Tree Disease Spreads in Red Bank, New Jersey

June 2011 – Red Bank, NJ –  Oaks as well as dogwoods, crabapples and other ornamental trees have unsightly spots on their leaves. Sycamore trees are losing foliage.  Many local trees have been diagnosed with a fungal disease called anthracnose.  You might be surprised to learn that part of the problem is rain.

“People know how drought impacts plants, but may not realize that cool, wet weather, like we experienced over spring, also plays a big role in tree health,” said Douglas Kniss, an arborist Representative with Bartlett Tree Experts in the Red Bank area. “Moist conditions in the growing season favor development of some tree diseases and that’s what we’re seeing locally right now.”

Trees with anthracnose may become severely weakened, especially after several consecutive years of defoliation.  Symptoms vary by species so property owners should take note of any change in the foliage of their trees.  Discoloration, lesions on the leaves or flowers, or premature loss of leaves can all be indicators that a serious issue may exist.

Other pest and disease infestations can cause similar symptoms so Kniss recommends contacting a certified arborist to inspect your trees.

“The first step in protecting trees is appropriately identifying the issue,” commented Kniss.  “In addition to a visual inspection of trees, we can send foliar samples to our research labs to ensure we prescribe the best course of action in treating trees with anthracnose and any other diagnosed problems.”

If anthracnose is present on your trees, some simple practices can help provide control.  Diseased leaves should be collected and destroyed, and diseased twigs and branches should be pruned out to whatever degree possible.  Pruning allows more rapid drying of plant tissue following rains, inhibiting disease development.  Fertilization and fungicide treatments can also help maintain the health of the tree. 

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