledgeable. I do love good customer service. While your services are a little pricey it has been my experience you get what you pay for. Your company is worth the extra money.
Susan A., Concord, NC

The whole experience with Bartlett was easy, pleasant, and reassuring from the estimate to the execution to the follow-up. Everything was handled with such professionalism and courtesy. I could not be more happy with their service.
Kari B., Charlotte, NC

We were very pleased with every aspect of our relationship with Bartlett. Ben was very helpful with our decision about which limbs of the tree needed removal. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the service we needed. The two crew members who did the work were very impressive. They were very professional, skilled, and efficient. It is very interesting to watch them work, and they did an incredible cleanup job. Our backyard looks so much more open following the pruning of the Oak tree. Thank you for your outstanding service.
Phoebe L., Charlotte, NC

The crew was timely, professional, and efficient. Met my expectations 100 percent.
Larry L., Charlotte, NC

Arborist Ben was very knowledgeable and helpful in evaluating our trees and suggesting care routines to keep our trees healthy and our home safe. The crew of three that came to do our pruning were very courteous and respectful of our property, they took all debris and were very careful not to damage our lawn with their equipment. They made sure to double check with us on a few cuts that would limit privacy provided by trees and had a friendly chat about the trees as they were wrapping up.
Johnathan S., Charlotte, NC

The work we had completed by your tree service was executed with precision, professionalism, and excellent customer service. We had tree service completed by another company for several years and this is the first year we were completely satisfied with the service we received. Benjamin Fletcher also did an excellent job with the original onsite visit and explaining everything to us. His communication skills are to be commended.
Paula M., Concord, NC

Ben was very knowledgeable and helpful planning out the limb and tree removal. The crew was excellent. They explained how they planned to complete the work and were very careful of other trees and the house during the work.
Jack J., Charlotte, NC

Everyone I talked to was very courteous and knowledgeable. Ben was great about showing me what he was looking at that told him that the trees I had concerns about were beyond saving. The crew that came out to take them down were very prompt, efficient, and cleaned up thoroughly. They were also very helpful in recommending tree species to replace the felled ones. Tree experts is appropriate. I liked how everyone was knowledgeable about trees, from diagnosing the health of the trees to recommending tree species that will perform well as replacements. I appreciate the holistic approach to tree care, that there is more to the company than just tree removal.
Will W., Charlotte, NC

They were very professional from start to finish. They met me in advance to discuss the work I was requesting. They provided me with a written estimate before the work was done. On the day of the scheduled work the workers showed up on time, did a very nice job, and cleaned up before leaving. As the workers were ready to leave I asked if I needed to pay them. They said not to worry, I would receive an invoice in the next thirty days. I received a phone call the next day from the office asking if I was satisfied with the work, which I was. A few days later I received a Thank You card in the mail from Bartlett thanking me for my business. This is head and shoulders above most customer service we receive these days. Needless to say I am a satisfied customer.
Kenneth P., Charlotte, NC

I was very pleased with the service and the courtesy of your staff.
Grady J., Charlotte, NC

Ben is a true professional. All the guys who have come to my home have done a great job. Look forward in working with them in the future.
Matthew S., Concord, NC

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