Training Benefits Bartlett Employees and National Arboretum

Nov. 11, 2005 – Stamford, Conn. – Covering 446 acres, the U.S. National Arboretum is a place of beauty for Washington D.C. area visitors and residents alike. But on November 2nd, when over 42 employees from Bartlett Tree Experts arrived at the Arboretum, it became something more – a learning facility and a site for volunteerism.

Continuing a tradition of volunteer service at the Arboretum, Bartlett’s Mid-Atlantic Division used its annual training and skills workshop as an opportunity to help preserve some of the site’s mature maples, conifers and oaks. The workshop enabled Bartlett employees to hone their pruning skills following the latest ANSI A300 Tree Care Standards while also applying new techniques like the use of the Cambium Saver. All of the day’s training was conducted with an emphasis on safety procedures and the proper use of personal protective equipment.

Some of the projects included pruning a group of oaks and sweet gums near the Arboretum’s Azalea Collection, as well as Japanese maple, dogwood, crape myrtle, birch and redwood trees located in the Conifer Collection. In total, employees completed services valued at nearly $20,000 to help enhance and preserve the Arboretum’s beauty.

“Training is key to employee career development and the volunteer service at the National Arboretum enabled us to further that development while supporting a worthwhile cause,” said Peter Becker, Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Division Manager for Bartlett. “That means a lot to both our company and to the local community.”

About Bartlett Tree Experts

The F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company was founded in 1907 by Francis A. Bartlett and is the world’s leading scientific tree and shrub care company. The organization’s current chairman, Robert A. Bartlett Jr., represents the third generation of Bartlett family management. Bartlett has offices in 25 U.S. states, Canada, Ireland and Great Britain. Services include pruning, integrated pest and disease management, soil analysis and management, cabling and bracing, tree lightning protection systems and tree/stump removal. Its corporate offices are located in Stamford, Connecticut. To find out more, visit the company’s web site at or call 1-877-BARTLETT (227-8538).

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