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Bartlett Tree Experts was founded in 1907 and is the world's leading scientific tree and shrub care company with offices around the United States. We can help with most any tree, shrub, or insect management issue. Please fill out the form below or call us today for more information.




13840 Booker T Washington Highway, Suite C
Moneta, VA 24121

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Monday through Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Smith Mountain Lake Area

Arborists in our Smith Mountain Lake office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Smith Mountain Lake area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Smith Mountain Lake tree services.

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Our Smith Mountain Lake tree experts provide pruning, pest and disease management, tree and shrub fertilization, cabling and bracing, and other tree-related services to our residential and commercial clients.

We are pleased to offer tree services in the following areas:

  • Gladehill
  • Goodview
  • Hardy
  • Huddleston
  • Moneta
  • Penhook
  • Smith Mountain Lake
  • Union Hall
  • Wirtz

Featured Services Provided by Our Smith Mountain Lake-Area Office

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and Bracing

Fertilization and Soil Care

Fertilization and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics



Tree Removal

Tree Removal

In addition to the services featured above, our office in the Smith Mountain Lake area offers many other services to suit your arboricultural needs. When working with Bartlett, you'll experience the hands-on expertise and responsiveness of a local company, with the knowledge, research, and resources of a world leader in tree and shrub health care.

Smith Mountain Lake Office Staff

Vinny Rozette

Vinny Rozette

Arborist Representative
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Jonathan Irvine

Jonathan Irvine

Local Office Safety Coordinator
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Kara Cundiff

Kara Cundiff

Administrative Assistant
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Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you to the Bartlett crew. Your assistance with our tree work is much appreciated. A very professional job was completed for the tree removal and improved safety of an existing tree close to the house on our property.
M.C., Wirtz, VA

When one considers the large equipment that was required to remove the bulk of our trees, one can only be stunned by the overall minimum damage to the yard. I only note that because we had a torrential rainstorm a few days after the work was completed and without that rain, there would have been essentially nothing to mention. Very pleased with the condition of the property. The Bartlett staff was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I would ask questions and all of the guys were willing to answer them and explain what was happening to the trees in question. All dressed for the job including no plumbers cleavage and no visible tattoos. I was impressed with the care taken with their equipment, which showed respect for Bartlett's property and liability. A great group of guys that earned their paychecks. Vincent Rozette clearly knew his business, as he explained exactly what to expect when removing large, dead trees on the lake. All of the dead trees were a surprise, but the process of how they would be removed was not. Several trips were required to finalize all of our trees and the neighbors trees. Vincent, like all of the Bartlett employees, was professional and represented Bartlett well. His reputation preceded him, as Seven Oaks Landscaping spoke highly of him and he met my high expectations.
J. O., Moneta, VA

Vinny has always been responsive to our calls. We greatly appreciate his services.
W. D., Union Hall, VA

The view was improved and now we can see our dock again. The guys did an excellent job. Luckily they had all the tree cutting done before the storm rolled in. Let them know we are very happy with all the work they did. Your expertise and their hard work should help us sell our house.
G. F. , Moneta, VA

The Bartlett crew was extremely professional in the way they carried out their job. To remove large trees in a somewhat inaccessible area is no easy task and they had the tools to do the job properly without question. Their attention to detail was excellent and they specifically paid attention to safety procedures not only to protect themselves but to minimize any further damage to the property. Well done.
G. N., Penhook, VA

Bartlett is reliable and professional. I have used the company for almost twenty years and appreciate the attention to my instructions about my country-rough lake property. I do not have to repeat my wishes. They are attentive and follow through with checking with me every year about my property’s trees. Excellent company.
J.M., Glade HIll, VA

Vincent Rozette is exceptionally thorough, professional and accommodating. A pleasure to work with, who does an excellent job keeping an eye on our property and taking good care of it.
J. M. , Wirtz, VA

The crew member who came to treat our crepe myrtles was a relatively new employee. He was eager to make a good impression. He showed me the documentation for the chemicals he was using and explained what they would do for my trees. He was very courteous and did a good job.
J.H., Moneta, VA

Great bunch, great job.
E. G., Moneta, VA

We were not present when the work was done. However, everything seems to be left in great condition. Vinny was very helpful in determining which trees to remove.
J.K., Moneta, VA

