Photinia x fraseri

Photinia, or 'Red Robin,' is an evergreen shrub commonly used hedging, and is popular as an ornamental due to a flush of red growth in spring. It was bred in 1940s in New Zealand as a hybrid (P.serrulata and P. glabra, but it is native to Asia. It achieved RHS AGM in 1993. The wood is hard and heavy, suitable for furniture and small items. Its berries are an important source of food for birds.

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Culture for Photinia

Grows to a height and spread maximum of ten feet. Low maintenance and frost hardy to negative 17 C. Likes fertile, moist, well drained soil, full sun or partial shade. A pH of 5.5 to 8 is ideal for this species.

Concerns about Photinia

There are very few pest concerns for Photinia . Vine weevil causes notches and holes in leaves from feeding in its adult beetle stage, but the larvae can cause damage to the root system in the soil. Caterpillars may very occasionally be seen feeding on foliage. Leaf spot is a common occurrence and can either be caused by a fungal pathogen or abiotic stress. Fireblight is another disease common on Photinia caused by the bacteria Erwinia amylovora. Honey fungus can infect the root collar of this species as it does with many woody species.

Management Practices for Photinia

Inspect the base of the tree for peeling bark with mycelial fans/rhizomorphs beneath. Ensure infected tree is not under other stress remove any sources of infection as far as possible, especially those in close proximity. Buried root collars should be excavated through RCX. If vine weevil present, treat with an insecticide as soon as symptoms appear. Repeat treatment after 21 days if infestation severe. For fungal leaf spot or fireblight , remove and destroy fallen leaves. In severe cases apply an appropriate fungicide/bactericide to prevent reinfection.

Photos related to Photinia

Photinia Image 1

Photinia in Landscape

Photinia Image 2

Vine Weevil, A Common Pest of Photinia

Photinia Image 3

Fireblight Affecting Twigs, Leaves, and Flowers




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