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ArborScope™ (arborscope.com) is our web-based tree inventory and management program. ArborScope™ is the latest in sustainable, high-tech landscape management software that allows tree managers to systematically track and plan for tree-maintenance needs. The program allows for customization of each inventory and gives the client complete control over their data and access to their data. ArborScope™ overlays an inventory performed by Bartlett on top of Google™ Maps to provide a simple and efficient means of viewing, updating, and querying any collected information. Information can be displayed in map, table, and standard or custom report views.

ArborScope™ allows users to see information on a single tree basis or for multiple trees at a time. Uploading files, reports, and images are also very efficient processes. The Custom Tree Report feature gives the user complete control to organize information into any custom report that may be necessary.

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Tree inventories are intended to provide the basic information on the plant population of a property in order to make informed management decisions. Bartlett Consulting conducts the research upon which Bartlett's Tree Management Service and Software is based. Learn more by viewing a video demonstrating ArborScope™.

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