Abraham Monahan, Local Manager at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Hanover, MA office.

More about Abraham Monahan

Abraham's first job was working on a Christmas tree farm in his hometown of Exeter, RI. He was 12 years old. He's worked with trees ever since. Abraham continued learning about plants by caring for nurseries and golf courses throughout high school.

He began his career with Bartlett as an Integrated Pest Management technician while studying to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Horticulture and Turf Management at the University of Rhode Island. Abraham became an Arborist Representative in his senior year at URI, excelling in both his career with Bartlett and his studies.

After graduating with high honors, Abraham provided service for many happy clients in Southeastern Connecticut. After six years, he relocated to the South Shore of Massachusetts to manage the local office there.

Abraham is an ISA Certified Arborist and he is Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ).

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Abraham Monahan

Dealing with Bartlett Tree is always seamless, from start to finish. Our representative, Abraham Monahan, is always attentive and responsive to our needs. He and his crew are professional, knowledgeable, efficient and work well as a team.
Jerry and Susan G., Norwell, MA

Abraham Monahan is your best asset. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met.
Nancy R., Duxbury, MA

Abraham was friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about our trees and shrubs. Gave us options for pruning our trees. He also gave us a lot of helpful information regarding the care of our plants. The staff that came to do the work did an amazing job. We were very impressed with the work and clean up. Overall, we are extremely happy we called Bartlett and had several overgrown trees including a large Holly tree pruned.
Cheryl A., Norwell, MA

Abraham is fantastic. Lucky to have him I believe. All the crew were skilled and polite as well. Wish I could have given them a tip, but they left too quickly.
Mary Ann M., Duxbury, MA

Abraham is the best. Really takes the time to explain everything to you. Also, without a doubt the most knowledgeable arborist we have ever known.
Michael and Mary L., Marshfield, MA

Great team. I have enjoyed working with Abraham for several years. Very professional and considerate. Bartlett is the way to go.
Jeffrey Y., Scituate, MA

Thank you, Abraham. Our Crab Apple trees have never looked better.
Donald andJoan M., Norwell, MA

Good crew, returning from previous visits. I was able to consult with them well and make tradeoffs. Abraham has been responsive and flexible.
Mike H., Duxbury, MA

Bartlett Tree is the best. Abraham Monahan is always extremely responsive to our calls. His knowledge and expertise in the field is excellent. We never have to worry when we hire Bartlett because we know they will do their best to complete our project. We have the utmost confidence in them.
Jerry and Susan G., Norwell, MA

Abraham is great and is good with details. The tree removal or thinning crews have done great work for me as I have had them here three times in eight year. Some old trees need more care than normal. The spray guys are efficient and will answer questions if asked.
John C., Duxbury, MA

Service is always excellent. Recently our longtime rep, Abraham moved on to another position. He took the time to turn us over to our new rep. Very professional.
Elizabeth D., Hanover, MA

Thank you Abraham for your expertise and the amount of time you spent on getting our project completed. Your crew worked extremely hard and were very courteous. Happy Spring, as I know it will be for you.
Victoria B., Duxbury, MA

I cannot sing the praises of Abraham Monahan enough. Super nice guy, extremely professional and knows his stuff. The guys who came to do the work were also very good . Very pleased with Bartlett.
Susan A., Scituate, MA

Abraham did a great job of assessing the trees and shrubs on the property and promptly sent a quote. He also notified us when they would arrive and was on site himself to check that everything was going as planned. Very satisfied.
Kathy T., Duxbury, MA

Abraham Monohan is very responsive and knowledgeable. We have been very happy with his help and the results.
Maralyn D., Quincy, MA

The Arborist was courteous, knowledgeable, and clearly explained the diagnosis, plan and costs associated with the treatment for my tree. The employee who came was courteous and efficient. He left a notification of the treatment on my door. Best of all the tree looks healthy. Thank you to Bartlett.
Jeanne L., Marshfield, MA

