Preserving the Landscape of America’s Birthplace

Bartlett Tree Experts donates $26,000 in tree care services to Jamestown Settlement

Williamsburg, Va. (March 19, 2007) — When settlers arrived on the shores of North America 400 years ago, they found a vast expanse of undisturbed natural beauty. Today, the Settlement of Jamestown stands as a reminder of this beauty and of our country’s rich history. To help maintain the splendor of the historic trees at this site, Bartlett Tree Experts is dispatching more than 40 employees and donating $26,000 in tree care services in anticipation of the Settlement’s 400th anniversary.

The services, including pruning, installation of structural support systems and tree lightning protection, will help preserve the landscape of the Settlement and provide enhanced safety for visitors. A crew of over 40 Bartlett employees from across Virginia is arriving at the Settlement in the early hours of the morning on March 24, for what will be a full day of tree care and restoration.

“With Bartlett Tree Experts celebrating its centennial this year, it is a great time for both our company and Jamestown from a historical view point,” says Robert Bartlett, chairman, Bartlett Tree Experts. “We take great pride in helping our communities, and this is a great way to put our 100 years of experience to work for a worthy cause.”

Two high-traffic areas of the Settlement will be the focus of the tree care work. In these areas, crews will enhance the health and appearance of trees by pruning dead limbs and branches. This process will also reduce the possibility of falling branches, thereby providing greater safety for Settlement visitors. For trees that are under stress caused by extreme weather and other external factors, Bartlett will also install structural support cables to help strengthen them against the elements.

Trees near the buildings at the Jamestown Settlement will receive a special treatment. Tree lightning protection systems will be installed to protect trees from potentially devastating strikes. These systems conduct the electrical charge from a strike into the soil, where the energy is dispersed. This is an important precautionary service that is ideal for protecting high-value and historic trees.

According to Andrew Koenig, an arborist at Bartlett Tree Experts, and manager of the Settlement project, “We’re working to preserve the health of the trees at Jamestown Settlement with basic care like pruning and preventative measures like lightning protection so that generations to come can enjoy both the history and the landscape of this site.”

The Jamestown Settlement is open to the public year round and is not closing for the tree care. Bartlett Tree Experts is working during business hours; the crew will set up safety barriers to protect the public.

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