Examine, evaluate, and collate

The Bartlett Inventory Solutions team examines and evaluates (quality assurance) all data that is collected in the field to make sure it is as accurate as possible. After the quality assurance check has been completed, the team works to create all the associated maps (overlain on aerial imagery), tables, and summaries with the use of GIS programs and our web-based management program, ArborScope™. All data and information is then collated into an in-depth, descriptive, and easy to understand management plan. The management plan will also include examples/pictures from the field and a link to a resource library of Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories Technical Reports to try and further our client's knowledge and help educate them about issues/concerns on their property.

Along with printed copies of the management plan, a PDF version, shapefiles, geodatabases, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, AutoCAD® files, and/or other file types are available.

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