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Andrew Koenig

Arborist Representative

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Andrew Koenig, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Williamsburg, VA office.

More about Andrew Koenig

Andrew has been involved with tree care since 1994, after he graduated from the University of Illinois. His degree is in Forestry, but Andrew has focused more on Arboriculture, Urban Forestry, and Horticulture.

Attracted to Bartlett's scientific approach to tree care, Andrew joined the Williamsburg office in 2001 as an Arborist Representative. He is a Board Certified Master Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture and a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional. Andrew has been awarded the Williamsburg Council of Garden Clubs "Arborist of the Year".

Andrew enjoys giving garden club speeches, training master gardeners and tree stewards and leading volunteer parishioners to help care for the grounds at Saint Bede Catholic Church.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Andrew Koenig

We could not be more pleased with our Bartlett experience. Andrew responded to our request for a visit. The scheduling of the crew, and completion of the work was professional and done to our satisfaction. The team that did the Oak tree trimming really worked well as a team. They also took the time to make recommendations and answer our questions.
Ed S., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig is always attentive and has valuable suggestions and recommendations regarding the health and safety of large trees on our heavily wooded property. The personnel who perform the pruning and chemical treatments are always friendly and professional in their work and their interactions with us. The staff at the Williamsburg office are always gracious and informative.
Patricia W., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and the crew members provided exceptional customer service.
Fred K., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew is a valuable asset and cares for our projects.
Isabelle T., Williamsburg, VA

Trees trimmed and look great. We know you are extremely busy with your job but appreciate the communication and help given to us these many years.
Sandy B., Williamsburg, VA

Dear Mr. Koenig, Yesterday your crew did a fantastic job in cutting down my very large, aged Elm. I was so impressed with the care Torin, Philip, and David took in making sure none of the limbs fell on something they should not have. The Elm was very close to other trees, electric wires, and my house, that it was only their experience and knowledge that avoided a disaster. They cleaned up beautifully after the job was finished, and even carried my groceries to the front door so I did not have to lug them across the street. I miss my tree after having it sit there so beautifully for 33 years, but the excellent work your men did made it less painful. I have dealt with you a number of times, and you have always been courteous, informative, and helpful. Bartlett is lucky to have all of you working for them.
Bettina M., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig has been our arborist for the past few years. He has truly earned his reputation of being the best arborist in our area. His advice and recommended services have allowed us to maintain our trees and shrubs in excellent condition. His staff member, Fernando, also deserves special commendation. He performs his services in a professional and thorough manner. We are grateful to both of these gentlemen for their help.
Larry L., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig has been great. Very knowledgeable and professional.
George S., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig took care of all my requests in a prompt and professional manner. The crew cleaned up and removed every last bit of debris.
Thomas R., Williamsburg, VA

My wife and I have been Bartlett customers for several years. Andrew Koenig has been nothing but professional throughout. He has shown us that caring for trees is more than a business to him. We recently had to have a large White Oak removed from our front yard. For some time, Andrew and his crewmembers had tried various treatments in an attempt to stop the progress of a disease that was endangering this tree, but finally it was time to have it removed. Andrew and the Bartlett team could have advised the removal as soon as the disease was discovered and moved on to another case. Instead they understood our desire to save our tree, and Andrew expressed his sadness at seeing it go, just as my wife and I did. We appreciate that level of personal interest in our trees, combined with the professional approach Andrew and his team take to their care.
Christopher J., Williamsburg, VA

The technician was very friendly, courteous, and truly did a marvelous job trimming our trees. They worked with me when there was a question or change needed and accomplished their work in a detailed and professional manner. The office staff was also wonderful and informed us of time and day scheduled and changes needed to be made. Andrew, who has been our representative for many years, continues to advise and guide us to make our landscape safe and beautiful. Thanks to all at Bartlett Tree.
Sandy B., Williamsburg, VA

The high degree of horticultural know-how and professionalism shown by the Bartlett crew keeps me coming back to Bartlett. There are several who deserve commendation, but Kyle and Torin are the names I remember. I especially appreciate Andrew Koenig's willingness to collaborate with me in designing and maintaining my garden rather than being just a knowledgeable service provider.
Cary C., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew has always been extremely helpful and cordial. I have great confidence in his knowledge and abilities. I respect his recommendations.
Jean B., Williamsburg, VA

I count on Andrew Koenig's expertise in making sure my trees and shrubs stay healthy and well cared for, that we test our soil and ensure we maintain the right nutrients, and control insects and other problems. He and his crew are always friendly, informative, and efficient.
John S., Williamsburg, VA

We appreciate Andrew Koenig's advice and knowledge that helped us make decisions about caring for our trees.
Pat H., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and the crew were wonderful. They explained everything, were very attentive to our needs, and cleaned up area once job was completed. We will use Bartlett for all our future needs.
Ellie B., Williamsburg, VA

We trust our trees and shrubs to Bartlett and have never been disappointed with their knowledgeable service.
Patty R., Williamsburg, VA

