A Technical Report from The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories

Soil compaction and poor drainage can be a major constraint to healthy tree growth preventing water infiltration, drainage and constraining root growth. Soil compaction is particularly common in urban areas caused by high footfall or vehicular traffic. Soil pans as a result of compaction are also responsible for poor drainage in the lower soil horizon. Compaction and soil pans can be alleviated by hypersonic air excavation (Air-spade/Arbex) or air-fracturing and vertical aeration technology known as VOGT Geo-Injector. The VOGT Geo-Injector can be used without grass removal and injections can be made deeper into the soil horizon compared to other de-compaction systems. The process can also involve injection of a porous product such as terramol, vermiculite or perlite (sometimes mixed with biochar). These products can increase soil porosity, encourage drainage, improve nutrient retention and the effectiveness of fertilisation treatments.

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