We are extremely pleased with the service and responsiveness that we received from Abraham. He is a class act.
Nancy A., Scituate, MA

Abraham was thorough, honest, and a pleasure to work with. Administrative staff was quick and efficient.
Joyce O., Hanover, MA

I have nothing but praise for Abraham Monahan and his staff. They were courteous toward us and efficient in their job.
Arnold B., Scituate, MA

Abraham has been a great help to my family. My wife and I both had Lyme disease. He designed a tick spraying management program for us and since then no one has had Lyme disease. Thank you.
Fred J., Scituate, MA

Abraham Monahan was very good. Nice guy, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.
Susan A., Scituate, MA

Abraham is great.
Elizabeth D., Hanover, MA

I have been a Bartlett customer for many years. I appreciate the clear expertise that Abraham exhibits. He offers choices and makes recommendations with a clear understanding of my preferences. The crews have always been professsional and polite. Thank you for the fine service you provide.
Virginia E., Marshfield, MA

Abraham is wonderful. I am very happy with everything he has done for me.
Andrea S., Hanover, MA

Abraham is very knowledgeable and informative.
Jim B., Duxbury, MA

Abraham is very knowledgeable and informative.
Jim B., Duxbury, MA

Abraham Monahan was excellent. He came out and answered all my questions and gave me recommendations on tree care. I plan to use his services again next spring. Brad and Scott did a great job on tree and stump removal . They were courteous and gave me some recommendations going forward. I will recommend Bartlett to my friends and I will continue to use Bartlett for my garden needs.
Sheila M., Scituate, MA

Abraham was wonderful to work with. As a result of the pruning, treatments, and fertilization that he prescribed for my Crabapple tree, it looks so much better and is on the road to recovery. Thank you.
Joanne W., Scituate, MA

Abraham is wonderful, he responds quickly if there is any problem. Always courteous and friendly. We really appreciate his tremendous amount of knowledge regarding all of our trees and the treatments they may need. Everyone we have interacted with from Bartlett has been excellent.
Mariette O., Hanover, MA

Abraham is an outstanding arborist. He explains issues and alternatives well.
John C., Duxbury, MA

Abraham was very knowledgeable about our problem, he was excellent to deal with.
Paula H., Scituate, MA

Abraham was knowledgeable and very willing to answer my questions and further explain any details that I needed. He was professional, timely, and represented the company well. I feel confident that Bartlett will help us make our yard the best that it can be.
Robin S., Scituate, MA

Abraham is very responsive and knowledgeable. The fertilization program performed by Steve seems to be effective in optimizing the health of all the trees and shrubs on our property.
Richard and Genny O., Duxbury, MA

I received a prompt and courteous response to my initial inquiry. Abraham was very responsive and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He worked with me to try to craft a plan that met my needs within my budget. I am looking forward to seeing the results.
John and Carrie H., Scituate, MA

Abraham is outstanding. He is a true professional. I have been working with him for years and my old trees look magnificent. His guidance has made a big difference on how my yard looks today. I highly recommend Abraham and Bartlett. If you love your yard, trees, and shrubs like I do, Bartlett are your people.
Karen N., Scituate, MA

We have been thoroughly satisfied from the initial consultation with Abraham thorough to the annual servicing of our tree. I could tell right from our first meeting that Abraham Monahan and his crew were knowledgeable of the science behind their work as well as respectful of our desire to maintain the health of our trees without randomly cutting branches. He showed us exactly which branches that they recommend we trim, but also gave us options which was appreciated. We now get annual servicing for pest management, and the team always leaves a note since we are not home when they are here. The bills also fully detail the work that was done.
Beverly B., Scituate, MA

Abraham is a terrific representative for Bartlett. We are very pleased that we are working with Bartlett and that we have Abraham.
Nancy A., Scituate, MA

