A Technical Report from The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories

BOOST® fertilization can be used to achieve the client’s landscape goals. This may include overcoming nutrient deficiencies that are responsible for off-color plants, promoting growth, or simply maintaining tree health. The line of BOOST® fertilizers was developed by the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories to meet the specific needs of trees and shrubs in landscape plantings. Since there are variations in the nutrient requirements among plant species, BOOST® is aimed at the typical species requirements in specific geographic areas. Every year, the Bartlett Lab evaluates over 10,000 soil samples for nutrient analysis. These results are routinely analyzed to determine soil chemistry trends within local areas. Using this data, specific nutrient blends are developed to address the concerns highlighted through sampling. While BOOST® formulations vary by geographic area, they all have some similar properties. BOOST® fertilizer is suspended in water and injected into the soil using high pressure and a specially designed soil injector. This method of application installs the fertilizer in close proximity to tree and shrub roots so that it is readily available for uptake and also reduces the risk of fertilizer runoff.

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