Southern Pine Beetles Threaten to Destroy Talbot Co. Pines

Spring is just a few weeks way. Harmful plant insects aren’t far behind. One such species is the Southern Pine Beetle. Populations of this destructive pest are rapidly spreading throughout Talbot County, threatening the majestic pines that shade local homes and businesses.


“We treated several small outbreaks of Southern Pine Beetles during last year’s growing season,” said John Smithmyer, a Board Certified Master Arborist in the St. Michaels office of leading tree care provider, Bartlett Tree Experts. “Further inspections conducted this winter have confirmed that we’re now going from isolated outbreaks to properties with literally hundreds of dead pines.”

It’s possible for three or four overlapping generations of Southern Pine Beetles to be born each year because as they fly from pine to pine, they can lay more than 160 eggs. That means population explosions can occur very rapidly, severely damaging and killing attacked trees. But there is something property owners can do.

The Maryland Forestry Department recommends a containment approach to reducing beetle populations by removing dead and infested forest trees as soon as possible. Bartlett Tree Experts brings this approach to local homes and businesses, enhancing it with the use of preventative barrier sprays to limit the spread of insects and protect uninfested pines.

“Here at Bartlett, our mission is to preserve trees in our environment,” stated Smithmyer. “Our arborists are trained to identify and safely remove Southern Pine Beetle infested trees while also helping home and business owners determine which pines have the best chance for preservation. This reduces the need to remove healthy trees.”

Property owners that are concerned about protecting their pines or who simply want to learn more about Southern Pine Beetles, can contact Bartlett Tree Experts at 410-745-5100.

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