Tiny Pest Causes Big Problems for Arizona Trees and Shrubs

January 9, 2005 – Mesa, AZ – Spider mites have arrived in Arizona. You probably haven’t seen them around – these pests are microscopic. But don’t let their small size fool you. Spider mites cause big damage to trees and shrubs, particularly in warm, dry climates.

Spider mites injure trees and shrubs by sucking chlorophyll and other nutrients from leaves and tender parts of the plant. Most damage occurs during warm, dry weather. These conditions enable rapid buildup of tremendous spider mite populations.

“Unfortunately, the weather in the Arizona is good news for spider mites and that’s bad news for trees and shrubs,” said Jake Johnson, Arborist Representative in the Mesa office of leading tree care provider, Bartlett Tree Experts.

According to Johnson, spider mites will feed on just about anything. “These pests aren’t selective, which means most types of deciduous and evergreen species are at risk. The best protection is to keep trees healthy so they are strong and can better survive an infestation.”

The most common symptom of infestation is foliage that becomes spotted or pale and may ultimately turn brown and drop prematurely. However, other insects and tree diseases can cause similar symptoms so identifying this pest can be tricky to the untrained eye. Johnson suggests contacting a certified arborist to inspect your trees if you think they may be infected. “A certified arborist is equipped to identify spider mites, provide effective treatments and limit the spread of this damaging pest to other plants.”

For more information about spider mites and how to best protect trees and shrubs, homeowners can contact Bartlett Tree Experts at (480) 820-3939.

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