Sagamore Hill Honors Bartlett Tree Experts

July 4, 2005 – During the festive Independence Day Program held on the porch of the home of the 26th President, Sagamore Hill honored Robert A. Bartlett, Jr., Chairman of The F. A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company for meritorious work in preserving historic trees on the grounds of Sagamore Hill, the home of Theodore Roosevelt and now a National Historic Site operated by the National Park Service.

Greg Marshall, Acting Superintendent, presented the John A. Gable Award for Historic Excellence to Neil Hendrickson, who accepted the award on behalf of Mr. Bartlett, who is traveling. Dr. Hendrickson, a scientist at the research laboratories of Bartlett Tree Experts, has served as the chief consultant for trees on the grounds of Sagamore Hill and particularly for the European copper beech planted by Theodore Roosevelt adjacent to the entrance of the home in 1895. Known by many visitors as the ‘elephant tree’ because the trunk resembles an elephant’s leg, the tree was showing signs of its age. Treatment and care prescribed by Dr. Hendrickson and administered by Bartlett Tree Experts has noticeably improved the health of the tree over the last two years. In addition to care of the beech tree, Bartlett has seen to its propagation and provided other services to the trees on the grounds including pruning and cultivation of the orchard.

“Preservation of the historic landscape of Sagamore Hill, particularly of trees and plantings created by Theodore Roosevelt, are among the most important responsibilities we have as stewards of Sagamore Hill. The advice, counsel and treatment by Bartlett Tree Experts has been invaluable in preserving trees planted by TR. We are pleased to present this award to Robert A. Bartlett and Bartlett Tree Experts to recognize their work in preserving the landscape known by TR,” stated Supt. Marshall. “People feel connected to history when they experience the same features known by TR and his family. We want to honor and thank Dr. Hendrickson for his work in preserving these trees as well,” he concluded.

Sagamore Hill has created the Award for Historic Excellence in the memory of the late John A. Gable, Executive Director of the Theodore Roosevelt Association for thirty years, and noted Theodore Roosevelt authority, whose knowledge of the life of Theodore Roosevelt was well known. Dr. Gable died in February of this year. The award is given to meritorious work in history and preservation to groups or individuals who have done significant accomplishments at Sagamore Hill. This is the first presentation of this award.

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