The staff was prompt and courteous. They did the work precisely as we had contracted. The clean-up was very thorough. I would definitely recommend them to others, and would use them again as needed.
Becky W., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew is always helpful inspecting, caring for our trees and shrubs, sharing his expertise and information. He consistently responds in a timely way to inquiries. Work that is done is performed carefully and expertly. We appreciate arborists who care and preserve trees and shrubs preserving much needed ecosystems to the best of their ability.
Linda H., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and the crew are always professional in every respect. They go out of their way to satisfy my requirements and respect my property.
Rod S., Williamsburg, VA

Our arborist, Andrew is very knowledgable, professional, and personable. Highly recommend.
Pat P., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and his crew are always courteous, prompt, informed, and helpful. We recommend their services.
Elaine C., Williamsburg, VA

I have always been satisfied with the service provided by Andrew Koenig during the many years and the varied work that has been accomplished.
McIvor P., Williamsburg, VA

Thank you so much for sending your wonderful crew to take down the large limb that had broken off and was hanging by a thread from my Birch tree. I know you had to “shoe horn” me into your schedule and want to let you know how much I appreciate it.
Virginia W., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew is always wonderful in assisting with what is needed for our trees and bushes.
Deborah S., Williamsburg, VA

Very satisfied with the work. Will use them again.
Melinda C., Williamsburg, VA

In addition to Andrew Koenig, we are very grateful for Fernando and his professional services and advice.
Larry L., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig is terrific. He is reliable and very knowledgeable. We trust his judgment about trees and have been very satisfied with all of our interactions with him.
Mary F., Williamsburg, VA

I have always been more than satisfied in working with Andrew to establish a work plan and in his response to my questions.
Parker M., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and his colleagues are always knowledgeable and helpful.
John S., Williamsburg, VA

I wanted the Holly Hedge in the front trimmed. Andrew explained that it would be best to wait until the end of June when the current growth was done to avoid having to trim the hedge again in a short time. Thank you for watching out for my wallet! I look forward to having the rest of the bushes trimmed in early July.
Marie M., Williamsburg, VA

The arborist and the crew applying the spray on my shrubs spent a lot of time explaining the Bartlett spray process and the health of my trees and shrubs. It was an enlightening education. They were knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient.
Bernard O., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and Fernando were professional, considerate, and attentive to the specific needs of our property. We appreciate that very much.
Sofi S., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and Fernando are excellent.
Susan W., Williamsburg, VA

Always friendly and professional. I enjoy the relationship, trust your work, and that you stay on top of the work without me having to remind you. Just appreciate the attention and care that is necessary as clients are busy and need your passion to help watch the trees and shrubs on our properties.
Deborah N., Williamsburg, VA

This was the most painless tree maintenance that we have had in forty years of home ownership. Thank you to Andrew Koenig and every one of the workmen. It was a marvel to see them at work. Well organized, on time, excellent all around.
Andrew C., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig was very helpful and responded to my questions in a timely fashion.
Martha B., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and his crew always do an outstanding job. They arrive as scheduled, treat the property with respect, and are professional in every way.
Rod S., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig provided a most helpful consultation about the trees on our future building site. He was knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. We look forward to working with him as our building project progresses.
David L., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and his staff are true professionals they are the only ones I trust to do my tree work. I can always count on them to accomplish the work with respect for my property and health of my trees.
Rod S., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Keonig is pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough in his responses, and he has always taken into account our specific needs and preferences. Fernando has gone out of his way to explain the needs of a specific plant or shrub and to treat the plants accordingly. I was very pleased.
Sofi S., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig is a professional and always has an answer to my questions. I enjoy working with him. He is very respectful.
Elizabeth P., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew is the best arborist in town.
Sandra L., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig is knowledgeable, professional, and considerate. He is a pleasure to work with. Fernando is equally responsible and very pleasant.
Sofi S., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. He was a pleasure to deal with. The work was great and the nutrient Andrew suggested for my trees made a huge difference.
Sharon G., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew and the Bartlett team are always first rate.
Jim S., Williamsburg, VA

I have appreciated Andrew Koenig's services for over thirteen years. He has been responsive, an effective communicator, and reliable. I feel well served.
Bob C., Williamsburg, VA

Have only dealt with Andrew Koenig, he has been helpful and informative, taking time to explain what he will do to try and save one of our trees which had dead branches and thought the tree was dying. Still waiting to see how it does with summer coming and leaves appearing again after his treatment of the tree.
Jane G., Williamsburg, VA

I consider Bartlett men my Guardian Angels since I am a widow. I appreciate them so much, they get homemade lemon pound cake every time they work on my property.
Elizabeth P., Williamsburg, VA

Andrew Koenig is the best ever. I am so grateful he monitors my front and back yards and keeps my trees healthy.
Judy J., Williamsburg, VA

Professional, friendly, effective, and we learn something new with every visit. No better tree service in SE VA!
W. Hall, Williamsburg, VA

Each team member is skilled, kind, and courteous. Andrew is especially knowledgeable and once he's examined your trees, your yard has become his yard. He takes a personal interest in your trees and cares about them as the owner would. I am grateful for all his help and support.
J. Jones, Williamsburg, VA

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