Great crew, they are amazing. I have been very concerned about having my twelve foot Privet hedge taken down to seven and losing our privacy. However, Abraham convinced me that it would come back. He even e-mailed me pictures of a similar job taken in the spring and it was coming back strong. I am looking forward to the spring to actually see this happen to mine. Thank you all at Bartlett Tree Experts who worked on my property.
Agnes L., Scituate, MA

From our first meeting with Abraham Monahan, to the work done by his crew, the work on our trees was professional from start to finish.
Jim G., Scituate, MA

Abraham has gone the extra mile to help me. He is always extremely helpful and very knowledgeable.
Andrew O., Scituate, MA

Abraham came to my residence and explained what was going on with our tree, he was professional and personable. We received email notification from Abraham notifying us of the date the job was to be done (weather permitting) and on that date the crew showed up, really did not need anything from us, did the work, cleaned up and let us know when it was done. The tree looks great from what we can tell (no leaves on it right now). I will use Bartlett again for sure. Thanks to Abraham and the crew that did the job.
Adria P., Hanover, MA

Abraham is a great resource for us. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and attentive to our input.
Andrew and Suzan C., Scituate, MA

Abe is super. He is polite and professional.
Lorna C., Norwell, MA

Always a pleasure dealing with Abraham Monahan and his staff. Everyone is very accommodating.
Jerry and Susan G., Norwell, MA

Abraham is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise.
Jim B., Duxbury, MA

Abraham was great. He is very knowledgeable and candid in his opinions of what work needed to be done on our trees and able to explain the reasons for it clearly.
Jim G., Scituate, MA

Abe has provided excellent service. We own many very old trees. Abe has maintained the health of these trees. These trees have never looked better. During a recent storm we lost two Spruce Trees due to high winds. Abe arranged to have the trees removed within a week to clear our driveway and property.
Marc S., Duxbury, MA

Abraham is knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant.
Anne P., Duxbury, MA

Abraham is just the best. He is kind and knowledgeable. I was hyperventilating about Hog Weed and my neighbors were driving me nuts about it too. He spoke very kindly to them. He is a keeper for sure.
Peggy E., Scituate, MA

Abraham has been a professional each and every time we have asked his advice. His expertise has been "spot on" for suggestions in treating our trees and shrubs. He has saved more than one. We are so lucky to have him. The crewmembers who have performed services have been professional also. We know they will never leave the cleanup part to us. We have nothing but positive feelings about all the Bartlett staff with whom we have come in contact.
David and Lynne P., Hanover, MA

Abe Monahan has been very helpful and has always put my interests first.
George B., Hanover, MA

I appreciate that Abraham always makes the time to answer my questions.
Bob and Arlene M., Marshfield, MA

Abraham is professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to do business with. He seriously takes to heart my desire to keep my very old dogwoods healthy. With his recommendations for care, the trees are the healthiest dogwoods in town. He has also recommended care and pruning as needed for all of the other trees on our property. We have been clients, it seems well over a decade, and remain quite satisfied with Bartlett.
Ted and Nancy C., Duxbury, MA

We are very pleased with Abraham. He is always helpful and pleasant, servicing our damaged trees. We are so glad we got started with Bartlett from a friend's recommendation. Bartlett is the best.
Donna C., Norwell, MA

Abraham Monahan is extremely responsive and focused on keeping our property healthy and addresses our issues in a timely matter. A great representative for Bartlett.
Ed R., Duxbury, MA

Abraham is great.
Kevin M., Hanover, MA

Abraham was very helpful in explaining what needed to be done, how it would be done, and why it needed to be done. Excellent from start to finish.
Debbie G., Duxbury, MA

Abraham was very courteous and knowledgeable.
Mary S., Norwell, MA

Appreciated Abraham's suggested care and treatment for keeping the very large trees on my property healthy. The crew members did a great job.
Ann D., Duxbury, MA

Abe Monahan is very knowledgable and professional. I have confidence he will give me good advice going forward. I have a lot of trees on my property that need attention and Abe has made recommendations that I intend to follow.
Geraldine L., North Marshfield, MA

