A Technical Report from The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories

Junipers (Juniperus, spp.) are among the most versatile and hardiest landscape plants. This genus is represented by more than 50 species and hundreds of cultivated varieties. Depending on variety, Junipers can be used for screens, hedges, windbreaks, formal plantings, foundations and ground covers.

Juniper foliage can be green, grey, blue or yellow and have a variety of textures. Growth forms vary from prostrate to distinctively upright. The fruit is a small, blue berry which can be showy in winter and provide an important food source for wildlife.

Junipers are well adapted to dry sites and full sun. In heavy shade, plants tend to become leggy and prone to diseases and mites. Irrigation must be used judiciously. Junipers are more tolerant of dry sites than wet, poorly drained soils where root disease may occur. Sprinkler irrigation which frequently wets the foliage predisposes plants to twig blight diseases.




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