Bartlett Tree Experts Celebrates 100th Anniversary

100 Trees in 100 Days Highlights Longevity, Progress

STAMFORD, Conn. — For an industry known more for ladders and saws than cutting-edge technology, tree care has some surprising tricks in its toolbox. Leading the charge of implementing technology in tree care is Bartlett Tree Experts, a Stamford-Conn.-based company, celebrating its 100th anniversary in June. Founded on the principle that scientific advances can further the care of trees, Bartlett Tree Experts has thrived, bringing its unique services to four countries.

To commemorate the company’s century of service, 100 trees are to be planted in 100 days at locations around the world, making the celebration of communities the largest integrated event in the company’s history. With offices in the United States, Canada, England, and Ireland, 100 Trees in 100 Days brings together thousands of community members and hundreds of employees.

The beautification endeavor begins at the company’s laboratory and arboretum in Charlotte, N.C. on June 28, and ends Oct. 9 in Stamford, Conn. where the company is headquartered. The environmentally-friendly project is hosted by offices in every city that houses a Bartlett location and at historically-significant sites including: Arlington National Cemetery, the National Arboretum, Sagamore Hill (birthplace of President Theodore Roosevelt), Mount Vernon, and The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn in London.

“Beautiful trees are a sign of a thriving community,” says Robert A. Bartlett Jr., chairman of Bartlett Tree Experts. “Trees are living things that help keep our environment healthy and our landscape beautiful, and that philosophy has guided Bartlett Tree Experts for 100 years. We look forward to working with our communities to beautify and preserve their trees and shrubbery for years to come.”

With offices spanning four countries, cities large and small are represented, from Dublin, Ireland and Cincinnati, to Accokeek, Md. and Delta, British Columbia. Each location is planting a tree as a reminder for all, that a healthy and beautiful environment can be achieved by preserving one of the most important natural resources on earth, our trees.

“With so many dangerous pests and diseases attacking trees, not to mention pollution and the human element, it’s essential that we, as a community, work to sustain the resources we have,” says Bartlett. “By promoting the value of trees in communities all over the world, we hope to create awareness about the importance of trees.”

Bartlett Tree Experts has offices in 25 U.S. states, Canada, Ireland, and England. Services include pruning, integrated pest and disease management, soil analysis and management, root management, cabling and bracing, and tree lightning protection systems; these services provide homeowners and institutions with the knowledge to create and maintain healthy and beautiful landscapes. The family-owned company specializes in using cutting-edge technology and is the premiere source of implementing such tactics in the business of tree care. The company’s tech tools include GPS systems to map plants and track a history of their treatment, lasers to measure the height of trees, and tools employing military technology to blast supersonic air into root systems, encouraging growth.

The company’s Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories in Charlotte, N.C. is an 80-year old institution, dedicated to researching new methods of tree and shrub management, insect and disease detection, and the development of new technologies to assist in tree care. Founded in 1927 in North Stamford, Conn., the lab moved to its current location in Charlotte in 1965.

The company has grown steadily since its inception, relying on measured and conservative growth, as well as strategic acquisitions.

Bartlett Tree Experts is dedicated to achieving a balance of nature, science, and environmental responsibi

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