Could not have gone better.
P. B., Union Hall, VA

Vincent was very knowledgeable and helpful. The entire crew was on task and friendly.
M. C. , Moneta, VA

Bartlett is intelligent, knowledgeable, courteous, easy to work with, and they do a professional job. The crew that worked on our property are excellent representatives of Bartlett Tree Experts. Highly recommended.
P.H., Moneta, VA

This is a top notch outfit. The staff is knowledgeable, competent, and easy to work with. It is a pleasure dealing with such a highly professional organization.
P.H., Moneta, VA

Nate was very professional and did a great job with his crew.
B. B, Moneta, VA

Vinny Rozette is extremely professional and friendly. I own a landscaping and mowing business and plan on using your services from here on out. I will be recommending your company through Vinny exclusively.
B.R., Moneta, VA

Vinny is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
M. N., Moneta, VA

Thank you for providing great service and professionalism.
A.S., Moneta, VA

Vinny Rozette has been excellent to work with. He is always easy to reach, very responsive, and explains things very well. When I have called the office, Kara has been great. She is bubbly and always follows through on any request I make. The crew members are very professional. They know what they are doing and it inspires a good feeling about the work.
J. H., Moneta, VA

Trim work was needed to repair damage to Cherry Tree by other tree company. Bartlett was friendly and competent. Work done on time.
G. G. , Huddleston, VA

Vinny Rozette has been terrific to work with, very thorough and knowledgeable in identifying issues around our property, suggesting remedies, and communicating what work will be done and when. In addition to the tree fertilization, we had a large number of downed trees and broken limbs removed. The entire crew worked diligently all day to complete the work and answered all of my questions. I feel they went above and beyond. I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
L. B. , Huddleston, VA

I met Jonathan as he was leaving. He explained everything he did as well as the root test on my Crepe Myrtle. Very impressive. Thanks for all the good work.
J.H., Moneta, VA

Very pleased with the pruning. First time the crew has been on my property, was excellent work and a wonderful crew.
F. V., Wirtz, VA

Super good job, well done in a timely manner.
K.S., Moneta, VA

Crew was very friendly and did a great job. Tree looks great. Can not wait to see it in full leaf this coming spring.
R.Q., Moneta, VA

Vince is one intelligent individual, and friendly also. I bought the service because of Vince, and to be fair, because of the webworms. I want to make certain Vince gets the credit, he was more than willing to explain things to me, and I appreciated that greatly. I had talked to two other tree companies who left a lot to be desired. Their solution on the webworm was to go ahead and cut the tree down since it was going to die anyway. Vince was great, he took care of my problems, set me up for maintenance, and I absolutely could not be happier. I found you guys on line when I was frantically looking for someone to save, not cut down my beautiful trees. Vince saved the day and my trees. Vince will always have my gratitude and my business.
J.K., Vinton, VA

The crew did a good job. Very professional, nice group of young men.
S. J., Moneta, VA

Everyone has been extremely helpful with advice and solutions.
J.C., Boones Mill, VA

Great crew, courteous, and respectful. Very pleased and thank you for everything.
S. O. , Boones Mill, VA

Great interaction with crew members who were knowledgeable and provided expert answers to all my questions.
J.W., Moneta, VA

I recently contracted with the professionals at Bartlett to remove a large dead oak that was situated in a location on my property that was very difficult to access. To complicate the removal, the tree was near several structures that could have been very badly damaged if the tree was not taken down carefully limb-by-limb. I was extremely impressed with the way in which Nate and his crew approached the job. Clearly, their goal was to remove the tree as safely as possible. I never sensed a push on their part to hurry up and get the job done. Watching them work over the course of a six-hour period was obvious that safety came long before speed. They did a remarkable job removing the tree, hauling each cutting a long distance to the chipper, and cleaning up before they left my property. I would highly recommend Bartlett to any homeowner or business owner.
D.B., Moneta, VA

Vinny was very prompt, courteous, and helpful.
P. M. , Hardy, VA

Your men did a great job for us yesterday, they were very professional, friendly, and accommodated our requests as we supervised their work. Very impressed with their knowledge and skills.
Charlie C., Penhook, VA

Emergency Tree Service

If you require emergency tree service, call 540-293-5213 anytime.

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