Abraham was very responsive to our needs and came up with great solutions.
Paul and Rosemary S., Norwell, MA

Bartlett is a very professional company, the staff is quick and thorough. Treatments are done fast and complete. Two weeks after the treatment you can see the results.
John E., Hanover, MA

Abe is always prompt and knowledgeable in his responses to questions or concerns.
Dennis K., Duxbury, MA

Abraham is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He takes all the time necessary to answer questions and explain the details of the treatment.
Tom K., Duxbury, MA

I appreciate your technicians, who have worked with us for about fifteen years. Congratulations on retaining your trained personnel. Abe is the third Arborist that has worked closely with us and each one has been the best. He is knowledgable, patient with my questions, and responsive. He has also been very supportive of our community efforts to keep our town looking beautiful.
Donna B., Scituate, MA

I always get a quick response whenever I have a problem or question. The crew is always courteous.
Pamela D., Scituate, MA

Abraham is a truly dedicated professional who is a team player, as he personally sprayed our property.
Steve and Sally B., Hanover, MA

We always get immediate, knowledgeable, and courteous attention. The crew is always courteous and focused on the job at hand.
Jane P., Scituate, MA

Abraham Monahan is extremely knowledgeable about the questions we have about trees, shrubs, grass, and all other varied plantings we have. He is courteous and respectful at all times. He is a great representative for Bartlett!
Arnold B., Scituate, MA

Big fan of Abraham and his crew. Very knowledgeable, work was done promptly, and to our satisfaction. We will work with Bartlett again.
Michael G., Duxbury, MA

Abraham is the best. He makes us feel very comfortable and seems to know his business. The crew was hard working and professional. Place was spotless when they left.
Bob and Mary M., Scituate, MA

Abraham Monahan was very knowledgeable and helpful. The crew that completed the work were all very courteous and explained everything they were going to do.
Lauri L., Pembroke, MA

Abraham and his staff are the best. Prompt, helpful, courteous, and professional.
Donald and Carol W., Scituate, MA

Whenever i see the Bartlett crew they are always friendly and will answer any questions I might have.
Frank L., Hanover, MA

I appreciate and respect Abraham's knowledge of trees and his suggestions for treating them in a cost-effective manner.
Robert T., Pembroke, MA

Abraham Monahan is a pleasure to work with. Extremely knowledgeable, punctual, and professional. He is an asset to your company.
Arthur S., Marshfield, MA

Exceptional with their work and recommendations.
Uldis and Sandy S., Norwell, MA

First class professionals from beginning to end!
Leonard C., Scituate, MA

Abraham is just the best. He helps me understand my trees and their problems and takes the extra time to explain everything to me. He even noticed my gutter wasn't draining one day. He happened to be out at my house during a rain storm. It turns out I had a bird nest in my gutters. Who knows what problems that could have caused this winter. He's a keeper!
Edward and Peggy E., Scituate, MA

The experience with Bartlett Tree Experts was wonderful from start to finish. Abraham provided fantastic customer service from the initial estimate to joining his team at the site on the morning of the tree removal to communicating with me afterwards. The team removed a large pine tree all branches and cleaned the work site within two hours. I am very appreciative of the care they took not to trample the nearby plantings. I will happily recommend Bartlett to any friends and family also looking for tree work.
Monica B., Norwell, MA

I love Abraham and his workers. They are tops. They give competitive quotes and do excellent work and they clean up after they finish the job!
Peggy E., Scituate, MA

Great job cabling and cleaning up the loose vines in my tree. It looks like a whole new tree and I have more faith in it staying up during bad weather. Thanks for a great job in all respects!
John R., Scituate, MA

We have been very pleased with the services Bartlett has done on our property. Last week, the technician who came to spray our evergreens was able to diagnose a problem we were having with some andromedas and was able to apply a treatment immediately. All staff that we have met have been most helpful and seem well informed.
Jean C., Duxbury, MA

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